My question during the Urgent Question on Coronavirus, 7 July 2020

John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): Could the Secretary of State remind us how big an increase in intensive care capacity there has been for the health service? That increase is a great achievement. Were the unthinkable to happen and there was another surge in the virus, could we have isolation hospitals that dealt with that so that the rest of the hospitals and surgeries could carry on with their other work?

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (Matt Hancock): Yes. We have doubled the intensive care capacity, which, alongside the Nightingale, has been a remarkable achievement of the NHS. There are now green and blue areas in hospitals, or whole hospitals, depending on the geography—in a rural area, we could not make a whole hospital covid-secure or covid-free, because it would have to serve both covid and non-covid patients. That separation of the NHS into blue and green areas is an important part of their being able to reduce the impact of infection control procedures, which are obviously having a big impact on the provision of services.


  1. Ian
    July 8, 2020

    We could be forgiven for thinking that this Government was acting like our enemies.
    It is either that or they are just wrong 97% of the time.
    This buisines of getting rid of us useing Petrol or diesel Or even gas.
    Just makes our manufacturing so much more expensive. Our cars have all got to go ?
    What a waste, what utter rubbish, our cars are well engineered
    Diesel and petrol and gas are all very economical and very well engineered, and will be giving excellent Value for money for years.
    But this must all be thrown out for a massive move to Battery’s
    Totally insanity
    Just painting us into a corner.
    To many components that are needed are scarce, and prices will only go up.
    Just look at the muddle headed rubbish that Westminster won’t .
    This Country it seem will be run by the Chinese, oh yes just look into all that they are doing here.
    Why o why do we not give more work to our people.
    Why give our own the buisiness, all that money goes straight out of the Country, we will not even get any tax.
    Half the population will now be able to work from home .they will no longer be buying Season Tickets, why build more HS2 ?
    And on and on

  2. Lifelogic
    July 9, 2020

    My question might be why on earth did the Government and NHS push 25,000 people out of hospitals into ill equiped care homes (from 7/3/20 to 16/4/20) without testing them plus some who had even test positive? The entirely forseable result of this was 13 times the number of deaths in care homes as in Germany (about 15,000 deaths resulted from this action).

    Boris’s answer is “we did not know about asymptomatic transmission at that time”.
    The truth is A. we clearly did know this at that time and B. Even is this were true we should have assumed that some asymptomatic transmission was likely and that many of these 25,000 would develop symptoms soon after getting to the homes anyway.

    To me this was criminally negligent and breathtakingly incompetence from the government, NHS England, the NHS and anyone else involved in this.

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