More money for schools

The government has announced the National Funding formula figures for schools and constituencies. These figures tell us how much money the government has allocated per pupil and per school. Councils provide services to local schools and have some powers over the actual payments.

The Wokingham constituency is to get a 5.2% increase in cash , bringing the total to £87.16m. Per pupil funding averages £5.544 compared to a national minimum of £5150 for each secondary pupil, and £ 4364 compared to a national minimum of £4000 for each primary pupil. These figures are averages for schools in both the West Berkshire and Wokingham parts of the constituency.

There is also extra money for schools to allow catch up for the missed weeks of teaching for many pupils owing to the lock downs. This will be £80 per pupil.


  1. DOM
    July 21, 2020

    Taking the knee to the Marxist teaching unions. Yes, an excellent way to spend taxpayers money. More Stonewall brainwashing. More Cultural Marxist indoctrination. More PC and feminist infested tosh

    Your party is morally bankrupt. You’re actually rewarding the indolence and arrogance of the unions.

    Political cowardice will destroy the country and your party’s capitulation to the forces of Marxism will have unpleasant consequences

    1. UK Qanon
      July 21, 2020

      Spot on. The whole of our education system needs a THOROUGH cleansing and disinfection. But as always, just throw money at it. Similarly the NHS.
      OH! how this country yearns for a Donald Trump. No BS with him.

  2. Pete
    July 21, 2020

    More money for not doing their job for months and applying social distancing to children that harms their development. My son was home schooled but went to a state school for 2 years and hated every moment. Just about the only thing he learned was that punishments were applied unfairly and not to teachers favorites which I suppose is a good lesson for life under government.

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