New primary school for Wokingham

I have received this letter from the Department for Education:

Dear Sir John Redwood

Statement of Intent for a new primary free school in Wokingham Town (Matthews Green area), Wokingham

I am writing to inform you that The Keys Academy Trust has been given Secretary of State approval to sponsor the new free school, which is proposed to open from September 2022.

Wokingham invited proposals from potential sponsors under section 6A (the ‘free school presumption’) of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 (referred to as ‘the Act’). Following the local authority’s assessment of the proposals received, the Secretary of State has agreed, in principle, that sponsorship of the new free school be awarded to The Keys Academy Trust.

With effect from May 2015, all new schools established under s6a of the Act have been classified as free schools. The school is not required to use the term ‘free school’ in its name, in line with practice within the department’s centrally managed free schools programme.

Letters have also been sent to the DCS of Wokingham and The Keys Academy Trust informing them of the decision.

Yours sincerely

Dame Kate Dethridge

Regional Schools Commissioner, North West London and South Central


  1. Ian
    July 31, 2020

    Thanks J R,
    Glad someone is looking ahead.
    Closer with the 5 Eyes, which will mean, common sense , so allowing other nations in to do work here , when our own people can do it, keeping our money here and employment numbers higher.
    All we need do at the moment is action W T O, stop giving money away to the bitter block and use trade to help those we usually give money to

  2. Narrow Shoulders
    August 1, 2020

    Sir John, is this increase in capacity (and therefore cost) necessary or is it doctrinal?

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