BA should listen to its staff

Constituents are understandably  writing to me about the words and actions of BA.

I have condemned the way IAG has treated their staff and written to them urging them to be fairer to their employees. I have also questioned the worse treatment for  BA relative to other airlines they own. I have drawn attention to the strong financial position of IAG despite the temporary large loss of paying passengers.

I have urged the government to do more to allow safe returns to work for as many people as possible, and to work with the aviation industry on recovery. I understand the anger of my constituents who have worked well for BA over the years and who feel the airline’s shareholders and top management have let them down at this time when they need help and support.


  1. Steven
    August 11, 2020

    “temporary large loss of paying passengers”? The plan is to keep the scamdemic going almost permanently so if the airline industry gets back to half the previous level in my lifetime I’ll be amazed. Economic collapse and covid fascism will decimate all industries except the favoured few.

  2. Alfred E Philp
    August 11, 2020

    Did not this company, like Ryan Air, receive money from the Government and if so why is the Government not bringing pressure to bear or asking for a refund!!!!

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