University places

I joined the on line meeting with Education Ministers yesterday evening to discuss the A level change of policy. The main talking point for MPs and Ministers was the knock on from the decision to University admissions. The University Minister said she would issue a letter today to the Universities urging them to offer places to all those with conditional offers who could now meet the requirements following A level upgrades. Any student who has accepted a place at their second choice can now contact their first choice institution if they can meet the conditions to see if they will honour their original offer. If they are happy with the place elsewhere there is no need. It would be prudent to sound out the first choice university about their conditional offer and whether they are still offering a firm place before cancelling the offer accepted elsewhere.

There may be shortages of places for qualified students following the upgrades for some subjects or at some institutions. Ministers were aware of particular pressures on places for medicine and promised to review capacity with the Health Secretary. MPs pressed for further communications about the availability of places in medical areas.


  1. Keith
    August 18, 2020

    A university education was once highly prized because of it’s rarity and difficulty. Now the government has managed to devalue it almost as fast as it has devalued the currency. If you increase the quantity and reduce the quality of anything it will be worth less. Universities no longer exist as places of scientific rigour and logical thought, instead they have become hotbeds of left wing dogma and indoctrination that fleece students via loans.
    If a potential student loses their place in some jumped up ex college and goes on to gain a real education in life I would say they are lucky. Intelligence, the ability to see things as they are and a flexible attitude to life’s surprises will do far more for their life than a few years in a modern university.

  2. Peter Cousins
    August 18, 2020

    What is being done for the “honest” teachers who graded their students fairly rather than with rose tinted spectacles on? Are the upgraded algorithm results still accepted or are they completely scrapped?

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