Housing numbers in Wokingham

I am making the case for a slower rate of development for our area as the Council moves to prepare a new local plan. I am responding to the government’s latest consultation on planning issues and will follow up my written submission with a meeting with the Minister.

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  1. Ian
    September 4, 2020

    The first thing to do is get rid of All illegal migrants, sorry but unless you do meaning full Boarder control you will never stop building houses.
    Just when can we expect this disgraceful Government to start carrying out its Manifesto John ?
    Better still clear out the BBC and all Remainers , starting in the Civil service , clear out The Lords while you are about it.
    That will stop all this complying with what the EU says every day , then we will be on our way to Freedom, otherwise the last 6 years has been meaningless.

    We must be Free, constraint on giving us our long lost freedom , Common sense Government Is what we are crying out for , not being run anymore by the EU.

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