Using the new freedoms

I am glad to see the government is starting to use the new freedoms we gain.

Now we can control our taxes the Tampon tax as promised goes. Other bad VAT impositions need to follow.

As we start to regain full control of our fishing grounds, pulse fishing is to be banned in UK waters. This will help improve our marine environment protection and help to rebuild fish stocks. More is needed as I have been setting out. Bring on the full range of policies to build a much bigger fish based industry.

I look forward to many more announcements to come to boost our recovery and give us a better deal. We should repeal the Ports Regulation and re instate the Merchant Shipping Act 1988 which was overturned by the ECJ


  1. Mark B
    January 2, 2021

    Good morning, and many thanks to our kind host and others for getting Pulse Fishing banned.

    The government has made a positive start. But let it not stop there. We need to look at banning the transportation of live animals. We also need to remove any tariffs on coffee beans and other food stuffs that we do not produce ourselves.

    As I type, I am listening to a speech by Enoch Powell about the cost of membership of the then EEC. He made it very clear that membership will result in higher prices and that its other members would do anything to keep us in.

    If our kind host allows I will post separately the link to the speech. I know he has allowed these before but, if he does not this time it can be found under YouTube under the title :

    Enoch Powell – On the European Union

  2. acorn
    January 2, 2021

    Talking about VAT for instance.
    I’m in the UK and I want to buy an item in the EU: CHANGES

    Direct Shipping is no longer available, and all items will now go via our hub for authentication.
    Unfortunately, you’ll now have to pay a 20% import VAT on the item’s price. This will appear automatically at checkout.
    There should be no change to delivery times from the EU to the UK. However, there may be unforeseen circumstances that mean that your item may take slightly longer to arrive.
    Vestiaire Collective.

    1. Edward2
      January 2, 2021

      I’m not sure what has actually changed for you acorn.
      VAT is charged on goods sold in UK and Europe.
      It still is.
      Are you saying the seller and the buyer (ie you) are now both adding VAT onto the price?

  3. None of the Above
    January 2, 2021

    Good Morning.

    I will not pretend to be certain which measures should be taken first but I recognise these Government announcements as a good start. There are obviously some, such as banning live exports for fattening and slaughter, that need to proceed more gradually because farmers need time to plan for other markets or processes. There also constitutional matters such as the relationship between Government, Parliament and the Judiciary which are under review, as well as the future of the House of Lords and I look forward to Government announcements about those matters also.

    1. Martin in Cardiff
      January 2, 2021

      So “we” – actually, the Government – are free to abandon the Rule Of Law, and to install a dictatorship, and you look forward to that it appears.

      Yes, that is so in principle.

      However I think that you would find that the recent Agreement would be voided by such actions.

      1. None of the Above
        January 2, 2021

        Your reply does not seem to relate to my post.

        1. czerwonadupa
          January 2, 2021

          He lives in his own Never Never Land.

        2. Cookie Boy
          January 5, 2021

          Watching from afar in Australia it seems to me that the United Kingdom apologizes to much and doesn’t bloody a few noses.

          The E.U decided to go to war with you on your democratic decision instead of wishing you well, the U.K needs to find its pluck otherwise you will decline into obscurity.

  4. Fred H
    January 2, 2021

    Yes Boris needs to clear the decks of trivia in the Commons and get on with dismantling EU rules, and setting out a road for growth, including small business encouragement.

    1. Martin in Cardiff
      January 2, 2021

      Which rules do you think should be dismantled first?

      Come on?

      1. Edward2
        January 2, 2021

        GDPR…at least simplify
        Two to begin with.

      2. Fred H
        January 2, 2021

        Trivia scheduled for 15th Jan:
        National Minimum Wage Bill: Second Reading
        Prime Minister (Temporary Replacement): Second Reading
        National Health Service Expenditure Bill: Second Reading
        June Bank Holiday (Creation) Bill: Second Reading
        Protest (Abortion Clinics) Bill: Second Reading
        Assaults on Retail Workers (Offences) Bill: Second Reading
        Unpaid Work Experience (Prohibition) (No. 2) Bill: Adjourned debate on Second Reading [11 September]
        Hospitals (Parking Charges and Business Rates) Bill: Second Reading
        Pedicabs (London) Bill: Second Reading
        Caravan Sites Bill: Second Reading
        Electronic Cigarettes (Regulation) Bill: Second Reading
        Virginity Testing (Prohibition): Second Reading
        and lots lots more.

        1. Fred H
          January 2, 2021

          Rules to be removed.:
          EU citizens working in the UK can claim child benefit even if their children are not living in this country. That right is likely to be an early casualty of Brexit.
          Under EU law, it is illegal to make an employee work for an average of more than 48 hours a week.
          EU law lays down that the standard rate of VAT must be at least 15 per cent, and the reduced rate, which can only apply to certain specified goods and services, must be at least 5 per cent.
          When EU states argued over how tightly to regulate the banks, the UK was usually on the side of light regulations with the Germans leading the other side.
          directive 2006/126/EC says that diabetics who need regular insulin treatment should be issued with driving licences “only in very exceptional circumstances.”
          In July 2013, the European Commission imposed a regulation setting new standards for efficient electricity use for vacuum cleaners.
          The Common Fisheries Policy sets annual fishing quotas on each type of fish and mandated that if fish of the wrong species were caught accidentally, they had to be thrown overboard.
          The EU banned member states from selling halogen light bulbs, replacing them with LEDs.
          in 2010 the EU banned the use of imperial measurements (feet, inches, pounds etc) and instead only allowed the use of metric units (metres, kilograms).
          that will do else Sir John will probably not publish.

          1. Martin in Cardiff
            January 3, 2021

            So basically, you’d like to make it even easier for employers to bully their staff, but beyond that nothing which would make any material difference – let alone improvement – to 99% of people here.

            As expected.

          2. Fred H
            January 3, 2021

            pathetic response.
            Staff are often willing to work longer than 48 hours. They like the pay.
            Thousands of NHS staff are working >48 – are they being bullied? Perhaps you want NHS to be prosecuted for bullying?

  5. Enigma
    January 2, 2021

    We are not free!
    I look forward to the announcement that SAGE has gone along with Hancock, and our liberty has been fully restored.
    We probably need a new PM first.

    1. J Bush
      January 2, 2021

      100% agree.

      They have destroyed umpteen SME businesses and the self-employed, along with 100’s of 1000’s jobs. These people are now struggling to pay their mortgages etc.

      Finding the hidden details and numbers of non-related deaths is all but impossible, but suspect in time it will evidence that it exceeded, by a large margin, the purported ‘covid deaths’, which include flu, pneumonia and anyone dying within 28 days of being tested positive for a virus with over a 99% survival rate.

      Until they are gone, businesses will continue to go the wall, more jobs will be lost and more people will die.

    2. Martin in Cardiff
      January 2, 2021

      I wonder what you would say if foreign people here had killed scores of thousands rather than a virus?

      “Oh, just ignore them and carry on as usual. They’ll get bored in time”?

      1. Graham Wheatley
        January 2, 2021

        ‘Flu, anyone? Anybody dying of that now?

        Before you respond with your usual drivel, please take a look at the graphs that Dr. Kendrick uses.

        1. Martin in Cardiff
          January 2, 2021

          Answer the question.

          I think that you would gladly accept any restrictions and intrusions WHATSOEVER if you thought that it would help in killing every last one of them.

          Wouldn’t you?

        2. Everhopeful
          January 2, 2021


      2. dixie
        January 3, 2021

        In June 2020 several news outlets reported that WHO files showed the Chinese government delayed by more than a week sharing crucial Covid genomic information and delayed for more than 2 weeks crucial case data. This was after reports in Jan-Feb 2020 (eg 1,2) that indicate China had delayed by weeks, possibly months, notifying anyone of the outbreak and severity of the disease.

        So in a sense what you ask is true – so what do you think should be done about the Chinese CCP and government?

        1. New England Journal of Medicine article January 29, 2020
        2. The Lancet vol 395 iss 10223, p497-506 Feb 15,2020

  6. The Prangwizard
    January 2, 2021

    Good to read the immediate bannng of pulse trawling, principally by the Dutch who are exploiting the regulations. If immediate it must be immediately enforced. Is it being? Do we have any FPVs st sea? What are the punishments? Or is it just going to end up as talk to get some headlines?

    We must not pay compensation as they know it is not a proven legitimate method.

  7. MWB
    January 2, 2021

    I read somewhere that France had banned pulse fishing methods ages ago, and they are still IN the EU.

    1. Lynn
      January 2, 2021

      ‘Catches with pulse trawling were officially banned in 1998, but a system of derogations set up in 2006 has allowed the practice to continue.‘

      1. dixie
        January 3, 2021

        Sounds like piracy is “officially” illegal but the French navy allowed it to happen last year when 20+ French boats attacked a lone English fishing vessel.

  8. margaret2
    January 2, 2021

    The media and politicians talk about the new Brexit deal as if it were about nothing but trade and proudly point out that there is a “get -out” clause , while stitching us into a spiders web re criminal justice etc that is probably in practice inescapable.
    For example the abomination of the EU Arrest Warrant is still with us whereby we can be extradited with no prima facie evidence of wrongdoing.
    Unless this for example is remedied (how?) I dont regard us as being free.

    1. SM
      January 2, 2021

      Isn’t the UK withdrawing from the Eu Arrest Warrant system now, under the Brexit deal?

    2. Lifelogic
      January 2, 2021

      Indeed it is an outrage. But then so is the one sided USA arrangement.

  9. a-tracy
    January 2, 2021

    Please keep pushing, the backbenchers need to be better organised, they always seem so isolated. What are each other’s specialities; health; creatives/arts; science; economics – set up suggestion groups, concentrate on the stuff you can affect quickly and easily, go for the big intense projects later in the year, invite in interested and specifically qualified MPs from other parties that have a ‘let’s move on and do’ attitude.

  10. Graham Wheatley
    January 2, 2021

    Sir John,

    I would like for you to be correct in regard to other VAT cancellations, but I do not have any confidence that these will happen .

    Dishy Rishi cannot pay for ANY of the illogical measures that this Goverment have introduced to ‘combat’ CV19 – a disease that has a survival rate of over 99%.

    What I do see coming is a Cyprus-Stylie raid on savings accounts. (Argentina for one has already announced a ‘wealth tax’ to help they pay for what they have implemented in their CV19 measures and I expect other nations to follow suit).

    Perhaps one thing the Chancellor might do is to promote the take-up of Premium Bonds by extending the holder limit to (say) £100,000 and reinstate the previous fund levels for monthly prizes, or indeed increase them, to further promote take-up?

    The national economy will take time to benefit from being out of the EU. Until that starts to happen, and more importantly be seen to be happening, then consumer spending will remain lower while people are fearful for their futures.

    Whatever else Rishi Sunak does, he should be careful to ensure that the basket containing the money is not perceived as being more valuable than the cash it contains.

  11. dixie
    January 2, 2021

    The ban on pulse fishing is good news, well done.

  12. davies
    January 2, 2021

    good new on pulse fishing – so much for EU environmental concerns

    Any sign of also banning these huge trawlers?

  13. Roy Grainger
    January 2, 2021

    Off topic: Prof Ferguson sent in to bat by SAGE claiming in the media his models show the new virus rampaging through schools. They want them shut. They won’t take no for an answer. They will make up whatever data they need to justify it. Boris will cave in. Next he will cancel the exams. All entirely predictable. Despite the fact all schools have already been shut for two weeks and it has had no effect.

    1. Graham Wheatley
      January 3, 2021

      Convenient – isn’t it? – that this extremely virulent new strain (which also now disproportionately affects the younger age groups) arises when lockdown-2 hasn’t produced the results that Government and SAGE were expecting?

      Lockdowns don’t work and so the answer is – tadaaa!! – more lockdown. (Much like – as Sir Nigel has said on many an occasion – “the answer to calls for less of the EU is ‘more’ EU”).

      PHE / NHS reported several weeks ago that in relation to NHStrack&trace, referrals from Gyms were sitting at 1.1% of the total. Pubs were (iirc) at 3.6% and other hospitality at 1.6%.

      Supermarket contact-tracing referrals were at 18.9%.

      ……And schools (primary & secondary combined) were at 28.2%.

      So. What do we do? Close the Gyms, sports facilities, Cafés and Pubs…… the locations where most people congregate in groups to discuss things. And we can’t have that can we? People debating and thence highlighting the illogicalities in both the Government’s measures and the ‘advice’ that supposedly drives them? It just won’t DO!

      A few weeks of lack of schooling REALLY won’t make any difference to anybody other than students in their last term prior to GCSE or ‘A’-levels. S.A.G.E. (you see what they did there…?), SpAds and the Government have always been insistent that, although the youngsters were carriers, they weren’t affected by CV19 and so ‘that’s-alright-then’, and we can keep the schools open. But pupils will then go home and presumably transmit it to their parents. And so we must stop the parents going to the Gym, or the Pub or out for a meal in a restaurant.

      I think Bozo, HanCOCK, SAGE [et al] knew full well that Lockdown-2 would not work and so VUI202012/1 (or whatever they want to call the latest one) was necessary to bolster the coersion. This is NOTHING whatsoever to do with ‘containment’. More people are coming to realise that, but it is happpening far too slowly. The bulk of the sheeple are still being led down the path by the Judas Goats.

  14. DaveK
    January 3, 2021

    Sir John,

    May I suggest a separate tab on your toolbar along the lines of Progress. It could consist of a simple list that either contributors could highlight changes made or your insider knowledge. Such as VAT on sanitary products, a ban on pulse fishing, UK driving license accepted by EU, the Turing scheme etc. Future things like US agreement to drop tariff ban on Scotch hopefully will be added too. This could potentially be a useful one stop resource against the trolls.

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