Winnersh bypass

The new bypass includes new prohibitions on turning right at the light controlled crossroads between King Street Lane and the new  bypass. Please observe the signs, as accidents have resulted from people who disagree with the controls. Councillors say that it will help cut congestion to have the new  bypass with these restrictions. The new bypass  can be entered  from the roundabout on the Reading Road for westbound and from the Earley Way junction for eastbound.

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  1. Alan Jutson
    May 19, 2021

    Indeed have used this new junction twice in the last week, and on each occasion I saw vehicles turning right (against the signage) whilst waiting at the lights.

    I think the problem here John is the fact that the new road has taken so long to build and open, for about 2 years people have been able to turn right, so have simply got used to that fact, the additional small temporary signage to supplement the small standard permanent signage, simply does not seem to be working as it should.

    Human nature would suggest that unless there is a very major change to a junction, local people tend not to read all the road signage in area’s they think they know well and use regularly.
    Indeed if you were to fully read every road sign that is erected, your eyes would hardly be on the road at all.

    I have to say if it was not for Social media last week outlining 5 accidents in two days, and the reasons why, I may have been confused!

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