Wokingham Town Centre

I was pleased to see more people about enjoying the new town centre on Bank Holiday Monday. Cafes and eating places were particularly popular with many sitting out in the sunshine. I visited some shops to see how they are getting on now we have had some relaxation of pandemic rules.

More of the new units are trading. Those who have not been recently should go and have a look for themselves. We need to use our town shops and services, and give them a boost after lock down.

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  1. Cliff. Wokingham
    June 9, 2021

    Sir John
    It is indeed great to see signs of life in our new town centre.
    I would like to see more use made of the Market Place and perhaps, Peaches Square (The large open space in the centre of the new shopping area.)
    More themed markets and some afternoon weekend entertainment.

    I felt our town centre had a Windsor feel about it with people sat outside people watching.

    All we need now are the empty shops to be let so we look even more open for business.
    I would like to see more small specialist independent traders in the empty shops but, I know lease/rent costs and extortionate business rates will prohibit many from even considering taking one.

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