More help for families in need- the Council will have access to new fund

This new support fund, at least half of which will help families with children, will bolster
existing measures we have introduced for low-income households, such as increasing
the national living wage, the rise in the Local Housing Allowance, expanding the £221
million Holiday Activities and Food which will be offering nutritious meals and enriching
activities to disadvantaged children this Christmas, doubling free childcare for eligible
working parents and increasing the value of Healthy Start vouchers by over a third.
The Fund also sits alongside the Warm Home Discount which provides a £140 rebate
on energy bills each winter to over 2.2 million low-income households and the Cold
Weather Payment which provides £25 extra a week for poorer households when the
temperature is consistently below zero.
Please direct constituents in need of support to their local council who will be able to
help them access the Fund. The Barnett formula will apply in the usual way, with the
devolved administrations receiving £79 million on top of the £421 million for England.


  1. Alan Holmes
    October 1, 2021

    Meanwhile taxation is now the highest since WW2 and looking likely to increase sharply and inflation is leaping ahead of these pathetic increases. Every policy of this government has made shortages, higher taxation, unemployment and extreme inflation absolutely inevitable. Many younger people are getting angry that they will have to pay for all this with a much lower standard of living and far less freedom in every way. I don’t blame them.

  2. alan jutson
    October 4, 2021

    All these State subsidies being introduced make the Government sound more like the policies of the old USSR rather than the Conservative Party.
    With the level of taxation we have, this is fast becoming a redistribution of wealth plan.

    Certainly I agree with providing a safety net and supporting those who unfortunately cannot help themselves, but the Government has no money, other than that which it takes from the population, or which it borrows in their name.
    Perhaps politicians of all Party’s should be reminded of this fact before they promise to spend, spend, spend.

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