Out and about on the doorsteps

My recent sessions on the doorsteps have been of particular interest. Despite the saturation coverage of the tragic war in Ukraine no-one has raised any Ukraine related issue with me in recent visits to Earley, Shinfield, Wokingham  and Winnersh. There have been some issues raised about the Spring Statement and what more the government could do to tackle the cost of living crisis. There have been no questions or suggestions about covid despite the large numbers of cases currently being reported. The occasional person has explained from a distance they are infectious and do not wish to pass it on.

Most of the conversations have been about local issues, often related to levels of development, traffic congestion, road closures and other Council matters. Emails and letters have broadly reflected the same pattern, with just three writing in on Ukrainian issues and many more on cost of living and energy matters.

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  1. John McDonald
    April 5, 2022

    Might this suggest what really matters to the average citizen and not what the Government thinks matters to the average citizen ? Recent Governments have got out of touch with the voter’s wishes. Do they ever do what they are voted in to do? Was Brexit really worth the vote, nothing has really changed. Can’t even remove the 5% VAT on Energy.
    Did we vote for Net Zero, getting involved with a War in Ukraine? What did the UK Government actually do to stop the war in the first place? Nothing just sanctions and more provocations. Just a distraction from Covid and Party fines ?

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