On the doorsteps

I have been out and about in Wokingham, Earley and Shinfield ahead of the local elections. The main issues raised continue to be local to do with the pace and location of development andĀ  the need for better roads and less congestion . There is still no mention of Ukraine. If asked people are concernedĀ  about the cost of living squeeze.

There is strong support for weekly bin collections rather than less frequent andĀ  for keeping the Council Tax down.


  1. John McDonald
    April 18, 2022

    Dear Sir, why do you think people do not mention Ukraine to you in person on their doorstep? The media bombard us with the Destruction daily. There is a Ukraine flag flying over the Wokingham Council Office.

  2. John
    April 19, 2022

    With cars hitting 80mph on local roads congesting is obviously not a problem for pedestrians trying to cross roads. A lack of signed pedestrian crossings Belisha, Pelican etc is keeping the cars firmly on the road and the pedestrians off the pavements. Ukraine is national issue and I try and separate local politics from the national picture. The cost of living is not going to get better until the Ukraine is resolved and that is going to involve a lot of pain and suffering for the world before that occurs. You then have the costs associated with the resurgent China, and its labour becoming more expensive, the issue of Taiwan and its local issues.

  3. Wacko
    April 24, 2022

    Good for you John.. Best to steer well clear of party gate and other wreckage coming down the tracks

    Reply I talk about what the people I visit want to talk about. Several yesterday did want to talk about parties and told me they were fed up with Labour/Lib Dem partygate only campaign.

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