Visit to Winnersh Primary School

I am grateful to the staff who hosted me  at Winnersh Primary School  yesterday for a visit. I was made to feel very welcome.  The School prides itself on providing a friendly and positive approach through teamwork and valuing every pupil.

I was asked to talk to the top year group of pupils about my work as an MP. I briefly explained how an MP is elected, how the MP represents the local community in Parliament  and puts its case to the government, and how the MP seeks to explain or criticise government policy to the constituents. I talked in neutral terms  about paying for schools and education, about how people have changed between Labour and Conservative led governments in elections, and about the four parts of the UK given the current topicality of the movement for Scottish independence.

I left plenty of time for questions . I was asked a series of questions¬† about the UK’s progress to net zero, and about single use plastics.

During the course of answering a teacher challenged my statement that the U.K. has cut its carbon emissions more than any  other major economy. I seek to be careful when making factual claims. I have since checked the figures which underwrite the point I was making and are reproduced below for the 30 years from the 1990 carbon dioxide baseline:

Increase or decrease in output of CO2 1990-2020

China    +381%

India¬† ¬† +302%I was pleased there was¬†plenty of time for questions and the children¬†asked me about the UK’s progress to net zero, and about single use plastics.¬†

South Korea  +129%

Brazil  +97.9%

Mexico   +40%

South Africa  +38%

Australia +38%

Canada +19%

Spain  Р7%

Japan  -8%

USA  -10%

France -27%

Russia  -30%

Germany – 37%

UK  -46%

It was also put to me that the UK had a high per capita output of CO2. The figures provided on Worldometer below show that there are 19 countries with more than double the UK’s output per head, and there are many more above the UK including large economies like Germany, Japan and China.

Per capita emissions in tons   USA 15.5, Russia 11.44,Canada 18.58. South Korea 11.85, Saudi Arabia 15.94, Australia 17.1, Taiwan 11.72, Kazakhstan 13.01, UAE  23.37,  Kuwait 25.65, Qatar 37.29,Oman 19.61, Turkmenistan 14, Trinidad 25.38, Estonia 17, Montenegro 25, Luxembourg 17.5, Brunei  18, Bahamas 11,

UK 5.5 tons per capita


I hope these figures are useful to  pupils as they study these matters.


  1. Berkshire Alan
    October 10, 2022

    I hope the teacher was embarrassed when you proved your facts were correct and from official sources !
    Shame on them for not actually knowing the facts already, really does make you wonder what pupils are being taught, or influenced to think in Schools these days.
    Hope the students will be given access to the facts links to check them out themselves, rather than just relying upon mindless internet trolls views.
    I wonder if the teacher in question has now passed on those facts to the students and will then have an open discussion with them.

    1. Lifelogic
      October 11, 2022

      Not that CO2 is even a serious problem probably, a net positive it seems. To be fair to teachers most have little understanding of science, chaotic climate systems or energy engineering and are bombarded with constant lies and propaganda from the BBC, Gov, Charities and in the exam syllabus etc.

      Look at the absurd government lies that cycling and walking produce no direct or indirect CO2 or the absurd BBC byte-size GCSE definitions of ‚Äúrenewable‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúnon renewable‚ÄĚ energy – totally bogus science. Some sources of energy are longer lasting than others but the ‚Äúrenewable‚ÄĚ concept is clearly complete drivel. Most come from nuclear fusion on the sun, tidal power slows the earths rotation, geothermal is from radio activity in the earths core.

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