My Visit to the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Shop

I visited the Royal British Legion shop in Wokingham to thank the organisers for helping the charity. They have a good range of items that can help us remember the great wars and sacrifices made. The money raised goes to such a good cause. I bought some historical items for my family to help them understand and remember what their grandparents and great parents went through.



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    November 10, 2022

    Let us not make their sacrifices to have been in vain. The relative freedom we have enjoyed since WW2 is being attacked. What are the components of a better world? Here’s a list to get started with:

    New banking system

    Barriers to most covert operations by central government and erection of obstacles to the surveillance economy and political surveillance.

    Removal of influence of moneyed interests from politics

    Improved regulation of large corporations limiting their abilities to pollute, poison, and otherwise destroy our ecosystem, and create de facto monopolies that undercut small business.

    Doctors who honour the Hippocratic oath and aim to advance and maintain health, not just prescribe or operate according to standards of care constructed under the influence of pharmaceutical companies or device manufacturers.

    Restoration of informed consent in medical matters.

    An agricultural system that is more local, organic, biodynamic, sustainable, and based on principals of enlightened animal husbandry practices, soils conservation, and healthy rather than profitable crop production.

    Restoration and protection of free speech.

    Dissociation of polities from globalist organisations that aim to nullify State sovereignty and substitute global power for local power.

    Public discussion of the science related to vaccination, including an unbiased public explication of risks and benefits based on the evidence from research studies and expert analysis of those studies.

    Dismantling the MHRA, MI5 and MI6 in their current forms and rebuilding them from scratch

    Wealth tax on the super-rich

    People paid according to their contributions to society, not according to their contributions to making the wealthy wealthier.

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