Lunch Club with Sir Edward Leigh

On Friday Wokingham Conservatives welcomed Sir Edward Leigh MP to lunch. Sir Edward gave a talk on the Autumn Statement and the need for Conservative values in the months ahead. He stressed the need to keep taxes lower, to allow people to keep more of the rewards for their work, their investments and their savings. He urged the Home Secretary to take the measures necessary to stop people trafficking across the Channel.

I gave a vote of thanks and updated members on my work representing Wokingham.


  1. agricola
    November 23, 2022

    The big question for Sir Edward and yourself is who or what is going to put Conservative Values into effect. It will not be the current conservative party nor even the emmergent centrist labour party. The Coup d’Etat we have seen enacted before our eyes was an undemocratic seizing of power by the socialist/globalist faction within ths conservative party egged on by their banking and civil service backers of fhe same ilk. They put Brexit, resolution of the NIP, illegal immigration and our sovereign future in question. It was as dreadful as anything the Kremlin could have dreamt of.

    November 24, 2022

    The meeting was very good with very interesting speeches that were very emotional especially over the tax increases which I do not agree with. I usually like to chat with John but did chat to Edward when he came around the tables. I was the person who mentioned the tax rate in Hong Kong where my son works, top rate 17%.

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