Natwest Reply Regarding the Closure of the Wokingham Branch

I have received the following reply from NatWest in response to my letter about the closure of the Wokingham branch in February 2023.

They have set out the measures they are initiating to assist customers who prefer not to use online banking.  NatWest has also confirmed that everyday banking services can be transacted at local Post Offices.


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  1. John Albert James Angliss
    November 24, 2022

    Many thanks for this. My experience with other banks is that whilst they will allow everyday transactions to be done at a post office, that does not include account to account transfers for bills and of course increasingly groups are not dealing with the sending of cheques.This means an account holder would have to go in person to a branch to do this. What happens if there is no branch where they live? Many of us are concerned that banks are subtly moving towards computerized control, and we will eventually be forced into a system over which we have no choice.

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