Visit to Shinfield Studios

On Friday 3rd February I was invited to see the building works in Shinfield close to the M4 for the new complex of studios. It is a large building site, with one studio complex completed and another nearing completion. In total it will be some 1 million square feet of studio space with several studios offering substantial interiors for filming. Each building is a large box structure with well insulated double walls to ensure silence inside when needed for recording, with good eaves height to allow sets and plenty of hanging lighting.

They have been attracted to our area by the talented workforce available in surrounding towns and villages, and by the good access from the motorway nearby. I wish them every success as they go about completing the buildings and finding the first users who want to come here to make their films. There was filming action in a completed studio on Friday which we did not disturb.

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  1. Cliff. Wokingham.
    February 7, 2023

    I bet it was a very interesting visit Sir John. I must say I would love a similar tour… Let’s hope the studio owners offer an open day once the studios are completed.
    Let’s hope our government don’t tax the industry to death.
    Hollywood, Bollywood and now, Shinfield.. Such a big opportunity for our area and nation. I wonder if there have been any discussions between the studios and the University of Reading for future courses related to this new local industry.

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