1. glen cullen
    February 19, 2023

    Excellent Article ….I just hope that Sunak reads it

    1. Lily
      February 19, 2023

      As the several comments under the article explain, it is pure fiction not fact

    2. Lifelogic
      February 19, 2023


    3. IanB
      February 19, 2023

      @Glen Cullen agreed about Sir Johns article, but this crowd that are the Government doing anything that supports the UK I doubt.. Their masters are elsewhere

  2. Peter
    February 19, 2023

    Facts4EU site seemed to have dropped from the news over the years.

    ‘Yes, on the surface it relates to the imminent N.I. deal being stitched together by the UK Government and the EU Commission behind closed doors – without the elected representatives of the people most affected being part of these discussions. However the principles at stake affect every single person in the United Kingdom.’

    As Sunak became Prime Minister through a behind closed doors stitch-up, I doubt he is worried by a similar process being implemented for Northern Ireland. It is more a question of what he thinks he can get away with.

    1. IanB
      February 19, 2023

      @Peter +1 – the stitch up kids, run by personal ego not sense of duty, or for that matter what we are empowering and paying them to do.

  3. Peter
    February 19, 2023

    ‘This is fundamentally about sovereignty, not trade’

    It is also about throwing a spanner in the works to prevent a genuine Brexit. Continuity Remain will also use it as a weapon in Parliament to curtail implementation of the referendum result.

    However, the government will not act of illegal arrivals or interference on fuel. So they will not act to unilaterally remove the bogus Northern Ireland issue, as they should have done ages ago.

    1. glen cullen
      February 19, 2023

      The people vote for and employ politicians to follow ’the will of the people’ the ‘mandate of the manifesto’ the ‘instruction of the membership’ …its so easy, but they constantly do the complete opposite
      It is all about sovereignty, and our politicians selling us short

    2. IanB
      February 19, 2023

      @Peter +1 betrayal

  4. John McDonald
    February 19, 2023

    Thanks Sir John for this update. There seems to be comments on the site from those who wish to blame Brexit and yourself for not understanding the protocol. The articles you point out are pretty clear. The EU has agreed to not change the Good Friday. The EU has agreed not to changes the political set up and just work out how trade is managed. But the EU is trying to retain some political control over NI not just a matter of standards of goods and services. If there is some civil or criminal issue relating to the sale of goods or services then the Republic of Ireland or the Northern Ireland courts can sort it out as appropriate. Not a court in Brussels

    1. IanB
      February 19, 2023

      @John McDonald. +1 It was always about punishment for not accepting rule by the unelected unaccountable EU Commission

  5. Sharon
    February 19, 2023

    When Peter Mandelson pops up out of the woodwork criticising Boris Johnson and being rude about the fragmentation of the Tories – we know they’re panicking!

  6. Bloke
    February 19, 2023

    The troll-type critics on the facts4eu site seem to act as if they are EU stooges, opposed to Brexit and not even members of the UK themselves. The UK can act in its own best interests with fairness for all, as Sir John Redwood sensibly sets out. What others from elsewhere with disruptive intent think is merely a matter for them.

  7. Lynn Atkinson
    February 20, 2023

    Praying that you Spartans pull of another win. We do not want NI to disintegrate into war again!

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      February 20, 2023

      The EU displays an arrogance seldom enunciated, but here is a clue to their attitude to Britain and Northern Ireland:

      Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas : ‘NATO countries must take control of Moscow and forcibly rewrite the mentality of Russian citizens so that the Russians will never be a threat again.’

      I am not minded to have my ‘mentality forcibly rewritten’ by Kara Kallas. Northern Ireland is an integral part of the U.K. and the U.K. is a Sovereign Democratic Country which rejected the EU and would be wise to reject NATO too. She is going to have to accept that fact.

  8. Ralph Corderoy
    February 20, 2023

    The direct URL is https://www.facts4eu.org/news/2023_feb_redwood_on_independence
    (This may help other readers and in particular search engines where it affects article ranking.)

  9. LB
    February 22, 2023

    It’s very simple.

    Ireland has signed the GFA and Ireland has signed EU treaties.
    The EU is a protectionist block.
    NI is outside the EU.

    So Ireland has to choose. Violate the GFA by putting in a hard border, or get the EU to change the protectionist rules.

    The UK should simply say, no internal borders.

    Of course the EU could put internal borders in place, between Eire and the rest of the EU.

    It’s an Irish problem. The UK should get them to sort it out.

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