NHS pay

I am glad to see progress with sorting out the NHS pay disputes. I have along with others put to Ministers the idea of a one off back payment for this year  given the sharp acceleration of inflation in the first part of the year. I have pointed out that the NHS needs to fill a large number of medical staff vacancies as we need to get the waiting times and waiting lists down and put in extra beds with staff to support them.

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  1. Peter Gardner
    March 18, 2023

    Eminently sensible proposal. Pay tracking inflation when inflation is rising lags behind by definition. However the logic extends to pay rises based on projected future inflation. When falling after a peak that woukd mean smaller rises than ‘catch up’ pay rises.
    I suspect that what has happened is a combination of stress due to the pandemic and dealing with the consequent long waiting lists, unresponsive management and a failure of the pay review board to take account of the unusual times. Nurses don’t strike unless something has gone very wrong.

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