1. Bill B.
    June 9, 2023

    Dear Sir John,

    Is anybody on your party’s front or back benches showing any concern about yesterday’s Times article headed: “Migration could add 16m to population”?

    It reports a prediction that if net migration continues at its present level and the birth rate of about 1.53 births per woman remains roughly the same, the population will increase to between 83 and 87 million by 2046.

    Is the house-building bonanza that will result intended to keep the donations from the developers coming?

  2. Mark B
    June 9, 2023

    Good morning.

    I am sorry I had to stop listening as it was clear nobody was prepared to speak the obvious.

    These people crossing the English Channel are no refugees, they are economic migrants. The other speaker when answering questions as to what the Labour Party would do simply said, that it was a complicated problem. That is just plain wrong and many here will agree. If you arrive here uninvited you have committed a criminal act and must be dealt with as a criminal. There is nothing complicated about that. It is how other countries operate.

    As for processing. If we treated those criminals as criminals then there would be fewer asylum seekers in the first place. Again, not difficult.

    As for exchanges with other countries. Rwanda is a one out and one in, so this will solve nothing. Albania was bribed to take back their own citizens with the promise of more Visa’s. Just tell the Albanian government to take back its people or close its Embassy and declare its citizens in the UK, Persona non Grata.

    Cut back on all the freebies. There is a reason why they all want to leave France. The French government does not give them nearly as much if they claim there. Stop being generous with OUR money, we can’t afford your largess.

    1. hefner
      June 9, 2023

      ‘It is how other countries operate’. M_B, with this sentence you just prove the extent of your ignorance.

      1. EU fan
        June 9, 2023

        Another stunning response Hefner.
        Well done.
        Keep it coming with your regular passive aggressive posts.

      2. Mickey Taking
        June 9, 2023

        Then please explain to us ignorants why over 1m legal and illegals travel through many countries which protest to be welcoming, tolerant, educated and with humanity? The goal to reach UK.
        Rather odd – much more like the persecuted ‘go west young man’ after landing in the new world of America.

        1. hefner
          June 10, 2023

          If Mark B was as intelligent as he pretends to be he would have looked at the various immigration systems put in, say, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, France, Germany or the Nordic countries. He might have realised (but I really doubt it) that in these countries the immigration policies are much more complex than ‘if you arrive here uninvited you have committed a criminal act and must be dealt with as a criminal’. So the disparities in the immigration regime of various countries are somewhat more ‘complicated’ than the thin gruel that Mark B serves us every day on this blog.
          And if people want to come to the UK, there is a good chance that they might already speak a bit of English, might already have some family or other links in the country, might know that once in the UK it is much easier to ‘disappear’ than in a country where most interactions with a local administration (whether sending children to school, renting a place, going to the GP, getting a driving licence, opening a bank account, …) requires an ID.

          And yes, passive agressive, as I have difficulties to understand how people can be so ignorant of how this country and others are functioning, and at the same time can be so keen on displaying that ignorance.

          I would guess that some number of people commenting every day on this blog are people who have lost the little agency they might have had once in their lives. And now they are only able to explain the world around them through this or that conspiracy theory, WEF, WHO, UN, EU, CSs, … and all other bogeymen.

    2. Peter
      June 9, 2023

      If there was the will to solve this it would have been done a long time ago.

      As they used to say as at work ‘JFDI’.

      Unfortunately no politician is listening or prepared to act.

      1. Mickey Taking
        June 9, 2023

        You want action? Don’t hold your breath.

    3. Berkshire Alan
      June 9, 2023

      Mark B

      As usual, you like millions out here state the obvious, “they are not refugees they are economic migrants” and illegals, and should be treated as such.
      Clearly the Politicians (I exclude our host) do not yet get it, have always fudged and complicated the issue, and still want to complicate matters even further, at much greater cost, because it would seem they do not think it a problem, until their children cannot perhaps get a school place, a home to live in, or hospital treatment.
      I wonder if they would think the same if one actually squatted in their home whilst they were away, would they give them a bedroom and feed them for 6 months at their own expense, whilst they looked into their excuses for such illegal actions. ?

  3. DOM
    June 9, 2023


    Thanks for your efforts

    ps I see Al Gore (the climate change guru) has just raised $1.5bn in London through a ‘green investment fund’. If people cannot see the vileness of these grifters then they deserve to suffer the consequences of trusting them

    pps. Trump’s indictment is a shocking example of institutional capture and one that could splinter a once great nation. Very sad and very worrying for all true democrats who despise POLITICS and Gramsci ideology. It will pull us all down with it

  4. Peter
    June 9, 2023

    More talk. More cost being mentioned. More schemes.

    Jenrick does not inspire confidence. It’s just more displacement activity. There is no political will to address this.

    I predict there will be no effective action.

    Get Viktor Orban on the job.

  5. R.Grange
    June 9, 2023

    Has anyone noticed how much Robert Jenrick’s voice sounds like Tony Blair?

    1. Ashley
      June 11, 2023

      Sunak’s does too esp. in his delivery. Like a primary school teacher addressing dim 9 year olds’ in a rather patronising manor.

  6. agricola
    June 9, 2023

    Stick with the written word, burying yourself in someone elses web site that seemingly has no reference to what you have say is a big zero for communication.

  7. Ian B
    June 9, 2023

    My apologies Sir John, way off topic

    From the media “The taxman is shutting down one of its most popular helplines over the summer, as figures reveal a drop in civil servants in the office in recent hot weather.
    More than one million taxpayers will be hit by HM Revenue & Customs’ decision to close the self-assessment helpline for three months from Monday.”

    I have one simple question for them and then I can send them money, but hey ho they are not there, so should I worry. I have been trying randomly over the last month to get them to answer the phone.

    The other question posed is ‘hot weather’? Work from home then is not the UK, Spain, Florida?

  8. Bloke
    June 9, 2023

    There is so much discussion on so many issues about Government incompetence.
    On LBC this morning a woman informed of waiting 3 years 10 months for a shoulder replacement, during which her consultant repeatedly claimed to be discussing it with his colleagues. Only after that discussion ends will her name be added to a waiting list of possibly similar duration.

    Many regard being forced to pay ‘National Insurance’ with dodgy cover as a scam. Discussion after discussion about without effect wastes. We need achievers for results in Govt. Most of the existing inert bunch must be cleared out of the way.

    SJR’s interview with Nigel Farage on GB News reached higher quality in what it revealed, ending with a stark statement of fact.

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 9, 2023

      Could the delay be hoping for private consultation and op?

      1. Bloke
        June 10, 2023

        Perhaps, but it would be sinister if the consultant intended causing such an outcome.
        The lady concerned appeared not to have the means of paying, but waits in despair.

  9. Lifelogic
    June 9, 2023

    All sensible stuff but your government clearly has the opposite tax and regulate to death agenda this combined with climate alarmist net zero rip off energy lunacy and open door immigration to lower living standards and wages per head even further. plus increase the pressure or schools, police, roads, housing, social services… great plan Mr currency debaser Sunak!

    1. paul cuthbertson
      June 9, 2023

      LL – I would replace…your government… with …..The globalist NWO UK Establishment plan…

  10. a-tracy
    June 9, 2023

    It’s a shame they don’t put a text version.

  11. Carrie
    June 9, 2023

    Let me guess … “everything is terrible, but it’s the fault of the banks, the civil servants, the EU etc”

    1. Mark B
      June 9, 2023

      Well to be fair, Carrie those that you mention are in fact our TRUE government, with the UN WHO soon to be added to the list once they (MP’s) sign sovereignty over to them.

      Google: Digital Health Certificate 😉

      1. Lifelogic
        June 9, 2023

        Seems so.

  12. BMargaret
    June 9, 2023

    I suppose to keep up speed continually is difficult when you take into consideration holidays, sickness and other absences.Staff cannot work under crisis situations as a continuum, however alternative arrangements should be made to meet this influx of persons and as you stated with the cooperation of other European countries.

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 10, 2023

      ‘with the cooperation of other European countries.’
      Why did you spoil it?

  13. Ian B
    June 9, 2023

    @johnredwood ‘The evils some fear from more Artificial Intelligence are all against the law already. There’s no need to rush into additional regulation before we see just what extra benefits and service AI can bring.‘

    Unfortunately Sir John, your Government has in innate fear of the people and latches on to anything that may enhance their ability to spy and control them, as such it sets out to compromise internet security of everyone. GDPR was written backwards, so companies could infringe it at their leisure. The latest so-called hacking(is leaving the door open even hacking) of BA, the BBC and Boots was nothing of the sort it was clumsy ill thought through IT, lax Company control all enforced by a Government wanting control. These situations won’t go away all the while the Government is in fear of its people. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. The internet could be as near as it doesn’t matter secured overnight by ensuring all all UK Providers operate VPN first, all messaging, emails etc. should be encrypted all data stored should be encrypted. None of that stops the State with the correct suspicions, requiring encryption keys to be handed over via the Courts. It would enforce the legality of of freedom.

    As a commenter elsewhere had noted your ‘leader’ on his recent visit to the US, once past the grandstanding was more interested in reinforcing his family business than the security of us all.

    AI has nothing to do with ‘intelligence’ all to do with data scrapping from the web, then reinterpreted based on how people engage in the questioning of that data. If it isn’t out there it doesn’t know about it. Hence the reason major Banks have blocked its functions on its systems, so-called AI watches what people type, then follows trends of all questioners to create answers. Unfortunately in its basic form a bank operator typing user names and passwords is also collected, so can be offered to anyone with the right question.

    Sir John you are right there is no need to rush, we are over burdened with Government bureaucracy. Government should step back remember what it is paid to do and it is not as simple as ‘Just because you can – you should.’ It is about managing and getting value for the money they take from the taxpayer

  14. Sakara Gold
    June 9, 2023

    47 Squadron (C130 Hercules) disbanded today at a ceremony at RAF Brize Norton. The MoD has flogged the remaining airframes off leaving a huge capability gap until enough A400M Atlas are available.

    This is a major mistake by the MoD, it has cut our airlift capability nearly in half. During questioning two weeks ago by the Defence Celect Committee, the minister responsible admitted the decision had been made to “save taxpayers money” rather than any strategic reason.

    Many of those in the UK defence community now await the forthcoming Defence Command Paper with trepidation.

    1. Mike Wilson
      June 9, 2023

      We don’t need a defence capability. Anyone who wants to can waltz in and is ‘welcomed’ to replace our culture. We don’t need to spend a penny on defence. Although, perhaps we could spend some money on a fence.

    2. Hat man
      June 9, 2023

      I think you’ll be OK in 77th brigade, Sakara. Rest assured there’s no chance of budget cuts there.

    3. Berkshire Alan
      June 9, 2023

      Was not aware, but does it surprise me ?
      And all whilst a War is going on in Europe, and Russia are testing our defences at sea and in the air.
      Reminds me of the Nimrod scrap-age scheme.
      Looks like our troops may need to catch a ferry, or book in advance with Easy Jet.
      Lessons will be learn’t, really, the times we have heard this phrase.

  15. Mark B
    June 9, 2023

    They have form on this.

    They got rid of the Harrier Jump Jet and left our Aircraft Carriers to sail around with no aircraft. The Nimrod Maritime Patrol aircraft was scrapped with out a replacement, forcing us to rely on the French when the Russian’s came sniffing around our shores.

    Funny it is always to save the taxpayer money yet, no mention of that when handing over vast sums cash and weapons to Ukraine.

    1. Mark B
      June 9, 2023

      Sorry. This is in reply to Sakara Gold.

  16. glen cullen
    June 9, 2023

    PM’s honours list is a disgrace in this day and age

    1. glen cullen
      June 9, 2023

      The House of Lords just got bigger by seven (7)

  17. Will in Hampshire
    June 9, 2023

    Good news! Mr Johnson has chosen to resign as Uxbridge’s MP. I’m delighted, I hope that’s the last time we’ll have to worry about him (and his questionable ethics) in any capacity more important than after-dinner speaker or TV comedy host. He should stick to what he’s good at.

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 10, 2023

      ‘chosen to resign’? an interesting way to put it.
      Elbowed into a corner would be a closer explanation.

  18. glen cullen
    June 9, 2023

    The parliamentary party is falling apart because you’ve lost your identity, you’re lost your history, you forgot what it means to be conservative

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 10, 2023

      well the under 60s have no chance of recognising what we call a ‘Conservative’.

    2. Donna
      June 10, 2023

      The “broad church” has been stretched to breaking point – with a large number of carpetbagger LibDems masquerading as Conservatives and a small contingent of Conservatives, most of whom lack any cojones.

      “The best lack all conviction, whilst the worst
      Are full of passionate intensity.” (Except from The Second Coming, Yeats.)

      The centre cannot hold.

  19. Blazes
    June 9, 2023

    So I suppose with Boris departed it means the end of plans for the new bridge over to Ireland? Darn! alway’s something

    1. glen cullen
      June 10, 2023

      But his net-zero plans are still going ahead

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