The by elections

The frustration of some Conservative MPs  with current policy and management of the party led to three of them resigning with immediate effect, a most unusual development. MPs usually accept they have made a commitment to their electors to serve for a Parliament.

Some will dismiss these actions as arising from the special circumstances over the Parliamentary enquiry into the past conduct of Boris and from the bitter disappointment of his closest allies over the way a wave of Ministerial resignations  was used to force him out of office. The PM’s closest supporters are putting round that an attempt to copy the rolling resignation method of applying pressure has failed as they do not anticipate any more doing it. They see this as a win.

What matters more is how the PM now responds. He needs to do all he can to win the by elections. Losing any one of them would be worrying. Losing all would be disastrous. He needs to understand as the polls tell us that it is not just 3 Conservative MPs who have lost the wish to support for their own personal reasons, but millions of Conservative voters who voted Conservative in 2019 but who tell pollsters they do not want to if asked again right now. Just sending lots of volunteers and MPs to deliver leaflets will not be enough. Voters will want some persuasion that policy will reflect their needs and preferences going forwards.

The Boris statement which of course stemmed immediately from his dispute with the Committee on conduct ranged widely. It argued that the promises made in 2019 on Brexit wins, taxes, growth, animal welfare and others need to be honoured instead of dropping the relevant legislation and hiking taxes.It would be helpful to the country as well as to the PM and to the Conservatives in the by election if the lower taxes, Brexit wins and growth strategy were introduced now. The right kind of lower taxes and growth policies are not only popular but will also cut the deficit.


  1. Bryan Harris
    June 11, 2023

    All very sensible comments from our host today – IF ONLY the PM would follow his advice!

    Net-Zero has taken over though to an extreme level – it’s in the very blood of policy making, no matter that it is thoroughly wrong and unjustified. So the PM is not likely to change tack.

    The big problem for voters is that parliament, as a majority, follows the policies designed by WEF. Labour promise to be far more extreme if elected, but no big party is talking about the things that voters need to be discussed or actioned. All we see ahead is ruin and a new Dark Age.

    Parliament has failed us badly – no matter who wins the next GE, Net Zero will still be with us to make our lives ever more miserable.
    Who would have the thought the future would emulate the famous ‘1984’ novel so closely – we were always promised a golden future, but that was before rogue parliaments stopped serving the people.

    1. Lemming
      June 11, 2023

      Not sensible comments at all. Promises were made in 2019 on Brexit wins, taxes, growth, animal welfare and so on, and Boris had three years as PM to deliver. He did nothing. Nothing. The Conservative Party is well rid of him, and should get behind Mr Sunak, a serious person doing his best

      1. Lifelogic
        June 11, 2023

        Socialist Sunak is a disaster – he caused the inflation with his and Baileys QE as Chancellor, he supports the mad Net Zero policy, he supported the idiotic lockdown, wasted £billions, he funded the disasters of test and trace, the “vaccines”, he has taxes at absurd levels, even thought tax payers should help others eat out, he has no intention of seriously controlling immigration level, he gave us the disaster of the Windsor Accord, has a way on landlords, motorist, small business the self employed, over regulates everything… meanwhile public service the NHS, Police, LEA… are generally appalling.

        True Boris was/is almost as bad on much of this especially the the Carrie (?) Net Zero lunacy and immigration levels!

      2. Original Richard
        June 11, 2023

        Lemming : “The Conservative Party is well rid of him, and should get behind Mr Sunak, a serious person doing his best.”

        Mr. Sunak by following the Net Zero Strategy is doing his best to ruin the UK economy.

        There is no climate emergency – and certainly not one caused by anthropogenic emissions of CO2, a trace gas (0.04%) in the atmosphere which shoud in fact be increased to assist plant growth and reduce famines.

        No sane person would attempt to run our elecricity system on unreliable, low EROI, low energy density renewables supplied by China, a country described by our security services as “hostile” when nuclear fission exists which can provide secure, affordable, reliable and abundant power.

        1. hefner
          June 11, 2023

          I hope you realise how curious it is to see you repeating this argument based on the concentration of CO2. Anybody who has looked at greenhouse gases knows that concentration is only one part of the story, radiative potential (aka GWP global warming potential) (or for some other gases photochemical potential) is much more important.
          How do you explain that the CFCs (chlorofluoromethanes) in the 1980-90s with concentrations 100 to 1000 smaller than CO2 (ppb part per billion, not ppm part per million) could damage the ozone layer? How do you explain that CH4 (methane) at 1.9 ppm is now seen as important as CO2 if not for its higher radiative potential, 25 times higher than that of CO2.

          Please explain.
          ‘It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it’, Joseph Joubert, 1754-1824, essayist & moralist.

        2. Original Richard
          June 11, 2023

          At 22:47 hrs on Sunday 11/06/2023 the 27 GW of installed wind power is producing just 1.59 GW.

          1. Fedupsouthener
            June 12, 2023

            OR. You don’t need to say anymore Richard. Utterly bonkers….. wind and MPs.

      3. Ashley
        June 12, 2023

        Socialist Sunak serious? Well perhaps seriously deluded. His compass is 180 degrees out on almost every subject. Not a real Conservative bone in his body.

      4. a-tracy
        June 12, 2023

        Lemming on taxes.
        In 2018-19 the personal tax allowance was £11850 (+£650), Basic rate limit £34,500
        In 2019-20 the personal allowance rose to £12,500, BRL £37.500.
        In 2023-24 the personal allowance is £12,570, however, the National Insurance personal allowance rose from £9500 to £12,570 since 2022.

        In 2019 to 2020, “this measure will benefit 30.6 million individuals, of whom 26.2 million will be basic rate taxpayers and 4 million are higher rate taxpayers”.

        The government was caught up in the withdrawal agreement until January 2021; new agreements couldn’t be signed in that period, this is being addressed read Kemi Badenock on Twitter for trade information. We were significantly damaged by the Covid pandemic, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. I agree we are not moving fast enough, and I strongly feel that these other countries who want to do deals with us need to get moving faster.

    2. Wanderer
      June 11, 2023

      BH. All the more reason to vote for a small party at the next GM.

      It will be interesting to see if the pollsters are right about the by elections. I was astonished to see a projection that some 95% of those voting would still vote for one of the 3 main parties (I forget which constituency). How in earth do they distinguish between them?

      I hope the pollsters get proved wrong and small parties build some momentum, despite losing many potential votes to abstainers.

    3. Lifelogic
      June 11, 2023

      Indeed net zero is absurd but everything else they are pushing is wrong headed too.

      I assume the Sunak election leaflets will say something like “we know we got everything wrong on the economy, on currency debasement, on tax levels, on the Botched Brexit, on the size of government, on the wars against motorists, landlords, small businesses, the self employed, on net zero, the deluded energy policy, on the road blocking, on the mad lockdowns, on Covid test and trace, the appalling net harm vaccines coercing, on the anti-“disinformation” censorship unit, on test and trace, on HS2 on over regulation of everything, on open door migration, on housing, on the woke largely useless police, the open door migration, the dire NHS and public services, the loans for so many worthless degrees… but Labour will obviously be even worse so vote Tory!

      Seems unlikely to work very well! Sunak needs to do a U turn on every single policy he is pushing!

      1. Lifelogic
        June 11, 2023

        What a dreadful waste of Boris’s 80 seat majority.

        I have always found Harriet Harman (politics at York) to have a fairly repulsive agenda and totally deluded views. I think even less of her now. It is a shame so many appalling people seem to be attracted to politics and so few sensible & good people in the JR mould are.

        1. Lynn Atkinson
          June 12, 2023

          Harriet Harman’s committee had a Conservative majority. Facts are facts. Stop blaming the messenger.
          JR says ‘individual politicians’ are pursued for breaking ever more complex ‘rules’ (which they create!). Well so are citizens! Why should politicians be expect? I’m delighted to see the lawyer Sturgeon arrested – time politicians and Royalty understand that they are not above the law!

      2. BOF
        June 11, 2023

        +1 LL. Ever the optimist.

      3. Donna
        June 12, 2023

        Not a hope. He intends to announce some high profile tax cuts, all dependent on voting “the right way” and hopes that will buy him sufficient votes to scrape a win.

    4. Peter
      June 11, 2023

      “ Sir John said: “Sunak supporters used resignations to drive Boris and his supporters from office. To avoid resignations from Parliament, the PM has to take the party in a direction more MPs want to go in and use more of its talent.”

      Sunday Telegraph 11/06/23

      The paper has this under an article on a Boris Johnson revenge attack. I doubt many in the country want Boris back. He ignored the promises that won him a huge majority and instead pursued a Net Zero, Ukraine war agenda with various other items that suited him personally.

      I don’t know how many MPs are prepared to make a stand and I think Sunak would try to ignore them anyway.

    5. Ian B
      June 11, 2023

      @Bryan Harris – ‘IF ONLY the PM’ would serve the Country and not the ‘Blob’ that put him in power. The Country certainly did not award him with that position, and neither did his party. Another fault line in the corrupting Conservative Party backed up with an equally self serving Parliment

    6. glen cullen
      June 11, 2023

      The Tory voters sold short at every turn

    7. Christine
      June 11, 2023

      We see the same type of witch hunt happening against Trump in the USA. This is not a coincidence. The WEF is out to crush all opponents who don’t follow their twisted agenda.

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        June 12, 2023

        Not the same at all. Trump has broken no law and the corrupt Biden Administration are using lawfare to try to oust him from standing for office, they have said that ‘if he swears to never stand for office again, Biden will grant him a pardon’. That is Mafia tactics writ large.
        Boris Johnson is guilty of reciting complex ‘rules’ almost daily, threatening behaviour, and his ‘rules’ were enforced as ‘laws’. He broke his own ‘laws’ and revealed that he was not afraid of the killer virus.
        So he is also guilty of a massively expensive scam that cost the private sector hundreds of billions.

    8. Sharon
      June 11, 2023

      Bryan H

      A good comment. Sadly all too correct!

      My only hope is that it will all through up the corruption in government. But what a mess it will all create.

      Meanwhile, despite pushbacks, in the background – CBDC, WHO treaty, digital farming, 15min cities etc are quietly being put in place. And every time it seems the wokerati are resceding, we see that it’s not. It’s quite depressing on such a glorious June day!

    9. Harry
      June 11, 2023

      Net zero is unavoidable as fossil fuels become depleted.
      The transition to other fuels needs to be spread over as long a time as possible to make it as painless as possible.

      1. Original Richard
        June 11, 2023

        Harry : “Net zero is unavoidable as fossil fuels become depleted.”

        Net Zero is a terrible idea as we need to add CO2 to the atmosphere to counter the extraction of CO2 by shelled marine anaimals – there are 100 million billion tons of carbon locked up in carbonaceous rocks which needs releasing back into the atmosphere.

        If we pursued net zero CO2 eventually our already historically low level of CO2 (400 ppm) would drop below the 150 ppm needed for plants to survive and all life on the planet would die.

        And even if fossil fuels eventually become depleted, then e-hydrocarbon fuels, made using cheap, abundant, reliable nuclear energy, are likely to be still preferred to batteries or hydrogen.

        1. hefner
          June 11, 2023

          OR: Argument not recognised by oceanographers. The balance of CO2 fluxes at the atmosphere-ocean interface is small and is adding carbon to the oceans. Proof being that the pH of oceans have changed from 8.15 in 1950 to 8.05 in 2020 (oceans becoming less basic ie more acidic via absorption of CO2). And may I remind you that the pH scale is logarithmic and that a drop of 0.1 unit in pH is roughly a 30% increase in acidity.

          Furthermore net-zero has never meant decreasing CO2 concentration to zero but making the inputs balancing the outputs, ie the gains/sources of CO2 balanced by the losses/sinks of CO2.
          I hope that you know that, although your repeated comments make me think you do not.

  2. formula57
    June 11, 2023

    Certainly “The right kind of lower taxes and growth policies are not only popular but will also cut the deficit.” but these are unavailable from the Sunak-Hunt axis.

    “Losing any one of them would be worrying. Losing all would be disastrous.” – is that so? Good 🙂

    1. Ian+wragg
      June 11, 2023

      Losing all 3 by elections could possibly get us some conservative policies but I doubt it.
      Fishy and Chicom will hang on to the bitter end because they know the party is toast at the next election. They are there to follow their masters orders.

    2. Lifelogic
      June 11, 2023

      They certainly deserve to be wiped out even if the only realistic alternatives (Labour/SNP/LibDims) are even worse.

    3. Sir+Joe+Soap
      June 11, 2023

      Losing all might be closer to a fresh start. Host still by his words clinging to ship!

      1. Know-Dice
        June 11, 2023

        True. The Conservatives need to lose the coming General Election otherwise they will take a win as condoning their current direction of travel.
        A thought…
        if BoJo takes a Reform Party ticket… Could he end up holding the balance of power in the new Parliament?

        Reply I do not think Boris will do that! Silly rumour to spread

    4. Dave Andrews
      June 11, 2023

      Mid Bedfordshire is bound to return another Tory. The dyed in the wool Tory voters outnumber the dyed in the wool Labour voters. For the floating voters, spawn of UKIP will take from Tory and Labour in equal measure, like they did in 2015. Perhaps they will keep their deposit but it won’t affect the outcome.

    5. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      ‘the right kind of taxes’ means helping the lower paid eat and heat, afford rents/mortgages, take a train/bus/car to work, stop increases in water/electricity/petrol/rubbish collecting and Police invisibility.
      Until the electorate, not a few hundred thousand very comfortably off, can believe electioning promises and witness life getting easier, the Government appears rudderless speeding up to the whirlpool.
      It is likely the flow like gravity cannot be beaten.

  3. Mark B
    June 11, 2023

    Good morning.

    Rodents leaving a sinking ship in order to earn more money from book sales and the speaking circuit. No point in hanging around. He’s got his wish to be PM and his mug on the stair wall. He has got his Net Zero legislation through and repaid a fair few favours. So all in all, a job done.

    He leaves us with a mess that no matter who gets in at the next GE will never be cleaned up.


    1. Peter Wood
      June 11, 2023

      Yes, Bunter has performed exactly as his previous employers said he would, and opposite to the way all of us optimists hoped. The Maidenhead assistant librarian started the mess and Bunter made it worse, and now we have a WEF technocrat leading the nation into penury, seemingly deliberately.
      What kind of people is Oxford producing now?

      1. Mickey Taking
        June 11, 2023

        last line, well I suppose less damaging than the CAMBRIDGE Five? Might be a close run thing.

    2. Beecee
      June 11, 2023

      I think you will find it was Theresa May.

      Boris became PM after it was signed into law.

      1. Original Richard
        June 11, 2023

        Beecee :

        Boris has made Net Zero much worse by advancing the ban on the sales of new ices by 5 years from 2035 to 2030.

        Even the EU hasn’t banned the sales of new ices until 2035 and even then then can continue if using e-fuel.

        1. Lynn Atkinson
          June 12, 2023

          The EU has reversed the ban on the sale of ICE altogether.

    3. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      It is not so much about him leaving to earn mega-bucks, as his continuous behaviour lowered what might be expected as a PM. How could the verdict be anything but ‘you lied, you often lie, you mislead, you behave in a cavalier way, you treat code of conduct as if it doesn’t apply to you’ – perhaps you always have!

    4. glen cullen
      June 11, 2023

      He failed on brexit, he failed the fisheries, he failed NI, he failed our freedom & democracy

    5. mickc
      June 11, 2023

      Just look what we’ve now got in place of him…
      The Party should have kept Truss, her policies would have produced growth. It was the useless BoE which produced the problems, not Truss and Kwarteng.

    6. Harry
      June 11, 2023

      BJ will start anew proper conservative party.
      The recent resigners will join him.

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        June 12, 2023

        Nobody else will! Nice for the 3 of them, maybe Farage will go for a beer …

    7. Jim+Whitehead
      June 11, 2023

      GOOD RIDDANCE indeed !!!!, and that will apply to practically the totality of the parliamentary conservative party.
      The unseeing unhearing ‘bubble’ is worthy of the fate that awaits it.
      Net Zero, brainchild of a Miliband who deserved derision, was passed by a huge majority with scarcely any dissent or qualification and it still awaits the obloquy that any thinking member of parliament should have accorded it in the first place.
      Neil Oliver once more delivered a Saturday evening address which should have a resonance with responsible politicians and Dr. John Campbell only just managed to suppress his anger and disgust with the utterly treasonous CDU and the Government’s collusion in its wicked works.
      Whether we are thinking of Victoria Climbié, Baby ‘P’, or any of those tragic cases, or the ‘grooming’ gangs of Telford, Rotherham, etc., or the dreadful accounts where “they kicked his head like a football”, the WW2 holocaust atrocities, animal cruelties beyond counting, we are asking ourselves, “How could people behave like this?”.
      Did no one think that this was taking things too far? Didn’t they know when to stop? Are there no limits to such depravity?
      Government and CDU media control falls into this category in my opinion.
      When do politicians of honour step back from this? Can they still find cause to align with such measures?
      The open attempt at vilification of Andrew Bridgen by Penny Mordaunt was a sickening spectacle redolent of the footage of Roland Freisler in the 1940s.
      The conservative ‘bubble’ has nothing to offer, and I write this when BBC Verify is finding its voice on our screens with little opposition from the MPs who continue to wave through its left-wing propaganda.

  4. Nigl
    June 11, 2023

    Losing all three wouldn’t be disastrous. It would show that real Tory (your) policies are needed. Limping through will be spun as down to special circumstances and now being in the right track.

    Frankly I hope cowardly Sunak gets hammered.

  5. wab
    June 11, 2023

    The glories of Brexit are always just around the corner, funny that. To be fair, though, the Tories have been in power too long and the electorate eventually gets tired of that. No matter how competent (or not) that Sunak might be cleaning up the mess that Boris and Truss created, the country wants a change.
    The one new thing that we learned about Boris the past couple of days is that, in addition to all his other manifest flaws, he is a whiny snowflake.
    The Tory Party will never live down the shame of having put this man in charge of the country.

  6. Wanderer
    June 11, 2023

    The Tories need to lose the by elections disastrously as a wake-up call to the few decent MPs left. If their majorities are not huge then they may as well start talking to one of the tiny new parties and stand for something else at the GE. Why stand for the Conservative Party when it’s anything but conservative?

    I also see on Guido that Central Office is forcing candidates on local associations that they don’t want. The rot starts there…

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      …been going on for years, just look at what sits in H of C.

    2. Berkshire Alan
      June 11, 2023

      “….forcing Candidates….”

      Yep that is where the rot starts, that is why it has been going downhill for decades.

  7. Anselm
    June 11, 2023

    Richi Sunak is a man from the world’s top drawer educationally and with his superb experience at Goldman Sachs. We are extraordinarily lucky to have him.
    But the Conservatives have been in office far too long and it really is time for a change.
    The Labour terrify me. Middle class, once professional people masquerading as children in their “demos”. Drag queens in schools advising on being gay. Climate change seen as an obvious truth. More and more money poured out on wasters of one sort or another. And all larded over with lawyers’ smarm.
    I was a Lib Dem. Trust me they are not liberal and certainly not democratic!
    Even Caroline Lucas has resigned from the Greens.
    Can anyone please tell me the future?

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      possibly political mayhem, economic meltdown, almost disbanded military forces, universities a hotbed of leftwing ideology (there already?), Union representative in the Cabinet.

  8. Bill brown
    June 11, 2023

    Sir JR

    What particular Brexit wins are you thinking about?
    As a majority of the recent polls would like to rejoin at 61 percent

    1. Martin in Bristol
      June 11, 2023

      Most recent polls also show about 20% dont knows.
      A crucial element if there were ever to be another referendum.
      With about 50 per cent wanting in and about 40% wanting to remain out.

      Not sure how you get your “majority of recent polls 61%” figure from Bill brown.

    2. Lynn Atkinson
      June 12, 2023

      😂🤣is that a poll of the European Movement?

  9. R.Grange
    June 11, 2023

    The picture accompanying many of the reports of Johnson’s resignation said it all. We see the law-breaking PM holding a can of Coke or something, but we don’t see who his companions were, as their faces had been pixellated out. Partygate and the whole ‘conduct’ and ‘standards’ issue was just a trick to get rid of the man who got Brexit done. And on the same day in the US Trump is indicted for a non-crime. This is just gangster politics.

  10. Donna
    June 11, 2023

    Members of the Parliamentary Not-a-Conservative-Party (both Houses) have deliberately destroyed what passed for democracy in both their party and therefore in the country.

    Whether you agreed with him or not, Johnson got an 80 seat majority but was removed from Office by these people. The replacement Prime Minister, voted for by the party membership, was then removed in an Establishment coup.

    Sunak was imposed with nothing even remotely resembling a democratic vote. He has no mandate and is quite clearly NOT working in the interests of the British people. He’s just a Globalist carpetbagger who will be off to the USA shortly after he’s kicked out of No.10 by an electorate which effectively has a choice between one WEF-approved poodle or the other one.

    I can think of 1.2 million legal reasons and 46,000 illegal ones why the Not-a-Conservative-Party deserves to lose these by-elections.

    And that’s before we get onto the refusal to deliver anything approaching a real Brexit; the Net Zero lunacy and the destruction of our economy over a Low Consequence Infectious Disease which they KNEW had low mortality rates.

    Why on earth would Conservative Party members – ignored, insulted and sidelined – campaign for these charlatans?

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      Why? – the Members might not fall for it, but because the election material will focus on Labour being worse, Starmer, Harman, Corbyn, Lynch…they hope the electorate will!
      but it will still fail.

    2. rose
      June 11, 2023

      I agree Donna.

      “Just sending lots of volunteers and MPs to deliver leaflets will not be enough.” When I read this I thought, yes, but there won’t even be anyone to deliver the leaflets. They are all too furious. It was the same when Mrs T was bundled off for not being sound on the EU. That brutal kick in the teeth for democracy.

  11. DOM
    June 11, 2023

    John appears to think it’s all about his now Socialist, globalist party and its concerns. With that myopic mindset we have to accept our surrender to the cancer of progressivism whose intention is to tear this nation apart and replace it with a utopia so horrific we will see criminalisation of those who simply do not fit what is the new identity

    Thanks John and every other Tory MP who has delivered this nation into the hands of the progressive fascists who will use their now unimpeachable, lawful and absolute powers to smash those who choose to oppose them

    Stonewall is more powerful than the Tory party, FACT

  12. MPC
    June 11, 2023

    Well, I too read Boris’s statement in its entirety and thought the guff he spoke towards the end of it exhorting the government to restore
    Conservative values and Brexit principles and policies was more than a bit rich, it was sickening. Here’s a man who took an age to come down on the side of Brexit in 2016 and, more than anyone, is responsible for the destruction of our car industry with his ban on the purchase of the type of new cars wanted by most people who voted for him. His phrase ‘there’s nothing wrong with being woke’ just about sums up the attitude of most of the modern parliamentary Conservative Party.

  13. Clough
    June 11, 2023

    I don’t think there will be ‘lots of volunteers’ delivering leaflets. I gather that the Tories have lost nearly two-thirds of their local party members since 2019. It’ll take more than a 1941 re-enactment to bring them back. The question is: will the Conservative Party wait till after an election defeat to rediscover its purpose and how to relate to the electorate, or can it start doing so now?

  14. Sea_Warrior
    June 11, 2023

    Good advice – particularly, ‘Voters will want some persuasion that policy will reflect their needs and preferences going forwards.’
    Sunak needs to:
    (1) Play it long.
    (2) Ditch any ministers who aren’t sure-footed when it comes to executive action.
    (3) Change some policies. Johnson is deluded if he thinks that the 2019 manifesto is perfect for today’s situation.

  15. Stred
    June 11, 2023

    Will Quince, who shat over Andrew Bridgen is also off at the next election. His Colchester constituency will have too many people who know that the vaccines don’t work and the cases of serious reactions are too common. MPs realise their position is insecure when the emails come in.

  16. BOF
    June 11, 2023

    The whole sorry saga demonstrates how completely the Conservative party has removed itself from conservative voters. No use Boris even attempting a comeback. Once in No 10 he abandoned the manifesto, as did Cameron, May and Sunak.

    Johnson is of course right about being the victim of a witch hunt and kangaroo court. That does not alter the fact that he was a useless PM presiding over lockdown, vast money printing (Sunak) NZ, mass immigration, useless EV’s, BLM riots etc erc.

  17. Philip P.
    June 11, 2023

    The three MPs are just two men and a woman looking for another job, in expectation of losing their present one. Rather like a lot of people have experienced over recent years, thanks to government policies of one sort or another. I wish the three ex-MPs well outside the political vipers’ nest.

    1. Mark B
      June 11, 2023

      I don’t !!!

  18. Bloke
    June 11, 2023

    Choice of the current PM was a bad compromise taken in haste solely to prevent the leadership selection taking its proper course. Penny Mordaunt exuded superior qualities as the candidate members supported in depth, way beyond the whims of a few MPs.

  19. Nigl
    June 11, 2023

    And let’s be honest. It was a kangaroo court. I expect the word Police to be knocking at my door any minute!

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      don’t joke about it.

  20. Narrow Shoulders
    June 11, 2023

    Ditch net zero – lower taxes

    I am most likely to spoil my paper in the Uxbridge by-election unless I see a candidate that offers these two policies. I noted for Boris Johnson last time round to leave the EU, which he failed miserably in he should have scrapped the agreement and started again, but would have spoiled my paper any other time as all parties support taxing more to give away and net zero. The protest and single issue parties all have collectivist and redistributive tendencies.

    A plague on all your houses

  21. Jude
    June 11, 2023

    Agree 100% but Westminster remainers will never agree to Brexit benefits being implemented. They are bought & paid for by EU commission & ideology. Though it’s interesting that a number of European countries are not so pro EU mantra as before. The cracks are appearing & it will not end well!

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      yep – – just a matter of time and learning by experiences.

  22. Berkshire Alan
    June 11, 2023

    Afraid your Party has been going to the dogs for years now John, other Parties are in a similar mess, it appears all of the Parties are campaigning on “we are not like the others” but in reality there is little between them, none are offering sensible policies on most things, and whilst people are not getting what they want, too many are expecting too much from the State, which has no money its own today for it, !
    Whilst I hesitate to use a phrase of John Major (what a disaster he was) getting back to basics is what is needed.
    The State is trying now to rule and tax almost every aspect of our lives, in the so called name of fairness, equality and redistribution, all with an added wish to save the planet, with policies that will eventually cause it’s demise in other ways.
    It is not just this Country, look all over the World and you will see that Politics in its present but different forms is slowly but surely grinding people down to be workers and providers for the State.
    I hope Sunak will simply get the hammering he deserves at the by elections, he may be a numbers man, but like so many politicians, he does not have a clue about human nature.l

    1. Berkshire Alan
      June 11, 2023


      “Today” should read to Pay for it.

    2. Mark B
      June 11, 2023

      . . . fairness, equality and redistribution . . .

      From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs -Socialism / Communism.

  23. agricola
    June 11, 2023

    Your last two sentences are forelorn hope. Anything that Sunak does to bribe the electorate will be seen for what it is. You really have to hold your nose for a long time to accept and stay with what the consevative party has done since Brexit 2016. The key decision for any tory MP is whether their ongoing loyalty is to the party or the electorate and country. It is as simple as that.

    It has been one long betrayal since June 2016. David Cameron was at least honest in not continuing, being a remainer. May and her side kick Robins presided over one long betrayal. Lying through her teeth, Brexit means Brexit, to the electorate and Parliament while at the same time laying a minefield for anyone who might follow. When Boris did, he sticking plaster blustered his way to a series of half cock solutions that were anything but, when clean breaks were what was required. He did his case no favours with his Nett Zero pathway. It all gave cheer to the remainer majority of conservative MPs who sent him packing. Then the true picture emerged with an undemocratic coupe led by Sunak, a WEF globalist more to the taste of the remainer blob. Now you have a conservative party in Parliament indistinguishable from the remainer opportunist rabble who sit opposite. You have utterly betrayed the electorate, the Conservative Party at large, and your own morality, do not expect anything less than the whirlwind you have stoked.

  24. Michael Saxton
    June 11, 2023

    Mr Johnson has only himself to blame; he failed to fulfil manifesto commitments on tax, on fishing, agriculture,
    illegal immigration and Northern Ireland. He also changed legal immigration rules resulting in a huge increase in legal arrivals. His arbitrary and ill considered decision to ban new ICE’s from 2030 is a classic example of foolish ‘Johnson’ grandstanding. There’s been no Brexit dividend whatsoever, many ask ‘what’s been the point of Brexit?’ Most egregiously of all he has squandered an 80 seat majority! When working as a journalist, he apparently had a reputation for lateness and chaos? He private life has been chaotic and sadly I believe he brought these unwelcome qualities to Downing Street. However good he may be on the campaign trail he does not have the necessary qualities for leadership and integrity as
    Prime Minister.

  25. majorfrustration
    June 11, 2023

    I doubt if a few tax bribes will do the job.

    1. Mark B
      June 11, 2023

      What good are tax bribes if you no longer have a business, a job or a home ? Because that is where many are heading.

  26. Ian B
    June 11, 2023

    “MPs usually accept they have made a commitment to their electors” Sir John you have it in ‘one’. That exposes the massive fault line in today’s interpretation of politics and service. So many are in Parliament to preen them-selves, their self gratification, their ego while at the same time showing their abidance to their gang leader.

    That to me is fraudulent on their part, they traditionally stand for Parliament to serve their Constituents and the Country – that’s the point of elections. The HoC has slowly evolved into a corrupt melting pot of self serving idiots. Its is no wonder they refuse their job of ‘managing’ the UK

  27. PAR
    June 11, 2023

    The author’s comments are, as one would expect from a courteous, kindly and thoughtful man like him, generous and well-intentioned. However, they can also be read as naive and over-optimistic. This ‘Conservative'(?) administration and much of Parliament with it, like several before it, no longer represents the average citizen. It has utterly betrayed its grass-roots supporters and voters and our nation in thought, word and deed in almost every way imaginable. It long ago ceased to be the party of small business and the family and is globalist and multinational focussed. It is deaf, unaccountable and aloof. It lost its electoral mandate and validity years ago. Sadly only a through defeat at the polls will now stand any chance of waking it up to reality. Such a shame.

  28. beresford
    June 11, 2023

    Daily Mail reports that a foster mother who wrote to a school objecting to the teaching of transgender ideology was referred to social services by the school and was interviewed with a view to removing her children to protect them from her ‘bigoted views’. She is now part of a class action sueing the Government for allowing this nonsense to be taught in schools. Coupled with the NHS manager who recently sent instructions that Pride flags should be displayed throughout the hospital and that the phrase ‘identifies as’ should be avoided because it suggests that gender change isn’t biological reality, is this another area like immigration where we have been lied to and the Government actively supports the ideology?

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      welcome to the Brave New World.

  29. Ian B
    June 11, 2023

    Sir John

    As always a well reasoned item. The real disillusionment is that thousands on thousands of really sane people voted for a Conservative Candidate with the desire to have a Conservative Government.

    In return expecting a well managed ‘State’ with people on top of their brief creating a dynamic resilient and self reliant economy. It doesn’t now take much to buy into all the conspiracy theories, that we have a ‘Blob’ WEF lead extreme Socialist Left wing Government, getting a personal high, on very high taxes, with State growth out of control, with a spend spend spend mentality. That on every level is not a Conservative Government

    To the rest of us it is simple(that is not to say it isn’t hard work) we need a strong economy that is resilient and self reliant so as to have the money the Government might wish to spend. Ultra High taxes, taxes on those that perform and earn, is just punishment and control. Everyone is getting the reverse of what they voted for.

    1. Ian B
      June 11, 2023

      @Ian B
      The Chancellor(or both of them) has recently announced more employment to tell him how to manage the Treasury for efficiency, that is on top of the extra advisors he has taken on to tell what is meant in the OBR forecasts – the problem and rational is that all these additions are ‘Blob’ managed. So it would appear that our 2 Chancellors need others to tell them how to do their jobs. We the People need our Elected Government to ‘manage’, not submit

  30. glen cullen
    June 11, 2023

    If I where in one of those by-election areas I’d vote for anyone but Tory, I’d even vote labour; I feel so aggrieved that I’d have to punish this Tory government, for the failed brexit & immigration and introducing lockdown & net-zero

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      Three strikes and out.

  31. Christine
    June 11, 2023

    I was glad to see Boris go with his failure to deliver any of the election manifesto and bringing forward the ludicrous net zero agenda and selling out our fishermen. Sunak is even worse. If MPs closest to Sunak see only three resignations as a win they are deluded. The Conservative Party are on their way to an election disaster. It would have been so easy for them to stay in power for decades but they betrayed the people so need to go.

    What I don’t understand is why people think things will be better under a Labour government. They will be worse. I’m voting for Reform if we have a candidate in our area.

  32. Elli Ron
    June 11, 2023

    The fundamental truth is that Rishi Sunak was the wrong guy to pick for PM. Liz Truss had the right conservative policy, but the BoE and Rishi’s army defenestrated her for this high tax,nut-zero policy.
    Bounder Boris is a lost cause, a distraction, if elected again – fine, that’s democracy, my guess is that bounder Boris will do better than Rishi in the next GE.
    We would probably lose at least two of the coming by elections and this would be the primary fault of the 1922 headed and directed by Graham Brady and of course the greedy Rishi and his remainer rump of MP’s.

  33. Bloke
    June 11, 2023

    The present bozos leading would magnify only their own mistakes with corrective tax changes. They’re stuck in a wade down through treacle Hunt for survival. Followers are weighed down behind them, way down long queues with only darkness ahead.

    Conservatives need fresh new leadership to mobilise credible nationwide support.

    UK citizens’ attitude changes for the better when they feel their country is being steered in the right direction. A bright new leader will attract most followers. So many can go so far forward in less than a year when they see the light.

    Way ahead at the General Election, the nation can look back on June 2023 as removing the sticky hands of leading idiots who obstructed the Conservative route to freedom.

  34. William Long
    June 11, 2023

    Boris’s resignation must be one of the clearest examples of jumping before pushed of all time, but the other defections are arguably more worrying.
    If the PM had shown any sign whatsoever of recognising the merits of your common sense approach, there might be some hope, but I can see no sign of it and have little expectation that the Conservatives will avoid a disaster in the bye-elections. Could that be enough to unseat their leader?

  35. Ian B
    June 11, 2023

    Sir John

    One of the prime reason the electorate voted Conservative at the last election in on a massive majority in their own words ‘To Get Brexit Done’. In every part of that phrase it is not that they didn’t get it done, it is they they ‘refused’ to get it done.

    The Government was given an overwhelming support to take a direction and it just ‘refused’. Instead they have bought into the disruption of the pledge, they have reneged on the wishes of the voter. We all know it was going to be a fight with a remain ‘Blob’ and the majority of the individuals in Parliament aligned to the EU. But the out and out failure by a Government that says one thing and does the opposite because it (the Government) then takes its orders from the EU and its agents in Socialist WEF lead ‘Blob’. We have a Government to weak to ‘manage’

    1. Donna
      June 12, 2023

      Correct. The Not-a-Conservative-Party REFUSED to deliver what the people voted for.

      Under Sunak and Hunt it isn’t just a case of being too weak to manage. They’ve received their Orders and are trying to implement them. The Orders are not what the people who voted and gave Johnson an 80-seat majority want – but that is irrelevant to the WEF and their poodles.

  36. Alan Paul Joyce
    June 11, 2023

    Dear Mr. Redwood,

    A great many voters have concluded there is an establishment plot to reverse Brexit and the majority of your fellow Conservative MPs are part of it. Prime Minister Sunak IS taking the party in a direction that more of its MP’s want to go in. If that were not the case, where is the chorus of dissent, where are the mass protests?

    Having seen how most Conservative MPs have conducted themselves since Brexit makes me hope that the by-elections are lost and the Conservative Party is destroyed at the next general election. Hopefully, a new Conservative Party will then emerge.

    I cannot bring myself to vote for a Labour or Liberal candidate but I will not vote for a fake Conservative party either.

  37. Linda Brown
    June 11, 2023

    This is quite correct. The public (those who are not turned off by politics) want reassurance that the 2019 manifesto will be honoured, especially the Animal Welfare section for me. They need to stress the gains from Brexit by giving facts and figures and what they are working on in the backrooms. Stop all tittle tattle and get on with a job they were elected for. Hearing that they are leaving half way through the day as not enough work being generated not good for public consumption. People find Sunak hard to trust with his background. He needs to work on this.

  38. David Cooper
    June 11, 2023

    Two key sentences from the Boris resignation statement were: –
    “I am not alone in thinking that there is a witch hunt underway, to take revenge for Brexit and ultimately to reverse the 2016 referendum result.” And: –
    “When I left office last year the government was only a handful of points behind in the polls. That gap has now massively widened.”
    If we may now conclude that The (PM Ed)was a fake Brexiteer, whose pursuit of the objectives in the first of those sentences has served to bring about the consequences in the second, there is scope for the by-elections to prove highly damaging if the party’s broad message is only that its programme is not as bad as the opposition’s.
    If we think back 42 years to what happened when the SDP was launched, with its “plague on all your houses” message, there was a time – before Galtieri’s blunder – when it was all set to break the mould of British politics permanently. Parallels?

  39. Original Richard
    June 11, 2023

    “The Boris statement which of course stemmed immediately from his dispute with the Committee on conduct ranged widely.”

    I am uninterested in this matter which pales into insignificance compared to the biggest lie ever made to the British public on P19 of the Net Zero Strategy describing the decarbonisation of our electricity by 2035 (now Labour policy to be by 2030):

    “Our power system will consist of abundant, cheap British renewables, cutting edge new nuclear power stations, and be underpinned by flexibility including storage, gas with CCS, hydrogen and ensure reliable power is always there at the flick of a switch.”

    Renewables are definitely not “abundant and cheap”. Nor are they secure because they are all made in coal fired China. Nor are they reliable. And they are extremely profligate in the use of materials needing 1000 times more steel and concrete per unit of power compared to nuclear.

    There is no “cutting edge new nuclear”. All our nuclear power plants will be closed by 2035 and we will be left with just one – the EDF/Chinese Hinkley Point C – if they can get it working by then. This will provide less than 5% of our electricity by 2035.

    There is no “storage” because it is economically impossible, either using hydrogen or batteries. CC(U)S is not working and hydrogen is expensive to produce, store and transport.

    Our current course to reply on renewables will certainly not provide us with “reliable power always there at the flick of a switch”. And to make matters as bad as possible they intend to halt North Sea fossil fuel production and never start fracking.

    They will have known all of this when this paragraph was written and I am absolutely convinced that like the Labour/Lb Dem/Green Parties the Tory Party is determined to destroy the country with their Net Zero lunacy.

  40. Elizabeth Spooner
    June 11, 2023

    The problem for Rishi Sunak and Conservatives in winning all, or even one, of the 3 by elections will be to persuade voters that they will actually do what they promise – their record over this Parliament has not been good in that respect. Not delivering on many of their 2019 manifesto promises and being totally obsessed with net zero without the planning necessary to bring in such changes and the endless quarrelling within the Party.

  41. Ed M
    June 11, 2023

    Boris Johnson is an amusing journalist but a pretty useless PM (lacking the skills, talent, experience and political vision / convictions / depth).

    But the real problem isn’t Boris Johnson but the Tory Party not attracting enough quality people into Parliament – quality people with, for example, good business experience.

    Tory Party’s number 1 concern must be to figure out how to attract higher calibre politicians into the party. I don’t know how to do that. Not easy. But that must be the number 1 concern in general including at Party Conference.

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      A bullshitting PM can never work, or last.

      1. Ed M
        June 12, 2023

        Agreed. In fairness, though, he’s still an amusing chap (we all need a bit of that!) and journalist – but overly ambitious (to be PM let alone be in cabinet) without the talent etc.

  42. Ian B
    June 11, 2023

    One thing all MP’s can be certain of, Elections are never Won they are always lost.

  43. forthurst
    June 11, 2023

    We will get a Labour government at the next general election. This is not what the majority want but neither do they want to re-elect a party that has continuously lied about immigration resulting in severe housing shortages and pressure on public services, wasted billions on test and trace without any accountability, and generally demonstrated that they
    are irredeemably corrupt and incompetent.
    This country will continue to decline whilst we persist with an electoral system of First Past the Post which does not work and is why the rest of the world don’t use it, apart from the USA where politicians are bought by the highest bidder and are doing precisely what the electorate does not want.

  44. Bert+Young
    June 11, 2023

    The days of Sunak/Hunt are numbered ; they must acknowledge that the weight of public reaction to the state of our economic affairs will be their undoing . Allowing the BoE to act the way they have is hugely wrong ; we cannot drive businesses and commerce away and we cannot ignore the plight of the cost of living to peoples’ pockets . Parliament has failed us as Bryan Harris comments . Re-creating the Conservative Party is a must ; it cannot be done with Sunak at the top and it certainly would be a catastrophe if Boris were allowed a come-back ; even if such conditions were put in place now it is extremely doubtful that such changes would influence the outcome of the coming election . The previous Boris election statement did put priorities to pollsters that were valued and supported ; Covid became his undoing and demonstrated to all the importance of leadership integrity. The 3 coming elections should be the starting change gun .

  45. Ray
    June 11, 2023

    Forced out of office, like Liz Truss to be replaced by an unelected shoo-in by the Remain faction who find it impossible to accept the Brexit referendum?

  46. Mike Wilson
    June 11, 2023

    One can but hope he joins Reform and splits the Tories for a generation. Mind you, he won’t. It would be too much like hard work.

    1. Mike Wilson
      June 11, 2023

      Actually, what a laugh it would be if he stood against Sunak in his constituency.

  47. XY
    June 11, 2023

    As one of those “millions of Conservative voters” who did not vote atthe recent local elections for the first time, since there were only the 4 usual parties on offer, I can tell you that a change of policy now from Sunak would not be enough.

    The problem is Sunak himself, along with Hunt. The way they orchestrated the coronation, the damage they have already done with the Windsor agreement… the likelihood that Sunak will be gone from these shores after he’s finished in politics (his wife claiming non-dom status requires a signed statement that she intends to live in another country later in life)… all this suggests that he is not batting for Britain.

    Rees-Mogg is on record as saying that he elctrate would not forgive his party for another change of leadership. He is wrong. They will not forgive the change to Sunak, they might forgive a better option who immediately imnplements better policies and replaces the BoE governor (while adjusting its mandate).

    I will not be voting Conservative at the next GE, whatever Sunak does between then and now. If a new party with Farage and/or Johnson is on the ticket then I will vote for them, if the usual 4 are all that’s available then I will abstain again (with great irritation at having nothing representing my views to vote for).

  48. James4
    June 11, 2023

    Isn’t it interesting how the use of language by the two has-beens Boris and Trump converges – “witch hunt” they cry from both sides of the Atlantic. The one in the US facing the courts on a number of fronts a charlatan gangster narcissistic thug and almost the same can be said of our own version – ‘Boris’ once a champion of brexiteers who made promises of sunny uplands but he couldn’t deliver who now wants an ‘out’ that he has been found to be partying while the rest of us were in lackdown and unable to say good bye to loved ones and now the same Boris is throwing a tantrum for show now that the heat is getting too much – but here’s the thing both looking for a way back to leadership roles irrespective of the damage that that might be caused to country and party – both self-serving low life’s.

  49. agricola
    June 11, 2023

    There is much talk today of some future return of Boris as a Conservative. Real Conservatives are among the electorate, very few are left in the Commons so little can be achieved in returning to them. They should be left to their fate at the electoral Somme of 2024.
    Boris needs to decide whether on one hand he wishes to align and provide leadership to Conservatism in the country, with a new party or by joining Reform, alternatively he may feel so aligned to the current conservative party that he wishes to change its DNA. They, the consocialists may understandably feel that their current transgender tranformation is sufficient.
    Whatever happens we are in for an interesting political time in which a true Brexit has to be fought for all over again. Once the electorate become fully aware of the EU aligned position of NI, the remaining wealth of residual EU law, and the duplicity of our legal immigration policy, never mind the illegal immigrants, they will start firming up their voting intentions. If the above needs additional arguement there is the abject failure of everything the current government touches to add to it. Not forgetting our grotesque, in parts, civil service that needs a sharp lesson in the realities of life.

  50. David Bunney
    June 11, 2023

    This government is awful.

    Most conservative voters and party members are not happy with the direction of travel. Both Sunak and Hunt seemed to have been appointed over the heads and against of the wishes of party members, let alone the wider public and we don’t forget such things.

    Immigration : the government should have stopped the boats and declared that anyone taken from the water would be taken immediately back to the French beaches. Similarly, anyone getting through to the beaches should be put on a British vessel and taken within hours back to France. No one should have any chance of legal redress from this process and 100% should be returned. Not to do so is a dereliction of duty by the government and civil service that leans towards treason.

    On the Covid saga, lockdowns and forced injections by harmful, useless and harmful genetically altering drugs I am appalled at the level of disregard for the public interest, the degree of public/private collusion and ongoing fallout from this. I don’t care about a few meeetups in Downing Street. What matters is the whole thing was international agencies and private medical corporations overtaking and controlling the media and government. This shows we have no democracy any more.

    Net Zero, anti petrochemical, anti industrial development alliance is a vicious circle of lies and corruption of truth. The science of climate and weather is censored and controlled and funded by the both a pro climate catastrophe narrative public purse and private alliance of people seeking to continue, develop and enhance the green subsidy free money handouts for useless and harmful changes to the energy sector and agricultural sector. Public money injected into “climate research” continues the unscientific narrative that industrialised society will destroy itself, and the money injected into “green” energy projects also feeds back into media sponsoring, lobbying etc to enhance the lies driving the destruction of useful energy dense, controllable, useful energy for developments which cannot survived without laws banning competition and public money injections, and dependence on industrial capabilities powered by fossil fuels in china and India. It’s a pony’s scheme which on a national scale will bring the country to its knees!

    We need a real conservative government to deal with these issues. Sadly I am feeling that the Conservative Party is now, along with many businesses and the civil service, an entity captured by corrupt Corporatism, where the public interest and broader truth no longer matter.

  51. hefner
    June 11, 2023

    The Pithion of NESomerset who told us it could take fifty years to reap the benefits of Brexit (on 22/07/2018) now tells us he is looking at some undetermined date in the future when Rishi’s hair has gone grey and when Johnson could make a return as leader of the Conservative Party.
    As D.Cummings could have said: ‘What a super-forecaster’.

  52. Original Richard
    June 11, 2023

    “Voters will want some persuasion that policy will reflect their needs and preferences going forwards.”

    This isn’t going to happen whichever party is leading the Uniparty Parliament.

    We are currently ruled by a Uniparty Parliament, Civil Service, quangos, leading institutions, judiciary and even police who demonstrate every day the result of Robert Conquest’s second and third laws of politics.

    There is no other explanation for continued mass immigration and Net Zero.

    How do we exit from this and become again a democracy where our rulers are working for the voters? Brexit shows the way. We need to elect a Parliament prepared to give us referendums on the important issues such as mass immigration, membership of the ECHR and Net Zero.

    1. Original Richard
      June 11, 2023

      “Voters will want some persuasion that policy will reflect their needs and preferences going forwards.”

      The good news, if Labour become the leader of the Uniparty in the next Parliament, is that we will all be feeling much better.

      This will be partly because there will be fewer spanners thrown into the works by Parliament, the Civil Service, the quangos, the institutions, the judiciary and the police.

      But mainly because our state broadcaster will convene a meeting to decide that “politics is settled” and henceforth only good news will be broadcast with the Uniparty always reflecting the voters needs and preferences.

  53. herebefore
    June 11, 2023

    Sir John asks in one of his tweets “after the trial of Boris will there be similar enquiries into other ministers etc etc” the same nonense that Trump has been pushing on the other side of the Atlantic. It’s hard to understand how a supposedly intelligent human being and experienced politician could appear to be giving support and credence to any of this Boris/ Trump stuff

  54. Javelin
    June 11, 2023

    As a psychologist for a couple of years this strikes me a control issue.

    The MPs feel the party is completely controlling them and is not listening to their concerns. It’s not like they can persuade the Government on even one single issue, or they would get some kind of relief and not resigned. I think people resign when none of their concerns are responded to in any way.

    pIf you marry up their resignation with the general public consensus that the party has become completely detached from Conservative principles then, yes, you can see exactly why they resigned.

  55. Matt
    June 11, 2023

    We all know that we have a pretend democracy same as democracy in America all pretence corrupt and very crooked – ours comes dressed in medieval style with peerages the class system first past the post and the like all ok for the most part but from time to time pretend democracy comes wrapped up in danger in the form of opportunists like Trump or Boris and when that hapoens that danger has to be stamped out stopped in any way that can be done – there’s nothing about democracy here only about stopping danger for the sake of the greater good.

  56. glen cullen
    June 11, 2023

    Home Office – 10 June 2023
    Illegal Immigrants – 87
    Boats – 2
    ….Sunak – its started again !

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      weather set fair, lovely day for a cruise and then pride of place avoiding the queues at Dover.

  57. DB
    June 11, 2023

    MPs are not supposed to resign “with immediate effect”, particularly not for purely selfish reasons that damage their party and leave their constituents unrepresented. Johnson has resigned because the House of Commons was likely to find that he lied to Parliament. His response was to declare that the Committee was a “kangaroo court”, which is another lie. Dorries resigned because she was not judged worthy of a peerage. Johnson’s reason is dishonest, Dorries’s disgraceful. Conservatives need to understand that there is a general election to win and that their loyalty should be to their country, party and prime minister. As Sir John says, the prime minister, who surveys tell us is more popular than his party, needs to throw all his efforts into winning these by-elections.

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      First line – – well Cameron did it.

      1. rose
        June 12, 2023

        And if Mrs May had done it, who would have demurred?

    2. rose
      June 12, 2023

      “Dorries resigned because she was not judged worthy of a peerage.”

      Do you believe this statement of yours?

      When you look at the massed ranks of remainers in there, the 100 failed Liberal councillors, the Barwells, Gummers, and Cormacks, the 4th rate Bishops, can you honestly say you are telling the truth?

  58. Keith from Leeds
    June 11, 2023

    Neither Sunak nor Hunt seems to have any understanding of basic economics. Even if we have a statement about future tax cuts or Brexit benefits who will believe it? We elected a conservative government in 2019 & expected conservative policies, not a version of Labour. A penny to 2p off the basic rate of income tax from next April won’t make any difference. It needs to be a minimum of 5p reduction paid for by cutting the cost of government. We need to see illegal immigration stopped completely & Andrew Bailey held accountable & sacked!
    Who do Sunak & Hunt listen to, because it is not you, Sir John? The local election losses did not galvanise them so why should losing three by-elections?

  59. Chris S
    June 11, 2023

    Boris delivered Brexit, a large majority, made the right calls on Ukraine and the vaccine programme.
    Lockdowns and Net Zero were bad mistakes, but all the opposition parties wanted to go further and faster on both.

    As Michael Portillo said today, Boris was hounded our of office and the Privileges Committee was nothing less than vindictive, especially with Harriet Harman chairing the panel.

    Boris was right to leave Parliament, in the circumstances :

    He achieved his ambition of being PM and I believe history will be kind to him. He will make more money from books and on the lecture circuits than any other former PM and will be much valued round the world as a commentator. Frankly, he’s too big a character to be hamstrung by anally-retentive Parliamentary rules.

    1. Mark B
      June 11, 2023


  60. Tony Willis
    June 11, 2023

    As always Sir John, excellent insight, my thanks
    Tony Willis

  61. Lynn Atkinson
    June 11, 2023

    If Farage and Boris are allowed to walk off with ‘Brexit’ – two of the most incompetent people I have ever encountered, they will kill it off forever – the Tories dare not allow this.
    If Sunak can’t cope he needs to step down for Redwood. There is nobody else.

    1. Mickey Taking
      June 11, 2023

      First line – – have you met Starmer, Harman, M.Lynch, D.Grieve, Gove? ….just asking.

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        June 12, 2023

        Believe me – those people are competent in comparison with Farage. Boris is lazy and self-centred. He has no politics, no guiding star. Both are typical narcissists – well politics attracts that personality type because they require the spotlight and power.

        1. Mickey Taking
          June 12, 2023

          I think you captured the raison d’être of politicians, union leaders, barristers, senior Civil Servants, Judiciary etc.

    2. Donna
      June 12, 2023

      It takes a special kind of “incompetence” to lead an insurgent party and win several EU Parliament elections;

      to challenge the Establishment Parties in the UK and, even under the rigged FPTP system, eventually scare one of them into holding an EU Referendum they never intended to have;

      to win that Referendum, in association with others, when the entire Establishment was against Brexit;

      to then create another new party and force the Not-a-Conservative-Party to ditch the PM in favour of one they didn’t want;

      to then have the decency to gift that new PM an 80-seat majority so that Brexit would be delivered

      to then use his profile to force the Not-a-Conservative-Party to make at least some effort to address the criminal invasion

      The Not-a-Conservative-Party could do with someone that “incompetent.”

  62. Lynn Atkinson
    June 11, 2023

    Apropos you latest tweet JR, yes – all senior ministers and Civil servants who breached the ‘rules’ that they implemented and enforced as laws should be investigated and sacked.

  63. Lynn Atkinson
    June 11, 2023

    I have been stunned by Boris reciting all the things that need to be done as he had the power to do them, but refused, for years. Unfortunately Boris and Farage would not tolerate each other for 10 minutes – each demanding that he be the ‘star’, or we could have the funniest double act since Bonny and Clyde!

    1. Mark
      June 11, 2023

      I think Farage is probably doing no more than fishing for an interview. Might be entertaining at least.

  64. Mickey Taking
    June 11, 2023

    sort of OFF TOPIC.
    Paul Scully (has been minister for London since 2020) has failed to make the shortlist to become the Conservative candidate to fight the city’s (LONDON)next mayoral contest.
    The only MP on the longlist, he was beaten into the final three by Susan Hall, a member of the London Assembly (leader of the Conservative group on the London Assembly where she has demonstrated a combative style in scrutinising and criticising the current Labour mayor), former Number 10 aide Daniel Korski (Mr Korski was deputy head of policy at 10 Downing Street and a SPAD to David Cameron. He campaigned for the UK to stay in the EU and left frontline politics after the Brexit vote in 2016) and barrister Mozammel Hossain(Mr Hossain will be a surprise to many because it did not appear widely known that he had applied, he is a leading barrister and King’s Counsel and has been described by the Court of Appeal as an advocate of “great eloquence”.
    Mr Hossain was born in Barisal, Bangladesh, and came to the UK in 1995).
    The shortlist was drawn up following interviews by a selection panel at Conservative party headquarters.
    The eventual winner will go up against Labour mayor Sadiq Khan next May.
    The successful Tory candidate is due to be announced on 19 July after a series of hustings and a ballot of party members.
    I think we can get the gist of why CPHQ decided on these three.

    1. a-tracy
      June 12, 2023

      LBC says, “The white British population of London made up 37% of the capital in 2021, or 4.5 million, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS.29 Nov 2022). That was down from 45 per cent, or 4.9 million people in 2011.”

      Meanwhile the white British population of Birmingham made up 581,000, or 52 per cent of the city in 2011. That had dropped to 43 per cent, or 491,000 people in 2021.

  65. Derek
    June 11, 2023

    You are a true Conservative SJ BUT the pseudo-c government is not seen as anywhere near blue enough. You back benchers must rid yourselves of the u/s Sunak and his majority group of remainers within cabinet IF Conservative are to win next year,
    I despair at the way our country is now RULED. They are killing us.

  66. Geoffrey Berg
    June 11, 2023

    It is correct that present government policies need to be changed, practically reversed to encompass lower taxes, more private sector growth (not costly, inefficient public sector growth) and commitment to using Brexit to diverge from the E.U. There are several Conservative M.P.s who appear capable of doing this with more determination and more skill than Liz Truss managed. However that is not enough.
    What the Conservative Party also needs is a talented leader in terms of election campaigning. Sunak is so bad he needs to be replaced as numerous people would not only be a better Prime Minister but also do better electorally than him. The trouble though is no Conservative M.P. is for many reasons anywhere near as good electorally as Boris Johnson ; many others would just lose an election much less badly than Sunak.
    In the present dire position, the least bad option would be to invite Boris Johnson to lead as Prime Minister from the House of Lords for which there is much precedent, unfortunately rather old precedent with Lord Salisbury (Prime Minister until 1902) though William Whitelaw was Deputy Prime Minister in the House of Lords from 1983 to 1989.

  67. Geoffrey Berg
    June 11, 2023

    It is remarkable that in a similar way to the hounding Boris Johnson is receiving from the the establishment , though moronic centre-left (including numerous Conservative M.P.s) mainly for non-conformism with their outlook, Donald Trump is being hounded by their biased and out of touch counterparts in America. What none of the political commentators in Britain appears to have pointed out is that the next U.S. Presidential election is likely to be between two candidates, Biden and Trump, both of whom took and stored official governmental papers at home after leaving office. However one (Trump) is being criminally prosecuted and the other Biden (former Vice-President) is not being prosecuted! Is that fair or just elitist establishment or partisan bias? I suspect Donald Trump unlike the commentariat
    knows what most swing voters will think.

  68. Lindsay+McDougall
    June 11, 2023

    The Tory Wets are in full cry, saying that the Boris Johnson era is over and calling for mercy and loyalty to Messrs Sunak, Hunt and Bailey. I intend to be as loyal and merciful to them as the pro-European Tory Wets were to Enoch Powell, Margaret Thatcher, Norman Lamont and Boris Johnson. They are governing very badly. Inflation is a monetary phenomenon; inflation was 5,5% and rising BEFORE the start of the Ukraine war. Japan, more dependent on imported energy than we are, has experienced inflation of only 2 to 3%. Government borrowing has been huge in FYRs 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/23, against non-inflationary borrowing of £50 billion pa. In April 2023 alone, the government borrowed £25 billion. This lot have got to go.

  69. Sea_Warrior
    June 12, 2023

    I think that the three resignees should be expelled from the party entirely.
    Timing of these difficult by-elections? Best bot to rush moving the writs. The Conservative candidates will need some time to organise themselves.

    1. glen cullen
      June 12, 2023

      If permission wasn’t sought nor given, than anyone resigning their seat independently should also be removed from the hip & party

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