My Interview with Talk TV

Please find below my interview with Talk Tv’s Julia Hartley Brewer where we discussed the Covid-19 Inquiry

You can find it between 40:31-49:47



  1. Bloke
    June 15, 2023

    JH-B seems to rush such interviews in parts, tending to gabble and speak over before listening to answers adequately. Beyond that, the content was good and informative.

  2. Frances
    June 15, 2023

    Its a useless and expensive exercise. The pandemic with a novel virus was a wicked problem on steroids.
    There were NO right answers. Every single choice and decision would change everything and have negative consequences. For instance the anti lockdown crew ignore the extra vulnerability of ethnic minorities and the obese. 25% of the population is obese. Plus all vital services would fail if workers became ill at the same time. Thats water power and food.

    We do need to keep it possible to manufacture vaccines and PPE, We never could rely on the the EU for any of it.

  3. formula57
    June 15, 2023

    Agreed, the Covid scientists’ advice needs to be investigated for reasonableness and consistency as both seem lacking. Increasingly it seems Boris “getting the big calls right” Johnson can chalk up another failure, difficult though the task was.

    As a saver I am looking forward to the Bank’s next mistake (on 22nd.). Increasingly it looks like the Bank would have done well to take your advice when it first started its modest incremental rate increases of raising rates much faster to around 4 per cent. and then pausing to gauge the effects. The Bank’s too much for too long after too little for too long is not an enviable record of course.

    Julia’s desire to hear her own voice was a bit tiresome: I thought she was better than that.

  4. Neil
    June 15, 2023

    Not sure if I can leave a comment but I’ll try.

    I gather that Sweden (one of the few countries that said ‘Lock down? No thanks, that is unconstitutional’) has long since finished its investigation of the matter. Theirs did not last an entire parliamentary term and did not cost taxpayers £100s of millions which they can ill afford. I predict our so-called enquiry will last roughly this long and cost this much.

    Ours is not even calling witnesses who strongly opposed UK policy. Most of the people are cheerleaders for 2020 government policy. What a gigantic waste of money. Meanwhile this so-called rich country has homeless people who need to use food banks.

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