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Please find below my Interview with GB News Richard Tice

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  1. Hat man
    September 28, 2023

    Sir John, I liked your very sensible stance on HS2, but on the other subject I think sooner or later you will have to face it and move on – sanctions against Russia have failed in their aim of weakening that country. Russia is growing economically faster than we are, while the EU is becoming a basket case. I don’t usually defend the EU, but incidentally the EU pledged to end all Russian fossil fuel imports only by 2027, I believe, so outrage now is a bit premature. They still have enough realism left to realise they couldn’t end them just like that.

    There seems from American media reports to be a gradual rethink going on regarding Ukraine in top US military and political circles, as to what is achievable. Prospects for a satisfactory outcome for U/NATO in 2023/24 look very different from a year ago when Russia was losing a lot of ground. When the facts change, policies must change too, and the Ukraine war is no different.

    1. Hope
      September 28, 2023

      This shows the insanity of your govt on both main topics, buying gas from Russia, then UK buys and inter connects with EU while condemning Russia and giving billions of taxes to Ukraine in weapons !! What on earth is wrong with the insane govt?

      HS2 is an EU project to link all main EU cities, that is why it did not start up north, be honest JR. Of course your subsequent suggestions are perfectly sensible. But your insane govt is thinking EU not Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds!!

    2. Lynn Atkinson
      September 28, 2023

      Real wars are full of ‘tactical withdrawals’, very different to ‘losing’. Nothing has changed in the Russia v NATO war apart from the fact that it’s dawning on NATO that they have lost.

      Reply We are more than a week on since the pro Russian forecast that they would win in a week. I allow some material from the Russian side on the site although the UK and NATO are very clearly on the side of Ukraine, but it should be more realistic to provide useful insight.

      1. Mitchel
        September 28, 2023

        I don’t know where that ridiculous forecast came from but I reckon it is likely to prove more accurate than the front pages of the Atlantic magazine,May,2001:”Russia is Finished” or The Economist,March,2012:”The Beginning of the End for Putin”!

    3. Mitchel
      September 28, 2023

      Japan has also refused to rule out buying LNG from the big Russian Arctic LNG-2 development when it opens late next year(and in which Japan is invested).The development has of course been sanctioned but Russia has effortlessly replaced western suppliers with those from China,Turkey and the UAE.

      Interesting article(free to view online) in The Barents Observer,20/9/23 :”Russian Arctic Regions strengthen bonds with Beijing”,covering some of the other developments in the Murmansk region following the recent visit there by a Chinese delegation.

      1. Mark
        September 28, 2023

        In the past couple of months, with EU gas storage nearly full and the Arctic route open, Russian LNG has been mainly heading to Asia, with destinations of China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Pipelines for gas from Siberia to China are being built at pace, so they will take away from potential further LNG expansion while creating a symbiotic relationship akin to a deadly embrace between Russia and China. Japan has continued to buy from the nearby Sakhalin LNG project.

        1. Mitchel
          September 29, 2023

          The Arctic route will be open all round from next year.Conventional(ie non-ice class tankers) have been traversing the route this summer.The Chinese have just started a container ship service on this route,which will run from July to October.Coal from the Kuzbass(Russia’s largest coal mining region-in West Siberia)which used to go to Europe is now also being shipped north through the Siberian river system and east to Asia by the Arctic route.

          In due course the integration of North Korea with the Russian Far East will probably open another new gas market.Hopefully no-one believed the western propaganda that Comrade Kim spent five days travelling round the RFE in his armoured train(a laStalin,Trotsky -or Dr Zhivago’s Strelnikov!) just discussing commodity munitions.

  2. Lifelogic
    September 28, 2023

    Sensible views as usual JR.

    Dr John Campbell in his recent video has some extremely depressing figures on the “safe and effective” Covid vaccines. This on the variation in all cause deaths between those vaccinated or not vaccinated (figures carefully extracted from ONS data) in his recent video. The figures seem to suggest that over this 1 year period the. had the vaccinated had the lower unvaccinated death rate we might have had about 155,000 fewer deaths over 420 every day and in all age groups.

    The government, NHS, ONS and their experts must know (and have down for a long time) yet they still they push these “vaccines” albeit now mainly to over 65’s only. Still no proper investigations or even any sig. MSM publicity on this. What too is the breakdown by the different vaccine types and batch problems. Government and opposition still trying to sweep it under the Carpet together with Andrew Bridgen. Over 2,100 times the death toll at Grenville Tower and this just in one year and in all age groups

    As Campbell puts it it cannot be the “vaccines” as we are assured they are “safe and effective” by official health bodies (who cannot be questioned on much of social media without being kicked off the platforms) so what on earth might the cause of this be?

    1. David+L
      September 28, 2023

      As a cardiologist I was talking with recently said “Nowhere on this planet is there such a thing as a safe vaccine, all vaccines carry risks and you must weigh up the risks of having one and the risks of not having one.” He pointed out that whatever medication is put into your body must be your decision alone (“informed consent”), being cajoled, instructed or frightened into having a treatment contravenes medical ethics.

  3. Lifelogic
    September 28, 2023

    In the telegraph today:-

    FEWER than half of trainee GPs go on to work for the NHS full time, a report has revealed.
    The equivalent of 1,419 full-time GPs joined the health service in 2020 from a pool of 2,837 graduates who started training three years earlier, analysis by the Nuffield Trust found.

    What a waste of all that expensive training and skill. Yet Steve Barclay thinks they have had a fair increase (actually a further decrease in real terms). A relative of mine is an F1 in London working 40+ hours a week. His take home pay each month after rent, commuting costs, interest on his student loan, council tax leaves him a negative disposable sum for food, heat, light, fun… one of his flat mates has half the student debt, works at a bank and gets three times the salary for a rather easier job in a better location. One can see why so many doctors choose to go overseas or leave the profession completely. Treated rather poorly too very often.

    1. a-tracy
      September 28, 2023

      Then we really should be questioning the recruiters in our universities, each place we are told is fiercely competed for often requiring 3-4 A* grades. The NHS is failing itself in the way it trains, does it allow Universities to do all the selection, no tie in at all for the extra contribution to a UK students training fee of £9000 pa compared to international students?

      Which universities are failing in 50% is it perhaps because they are taking on too many foreign students paying sky-high fees who then return to their own countries for residency? Please someone in the media investigate this properly. Tell us how our FY1 training pay and perks and benefits compare with our neighbours.

      CST Competition Ratios 2023 – for every 4 applicants only 1 gets a post.

      GP recruitment in the UK is a competitive process. The UK GP Specialty Training scheme is one of the best in the world; because of this, it can be difficult to get a job in your preferred location!11 Nov 2022 Medibuddy

      The 5 most needed doctors’ specialties in the UK
      Child Psychiatry.

      1. Mickey Taking
        September 28, 2023

        You gave us 4 what was missing?- Oncology the one which is likely to save more lives and faster.

        1. a-tracy
          September 28, 2023
  4. 8agricola
    September 28, 2023

    You have discovered where Conservatism lies, enjoy the experience more frequently.

    1. Ed M
      September 29, 2023

      The best type of Conservatism is that represented by Jane Austen (her background):

      1) The Church (soft and tough love)
      2) The Gentry (being a gentleman)
      3) The Merchant Class (work ethic)
      4) The Armed Forces (self-discipline)
      5) Oxford / Cambridge (education)
      6) Publishing (importance of arts)

  5. Bloke
    September 28, 2023

    War causes immense suffering, loss of life and environmental ruin for all. Avoiding paying Russia to deliver energy to support its continuation would prevent much of the harm from occurring. The EU is a mixed bag of conflicting priorities often pulling toward bad outcomes, largely self-inflicted but hurting others.

  6. Lynn Atkinson
    September 28, 2023

    If all Russian gas and oil, including that coming via India mixed with a spoonful of Saudi oil so it’s not ‘Russian oil’ was stopped, the issue in Europe would not be the price but the fact that there was not enough to get us through.
    EU stocks of oil last year and this are all Russian!
    Facts are facts and must be faced.
    No energy = forget all the train sets.

  7. James Freeman
    September 28, 2023

    It is well worth looking up Mark Bostock’s take on HS2 in the New Civil Engineer and why the government should have followed the private sector-led approach followed by HS1. Although the process was imperfect, especially for the investors, it resulted in lower costs and risk for the taxpayer.

    The state-led approach adopted for HS2 has predictably been a total disaster.

    – Finish stage 1 of HS2 and temporarily scrap the rest.
    – Review why large infrastructure projects are so expensive in the UK.
    – Invite the private sector to suggest better options for making the most of the rest of the high-speed network.
    – Then, get them to build it.

    1. Mickey Taking
      September 28, 2023

      Large infrastructure projects tend to be aimed at vote winning, are poorly justified, and managed with little eye to reality.
      Once foolishly agreed and commenced find me a politician who would cancel?
      An exception? Sir John.

  8. Steve
    September 28, 2023

    Total bunkum who says we have total solidarity with the EU on energy matters?

  9. glen cullen
    September 28, 2023

    Great interview, its just a shame that your views, which once mirror the conservative party views, are just that, your views alone ….. I agree with yours view but you’re the last tory in the house

    1. a-tracy
      September 29, 2023

      Mogg stands up to scrutiny that’s why he is being attacked right now on social media ; however, if GB News really wanted to set the cat amongst the pigeons they have the Boris show on Fridays at 7 pm just to discuss the benefits of his Brexit. The outrage, attempts to close it down, and jumping up and down on Boris’ head may be too much, but this year Germany is contributing €33bn pa France €26bn pa we would have been above France around €29bn, then given a little back to spend on EU favoured projects like HS2 perhaps. + the savings we’ve made not getting taxed on prostitution and drugs that must have been a guestimate of around €6bn with inflation.

      Tax take at the highest ever, Hunt needs to start telling

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