Covid lockdowns

I do not have a worthwhile view on the efficacy of the vaccines or of  the balance of good and harm from them . I have not read enough of the literature and have no medical training . Yesterday I reported the NHS line and the questions raised by some MP s over the vaccines.I have myself raised other big issues over the way government responded to the pandemic. At the time I raised queries about the statistics presented for infections and deaths.I did not presume to advise my constituents as some non medically qualified MP s did over getting vaccinated. If asked I suggested they talked to a medical adviser they trusted.

During the covid period I did have strong views on the economic damage done by extensive lockdowns. I worked with a small group of MP s to press for  Parliament to be up and running and then for the earlier return of an active in person Parliament. I saw the need for more scrutiny of the wide ranging actions being taken to direct the economy and to spend large new budgets on healthcare.  I argued for concentrating protections on the vulnerable and helping them safely avoid contact with possible disease carriers, rather than getting most of us to avoid contacts outside our own family or bubble. I voted and argued for less extensive lockdowns.

I also pressed for more work on the possible approval and use of existing medicines to blunt the virus and help with symptoms for those infected. I argued for isolation hospitals to be separate from other general hospitals, for the Nightingale capacity to be used, for more use of the private sector hospitals for non covid patients, for better air flow and air cleansing in hospitals and other public buildings. I have subsequently sent in these issues for the Covid Enquiry to consider when they can spare time from examining the issues over how Ministers behaved. To produce a good report they need to examine the scientific work, forecasts , NHS management of greatly increased resource and medical advice offered as it evolved during the waves of the virus.

I have not published all contributions from yesterday. The share prices of pharmaceutical companies generally have fallen this year for a variety of reasons. The  lawsuits I see raised as contributors to share declines are about infringement of patents, rather than  harms from covid vaccines. Governments often issued some exemptions from liability to speed introduction of vaccines that they thought would save lives.

Governments and medical experts continue to recommend a range of covid vaccines, and have made decisions now about which ones they prefer to use. Anyone thinking of having vaccinations can now find plenty of information about side effects and about what has happened to a small proportion  of people who have experienced greater harm than a sore arm and feeling a bit under the weather for a few days. Those who do dislike these vaccines can make their own decisions as they are free to do and can study outcomes so far from using these treatments.


  1. Mark B
    October 23, 2023

    Good morning.

    Sir John

    The title of this article relates to Lockdowns yet you mention vaccines numerous times. So I will comment on Lockdowns.

    Did the Lockdowns work ? Whose idea was it ? Who pressed for Lockdowns and on what basis ? Was there constant review of the policy and its effectiveness ? Was the overall cost, and not just to the economy but to many other aspects taken into account ?

    These and many other questions need to be asked and answered. The vaccine issue is, simply another issue. It is no more or less important, especially to those who have and are suffering.

    My personal recollection was one of asking people to remain calm and consider the facts. The virus tended to go after the those in three categories. The old. The overweight, and those with serious underlying medical issues. The nature of the disease was that, once it had claimed those in those categories it would no longer be a viable threat. All plagues and illnesses tend to follow this path, from the Black Death to Smallpox to Spanish Flu and more. These three being real big killers.

    It is my view that this disease was an opportunity by some too good to waste and have grown wealthy on the back of it.

    No wonder few MP’s dare to show their faces when other more Honourable Members of the House wish to debate it.

    1. PeteB
      October 23, 2023

      Well said Mark. Key question on lockdowns: “Was the overall cost justified against the benefits?” Economic losses, impact on mental health, impact on children’s education, effect of delays to other health treatments… The list is a long one.

      It seems the Covid enquiry will not address this question, perhaps as the answer is so clear and conflicts with a desire of the Ministers and Civil Servants to control our lives.

      1. Hope
        October 24, 2023

        JR, you were correct to argued for isolation hospitals, Nightingale Hospitals part of existing plans, because all emergency services prepare for chemical incidents particularly for vip visits, large events since 9/11 etc. (please read plans under Civil Contingency Act). They are well rehearsed. Nominated hospitals, portable decontamination units are available and part of the existing plans. Therefore it is difficult to understand why treating contaminated people in isolation was not one of the central planks of any covid strategy. One that the NHS was and would be well versed in and have has an operational plan!!

        This is not hindsight but should have been at the forefront of NHS leaders minds. They could and should have been used to protect elderly rather than send them from Hospital to care homes to certain death. Govt. Already Proven to have acted illegally in this regard.

    2. Cynic
      October 23, 2023

      I recall someone on this site saying that lockdowns would prove to be an eel trap. They were spot on. The vaccines were seen as the way out. To my mind, this explains why they were rushed through the normal tests and pushed so relentlessly.

    3. jerry
      October 23, 2023

      @Mark B; “My personal recollection was one of asking people to remain calm and consider the facts. The virus tended to go after the those in three categories. The old. The overweight, and those with serious underlying medical issues.”

      Which of course are anything but the facts, the CV19 virus could/can infect, kill, anyone. Far to many healthy, fit, slim NHS staff caught CV19 and some died, as did retail and transport workers too, yes they were high risk front line groups, but without social and workplace restrictions many other locations would have become high risk too.

      1. PeteB
        October 24, 2023

        Jerry, have to disagee.

        “Far to many NHS (& other) staff caught C19 and some died”. Yes lots of the population caught C19 and they still catch it after vaccines. The number of deaths in the sub-60 age group was very smalll though. Every one is tragic for that family, however lockdowns wouldn’t have prevented all exposure and the costs were disproportionate to the number of live saved.

        1. jerry
          October 24, 2023

          @PeterB; So basically this all comes down to what price people put on life, the personal cost to families but also the cost to the State, by which I mean the wider society, if a Plumber died from CV19 for example that means the State or private business needs to train a replacement (or offer a work visa), not forgetting the taxes etc. lost to the State in the meantime; that all likely costs more than telling the bloke to have an 6 weeks paid holiday to repaint his own home or dig the garden, and then there were thousands who could carry on working, but from home, not the office or in-person visits.

          What are your opinions on the enforced use of seat belts in motor vehicles?…

          “however lockdowns wouldn’t have prevented all exposure”

          No one ever suggested that, but they do prevent high numbers, look at the figures in the USA for States that did or did not impose social restrictions, and before you claim I’m comparing chalk with cheese, very few countries had lockdowns, most simply has social and workplace restrictions.

          1. PeteB
            October 25, 2023

            @Jerry “So basically this all comes down to what price people put on your life”. Agreed. The NHS already has a clinical decisions group that decides whether the benefit of a treatment justifies the cost. If the cost is too high the activity doesn’t happen.

            “What are you views on the enforced use of seatbelts?”. Excellent example. Cost is near zero and they save injury. Worth passing the legislation.

            “Look at the figures in the USA…”. I have and those states with light restrictions such as Florida did no worse than those such as California with strict controls. Look at Sweden too.

          2. jerry
            October 26, 2023

            @PeterB; We need to look more closely at those ‘light restrictions’ states/countries, such as how many people listed as dying due to old age or from a comorbidity had a prime cause of Covid that has not been mentioned on the death cert. In the same way as some were claiming here in the UK to many death certs were naming Covid as the prime cause, ho-hum…

            European Seat belt laws have cost a small fortune, not the requirement to wear them, that as you said had near zero cost, but further (needless) occupancy safety regulations have required ever increasing levels of safety devices be fitted, inflating the manufacturing costs, inflating repair costs, inflating insurance costs. Many vehicles damaged in, previously repairable, accidents are now insurance write-offs due to the cost of replacing crash protection devices, these costs gets passed onto the showroom price, all our insurance premiums etc. Would it not have just been better (cheaper) to simply carry on telling people to drive more responsibly?

    4. Mike Wilson
      October 23, 2023

      The virus tended to go after the those in three categories. The old. The overweight, and those with serious underlying medical issues. The nature of the disease was that, once it had claimed those in those categories it would no longer be a viable threat.

      When it first occurred, nobody had any idea who was going to be killed. It might have been another bubonic plague or Black Death. Nobody knew. And politicians, unusually, had to ACT. Some doctors and nurses died. Not everyone who died was old, fat or already ill. In such circumstances a lockdown is essential. Just as happened in almost every other affected country.

      It is my view that this disease was an opportunity by some too good to waste and have grown wealthy on the back of it.

      That’s very cynical. In my view, certainly as regards the pharmaceutical companies, the people running them saw the need for them to act to possibly save millions of lives – possibly including the lives of their own families. And, perhaps they did. Although I believe the vaccines did harm some people – including me – maybe they prevented a real pandemic that might have killed billions. The suppliers of PPE, on the other hand ….
      Didn’t one of the big pharma companies supply their vaccine at cost?

      1. Hope
        October 24, 2023

        Not correct Mike. Evidence from China was already emerging about the elderly and vulnerable. That is why states in themUS prepared accordingly.

      2. Mickey Taking
        October 24, 2023

        AZ did for ‘third World countries’ – at least in the next epidemic England might be classed as third world!

    5. Peter
      October 23, 2023


      Many who did get the virus found it was no worse than a bout of flu.

    6. Hope
      October 23, 2023

      JR, the stats used by the two alleged experts (Witty and his sidekick) used for second lockdown fell apart before the lockdown began. Utter disgrace. You did not need be a mathematician, statistician to see how flawed, utter rubbish, the figures were.

      Why were the experts allowed to influential positions knowing they had skin in the game to big pharmaceutical companies? That should have barred them. People in public service know from hospitality to financial interests in companies all ah e to be declared or declined. In the financial world people are not allowed to invest in companies they might deal in. So why were these people give a national platform o. tV in key govt roles when they had interests in big pharmaceutical companies?

      It is clear ministers from Johnson downwards did not think covid was as apocalyptic as they made out to the public to justify horrendous lock downs. From Cummings, Hancock, Ferguson, parties, summits, millions allowed to fly in from world covid hotspots without knowing where they were going and allowed on public transport while we were imprisoned and fined for not complying! Where was the evidence to justify it? Covid’s deaths were deliberately exaggerated to include any death from anyone who had covid even if it was totally unrelated. These experts were meant to be scientists, that LL bangs on about all the time. Why did big tech go along with govt smear and misinformation campaigns against honourable scientists, medics and presenters? What action will be taken against them? On line harm bill should be cancelled and certainly delayed before any inquiry outcome.

      The govt campaigned and actively coerced a nation of people into compliance through fear of harm and loss of job to get jabbed by an experimental jab beyond the emergency. It caused the deaths of thousands of elderly, judged to be illegal, by sending elderly from hospital to care homes!! The govt. acted, again, against its own scare mongering advice! What action will be taken against Hancock and govt for this? Any other organisation would be culpable for corporate manslaughter?

    7. Ian B
      October 23, 2023

      @Mark B +1
      Malicious intent by the few on the many comes to mind

    8. miami.mode
      October 23, 2023

      We were basically following the precedent set by other countries on lockdown.

      The first planeload of people back from China were transported to a hotel somewhere around the Cheshire area in a fleet of coaches and I seem to recollect the drivers wearing hazmat suits, That set the scene.

    9. Buttes
      October 23, 2023

      Thank you MB for this focus which important. The V question is equally important possibly even more so. SJR has a full bag to deal with but ducking using feeble (IMO) excuses not to challenge the narrative degrades his honorable standing.

    10. James
      October 23, 2023

      ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’.

      We appear to have a large, worldwide so-called ‘pandemic industry’ which profits from overstating the severity of infectious diseases. (This was proved to have happened in the H1N1 scandal 2009). The malpractice is centred on the WHO, an organisation which IMO the UK should withdraw from until the corruption is weeded out. WHO has clearly badly lost its way because in its early post-war days it was well respected.

      I came across a reported statistic, the US pharmaceutical industry spends 2.5x as much on lobbying as its oil and natural gas industries combined. If so, no wonder pharma seems to have taken over healthcare.

      Starmer wanted stronger, longer, harder, stricter, etc lockdowns. He claims to be a senior and experienced lawyer. So how doesn’t he know that house arrest, let alone solitary confinement, of innocent people is unlawful? Totally absurd.

  2. Michelle
    October 23, 2023

    Sir John you made some sensible suggestions e.g., can we find an existing medicine that could alleviate symptoms and concentrate on protecting the vulnerable.
    Unfortunately common sense and a level head are seen as outdated and backward in today’s Britain. It seems there is no place for such in politics, especially where little Emperors abound and the £££ signs ring up in some people’s eyes who have the ear of the powerful.
    Lock down helped destroy the economy, left people unable to use ‘our NHS’ resulting in an appalling backlog of those in need of medical care, and for some it meant death. It spread fear and panic throughout the land, though that is partly due to the calibre of people we churn out now.
    Rather annoyingly Starmer seems to be coming out smelling of Roses in this, yet he was in full agreement and reportedly wanted a harder stance taken against the masses. No doubt the weak limp Conservatives will never point this out to the public.

    1. Lifelogic
      October 23, 2023

      To get the emergency approval for the highly profitable “vaccines” meant they had to rubbish all other potential treatments and preventative treatments like vitamin D3 – so many people did so ruthlessly and surely totally immorally.

    2. Donna
      October 23, 2023

      In order for the Covid “vaccines” (ie gene therapies) to be given emergency approval there had to be no other available effective treatments. And that is why Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were effectively banned. They are long-established medications and wouldn’t have made big money for Big Pharma.

      It has now been admitted by the medical authorities that they are effective.

      1. Hope
        October 24, 2023

        + many and why so many people were smeared, ridiculed and censored by govt. acting through big tech.

    3. Mike Wilson
      October 23, 2023

      Again you seem to overlook what it was like when ‘a pandemic’ first hit the news. There was a real possibility that it wasn’t just a bad flu (bearing in mind the Spanish Flu after WW1 has been estimated to have killed up to 100 million) and that it could kill billions. Against this backdrop, lockdowns were essential and inevitable.

      1. Stred
        October 23, 2023

        When the outbreak began (words left out Ed) They panicked when it caused severe illness and death in China. Even the young doctor who discovered it died. It was very scary. However, by mid 2020 it was known that the infection to death rate was below 1%. The hospitals in the NHS were empty. The hospitals in the USA were full and patients were dying. Etc ed
        Some interesting figures. UK spent £200billion on testing for covid, which by 2022 was little more than mild flu.
        We are now going to spend 4 trillion at least on modified homes and heat pumps plus electric everything.
        If we built 50 nukes like Hinkley, to power homes with storage heaters, like in France, and to power transport and industry, it would cost 1 trillion over 20 years, or 50 billion a year.

      2. Donna
        October 24, 2023

        The Government officially DOWNGRADED Covid to a Low Consequence Infectious Disease on the advice of its Scientists, because it had low mortality rates. It did that 5 days before the first lockdown was imposed.

        They also knew, based on evidence and advice from Italy, that it was the very elderly/frail, and those with serious co-morbidites who were at risk.

    4. jerry
      October 23, 2023

      @Michelle; Without “Lockdown”, certain restrictions in other words, there would likely have been an appalling backlog anyway as the NHS collapsed due to high volume of Covid 19 patients, and for some that would also have meant death too. Those in acute medical distress were dealt with during CV19, sure some people could not get their hips or knee operations etc, some may well have lost a tooth or even all 32, due to a delay in seeing a dentist, but if your life was at risk there was no backlog other than that caused by CV19 patients.

      With regards the economy, many companies, as Mark B points out, had a very good Lockdown, business never better, and I say that as someone whose business was effectively shut-down due to the restrictions. At least I did not infect my customers, nor they me and my extended family ‘bubble’. Also the economy was ‘bouncing back’ quite nicely, until around this time last year…

    5. Hope
      October 23, 2023

      Nightingale Hospitals, 800,000 volunteers all wasted. Why? Vulnerable Elderly taken from hospital to care homes to infect others and die, why were Nightingale Hospitals not used? It was known this age group was the most vulnerable, you did not have to be an expert to work out how dangerous and stupid this decision was and should not have been taken. People’s lives were at stake! Why no separation of covid from normal patients which would have prevented long waiting times that we see now, excessive deaths from people frightened (by govt) to go to hospital or doctor? Govt. caused these deaths and waiting lists. The current sham inquiry is costing the taxpayer a lot but of no use whatsoever. What part was SAGE and what part govt. Where position did Witty and Valance take? They were willing to go on TV to scare the public enough?

      1. jerry
        October 24, 2023

        @ Hope; “Nightingale Hospitals, 800,000 volunteers all wasted. Why?”

        Indeed, because successive governments since 1945, but mostly since the 1970s, closed far to many isolation or other specialist hospitals (TB, for example).

        “Vulnerable Elderly taken from hospital to care homes to infect others and die”

        For the same reasons as above, general hospital patient capacity, exasperated by many such elderly people being in hospital at the outset for no other reason than the dire state of British social care – what the NHS call Bed-blockers, unable to be safely released back to their own or a family members home and with no DHSC funded alternative.

        “Why no separation of covid from normal patients”

        Other than people walking into A&E with CV19 symptoms there was separation, as for people not seeing their doctor or going to hospital with other serious aliments, I suspect a lot of that was nothing to do with being frightened, just many people choosing not to the attend, unfortunately for some they should have, and this was occurring well before Covid to, either because a GP appointment could not be booked or due to self-deigning anything was wrong – yet of course those like you now package the 2020/23 figures up as brickbats against those had to make difficult decisions during the pandemic.

        As for your questions about SAGE etc, follow the Covid Inquiry!

        1. Hope
          October 25, 2023

          You are so wrong. I worked on many contingency plans and exercising disasters involving public health response from nuclear disasters to bird flu. Do not presume to know me or my experience. Suggest you read contingency plans held by local authority, they have to be in place and exercised as a matter of law. Again, utter ignorant tosh.

          What I am surprised about is how so few MPs and ministers are as ignorant as you on the issue.

          1. jerry
            October 26, 2023

            @Hope; So you assert … you were part of the problem No wonder you and others carried on insisting Covid was only the (H1N1 or H5N1) flu mutations you were expecting; no we can’t possibly be wrong, after all our taxpayer funded modelling said… Sometimes simple Common Sense outshines all the ‘experts’!

            *Judgement* comes from the post disaster facts, not the pre disaster contingency plans, the latter are often found to be have been totally wanting, if not a disaster in their own right. 🙄

  3. Lifelogic
    October 23, 2023

    The problem with lockdowns is they can only really slightly delay infections but for young people this delayed (what were nearly always harmless) natural, free and earlier vaccinations by young people catching Covid. The Barrington Declaration was the sensible way to go but the government chose to ruthlessly attack those who suggested this.

    It also cost the economy a fortune. On balance net harm both economic and in extra deaths was the result as we see by comparing with Sweden and similar.

    “Governments and medical experts continue to recommend a range of covid vaccines” well they now only do so for over 65s and those with certain medical conditions. They are rolling back but cannot bring themselves to accept they were completely wrong. Giving the “vaccine” to anyone under about 65 or who had had Covid already was obviously wrong even at the time they were rolled out. This as there was virtual no benefit for them as they were at very low risk anyway and the “vaccine” risks were rather high.

  4. DOM
    October 23, 2023

    I applaud Braverman’s courage for confronting Khan and his selective use of the Met. in policing some while allowing others to act like animals. We can see what Khan’s agenda is. Khan must be brought to heel and quick. Change the law and limit the remit of the MoL to crush the power of Khan etc ed

    1. Mark B
      October 24, 2023

      Or better still, get rid of that position and others like it in England and give us our own parliament.

      1. Mickey Taking
        October 24, 2023

        Yes! No Mayors but an English Parliament with fewer constituencies than present 533.

  5. Javelin
    October 23, 2023

    There appears to be two main concerns over the vaccines. I say this as somebody who pioneered the introduction of patients genetic registries for rare diseases 15 years ago. Both these concerns are very well documented in peer review papers.

    The first is that having more than two of the same vaccine causes a reduction (Professors of oncology use the term “collapse”) in your immune system. If you recall, you only ever had two vaccines of any type. The question is why do you only get two vaccines against every other disease but “boosters” for covid. mRNA vaccines are experimental, so why is the Government going against decades of medical orthodoxy with a very new type of vaccine.

    Second, mRNA is a molecule that is produced by DNA in the nucleus of the cell to tell the rest of the cell to produce chains of amino acids. The “m” in mRNA stands for messenger, and mRNA should only last a few hours in cells before it is recycled to be used again. It is well know that mRNA from some viruses (called retro-viruses such as AIDS) can transcribe (hide) themselves into DNA and then be reproduced by DNA. The concern is that the unique signature of mRNA in the short covid vaccine has been found in the blood stream months after being injected. This implies the vaccine has been written into some peoples DNA and continues to be produced. This could cause long term ill health in the patients. One possible problem is if the vaccine is injected into arteries it appears to be reproducing itself in the wall of those arteries leading to inflammation.

    Both of these are serious medical problems that the Government are trying to suppress.

  6. Clough
    October 23, 2023

    Sir John, at the time you were making the case against lockdown mania as far as you were allowed to by those managing your party, or as far as you judged prudent. I appreciated your level-headed analysis of what was going on, and your voting record on the later lockdown measures. What’s needed now that the facts are in is a thorough-going repudiation of those disastrous policies, which I didn’t see in your blog post this morning. We must never again lock down society on the say-so of a bunch of computer modellers and behavioural psychologists taking their cue from Communist China. Most importantly, we must retain our sovereignty over our public health decisions, not sign it away to the UN’s World Health Organisation. Perhaps you could in a future post state your position on your government’s willingness to do just that in a couple of months’ time.

  7. Old Albion
    October 23, 2023

    When ‘covid’ first became an apparently serious disease. I believed it and supported the Gov. in it’s actions to mitigate the spread.
    It soon became apparent the whole thing was an exaggerated nonsense. Covid = Flu and it’s a sad fact Flu will probably kill some already weakened people.
    The Gov. soon knew this and should have backed off from it’s over-zealous approach. Lockdowns were ridiculously wrong. The vaccine was rushed.
    I remember gleefully accepting the first and second vaccine shot. Completely misguided by Gov. propaganda.
    No more vaccines will enter my body. In fact I don’t need them. I caught Covid despite the (useless) vaccine and lived to tell the tale.

    1. miami.mode
      October 23, 2023

      Bit naive there old chap. The official answer will be that you lived to tell the tale because you had the vaccine and therefore had a reduced version of Covid. Without it you might well have died

  8. Clough
    October 23, 2023

    The Covid inquiry should also try to evaluate how this country might have fared had we kept to the existing 2019 Pandemic Plan. It can do this by considering the experience of the West European country that followed this approach – Sweden. There the outcomes were fairly ordinary all-cause mortality (the one measure that ‘experts’ can’t fiddle with), and an economy performing much better than here. Sweden had a government that offered the public reassurance and calm in a crisis, not one that spread fear and panic with the lurid messaging we experienced in this country.

  9. Donna
    October 23, 2023

    Sir John, you say “Those who do dislike these vaccines can make their own decisions as they are free to do…”

    But that wasn’t the case during the Covid Tyranny: Covid Jabs were mandated for Care Workers, which is why 40,000 resigned. Javid tried to make them mandatory for all NHS staff, but was deterred when he met opposition from clinicians. We don’t know how many NHS staff resigned in advance of the anticipated mandate, but I know personally of one GP who left the joint practice because she refused to participate in a mass medical experiment.

    I have no faith whatsoever that the TYRANTS in Public Health/SAGE/Government who imposed the Covid Lockdowns and associated restrictions on us, over a virus they knew was a Low Consequence Infectious Disease, won’t do it again.

    That is the reason why the WHO is proposing amended Global Health Regulations and the Pandemic Preparation Treaty: it wants the power to order Governments of supposedly Sovereign nations to close down their economies; lockdown their people and IMPOSE medical treatments.

    Parliament must reject the proposals. They are nothing less than a proposed Dictatorship.

  10. BOF
    October 23, 2023

    There are more than sufficient verifiable deaths and serious harms for these mRNA gene therapies to have been completely withdrawn from use at least two years ago. Few of us have the medical training but it does not take a great deal of investigation to find expert evidence and statistical evidence to support this conclusion.

    Safe and effective treatments were always available but were removed from use. How many lives could these treatments have saved as they have since been proved effective against Covid? Could the gene therapies have been given emergency use approval at all? £££ won the day.

  11. formula57
    October 23, 2023

    I recall clearly you raising the issues during Covid which you have now noted for the Covid Enquiry to consider. The then government’s indifference and inaction, typically, on those issues warned me that its whole approach was deficient. As we now know “following the science” to impose extensive restrictions did not prevent partying with abandon.

    I have opted against taking-up the latest vaccine offer: I no longer trust the advice to do so.

  12. jerry
    October 23, 2023

    “Those who do dislike these vaccines can make their own decisions”

    Indeed Sir John, as the majority could from day one of the vaccination roll-out, but such FACTS do not play well with the minority who wish to construct conspiracy theories to use as brickbats, despite most having no special virology or medical knowledge…

    Many, perhaps a majority, had strong views on the damage to health the virus was doing. Economies recover, the dead remain dead, those crippled from lung damage might remain so for life. What is the more important, the short term economy or long term health?

    I find it hard to believe expert virologists had not already thought of using existing medicines before your intervention! 🙂 But even so, such treatments still needed testing first, to weed out the many ‘quack’ cures some others suggested, so in the meantime prevention was better than *attempted* cure or inoculation.

    I’m not sure locking the elderly, the infirm, into their own homes or rooms, deigning them access to their still working families would have played out well with MP’s constituents any better than what happened in nursing homes, thus the law gave a near universal right to claim Furlough etc.

    1. jerry
      October 23, 2023

      As for ventilation, excessive or insufficient air flow can actually spread airborne viruses and germs, even if the extremities of a building can be open to fresh air, and the greater number of people in a given space the higher the risks, hence the room/area occupancy rules during CV19.

    2. formula57
      October 23, 2023

      @ jerry “I find it hard to believe expert virologists had not already thought of using existing medicines….” – you might find it easier were you to recall the controversy at the time over use of the drug ivermectin. Some thought it effective at least to some extent, others did not, and there were calls from credible professionals for proper evaluations to occur in the face of unexplained reluctance by various health authorities.

      1. jerry
        October 24, 2023

        @formula57; I also went on to say; “…such treatments still needed testing first, to weed out the many ‘quack’ cures…”, in other words there was no likely short cut to a ‘cure’ or prevention, the only responsible course was at the very minimum tough social distancing rules, such as closing pubs, clubs and spectator sports etc. EVEN if some existing drug was later found to be suitable.

        I am also sure you will recall the controversy when some suggested hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine might be effective, but after proper testing….

  13. Bryan Harris
    October 23, 2023

    There are plenty of reports and studies available that spell out exactly what the problems are with vaccines but due to censorship of the worst kind they are not a part of the globalists accepted reading material.

    There were many things wrong with HMG’s response to covid, and the so called experts got it very wrong in too many ways for us to have faith in them.

    I’d be happy to supply some links to the real data, but I’m afraid you’d simply say it doesn’t fit the official narrative.

    I know you keep up on stories in Germany, but did you follow the arrest of Reiner Füellmich For Exposing The alleged experts In German Courts? The treachery against honest decent people trying to expose the truth is at a far higher level than the rate of taxation.

    1. jerry
      October 24, 2023

      @Bryan Harris; There are also plenty of reports and studies available to show the majority safety and benefits of the Vaccines, but due to censorship of the worst kind they are not a part of the populists accepted reading material because they never get cited in the populist press.

      Ho-hum, which conspiracy theory is the more likely to be closer to the truth I wonder, yours or mine? 🙄

      As for events in Germany, of course the mans defense, or those constructing yet more conspiracy theory, will suggest such things, but at the end of the day proof will be what forensic-accountants find.

  14. Richard1
    October 23, 2023

    It is becoming increasingly clear that lockdown sceptics were right. The harms done by lockdowns greatly exceeded any possible benefits. It was good to see the New Zealand electorate kick out the Labour Party, whose posturing woke recent PM Jacinda Adern was a global high priestess of lockdown. And much praised she was on the left for it. Yet at the time the very few scientific experts who raised questions over lockdown were subject to campaigns of denigration and derision and were silenced at the behest of organs of the blob. One thinks of such distinguished scientists as Profs Henegan, Gupta, Batacharrya etc. in an extraordinary excerpt from the enquiry evidence it was revealed that the woman who is now Cheif scientific adviser to the govt described prof Henegan as a “f…wit” because he raised questions about lockdown in a meeting. How can such a person possibly remain in this position of responsibility if this is how she conducts herself? It is the most unscientific approach imaginable.

    We should remember also the disgraceful role in this regard played by the Conservative MP Neil O’Brien, who ought not to be allowed to stand for the Party at the next election.

    The lockdown enquiry must make sure it interviews scientists and other experts who dissented from the blob view on lockdown. Otherwise the mistakes will be repeated.

  15. Denis Cooper
    October 23, 2023

    I will only say that hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    1. Mark B
      October 24, 2023

      No hindsight from me, I was warning people here at the time. Do your research.

      1. Denis Cooper
        October 24, 2023

        Sorry, I should have added “But Mark B did not need it”.

      2. jerry
        October 24, 2023

        @Mark B; Indeed you did make assertions at the time, and those assertions have proven to be wrong.. You told people it was nothing but Flu, as if that made a difference, outwardly healthy people also die from Flu, should they have unknown comorbidity’s. Even had “the china flu” turned out to be just a H1N1 mutation (Flu) and not a SARS mutation the pandemic would have still been serious enough to cause social & business restrictions, perhaps even a Lockdown.

  16. Ralph Corderoy
    October 23, 2023

    The Hallett Inquiry has failed to impress Professor Carl Heneghan who recently appeared before it.

    We hear so often ‘Lessons must be learnt’. We wearily expect they won’t be. But we should at least expect the inquiry to identify the correct lessons.

  17. agricola
    October 23, 2023

    With the benefit of hindsight there were some very good decision, like putting the organisation of the vaccination programme in the hands of a private highly competent manager, and very bad things like transfering elderly Covid cases to otherwise uninfected care homes, thereby causing unnecessarg deaths. Overall there was no apparent Plan A to deal with a pandemic, so in the longterm it caused an excess of deaths, an enormous long term debt, and the arrival of an illigitimate government that to date has shown little initiative in extracting us from the aftermath of Covid. The biggest problem now in relation to Covid is that it has left us with an overloaded and to a degree disfunctional NHS. Perhaps we should invite our vaccine manageress back to sort it. In the hands of government and thejr civil service little positive will occur.

    1. Mark B
      October 24, 2023

      There was a plan, it was called Operation Cygnus.

  18. Lifelogic
    October 23, 2023

    You say “I do not have a worthwhile view on the efficacy of the vaccines or of the balance of good and harm from them . I have not read enough of the literature and have no medical training.”

    Not medical training needed just the raw data and some basic statistical analysis and this matter could be cleared up in a few days. We need the last 10 years of all cause deaths broken down by Covid vaccine status with dates, types, numbers, ages, causes of deaths and timings. Given this we could see how effective or dangerous the vaccines were within days. But we are not given the raw data which is very suspicious. They have however stopped vaccine other than for over 65s unless they have other medical reasons. Doubtless, like the blood contamination scandal it will come out in about 30 years.

    Let us hope Gove’s appalling socialist renters reform bill is buried or at least castrated today.

  19. formula57
    October 23, 2023

    O/T (tangentially) ”I have not published all contributions from yesterday. ” – later accompanied by whinging comments alleging grievance no doubt from those who overlook what a privilege (extended by none of your contemporaries) it is to comment at all.

    (In the last month comments by me (one by accident, two (strongly against my own rules) by design) were submitted that I expected may not emerge from moderation but they all did! I had my therapist on standby, naturally, to cope with the anticipated rejection. I will say surely trained professionals should handle without rancour the (comparatively minor) stress of not always being needed when expected!)

  20. Peter
    October 23, 2023

    Sending Covid cases back to care homes where the virus could do more damage while banning families from contacting their relatives was a terrible thing to do.

    There was no use whatsoever made of isolation hospitals, despite spending money on setting them up.

  21. Mickey Taking
    October 23, 2023

    Several steps and guidelines (laws?) were issued to deal with what were thought to be transmission abilities of Covid. How was the public to know what was wise, what was not necessary, what might be effective? Social misery and economic disaster followed while infection caused thousands of deaths to the vulnerable, often to people not thought to be vulnerable. Government agreed £billions spent on panic purchasing of personal protection measures, most now dismissed as ineffective, past effectiveness date, to dubious business rapidly set up to take advantage. It refuses to examine what was done and spent in that way. Even the horrendous cost of Test and Trace was poor, since agreement was made to use software that could not reveal date and time of mobile to mobile communication of those tested positive. That failing caused no end of totally unnecessary lockdowns and false warnings. Lessons learned? I doubt any!

  22. Nigl
    October 23, 2023

    I see that a fact based analysis of what happened in Australia was ignored by the conspiracy quasi medical anti vaxxers. Let them continue to waste their and my time. I am happy I have had multiple jabs, and when I did get it, it was far milder than the very nasty pre vax experience of a couple of my friends. Equally happy not to take vaccine advice from a potato farmer.

    It is an excellent example of how the internet enables armchair experts to give credence to their particular fakery.

    Sir JR calls it correctly. He is not an expert so is not judgmental. Shame that is not more widespread.

    1. Mark B
      October 24, 2023

      People are not anti-vaccine, they are anti putting something in their bodies which has not been properly tested. That is not an unreasonable position to take.

  23. Mike Wilson
    October 23, 2023

    In terms of planning for a pandemic, a country run by people stupid enough to perpetuate the situation where we import half our food is always going to be in serious trouble when the movement of people is restricted.

    And, of course, allowing mass immigration – legal and illegal – is asking for trouble.

    1. Mark B
      October 24, 2023

      Mike. I do not think they are stupid. They are very ambitious people with a heightened sense of self worth who simply do not care so long as they get what they, and their ‘backers’ want. ie Power and money.

  24. Peter
    October 23, 2023

    There should be retrospective action against profiteers who made fortunes selling useless medical supplies and those who benefited from government contacts to get business in the first place.

    1. Mark B
      October 24, 2023

      There should also be action against the individual who allowed ‘schoolboy errors’ to occur and the loss of billions thorough fraud.

      1. Donna
        October 24, 2023

        Personally, I think the Quad should all be charged with Malfeasance in Public Office.

        No cost/benefit analysis: just lock down and wreck the economy; destroy thousands of businesses; ruin millions of lives; triple our debt and give away £millions to fraudsters because there weren’t even basic checks in place; break the Nuremberg Code ….. over a virus they had already downgraded to a Low Consequence Infectious Disease because it had low mortality rates.

  25. Bloke
    October 23, 2023

    “Governments often issued some exemptions from liability to speed introduction of vaccines that they thought would save lives”
    This one issued some exemptions from liability to stop fraudsters being brought to justice.
    Why has the Treasury not sought to recover the massive waste of money they attributed to identifiable fraud?

  26. Christine
    October 23, 2023

    “Those who do dislike these vaccines can make their own decisions as they are free to do”

    For how long?

    What is the point of the Covid Enquiry? It’s just another waste of money, as the implementation of any lessons learned is being taken out of our hands. Please concentrate your efforts on opposing giving over our health autonomy to the World Health Organisation (WHO). If we don’t opt out of the legally binding WHO treaty power grab then we will have no say about how future pandemics are handled and if they say lockdown or take a vaccine we will have to obey. It is also going to cost us billions of pounds in extra funding which our own NHS needs. Yet again only a few MPs are speaking out about this disaster in waiting. What is wrong with our parliament? Why are they constantly wanting to give away our sovereignty? We should have a law that makes this illegal.

  27. Everhopeful
    October 23, 2023

    The oddest thing about the whole affair was that there were actually no modern solutions.
    For a world that had been practising hard for a pandemic all the ideas of how to tackle it came from the past.
    Lockdowns were very much like the 1800s Separate Prison System…isolation and masks…all aimed at breaking the soul and getting total obedience.
    Early smallpox vaccinations were rushed and ill thought out leading to later complaints similar to those about covid jabs. In the 1700s “reformers” took it upon themselves to administer them!
    I know a town where in the 1918 Flu they took the roof off the cinema…to get airflow. Whereas for years now large gatherings have been held in increasingly enclosed buildings. Public transport has consistently made vehicles airtight. And cars. And now houses ( to save the planet).
    And all because one of the Pasteur team (late 1800s) decided that a particular “bacteria” could pass through porcelain and thus infect beans plants.
    A piece of history our dear leaders did not research…or how did they think masks could be effective (rather than harmful)?

    1. Donna
      October 24, 2023

      I read a comment that the Government’s Covid restrictions were basically the same as those imposed during the Great Plague, as reported by Daniel Defoe in his book “A journal of the Plague Year” …. so I bought it and they were right: they reverted to 17th century policies.

      Apart from painting a red cross on the door and the miraculous protection given by eating a Scotch Egg if you went to a pub!

  28. Ian B
    October 23, 2023

    Sir John

    Did anyone know? Even from the so-called experts it was juts guesswork as to how Covid could evolve and how many it would effect.

    This best knowledge was about how epidemics spread and that is all. With hind sight it would appear the Boris Johnson cabal set about to maliciously control and manipulate the smallest details of everyone’s life. They created another agenda that we all still suffer from – it is Still the same Conservative Government, essentially the same Cabinet that are playing with the lives of everyone in the UK. They have forgotten democracy, they have forgotten purpose, they are continuing the destruction of the UK

    1. Ian B
      October 23, 2023

      They one stand out thing I found abhorrent it BJ and his Cabinet made draconian Laws, that were imposed on the Country, then believed they the Lawmakers were above the Law. Or as BJ said I didn’t know it was against the Law!

  29. George Sheard
    October 23, 2023

    Hi sir John
    Lockdown and covid jabs wasn’t a British thing it happened all over the world .
    When we came out of lockdown countries such as Australia were still in lockdown.
    Are we saying lockdown was a waste of time it wouldn’t have made any difference if we had gone about our daily life.
    Having the covid jab was a voluntary thing no one made us have the jab,
    there were mistakes as we didn’t have plans in place to deal with covid as we haven’t had to deal with anything world wide in our life time like covid ,
    The biggest mistake by the government was they didn’t stop people coming into the country quick enough
    Thank you.

  30. Everhopeful
    October 23, 2023

    How does an organisation mired in marxism, concentrating on wokery, ever make any advances?
    Except by manipulating figures? Survival rates etc.
    Maybe all these excess deaths are also down to damaged immune systems caused by lack of society and stress? Allied to the wrong/untested/rushed medication that could have a huge impact.
    In fact it was decided, I think, that isolation caused the hepatitis in some unfortunate children.
    Govts can’t do such terrible things to people without dire consequences.
    Did they really believe they could?

  31. Ian B
    October 23, 2023

    Sir John

    Today in the Telegraph we are reminded what being a Conservative and able to manage was really all about
    “The lessons Britain can learn from tax-cutting revolutionary Nigel Lawson
    Former chancellor led an extended period of British economic outperformance “

    Although back then the State was under proper management, it wasn’t a send, spend entity and didn’t have the debt mountain that this pretend Conservative Government has created .

    The major difference between Lawson and our now 2 Chancellors Sunak/Hunt is he knew what he was doing, he supported the economy to create the wealth for the Country going forward. Or in other words he was a Conservative not what we now refer to a WEF Socialist

    Until what is left of the Conservative Party, get shot of the present shower of die hard Socialists there in no Conservative Government

  32. Roy Grainger
    October 23, 2023

    What a depressing spectacle the Covid inquiry is. A parade of “experts” attempting to shift the blame to other similarly qualified “experts” who they heaped abuse on in private messages. This week the SAGE stalwart John Edmunds presenting himself as a voice urging the government to lockdown early when at the time he was all in for herd immunity. The inquiry has already decided that the first lockdown should have been earlier and harder and this would have “saved lives” but there’s no explanation of why they think that is true. Why would it have saved lives rather than just postponed deaths ? Poland locked down hard and fast at the start and it simply shifted deaths into later waves with more transmissible variants that were harder to control – they ended up with a higher death rate than UK.

    1. Mark B
      October 24, 2023

      The virus was already in the country by late 2019. That was the time ‘I think’ I caught it. It arrived from China via Chinese students studying here. This was confirmed to me on two separate occasions, one with person who worked for London Transport who said that a lot of her colleague became ill in September of that year and another from a nurse who noted a rise in respiratory illness around about the same time.

      If I could see all this, why could not the government ?

  33. Everhopeful
    October 23, 2023

    The powers that be rushed into all this.
    Isn’t it just lovely how they are now rushing into the mandatory chipping of cats.
    Not a thought for those cats who will be forced back to cruel homes. Not in MPs leafy glades where Tiddles is sorely missed and heartily welcomed back but in areas where cats are not taken care of in the slightest little bit.
    No doubt this has to do with vets’ profits and some global idea of getting rid of pets altogether.
    It is typical upper middle class meddling.
    Cruel and unthinking.

  34. Ian B
    October 23, 2023

    Sir John

    In the round the problem we all have is miss-information or dis-information. Some will seek to blame social media, or even the mainstream media, yet only the numpties are taken in. Even I have been known to repeat something that clearly is wrong – out of devilment, baiting and to create reaction. On the basis most people do know how to think for themselves

    However, when we elect MP’s, ask them to form Governments we do expect just straight forward truth in public statements. But even here they(the MP’s, the Government of the Day) have downgraded the State and its Political institutions to a higher level of sinister malicious manipulation and morphed it into a greater threat to society than any other single source. They heighten the miss trust of the political class daily

    When there is this much rot, gangrene, there is no instant cure it needs cutting out.

    If there is a blame, it lies at the feet of the whole of Parliament. And as far as this Government goes it is at the feet of all those that go out and campaign for a Conservative Government then permit something else to emerge.

  35. Lifelogic
    October 23, 2023

    “Governments often issued some exemptions from liability to speed introduction of vaccines that they thought would save lives.”

    Well done India for not doing so with these Covid Vaccines and thus avoiding them. Surely any such exemptions from liability should be totally invalidated when the companies have mislead recipients & governments, have hugely difference in different batches problems, have not tested the differently produced mass roll out batches and many similar such issues?

  36. a-tracy
    October 23, 2023

    Lockdowns took away a lot of people’s freedom, freedom even to sit on a park bench or the grass in a park on a hot summer day. I can’t believe some of the things, I worked every day thank goodness I was able to, I walked every day in the fresh air. People were so scared and Hancock revelled in that in his whatsapp messages, yet I was unable to see my parents and children for three months as they live a distance away and that sort of driving wasn’t allowed unless you were a travelling politician who could get on a plane to the Highlands or visit your parents in South Wales from London. Labour wanted to go further, lockdown longer, not re-open. We had a man on the border of a lockdown Christmas who served up mince pies and wine and got a prison sentence over it. Dobbed in by his neighbours like collaborators in the war.

    There were control freaks who liked lockdowns, the irony of the ones that were free to go about their lives still saying lockdowns weren’t long enough all linked to free for all benefits that somehow people didn’t think would need repaying, just adding debt. While Sunak was dishing out all that money, I recall he was the most popular Tory. Schools and non-essential shops were still closed down when the BLM marches started up (yet the 2m distancing rules for everyone else only stopped a month later).

    I think people forget now but hairdressers, pubs and restaurants weren’t allowed to open for four months (4th July). Even though they were re-opened many people were too scared to go, even with social distancing, masks, gallons of hand gel. 3 Aug a Sunak plan 50% discount up to £10 to entice people to eat out socially distanced, with servers wearing masks and often gloves to help out this closed industry. It was the 14 August 5 months of lockdown before theatres, bowling alleys etc were allowed to open. Those theatres are now still struggling no help out for them.

    Just so we don’t forget:

    14 Sept the rule of six still existed.

  37. Elli
    October 23, 2023

    My view is that the first lockdown was justified on the grounds that too little was known about how deadly the virus was.
    Subsequent lockdowns were way OTT.
    I find it especially egregious that the government was constantly harping on “Following the science”; science gives you (hopefully) facts you then follow by making a political decision.

    1. Mark B
      October 24, 2023

      Plus the enforced use of face masked that had zero effect.

    2. Richard II
      October 24, 2023

      I’d disagree with you, Elli, on just one point, when you say not enough was known before the first lockdown about how deadly the virus was. It was known by the middle of March 2020. The analysed data from the Diamond Princess cruise ship provided medical scientists with a clear picture of the effects of the virus on a mainly old population who had been mixing and breathing the same air on the ship. Out of 3,700 people on board, 7 died and 20 needed hospitalization when the ship eventually docked in Yokohama. The medical report was published in English on the internet for anyone who cared to find out. The established media somehow (!) missed it, however, which is very likely why you may not have been aware of it.

  38. John McDonald
    October 23, 2023

    Sir John if the Conservative Government (supported by Laboured) had actually followed what you proposed, the catastrophic damage to the general population in regard to health, education, and the economy would have been much much less. The first month of Covid was a learning curve about the virus and mistakes in hindsight can be excused. But thereafter actions were Politically and media driven to achieve a Group think which would not tolerate alternative views of what to do and damage being caused, and could be caused by a general vaccination policy an imposed restrictions by Law.

  39. Bert+Young
    October 23, 2023

    I thought the “lockdown ” restrictions” were overdone but at the same time I expected those who made the laws were the very ones to keep them . Integrity in leadership was an important ingredient to the country and its a shame it was lacking . Pharmaceutical companies made a fantastic response to the crisis and although the products did not have 100% success most recipients benefitted . Today common sense and restraint is still a sensible course to follow .

  40. Lynn Atkinson
    October 23, 2023

    I appreciate the contribution you made during the Pandemic. I am not medical either, but issues like having isolation hospitals are simple administrative ones and in all those fields you gave rational, sober, tried and tested advice. Why were all those strategies abandoned by the government?
    Regarding the virus itself, we Conservatives agree that each individual should have been able to decide for themselves whether or not to take the experimental jab. We should also have had the full panoply of approved medications available to us to help us fend off or avoid the virus. I had to obtain Ivermectin from a friend with horses. That was a disgrace and one that I blame Johnson for because for unexplained reasons, ivermectin was removed from the U.K. just before the pandemic.
    I would be very interested to hear the official government explanation for this, because it cut short my infection and I fully recovered in 3 days. A friend who had inflammation of the brain (one of the recognized side effects of this virus) and would not go to any hospital also recovered using ivermectin. The friend is a medic.

  41. Geoffrey Berg
    October 23, 2023

    I am bound to say I agree with Sir John Redwood’s views on lockdowns, concentrating protections on the vulnerable and isolating the infected.
    On the alleged side-effects of vaccines I am strongly inclined to support the governmental view rather than the conspiracy theorists’ view. Most persuasive for me is the unfortunate fate of the British Astra Zeneca vaccine which was withdrawn from use in Britain after a statistically tiny (so tiny that it could not have been expected to have been detected even in very extensive pre-use medical testing) number of people got blood clots from it and it was downgraded to Third World use. Furthermore Donald Trump was surely correct when he said (when he was still President) that though long-term testing was desirable because of the deaths from Covid there just wasn’t time for it.
    What I am concerned about the present Covid enquiry and key professional witnesses to it is that they just don’t appear to appreciate that in any such emergency leaders cannot rely just on past experiences or even on prior preparation but (because each such situation is likely to be different to others) must be able to fly by the seat of their pants and make key decisions as best they can on very incomplete information. I think Boris Johnson did very well in that regard in all the circumstances (Donald Trump did rather well) and the only world Leader who actually did better and was cleverer about it was Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

  42. Barbara
    October 23, 2023

    This is all well and good, Sir John, and you have indeed made many very good points throughout. I particularly liked your suggestion about the Nightingales, which seemed eminently sensible and I have no idea why it wasn’t adopted.

    What I do find odd, as Andrew Bridgen says, is the lack of any curiousity among almost all MPs about the rocketing death rates, which are now higher than those we saw during the so-called ‘pandemic’. No-one seems to care – whereas, for a lesser number, they were all panicking around and rushing to action.

    It is very strange.

  43. Derek
    October 23, 2023

    The latest global Covid figures are: Cases 696,888,117 Deaths: 6,930,520. So a death rate per case of less than 1%. At its Covid peak, the figure was around 2% which was not much different from that of Influenza in the past.
    Why these figures were not used in any decision making process is a mystery. They prove SARS Cov2 (Covid) was indeed infectious but not deadly enough to promote such a devastating action upon our country. Those nations (as Sweden and Taiwan) who did not fully lock down, had fewer deaths per population than our own and spent far less per head.
    The extended periods of lock downs were not just an error of judgement but a failure to protect those with other life-threatening illnesses. The dire aftermath we are yet to be seen.

  44. XY
    October 23, 2023

    I’m finding it difficult to find any interest in revisiting history re covid lockdowns etc.

    However, I’m struck by the degree of speculation over the future of the current PM and his Chancellor’s due to their stubborn refusal to cut taxes.

    There seems to be an opportunity here, along the lines Johnson did prior to the 2019 GE. Those MP who did not vote for his Brexit bill lost the whip. With a GE folllowing rapidly, that meant that new candidates were selected for their seats. So imagine…

    1. A new small-c conservative leader were elected now (must include the membership / associations).
    2. A Bill (or more than on Bill) is put forward which the PM knows will smoke out the pink types (they will feel obliged to vote against it/them). Could be small boats to Rwanda, leaving the ECHR, scrapping the Windsor Protocol etc.
    3. The rebels are defenestrated, whip removed. All 200++ of them.
    4. A true conservative is put in charge of CCHQ and ensures that their replacement are also of the same mind.
    5. Policy is ENACTED (not announced) changing direction on taxes, wokery, the BBC, green crap etc).

    Now there’s hope. You have a year or so to get this done – but ditching Sunak immediately is essential. Get those letters in and get a candidate ready!

  45. mancunius
    October 23, 2023

    “I argued for isolation hospitals to be separate from other general hospitals, for the Nightingale capacity to be used, for more use of the private sector hospitals for non covid patients, for better air flow and air cleansing in hospitals and other public buildings.”

    And none of it was implemented. Nor ever will be. NHS staff will not work flexibly, and thirteen years of Tory government has been spent lazily avoiding any reform of the system. Understandably so: for MPs, when not using private medicine, see only the best of the NHS – not the misery the rest of us have to put up with.

  46. Mark
    October 23, 2023

    We suspect that Sir Humphrey was right: never commission an inquiry unless you know its outcome. The chances for establishing an independent view of the facts are slim, since experts on both sides have strong interest in promoting and protecting their own positions, and independent experts are few and far between. My degree level knowledge of statistics allowed me to detect statistical prestidigitation and outright error from both sides. However it is not enough to establish facts: government have failed to provide detailed cause of death data – what are they hiding? Obviously the vaccines were not subject to normal testing procedures that take a decade to complete, and the blanket immunity granted to pharma companies was a mistake: it should have been time limited. Clearly there were members of SAGE who revelled in their power to be dictators, and who should be retired. The damage to education, non covid health and the economy has been substantial. Our institutions have been exposed as failures with little sign of corrective action.

  47. Mark
    October 23, 2023

    The most recent data on causes of death was published in March 2020 just as the pandemic began, and relates to 2018. No date is given for the next publication.

  48. Keith from Leeds
    October 23, 2023

    Sir John, let me raise another point of view concerning lockdowns. The lockdowns were when MPs stopped listening to their members & their voters. They arrogantly decided on lockdowns on no hard evidence, with no proper evaluation of the effect on people, on health or on the economy. They mostly displayed a sheep instinct, with a few honourable exceptions, including yourself. That same arrogance is equally evident in the Net Zero legislation, which is again imposed on people with no thought or concern for the effects. The Government and MPs have become bullies & forgotten that are there to serve the people who elected them. This is a greedy & arrogant government with a PM and Chancellor who seem to have no “instinct” for what people want or feel, no understanding of the effect their decisions have on ordinary people. The freezing of allowances is the perfect example of the arrogance and bullying of the people!

  49. MFD
    October 23, 2023

    Just had an envelope through the post from NHS saying I had not taken “MY” jabs! I know ,I chose not too!
    More taxpayers money wasted as it went straight in the waste bin. I did a mental risk assessment when Bo Jo was first pushing them and I am glad I made the right decision.

    It is time they stopped the waste of Letters, Radio and TV advertising and put the money into making sick people better which was the original intention of the organisation, making a profit for Big Pharma was not !
    At my age I can assure Mark B that is just Lies from the PUSH BRIGADE!

    1. Mark B
      October 24, 2023


      I do the same. In the bin it goes ! 🙂

  50. glen cullen
    October 23, 2023

    As I believe in good I must, definition, believe in evil ….I truly believe that the United Nations (UN) World Health Organisation (WHO) influenced & controlled by China is evil

  51. glen cullen
    October 23, 2023

    If the UN were around in 1944 they’d have called for a ceasefire, employing their own staff and peace keepers to feed the aggressor, prolonging the second world war by years….the UN is a self fulfilling organisation growing bigger everyday, becoming more dominate and controlling everyday ….the UN isn’t any longer a collection of nations it’s a political construct and acts as a world government

  52. Everhopeful
    October 23, 2023

    Just watching a 1960s Hitchcock TV episode.
    Set in the future. July 13th 1980
    Speaking spreads the common cold and is not allowed in the office.
    Speech in office reception is A.I.
    Ditto hand shaking.
    Population growth is a great worry. Life expectancy is 125.
    The elderly must be euthanised…and are!
    Lord’s Prayer amended. “Our Father Who Art in Space”.
    Church for the new religion compulsory.
    What a future!

  53. Lester_Cynic
    October 23, 2023

    You don’t know anything about Climate Change but it doesn’t stop you holding forth about that?

    Reply I have read a lot about it

    1. Lester_Cynic
      October 24, 2023

      Obviously not the right people, but that wouldn’t accord with the government’s view on the issue, they want to remove our means of transportation and freedom, the ULEZ cameras only existing because of government policies
      We’re now in danger from the enemy within, protesters openly supporting Hamas on our city streets, underground drivers singing Palestinian songs over the tannoy with nothing being done, the leader of Hamas living in London …..
      Say a silent prayer outside an abortion clinic and you will be arrested…
      Do you support such actions?

  54. glen cullen
    October 23, 2023

    SirJ, as an MP, could you confirm if its legal or illegal to fly the Union flag ? ,,,and if you’re not sure maybe you could as the question in the HoCs

    1. glen cullen
      October 23, 2023

      ….and the flag of England ?

      1. Everhopeful
        October 23, 2023

        More lads apprehended for flying the Flag of St George.
        Many other flags sailing freely in the breeze!
        Whatever is going on?

  55. Lester_Cynic
    October 23, 2023

    There’s scientific evidence to disprove the Net Zero rubbish by well respected Climate Scientists but it wouldn’t suit the governments 15 minute cities and tax revenue raising antics
    President Putin’s celebrated Moscow City Day by giving a thoughtful speech outlining the measures he was taking to improve the lives of the Russian people, quite a contrast with what’s happening in the United Kingdom
    No wonder Russia Today was banned from Freeview, it wouldn’t do to let us hear the truth
    Thank God for Rumble!
    Russell Brand talks total sense, no wonder that he had to be silenced… it didn’t work, same with Mark Steyn and the other speakers of truth
    Ofcom are a disgrace

    1. Lifelogic
      October 24, 2023

      I agree but Russell Brand talks some sense and some complete tosh but is getting better with age. Mark Steyne (Now at is very sound indeed on most issues.

      It seems EV cars are becoming rather difficult to insure. Some costing over £100 a week (taxis surely work out rather cheaper?). Many companies no longer insuring them at all as even a small bump can write them off & some ferries no longer accepting them due to serious fire risks. So EVs cost far more to run, are not environmental at all, have short lived v. expensive batteries, limited range, slow to charge, can sink ferries, use far more energy to build, cause far more CO2 not less (than just keeping your old car) and we have no spare low carbon electricity to charge them with anyway.
      They also wear out tyres and roads more quickly, cause serious hard to put out fires, demand huge grid capacity improvements… and need parking places at your flat/house to charge them.

      So can the government explain why exactly they are pushing these far more expensive & larger emissions but elsewhere cars? No sensible reason that I can find.

  56. Simonr
    October 23, 2023

    At the beginning of the pandemic, I was mindful that Labour had badly mishandled the Foot & Mouth outbreak because nobody had bothered to read the 1960’s post-outbreak report, which detailed that pyres were not necessary, and a whole load of other useful information that in the event had to be discovered by trial and error. Curious to see if we could learn anything from previous pandemics, I looked at the Spanish Flu, and found that the sufferers who did best were in ‘fresh air’ hospitals – warmed in their beds, but with the windows fully open, or even outside under canopies. The importance of ventilation became a big issue late on in the Covid pandemic. We should always look at the past to get ideas – there’s nothing new under the sun.

  57. APL
    October 24, 2023

    ” If asked I suggested they talked to a medical adviser they trusted.”

    At exactly the same time as the government made it nearly impossible to consult your GP. Even today, it’s difficult to see a GP rather than the practice nurse.

  58. Iain gill
    October 24, 2023

    It doesn’t take much of a scientific education, or much reviewing of the publicly available information, to be able to spot that the state made multiple serious mistakes, refuses to admit most of them, and shows no sign of learning from it’s mistakes. COVID showed up lots of issues with the way this country is run, which we should be facing head on. And the environment we are left with is far from perfect, hospitals sending patients home as COVID has spread like wildfire in the hospital and they think seriously ill patients are safer at home than risking COVID in hospital, and all hushed up. Overall death figures are undeniable. Etc.

  59. Linda Brown
    October 25, 2023

    Well said. The time was very worrying for all and we did not know what lay ahead so I am not going to criticise the Government on the way it acted. I have watched Andrew Bridgen in Parliament and he has done his research very well and it is for people now to make decisions on whether they have the vaccines or not. I have had the latest on offer but am thinking about it in future after hearing his presentation. It is for people to now assess the information on offer and make their own decisions.

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