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As the title page makes clear this is the John Redwood website.

It is not a Conservative or election website. I am not a candidate in the election and no longer have any formal role in the Conservative party.

My aim  is to contribute independent and original analysis of economic and political issues of wider interest. My work on the Bank of England, OBR and Treasury poor forecasts, wrong frameworks and bad  out turns is an example of what I am offering to those interested.


  1. Charles Breese
    June 21, 2024

    An unconflicted and commonsense contribution (based on decades of relevant experience) to the political debate is exactly what is required. Thank you for applying your time in this way.

  2. robert lewy
    June 21, 2024

    Your views are always to be valued

  3. Bryan Harris
    June 21, 2024

    That’s why I read this diary and comment

  4. Bert+Young
    June 21, 2024

    I will continue to value Sir Johns’ economic views . He has always been right to criticise the BoE and its appalling record . Its mistakes have cost us millions and a new discipline must be applied to stop this nonsense .

    1. Hat man
      June 22, 2024

      Agreed. That is why I too appreciate this blog site. I have no background in economics and like to learn from those with knowledge and experience of a field I don’t myself know. I also appreciate SJR’s willingness to debate on economic and other issues with those commenting. I don’t know of any other current affairs site like this one. I used to like Richard North’s blog but he tended to ramble on on subjects he clearly didn’t know much about, like the Ukraine war. Writing succinctly on subjects where he is knowledgeable, and then letting the vox populi be heard, is an approach that Sir John has followed over the years and works well, in my view. I’m grateful for it.

  5. Bloke
    June 21, 2024

    SJR’s tolerance is too gentlemanly.
    Blocking irrelevant comments would be effective and nearer to a norm.

  6. Nigel Paterson
    June 21, 2024

    Many thanks for your continued writing, John, and for such a successful parliamentary career.

  7. Sakara Gold
    June 21, 2024

    Many would like to know why the BoE did not cut interest rates yesterday. Mrs Gold, quoting the ONS, observes that public sector net debt, excluding state-controlled banks, reached £2.742 trillion ($3.47 trillion) or 99.8% of annual gross domestic product in May, up from 96.1% a year earlier

    Could it be that in order to persuade the institutions to continue to provide short term finance to a country in which huge twin deficits have become embedded, interest rates have to remain at 5.25%?

    If this is true, then the risk on the interest rate is to the upside. Regardless of who wins the election, we are one financial crisis away from IMS intervention.

    1. a-tracy
      June 21, 2024

      France’s Government debt to GDP was 110.6% in 2023, S&P Global said its the third highest in Europe after Greece and Italy and that’s after the EU borrowed 800-900 bn euros to share out. The IMF have predicted France’s debt will be 112% in 2024, in the Guardian a couple of days ago the European Commission were reprimanding France for breaking fiscal rules. Six other member states in breach of EU deficit rules were put into the same procedure on Wednesday: Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Slovakia.

      Who knew closing all these countries down for covid and wars in Europe would affect the big Countries so badly.

  8. Charles Breese
    June 21, 2024

    An unconflicted and commonsense contribution (based on decades of relevant experience) to the political debate is exactly what is required – thank you for devoting time to this.

  9. IanT
    June 21, 2024

    Yes, that’s why I cpme here Sir John 🙂

  10. Keith from Leeds
    June 21, 2024

    Most of us know it is your website, but a majority followed you while you were an MP. Although you are not an MP now, you don’t stop being a Conservative. So we are still interested in your views on politics and the election.
    In fact, sometimes I thought you were the only true conservative MP left. Your unique perspective, which we believe is still relevant, is something we value. If the opinion polls are to be believed the Government and Conservatives are about to be punished for not being conservative!
    They should have listened to you and used your experience and knowledge. What a pathetic bunch of MPs we have had, wasting an 80-seat majority, dumping a popular, if flawed, PM on flimsy grounds, raising taxes to a record high and letting immigration rise constantly. Other than you, they should all be ashamed of themselves!
    Thank you for the years you have written your blog and I shall still be a reader in the future

  11. Bob Dixon
    June 21, 2024

    Thank god someone is keeping an eye and keeping me informed.
    Is our Prime Minister looking into this mess?

  12. Everhopeful
    June 21, 2024

    I didn’t imagine anything else!
    Everyone ( even lefties) will suffer from the destruction of the right wing.
    No barriers now on the road to Hell.

  13. Keith Murray-Jenkins
    June 21, 2024

    Sir John, a lot of us are looking forward to reading what occurs to you to tell us in the future. Good luck and Happy Times in whatever else you find yourself doing. This country – and the world – would do well to listen to your common sense and studied advice on many matters…

  14. George Sheard
    June 21, 2024

    Thank you sir John
    The problem is we don’t get chance to air our problems , no one listens,
    Thank you for all the thinks you have written if the government listened to you we would not be in the trouble we are now in
    I wish you and your family well for the future

  15. jerry
    June 21, 2024

    Sir John, please take the following as trying to help, not criticize.

    Much of your opening paragraph to the article “The Bank of England insists on getting it wrong” appears an unnecessary introduction to the important issues you raised there-after, perhaps unintentionally creating the topical party-political commentary you now wish to avoid.

    Introducing the word “Independent” within your Title page and headers might also help if you do not want a total rebrand? Other than the change of address (probably lost on 99% of the public) your site looks and read as it did two months ago.

    1. Martin in Bristol
      June 21, 2024

      This post is probably lost on 99% of those on here too Jerry.

  16. APL
    June 21, 2024

    So the purge of the Tory party of Tories by the Cameronites is complete.

    It is correct, it’s not the enemy outside your walls that is the threat, because you can clearly distinguish him. It’s the traitor within your gate you need to combat.

    The Tory party failed to do that.

  17. Margaret
    June 21, 2024

    Listening to a TV programme and many now are focusing more on economics as a preparation for politics.The L S E is training many in this light.

    1. Mitchel
      June 21, 2024

      And a particular view of economics.

      Why is a PPE degree de rigueur?

  18. ChrisS
    June 21, 2024

    While I am sure we all appreciate your changed role, I do hope you now decide you are free to comment on changes in the Conservative party, particularly over the leadership change that will inevitably come after the election.

    Your independent view on the characters in Parliament would be greatly appreciated.
    You could start with an honest appraisal of recent Prime Ministers !

    Even better, perhaps you might consider writing a contemporary book on the history of Brexit ?
    I cannot think of anyone who could better lay out the whole process starting with Cameron’s “Renegotiation” and ending with the Windsor Agreement.

  19. Nigl
    June 21, 2024

    Yes. Unfortunately the obsessives are incapable of moving on, clinging to a view of the Tory Party that may not have even existed under Thatcher. They also think daily repetition will achieve a different outcome (definition of madness)

    Even Farage who they are now seeing as the new Messiah (ha) is talking about centre right a political nuance unnoticed by many.

  20. Mike Grimes
    June 21, 2024

    Keep up the good work Sir John your insight is much appreciated.

  21. Paula
    June 21, 2024

    Good. The Tories have no god given right to form the opposition – indeed there is no point in an opposition if the civil service Blob makes all the decisions.

  22. Abigail
    June 21, 2024

    You have always been of independent mind and thought for yourself. That is why we enjoy you4 blogspot so much Thank you fo4bit.

  23. David Andrews
    June 22, 2024

    Thank you for continuing to write and publish your views. They are a refreshing blast of commonsense.

  24. Linda Brown
    June 22, 2024

    Always interested in what you have to say. However, you have been round for so long giving good advice to the Tory Party which seems to have been ignored lately that you will be associated with them for some time I guess. A little reminder occasionally should get people used to views being your own via your own research. Don’t stop publishing as you are one of the few sane people still in this country. Pity you never made it to PM.

  25. john chapman
    June 22, 2024

    Having read the comments already posted, I heartily agree with the positives about you Sir John.
    It’s good to know you will still be providing a professional and common sense view on issues going forward.
    The tory party should have heeded your advice more often then they might not have lost their way as they have.
    You’re still the best financial forecaster too!

    1. MFD
      June 26, 2024

      Yes Sir John, I agree with all those complements , as an old country Lad with little education, I have learned a lot from your daily writing.

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