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Safer junctions and better traffic flows?

I had a good meeting on Friday with Councillor Pauline Jorgensen of Wokingham Borough Council and her officers dealing with roads and traffic. She has ideas to  to cut congestion, improve safety and get the traffic flowing more smoothly. These things do take some time to design, plan and put into the budget. I talked to  her  […]

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The reign of experts and the “post democratic”age

I like good experts. Modern science and technology has delivered some great advances which improve our lives. If I fell ill I would of course consult a doctor and seek expertise. The problem is the present  age is cursed with some experts  especially in economics and government who keep getting it wrong yet they still […]

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Our aim should be helping people out of poverty and into better paid jobs

One of the main arguments between socialists and conservatives is over the main aim of economic  policy. Conservatives want to raise living standards, to help people be better off. Socialists usually want to lower or remove inequality. These two varying aims require different policy responses and achieve different results. Of course all sensible socialists would […]

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Wokingham Town Centre

Whilst I have been out and about in the Town centre yesterday and today, several people came up and said they thought it was now looking great and worth all the effort and disruption. I was pleased to see so many people about in the cafes, using the shops and visiting the market stalls around  […]

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Treasure Island have posted today a useful guide to the continuing huge trade surplus in goods the EU continues to run with the UK. Since the referendum vote they tell us the EU has earned itself a wonderful £250bn trade surplus, so no wonder they want to try to lock us in to their trading terms […]

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Good prices and plenty of choice

Whilst shopping on Saturday I was struck again by the huge range of choice of products, the good displays and by some of the keen prices on offer on the High Street. I saw a Potato masher made of good strong stainless steel with a pleasant wood handle for just £3.99. Assuming a 50% only […]

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Where is the Withdrawal Treaty Bill?

Will Mrs May really ask us to vote for a fourth time on this unpopular Treaty by bringing forward the Bill to ratify it? She says they will. Why then does she  not publish it so we can talk about it properly? Is it so bad it must be kept secret? Mrs May’s refusal to […]

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Further comments on Stephen Barclay letter

A couple of correspondents have asked me to provide a more detailed response to  the Barclay letter. In the main areas his letter confirms what I said about the draft Treaty. He agrees that as long as we are in so called transition the UK is “subject to existing and new rules as if we […]

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China telecoms

This week President Trump issued an Executive Order requiring tougher regulation and bans of telecoms equipment from unnamed “foreign adversaries” that threaten the US national security. At the same time briefing occurred that he has in mind China in general and the Huawei  company in particular. It is clear the US thinks Chinese involvement in digital […]

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The Attorney General writes me a letter

I know some of you thought it odd that the Attorney did not reply to my letter, but I eventually got a reply from the Secretary of State for exiting the EU. You will be pleased to know that yesterday I did also get a reply from the Attorney himself, so any criticism on that […]

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