Why a cynical Minister should resign

The following transcript has come to me by telepathy from the thought police, Ministerial Mind Reading Section. Unfortunately the Minister concerned was referred to only by a secret Code Number which I cannot crack:

” It is now clear Gordon cannot win the election. We’re at 26% and the skids are under us. The game is up, as our Spin doctors are all at war with each other, and even Ed Balls is now being briefed against. If things get worse I could even lose my seat. Either way I am bound to lose my Ministerial job next year when we do have to face the music. It might be best to resign now, whilst staying as friendly with the powers as be as possible. I will have a quiet word with the PM and say at his next reshuffle I would like to stand down for personal reasons. It could help him to have another job to offer someone. Then I should be able to find some sort of extra post, or talk to Headhunters about what I could do next before the balloon goes up and they are all looking for something. I remember I used to laugh at all those washed up Tories who couldn’t get a job after their defeat in 1997. It doesn’t seem quite so funny now it’s happening to us”


  1. yellowbelly
    April 19, 2009

    John, I picked that up as well, and I can tell you it was Jacqui Smith’s thought transmissions.

    Mind you, she can always go back to being a cookery teacher, under the Government’s accelerated teacher training programme.

  2. Ian Jones
    April 20, 2009

    Dont be so sure on this. I see protocol is going out of the window and the Hillsborough files will be released 10 years early along with some briefing that Thatcher was personally involved in the cover up.

    This will be the dirtiest election yet and Brown will stop at nothing to keep power including stealing the election through his postal vote fraud.

    It will all be closer than you think.

    1. Donitz
      April 20, 2009

      This election won’t be close.

      Even the mindless drones in non front line public sector jobs and thousands of socialist dependent benefit(handout) takers are beginning to realise the “game is up”.

      Goodbye 12 years of dire Socialist waste.

    2. alan jutson
      April 20, 2009

      Yes absloute co-incidence Hillsborough enquiry.
      It must have taken them 11 years to form this view.
      I wonder if all of the information will be made available, or just some of the selected pages.
      The truth needs to come out, but what perfect timing for Labour, or am I just an old cynic.
      Look for other choice releases or announcements of good news or smear.
      Agree postal votes are not the British way.
      Yes to the armed forces and those working abroad.
      Absolutly no to those living in the UK its far too open to manipulation.

  3. mikestallard
    April 20, 2009

    I am not so sure about the election myself. Already (yesterday) it was reported that there was postal fraud in an internal election within the Labour Party. With loads of (people-ed) with the same name, often living in highly patriarchal families (the Dad does the voting for the family), many of whom are unable to speak English and with loads of people in nursing homes, hospitals etc, it is so easy to go round (as was demonstrated in the Telegraph yesterday) and con the vulnerable into voting for “that nice yong lady who has just come to visit you”.
    The boundaries in Scotland, Wales and Northern England seem pretty squiffy too.
    Then there are the media who seem pretty well determined to be “fair”.
    On top of all that there is the ghastly mess of the EU queering the pitch.
    Finally, as happened at Glenrothes, there is always the sheer simplicity of counting the votes behind a stage where nobody can see them properly.

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