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Padworth Village Hall

I attended the opening ceremony of the refurbished Padworth Hall on Friday. I am grateful to my colleague, Richard Benyon for the charitable contribution one of his charities made, and to all the other sources of money for the project. The Hall now is in very good shape, well decorated and ready to host many […]

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MP expenses

  IPSA have just published the annual costs of each MP for the year 2013-14. As I have promised my constituents to keep my own costs of running an MP’s office down well below the average, I publish my figures below: Office costs budget        £22,750 J Redwood spend            £2716 Amount of budget unspent    88% Staff costs […]

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Meeting with Police Commissioner for Thames Valley

  I held a review meeting with Anthony Stansfeld this week. He had good news to report. Overall crime is at its lowest level for 25 years in the Thames Valley.  Over the last two years recorded crime is down by 14%. Last year domestic burglary fell by one fifth. TVP were able to deploy […]

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John Redwood helps launch Elevate in Wokingham

  On Monday 8th September John Redwood spoke at the launch of Elevate Wokingham in the town’s library on Denmark Street. Elevate is a service for young people to help them make choices on education, training and jobs. Based in Wokingham library, young people can read materials and receive advice on employment and careers. The […]

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New homes in Wokingham and the UK

  Many of us in Wokingham are in two minds about new homes. We want more people to own their own home and we want people to have the opportunity to buy a new homes to a modern design. We also wish to keep our countryside, protect our natural environment, and avoid over stretching local […]

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Puppy and kitten farming

  On Thursday I attended the debate on the sale of puppies and kittens, and told the House of support for the motion from many constituents in Wokingham who have written to me about the subject. The House went on to approve the  motion which calls for tighter controls over how puppies and kittens are […]

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The Ashya King case

  Several constituents have written to me to say the King parents should not be locked up in a Spanish jail, but should be free to be with their sick son. I agree. It is good news that the UK authorities have now removed the claim for a European Arrest warrant and said they wish […]

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Banning wild animals in circuses

  I have been contacted by some constituents asking me to be present and to support the Ten Minute Rule Bill to ban wild animals in circuses. I did attend. There was no opposition to the Bill, and it passed without a division because no-one wished to vote against it. This Bill is extremely unlikely […]

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Speech to Wokingham Lunch Club on Friday 22nd August

  I would like to thank Barbara Houghton and the organisers of the lunch club, and the many members who attended. I spoke about the economic recovery, migration, the UK’s relationship with the EU and the Middle East and Ukrainian civil wars. As always I spoke without a text or notes, so those interested in […]

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Puppy farming

A number of constituents have sent me a copy of the latest email urging Parliament to ensure good standards of animal welfare. Like my correspondents I want to stop  cruelty to animals. Next week Parliament will debate the topic, and we will hear from the government what more can be done.

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