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What are you offering pensioners?

  Yesterday on the doorsteps I was asked several times what are the Conservatives offering  pensioners? Let me remind those who are retired or nearing retirement of what the Conservatives are offering:   1. Uprate the State pension by the best of 2.5%,  inflation or earnings. The last government introduced this triple lock, and the […]

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Tour of the constituency

I amplanning to visit all parts of the constituency during the election campaign, knocking on doors and visiting places. So far I have been out and about in Emmbrook, Evendons, Norreys, Winnersh,Earley, Shinfield and Burghfield. On Saturday I will be in Wokingham town in all four wards.  I will also visit Swallowfield on Saturday.   […]

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Better child care

The Conservative Manifesto promises the money for 30 hours child care a week to families where both mother and father go out to work and they have a child or children aged 3-4. This doubles the current position of 15 hours free child care a week. The modern reality is many families do have two […]

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More and better jobs

The Conservative Manifesto makes clear our wish to see more people in work, and more people in well paid and rewarding work. The party has pledged that no-one on the Minimum Wage will pay any Income tax. There will be  future rises in the Minimum Wage under the current annual independent review system. We also want […]

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Home ownership for the many

When I wrote my election leaflets more than a month ago I decided to centre them on tax cuts for all, and on home ownership for the many. I had argued for good policies to allow people to keep more of what they earn, and to help more people own a home. I am pleased […]

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A manifesto for England

One of my aims in speaking for England over the last year was to persuade the Conservative party that it needed to produce a Manifesto for England. The main parties have traditionally produced distinctive manifesto documents for Wales and Scotland, but never produced one for England. As the next Parliament will legislate to give much […]

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Inheritance tax cuts

  In Emmbrook on Saturday I was asked if the Conservatives would renew their pledge to raise the threshold for Inheritance Tax. I said I did expect some reduction in Inheritance Tax to figure in the Manifesto to be launched  on tuesday, but we would need to check the detail when the manifesto was published. It is […]

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John Redwood on line

  With a little more than three weeks to run before the election – the period of a traditional election campaign- I encourage Wokingham constituency voters with points to make and questions to ask to join this on line forum. I will be out and about in each part of the constituency, but will not […]

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No rises in regulated train fares in real terms

Yesterday the Conservative party announced that if elected to government it would freeze regulated train fares in real terms for the next Parliament. Train fares have gone up a lot under both Labour and the Coalition in recent years. With current low rates of inflation the pledge is a helpful one to all who use […]

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Defending the UK

The world is a dangerous place. Russia is in dispute with the European Union to our east. The Middle East is gripped by a series of civil wars and by a more general regional conflict between Sunni and Shia forces. Islamic extremism and terrorism stalks many streets around the world, with enclaves of terrorist rule in […]

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