California Crossroads

I called in today as a local resident  to refuel at the garage . The works I am told are now running behind schedule. The local businesses are suffering very badly. Turnover is massively down with many customers  unable to get there or to park easily. We local users did not want the junction changed and certainly did not want roads closed for weeks on end. We want the local businesses to flourish and to be accessible. One business I was told had its electricity cut off without warning. Residential roads are clogged with cars trying to get round the closures.

Why didn’t the Council listen to local opinion and the Opposition Councillors who warned them not to proceed? Why did they proceed with no plans to help the local businesses? Why is there no compensation for lost business? Why are the works over running? Why did the Council tell us it would make things better and that it was on schedule? Why do some Councillors who voted for it now want to blame anyone but themselves?


  1. Danny
    April 19, 2024

    California dreaming by the Lib Dem’s turns into California nightmare for everyone

  2. Bryan Harris
    April 19, 2024

    Why didn’t the Council listen to local opinion

    It should be obvious that the council is messing about with the roads for one main reason – to comply with WEF plans to create 15 minute cities.

    It was never meant to improve anything for local people – FAR from it!

  3. Ian wragg
    April 19, 2024

    Because the council is following you parties lead on the war on motorists.
    All part of the WEF nut zero rubbish to make our life difficult

  4. Keith Murray-Jenkins
    April 19, 2024

    It’s absolutely great that you bring up a local ‘subject’, Sir John and give voice. Doing so very much highlights the ‘mess’ you and your fellow constituents are experiencing. It reminds us that your local misfortune is representative of many ‘plights’ occurring across our Sceptered (spelling?) Isle. Because – let’s face it – the quality of local ‘brains’ in local councils most other places will be pretty samey. It’s the same ol’ story. Many folks who are attracted by a desire to become of prestige (oo) via local council work will be often those who really should not bother. Now, I am – and we all are – aware there are good people doing a good job in local council work..and it must be frustrating for such people that they are surrounded by busy bodies who simply do a rotten job. From an ordinary person’s ordinary it’s great..I suggest that ‘some things have to change’. Town hall activity needs to sharpen up. How? By making local voices be heard. Not only heard but generally obeyed. Oo, Really? Yep. Big time. Or councillors get the push and fast. A change in the rules of their engagement to take place: for this to come about…

  5. Rod Evans
    April 19, 2024

    Was there a preamble to this brief blog post? What the heck is this all about?

    1. Berkshire Alan
      April 20, 2024

      Simple really, we had a two mini roundabouts, called the “California cross roads”, leading to California Country Park. The mini roundabouts serve just 4 traffic roads, but are situated next to each other as they also provide pull ins to three different business locations.
      To my certain knowledge they have been working ok for the past 50 years without much change.
      In its wisdom the Council have decided to beautify the area with a new set up that includes new priorities for bike lanes, pavements and crossings, but maintain the two miniature cross road set up, all at a cost of £5.5 million pounds, with a scheme that is planned to take 6-9 months.
      Will it be safer, will it be any easier to navigate, will it be any easier to pull in to the shops and businesses or to park, probably not, indeed on the plans it looks even more complicated than the old system which has served the Community for at least the past 50 years.

      Did they consider a more normal larger single roundabout for the not unusual 4 roads of traffic (cross roads) ?

      1. Peter D Gardner
        April 21, 2024

        Sounds like the council has too much money and is looking for things to spend it on.

        1. Berkshire Alan
          April 21, 2024

          Indeed and the roads are falling apart, but a different Budget exists for such work I am informed, and they claim they are short of money for everything !!!!
          Thus we are getting street waste bins capped, (too expensive to empty) a new planned fortnightly collection of waste, instead of weekly.
          Car parking fees doubled, and they are now taking over fines for moving traffic offences with more camera’s at specific locations.

  6. JayGee
    April 19, 2024

    “Why didn’t the Council listen to local opinion”, you ask.

    How often do MPs seek the opinion of their constituents? How often do they listen to same? Or do MPs just plod on regardless, following their own hobby horses? Must have been a fairly empty petrol station, with no queue, if you managed to work through so much local stuff.

    Reply I seek my constituents views 7 days a week

  7. Lynn Atkinson
    April 19, 2024

    Multiply this by millions of actions all over the country and you see an attack on private enterprise that is becoming unsurvivable because The Lockdowns sucked up everyone’s cushion.

    1. Berkshire Alan
      April 20, 2024

      True enough Lynn.

  8. Linda Brown
    April 20, 2024

    Don’t all roadworks start in April for budgetary reasons? Get wise and learn how councils are operating. You have the power to control them, or have you devolved this power to them as well. Think more communication needed on this one.

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