Early spring delayed by wrong kind of snow on the ground

This morning for anyone up bright and early the BBC broadcast the answer to the climate forecasters who told us to expect an early spring. A daffodil grower from Cornwall told us his crop will be one month late this year. I was relieved to hear it is not just my daffodils taking it easy before springing into life. His crop is still dwarves without flowers so far.

Apparently it is another case of too much weather and too little climate. We just have to be patient and fight our way through the rain and the wrong kind of “wintry showers”, as snow is now called by a Met office that finds it all so difficult to call.


  1. charles wardrop
    February 17, 2010

    What on earth motivates the leftwingers re this topic-seems to eradicate the objective,truly scientific pursuit of truth ?

  2. alan jutson
    February 17, 2010

    So I can put of the grass cutting for a while then.

  3. Iain
    February 17, 2010

    The BBC never left an opportunity to report on any drought around the world and claim it was the result of Global Warming. Yet when there was seasonal weather that didn't fit their religion they then informed us that there was a difference between weather and climate change. I have a feeling though that as soon as there is any weather that fits with their religion this new definition will be quickly forgotten about.

  4. Amanda
    February 17, 2010

    Last week I heard a presenter on Classic FM say that the daffodills were early again this year. Being a gardener, I was rather surprised; I'm only just seeing snowdrops – which is exactly the right time just after Candlemass!! Then, I found the source of this misleading information – The Daily Telegraph's environmental numpty, who had repeated a report from 'Nature' or some such body that Spring between such and such a date and 2005 had got earlier. Kew was cited as a source.

    So, I contacted Kew for their view on this, they told me they had "only one clump of very early crocuses, in the Director's private garden, which is very sheltered and is not open to the general public."

    I do believe that Prof Jones has now admitted that there has been no significant warming in the last 15 years. Surely, that now means the game is over !! The much quoted source of the global warming malarky has admitted there is nothing significant happening. And the IPCC report is falling to pieces in the meltdown of misleading information.

    I look forward to the first Conservative emergency budget that will remove the 'green' theft we have all been forced to pay on transport and energy. I also look forward to the cancellation of the offshore wind farm contracts, and a removal of the subsidies on these loss making 'white elephants'. And finally I look forward to hearing how we are going to quickly provide energy and how it will get cheaper – so that we can power our economic recover. Is that going to happen John?

    I also look forward to Brown and Milliband being (accused of-ed) defrauding the public. The Director General of the BBC being hounded from office for acting against the public interest and (being economical with the truth), and the same for the Director of the Met Office. I, want to see blood flow on this !!!!!

  5. John Bowman
    February 17, 2010

    I am looking forward to the time when we have decarbonised, when we shall have climate stasis, a climate that is not too hot, not too cold and just like Goldilocks's porridge, just right.

    Then somewhere over the rainbow will be mild Winters with just the right amount of the right kind of snow, early daffodils and balmy, agreeable, barbecue Summers of childhood memory.

    In the land of milk and honey inequality will have been eradicated, ditto disease, poverty, strife and want.

    What will a poor politician do then?

    1. Jamess
      February 17, 2010

      "What will a poor politician do then?"

      The same thing they always do: invent some looming disaster which they can save us from (providing we pay the tax…)

  6. […] variation on the phrase was deployed today in a post that’s even more wrongheaded than normal. The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology released a report on how plants and animals have shifted […]

    Reply: The comments on this link are offensive and wrong. Clearly the author has no sense of humour about this subject.

  7. Ian Pattinson
    February 18, 2010

    Humour is subjective. Your repetitive catchphrase is dull and nowhere near as clever as some think it is. And the attempts to poke fun at climate scientists that it appears in are plodding and, crucially for someone making himself out to be informed on the subject, invariably based upon arguments which have been shown to be wrong.

    If you don't like my honest and forthright assessment of what I think you're doing then you need to put a bit more effort into researching the subject before writing about it. Jumping on the denial bandwagon may appeal to some of your readers but I expect better from someone who may have a say in running the country after the election.

    Reply: Lighten up. Disagreements spliced with humour sustain a democracy.

  8. Ian Pattinson
    February 19, 2010

    "You just don't get the joke!" the eternal lament of the unfunny.

    Debate sustains a democracy even more. Why don't we try a bit of that? How about we start with you explaining the difference between climate and weather?

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