This site and the election

As from today this site becomes not just but also the regulated site of John Redwood, Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Wokingham.
The main site will continue unchanged, whilst the materials for the Wokingham election will normally appear on the local issues pages. The whole site is being treated as an election expense and will be declared as such. The site includes the imprint “Promoted by Christine Hill on behalf of John Redwood, both at 30 Rose Street Wokingham Berks RG40 1XU”
I am publishing as part of the new compliance regime both my declaration of interests as a candidate, which are the same as my declaration in the old Members register of interests as an MP in the last Parliament, and the latest figures concerning Parliamentary expenses for the last Parliament. These appear on the local pages.
I cease to be an MP, as Parliament is being dissolved and all MPs lose office. Any references to my past as an MP that remain in older stories on this site are there for archival purposes and do not purport to suggest I am still an MP.


  1. Duyfken
    April 9, 2010

    Congratulations on losing the attribute “MP”, even if only for a few weeks.

    To distinguish between the rottenness of previous parliaments (and of many of their members) and the reformation to which we are now entitled, I suggest in a reformed new parliament each member might prefer to be described as Member of the House of Commons = “MHC”. Less taint.

    With the prospect also of an elected House of Lords, any newly elected Peer might then become “MHL”.

    I wish you the best of success.

  2. JamesF
    April 9, 2010

    Dear John

    Your contact details still have you listed as an MP and contactable through Parliament. You also appear to have a surgery later this month; is that still feasible?

    Good wishes and good luck.

    Reply: Contact is now via Rose Street – all references to MP are historic. I will hold running surgeries as Conservative candidate as needed.

  3. Geoff not Hoon
    April 9, 2010

    Mr Redwood,
    In case there is no further opportunity can I offer you my best wishes in the election. if vast experience, common sense and an outstanding knowledge on all things under the headings economic's and politic's are 'all' that is needed then you are home and dry already!!

    Reply: Thank you

  4. alan jutson
    April 9, 2010


    Thank you for your service as my Parliamentary representitive over the past Parliament, and for your daily entries on this site, which have proved to be most illuminating.

    The last 5 years must have been in many ways more frustrating for you (being close to what has been going on, but being able to do little about it) than many of us who have suffered under this past Government.

    I wish you well in your campaign, and confirm you have at least one vote.

    reply: Thank you

  5. Cliff
    April 9, 2010

    Dear John,

    Firstly, may I thank you for the way you have worked hard for Wokingham which is of course, my home town. I feel you are one of a few that still remain honourable in every sense of the word.
    We have exchanged Emails in the past and I was always impressed by the way you replied so quickly to them, dispite a very heavy work load.

    I hope to see you returned for another parliament as our MP however, as you know I am not too happy with the direction Mr Cameron has taken the party and I do wish there was a way we could back a good local MP, like your good self, without necessarily, by implication, backing a presidential style leader.

    I look forward to seeing the various other candidates when they knock at my door and grilling them on matters of both local and national policy, especially one local candidate who appears to be running a one man smear campaign against you personally in the local press.

    Again, many thanks John and good luck.

    Reply: Thanks for your good wishes

  6. Steve
    April 9, 2010

    Dear John,

    I echo the comments of Cliff above.

    Your prompt replies to emails and diligent dissection of this unctious government's policies has been excellent and appreciated.

    If only there was a way to vote for you without the implicit approval of David Cameron and Co…

    Good luck for May 6th.


  7. Jonathan Woolf
    April 9, 2010

    Dear Mr Redwood

    Very best of luck in the upcoming election in Wokingham. You are that rare thing in modern politics, a man of consistent principle and sound good sense. I hope Cameron has the sense to give you a ministerial position, should you want it.

    Many thanks for your many insightful blogs and good luck

  8. Mark
    April 9, 2010

    I look forward to full normal service being resumed on your re-election to Parliament. In the mean time, I'm sure we all understand the priority is to win the election.

    Reply: the full service goes on! There will still be a daily blog on the main site.

  9. David Price
    April 9, 2010

    Many thanks for your help in the past and for your blog, one of the few islands of sanity in this sorry mess.

    I echo the support above and confirm you'll be getting my vote, good luck and success for your campaign.

  10. Freeborn John
    April 9, 2010

    Well good luck John. I work with quite a few of your constituents in the corporate buffer zone between it and Reading West and if the sentiment i pick up in the office is any indication i am confident your suffix will soon be restored.

    'Good luck' should not be necessary for someone who daily sets a benchmark here for what a top quality MP should be, but i wish it to you anyway.

  11. cheap ghd
    May 7, 2010

    We have exchanged Emails in the past and I was always impressed by the way you replied so quickly to them, dispite a very heavy work load.

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