Wokingham constituency to remain unchanged


             The draft proposals from the independent Boundary Commission make  no changes to the current Wokingham constituency.

             I welcome this. The huge changes put through in 1997 have taken time to settle down.Some voters in West Berkshire who joined the constituency in 1997 found it difficult at first to adjust to dealing with West Berks Council in Newbury for local government, whilst joining with   Wokingham  for Parliamentary matters. They wrote in opposition to the changes, but the Boundary Commission stuck to their v iew.

           If the draft proposals remain and are implemented no-one in our area has to change allegiance and learn about a new set up.


  1. zorro
    September 13, 2011

    Good news… are you intending to stay on at the next election?


    Reply: I have been selected as the Prospective Conservative candidate for the next election in Wokingham.

  2. outsider
    September 13, 2011

    Congratulations. Is that thanks to your new housing developments?

    Interestingly, the City of London seems destined to be represented for the first time by A Labour MP, most likely the less-than-sympathetic Emily Thornberry. I fancy that this may turn out to be more significant than it seems.

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