Mr Redwood’s contribution to the statement on Employment Law (Beecroft Report), 21 May

Mr John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): What is the Department’s estimate of the increase in output if all the measures recommended by Beecroft were adopted?

The Minister of State, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (Mr Mark Prisk): I do not have a specific estimate, and that is why we have issued a call for evidence. My right hon. Friend is right to ask about that issue, which the hon. Member for Streatham (Mr Umunna) unfortunately did not mention. We need to understand that there is a cost to every regulatory measure that is brought forth, not only economically but for people on the edge of the labour market who want the chance to have a job. If we regulate them out of work, we have to take responsibility for that, so my right hon. Friend is right to reflect on the costs.

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  1. lifelogic
    May 22, 2012

    Indeed a cost for every silly regulation (that usually exceeds any benefit). You are right (on the daily politics) employment laws are clearly a balance to be struck. The problems is the balance is hugely unbalanced against employers (and for lawyers) and this indirectly acts against job seekers and business efficiency too. Just as anti-landlord legislation hits tenants with a consequential lack of flats to rent and higher rents.

    No employer even wants to get rid of good employees why on earth would they?

    The other problem is Cameron has his foot firmly placed on the wrong side of the scales as usual. We see this with the new maternity laws, the no retirements, the gender neutral insurance laws, the energy performance certificates, the forced equality nonsense and all the rest of the anti growth anti business stuff he pushes.

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