Last of the summer Jubilee


              Today I went to the Queen’s Jubilee event at Henley before going on to Westminster. The Queen arrived in a magnificent river barge to a large cheering crowd.  The river water pageant was well done, with a procession of differing boats. The story of the Thames was brought to life by three men in a boat, by characters from the Wind in the Willows, by Henley rowing competitors, an Umpire’s barge, small boats from Dunkirk and some of the varying styles of Thames craft of the last  hundred years or more.  There were plenty of Mayors, Councillors, representatives of the uniformed services and charity and voluntary workers to talk to.

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  1. David Saunders
    June 26, 2012

    Your analysis of Conservative wishes, especially on the EU referendum is spot on, JR. The referendum is the elephant in the room and the other elephant is part of the problem, although he thinks he is part of the solution.

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