I will not be posting today, nor moderating.  All are still welcome to contribute as you wish.

           I wish you and your friends and families a very happy Christmas. 

          I would like to thank you all for contributing to this lively and wide ranging blog. I learn from it. Together we can influence the mainstream media and the debate. It is always worthwhile in a democracy offering new analysis and a different point of view.


  1. lifelogic
    December 25, 2012

    “It is always worthwhile in a democracy offering new analysis and a different point of view.”

    Indeed, especially when the alternative you offer is clearly, in general, the right way to go to benefit everyone. The question is why on earth nearly all the parties, the state sector, the EU, many charities, many religious leaders and the BBC are nearly all set on a mad, every bigger state sector, alternative route. It can surely only be self interest, the politics or envy or mere vacuity.

  2. Brian Taylor
    December 25, 2012

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year,keep up the good work.

  3. matthu
    December 25, 2012

    Happy Christmas to you, John, your family (who must have to put up with all the time you devote both to contributing to it on such a regular basis and to moderating it) and all contributors to this lively blog.

    I don’t manage to read it each and every day, but when I do I am undoubtedly enriched by the cross-section of views expressed.

    Enjoy the break!

  4. colliemum
    December 25, 2012

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, John, and many thanks for your incisive blog with some great comments.
    For a democracy to work, the electorate needs to be well informed. This blog helps to kepp us all on our toes.

  5. Kevin R. Lohse
    December 25, 2012

    We also learn from your insights and explanations, even if we don’t always agree with you. A Joyous and Peaceful Christmas to you and the regulars on this site

  6. David B
    December 25, 2012

    Merry Christmas John and to everyone else

  7. Catherine in Athens
    December 25, 2012

    A very merry Christmas to John, his family and fellow readers of his blog, and best wishes to all for what promises to be a very interesting 2013. Keep up the good work!

  8. Roger Farmer
    December 25, 2012

    Dear John,

    Have a really Happy Christmas and lets enter the New Year rareing to go with a determination to achieve what the majority of our opeople seem to want.

  9. Martyn
    December 25, 2012

    A very happy Christmas to thee and thine, John. Thank you these always interesting, informative and sometimes challenging blogs of yours. Always my first port of call when logging onto the web….

    Oh, and a Happy New Year!

  10. Martin Ryder
    December 25, 2012

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, your family and your band of bloggers.

    I start the day on the Redwood Blog and have never been disappointed, either with your good sense and the responses of the bloggers. I don’t always understand the economic and financial aspects (other than the need to cut the deficit and the debt and to rework the balance of payments to that it is in the UK’s favour – why do we never hear about the balance of payments in Parliament or the Press? It used to be a big thing when I was young) or agree with all your bloggers but I enjoy reading their comments.

    Let us hope that 2013 will be the year when the great sodden wet stifling blanket of the leftist liberal establishment begins to unravel.

  11. Gordon
    December 25, 2012

    Mr Redwood,

    Thank you for your good wishes, and I likewise wish you, your friends and family a very happy Christmas, and your continuing good health and resolve throughout next year and the hope that the fight for commonsense will prevail in our still great country.

    Thank you for your efforts this year and to the regular posters on here and I submit the same good wishes to you all.

  12. Demetrius
    December 25, 2012

    See you later, moderator. Enjoy!

  13. Peter Richmond
    December 25, 2012

    And a joyful Christmas and hopeful New Year to you, Mr Redwood, Sir. Thank you for all your informative and thoughtful comment during the past 12 months. And thanks to all those readers and writers who add to it all

  14. Mike Stallard
    December 25, 2012

    Merry Christmas!

    I want to say a huge thank you for all your efforts. It is remarkably difficult for the average person to have a decent political discussion, you know. People do rather bang on if you raise political questions! And they are not always that well informed. By telling what is actually going on in parliament (the media are woeful) we are actually very well informed and kept on our toes by a serving MP. And, because we have access to decent discussion, we do not need to bore our acquaintances – that much!
    By allowing, too, dissenting opinions, you encourage a genuine discussion. On some other blogs, only the received opinion is allowed.
    So let me hope that you are going to continue with this outstanding blog next year so that I can keep you on my top sites!

  15. Nasrin McGuire
    December 25, 2012

    I heartily wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    God send you many many happy and healthy ones
    and Happy Holiday
    where ever you wish to spend the gift of time

    Missing Oxford to the worth of all seas

    P.S. Subscribe to Oxfaz to support innovative economy: http://www.oxfaz.org

  16. peter davies
    December 25, 2012

    All the best to you John. I have learned a lot from you and many of the contributors to this site, merry christmas

  17. Bernard Juby
    December 25, 2012

    And a heartfelt same to you. Well deserved John.

  18. Barbara Stevens
    December 25, 2012

    May you have a good Chistmas and a happy New Year, my good wishes to you and your family and many thanks for a sensible blogg through out the year.

  19. Barbican
    December 25, 2012

    The EU needed much brighter bunnies than van Rompuy, Barosso, Wolfgang Schaueble, Martin Schulz, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Lord Brittan, the Kinnocks, “Dames”, Shirley Williams, Helena Kennedy and Ashton.
    Need I go on?

  20. Epigenes
    December 25, 2012

    Dear Mr Redwood,

    I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas and New Year.
    This is a great blog and I appreciate the effort that you make in allowing contributions to it despite the criticisms that are posted.

  21. Badger Bill
    December 25, 2012

    A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

    A marvellous blog. If only others were so!

  22. John
    December 25, 2012

    Can you get all of the MPs to join the 600000 people and sign this petition?
    Marriage is between one man and one woman.

  23. rd
    December 25, 2012

    Happy Christmas! I appreciate reading the opinions too and I thank you for ‘hosting’ the opinions of we voters.

  24. Freeborn John
    December 26, 2012

    A merry Christmas to yourself Mr. Redwood and thanks as ever for one of the most thoughtful political blogs in the UK.

  25. Kenneth Moore
    December 26, 2012

    A belated happy Christmas!.

    Thanks for all your the hard work in 2013 Uncle Redwood – casting a light on the murky corridors of power – please keep up the good work .

  26. John Orchard
    December 26, 2012

    I wish you and your Family all the best for the new Year and it has been a pleasure slagging off Cameron in your blog which is a breath of freash air among Parliamentarians of your calibre.

  27. Buffy
    December 27, 2012

    Just to say thank you for being constant ….. and a happy new year to you and yours.

  28. Tom William
    December 27, 2012

    A post Christmas comment, but thank you for all the thought you put into your blog, which is so informative, honest and uncondescending. If only the Commons had more Fellows of All Souls rather than PR men and ambitious careerists.

    Best wishes for 2013.

  29. Robert Taggart
    December 27, 2012

    BAH. Humbug !

  30. Rebecca Hanson
    December 28, 2012

    A belated Merry Christmas to you and all your blog commentators from me too John.

    We got Uno Extreme this year. Brilliant – really easy for everyone in all the generations to join in and not and not a marathon game like last year’s!

    The only downside is that it needs 3xC batteries which weren’t supplied.

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