Burghfield Remembrance Sunday


           I attended the morning march and service in Burghfield,  laying a poppy wreath in memory of all those in our armed services who have given their lives in the service of the Crown.

          I was grateful to Major Mark Shaw-Brookman  for organising such a large and impressive group of people to march to the Church and attend the service, and to Major John Steeds for his hospitality and support.

          The wreath laying around the War Memorial was a moving experience, and the Church service was dignified and well conducted. I would like to thank all involved for their fitting tributes to the dead of the wars and for their sympathy to all those who lost loved ones in conflict.


  1. Old Albion
    November 26, 2013

    I have just recieved a newsletter from my MP. It refers to the Remembrance day commemorations in Maidstone. Something i wholeheartedly support, in every sense.
    Helen Grant then goes on to remind us all that the current Government is anxious to commemorate the START of WW2, 100 years ago in 2014.
    This is a cynical and thinly disguised attempt to influence the Scottish independence referendum, by reminding the Scots of our shared history.
    I have written to her, for the second time. Pointing out, that nowhere in our history have we ever commemorated the START of a war. Only the end.
    This is a shameful tactic by your government.

    Reply I hope it was WW1, not WW2, if we are talking of 100 years. I think the idea has been developed by various charities involved in veteran support covering both WWs. The idea is commemoration from 1914 to 1918 for the leading battles and events of the Great War. It is not party political.

    1. Old Albion
      November 27, 2013

      Yes WW1 ……….. my typo error

      I believe it is shamefully political. (As i said, to remind the Scots about our shared history)
      2014 The Scottish independence vote. 2014 the 700 years anniversary of Bannockburn. 2014 Glasgow to host the Commonwealth games (where they will show the watching world how Scottish they are)
      So the (dis)UK government needs a counter story……….Let’s celebrate the Start of WW1. Cynical exploitation of those who died.

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