Local views on the resignation of Mrs Miller


Several constituents wrote to me saying that Mrs Miller should resign from the Cabinet. Other soundings I took showed this was a common view. I made sure the leadership of the Conservative party were informed of the strong feelings, as did many other MPs from their constituencies.

Mrs Miller has now resigned. She did so before the meeting of the 1922 (Conservative backbench) Committee where further representations to the Prime Minister were likely on the mood in country about this matter.  The Prime Minister will now attend the meeting this afternoon with this issue resolved. It is time to concentrate on explaining and reinforcing the good economic recovery now underway, and seeing through improvements and reforms to our public services and welfare systems.


  1. Peejos
    April 9, 2014

    Considering that the only real job the PM ever had was a brief stint as a public relations officer, it is quite extraordinary how utterly inept he is at handling the electorate. In spite of the self puff about economic brilliance, which is why he was elected in the first case, he does not seem able to grasp just how appaled the man in the street is at the behaviour of the entire political class for the last decade. There is no point in him making speeches about all the remarkable things he is going to do, when the reality is clear: he has absolutely no impact whatsoever. His track record is clear to any dispassionate observer and spells doom for any group that he is involved in.

  2. paul cohen
    April 9, 2014

    (Inaccurate comments on Mrs Miller ed)
    Nil points to Mr Cameron on this one, and a blow to the prospect of gaining more votes.

  3. British Nationalist
    April 9, 2014

    Mrs Miller has been toughing it out for several days now. Was her resignation timed to wrong-foot Miliband at PMQs? He must have binned most of his prepared questions as soon as he heard.

  4. alan jutson
    April 10, 2014

    Right decision, but about 7 days too late.

    Mr Cameron’s judgement and management skills thus bought into question.

    But why did it take over 4 years to get to this stage given the offence (if that is what it was) was made prior to 2009.

    The bigger worry was the MPs Group decision to overturn the original Independent findings on the amount originally outlined to be in error and owed.

    On the plus side, we may now have a true independent committee to look at these things in the future, providing MP’s vote for it of course.

    The Right of Recall promised, but yet to be delivered, may also help to resolve these sort of issues.

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