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In the Queen’s speech debate I spoke for England.

Last Wednesday amidst much pageantry and splendour the Queen opened the last session of this Parliament. In accordance with tradition she read a speech written for her by the government telling us what new laws Ministers wish Parliament to approve over the next year.

The main task in the year ahead is to take more actions to promote economic recovery. This will include measures to help the construction of more homes to meet the rising demand. The government wishes to help business find and produce more domestic energy, to help control prices. There will be a new law to tackle modern slavery and ways to enforce the payment of the minimum wage better to stop exploitation of workers. There will be a new £2000 a year childcare voucher for working parents. There will be simplifications to make it easier to set up a business and hire your first employee. Much of what needs doing does not need new laws. More jobs will come from growth, as the benefits of past economic action comes through in the form of business expansion and rising incomes.

So why then did I speak for England? Because overhanging this session of Parliament is the big question of the future of the United Kingdom. We await the Scottish decision on whether they wish to stay in the United Kingdom or not. Most UK voters want the Scots to stay. It looks likely they will vote to stay in. If they do so all three main political parties in Parliament want to offer them more devolved powers for their government in Edinburgh. This inevitably raises the question of England.

If Scotland is to have more powers to choose and raise her own taxes so should England. I do not think the tolerant English will accept more lop sided devolution. At the moment Scottish MPs can debate and vote on English health, education and criminal justice matters which they cannot settle for Scotland. We English MPs have no such rights over Scottish health or education. That causes stresses over issues like university fees and care for the elderly where the Scottish treatment is more generous to taxpayers than in England. If we were to have Scottish MPs voting taxes on England which did not apply to Scotland the sense of unfairness would get much larger.

That is why I spoke for England. I would like Scotland to stay within the UK. I think they will. I then want a fair settlement for England when Parliament turns to just how much more power Scottish politicians will have over their own affairs. My speech was broadly welcomed by colleagues present, including by the Scottish nationalists. I still have to persuade the government.


  1. alan jutson,
    June 12, 2014

    Thank you for speaking up for England John.

    If we are eventually to have Devo max or Devolution with even more considerable powers given to the separate Countries which make up the UK, then the same rules and powers should apply to all of them.

  2. Colin
    June 12, 2014

    “ways to enforce the payment of the minimum wage better to stop exploitation of workers”

    It’s so depressing to see a supposed Conservative using this kind of language. Minimum wage laws are economically illiterate and cause unemployment. A minimum wage law says, “If the market value of your labour is less than £6.31 per hour it is illegal for you to have a job and you must live on the dole.” If this is not so then the law of supply and demand is bunk and no one knows anything at all.

  3. Antisthenes
    June 13, 2014

    I am sure Labour and other lefties are set against any idea that English governance is to be decided solely by English MPs. In practice that would mean that lefty parties more often than not would not have a majority on those occasions and they would not be able to impose their policies. It could quite possibly throw up the anomaly of there being a Labour prime minister without the majority of English MPs supporting him/her.

    Despite the problems highlighted above it is obvious if there is devolution which there is to what ever degree then the English should not be disadvantaged by it. If there is not cross party support for allowing a form of devolution for the English then that tell us that those parties that do not agree are self serving hypocrites.

  4. Fred
    June 25, 2014

    Thanks John.
    England needs a parliament, with English MPs.
    Scots and Welsh have no Brits so why should we have the proven nation wreckers.

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