Bracknell News

What is the best way to raise your living standards? It is usually to work some overtime or get a promotion so you are paid more. What is the best way to get a better job? It is usually to start off in whatever job you can get and work your way up. It may involve taking a graining course, or getting some experience so your employer will trust you to take on a better paid job, or moving on to a new opening.

The recent good news is that there are many more jobs around giving people more opportunity to get started, and to move up the employment ladder. Since the 2010 election the UK has created an additional 1.8 million jobs. Employment is at record levels. Unemployment has come down by 372,000 since the last General Election. In the Wokingham constituency there are 316 fewer people out of work than a year ago. Unemployment is down to 0.8%.

Labour is right to criticise low pay and constrained living standards in some jobs. The Coalition government has recognised this problem and has raised the Minimum Wage. It has also, more importantly, taken many people out of tax altogether where they are on low pay, so they keep more of what they earn.

More needs to be done to assist greater prosperity and to spread the gr9wth of the economy out from the London area. It is good news that there are now many jobs available in our area, and the chance to find better paid work to raise living standards.