Jobs at the heart of the election

Over the last five years the economy has added 1000 extra jobs a day, every day. There are now almost 2 million additional jobs created since 2010. The Wokingham constituency has been particularly successful, with unemployment well below 1%.

Getting more people into work was a central feature of the welfare reforms and economic policy of the last five years. Nationwide there is still more to do, to move us closer to full employment where everyone who needs and wants a job can get one or can get the help and training needed to assist them.

The present economic policy is delivering. People ask how will the welfare bills be cut in the next Parliament? The way I want to see them  go down is through helping more people into work off welfare, and helping more people into better paid jobs so they need less benefit top up.

Controlling public spending and borrowing has played a necessary part in encouraging economic recovery. If we stick with the policy, we should generate more jobs, and more better paid jobs. Lower taxes, better infrastructure and good value for money from the public sector are all part of what is needed to foster the jobs that are at the heart of our future prosperity.



Published and promoted by Thomas Puddy on behalf of John Redwood, both of 30 Rose Street Wokingham RG40 1XU

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  1. Narrow Shoulders
    April 1, 2015

    How many of those jobs were subsidised by in work benefits Mr Redwood? Business getting rich off the tax payer. Isn’t it about time that business improved productivity and paid its own way rather than accepting subsidies from the taxpayer, often for immigrant labour ahead of British unemployed citizens?

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