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Some of you write in protest any day I chose to write about something other than migration. There is plenty about migration in the main media at the moment. I have run three recent pieces on this topic, including a statement from the Minister about the policy they are following. I will return to it from time to time when I have something to add or when the government has taken further action.

One of the main things I do on this site is to release stories and commentaries that are different from those running from the main spin machines in the main media. Sometimes these different issues and stories do get picked up by the main media and/or the main political parties. This happened to some of my work on justice for England, stamp duty reform and home ownership last year. Today the Sunday Express featured the story about Network Rail’s losses on financial derivatives which I highlighted here last month.

I fully understand the importance of the migration issue but do not intend to turn this into a migration only website.


  1. margaret
    September 6, 2015

    People who want to say something, regardless of your article, manage to work it around and incorporate migration into their comment. We are too ready to say no to the migrants here and I am fed up with a too diverse racial nation. DC is ensuring the migrants we take are straight from the refugee camps.
    I would be interested to know why other people blog on this site.

    1. DaveM
      September 7, 2015

      Personally, I have two main subjects which interest me politically. The remainder are related to them.

      1. I want the UK to leave the EU. Full stop. I’m not involved in business so have no direct financial interest in it. I want our govt to stop handing zillions over to Brussels for the benefit of big business. The excuse that it injects corporation tax funds into the economy doesn’t seem to hold water when budgets for Defence (where I work) are constantly being cut. And the mass immigration we are currently experiencing negates the extra spending on public services – if indeed there is any. Also defence-related, I’m sure you can appreciate my concern with the idea of inexperienced unelected bureaucrats dictating our foreign policy. In short, I want the UK’s sovereignty restored in its entirety. If we want to have an open border policy we will, but it has to a choice and a decision made in the UK by British people.

      2. I want England to have an elected Parliament of its own, or to do away with the Scottish , Welsh and NI assys and introduce EVEL, SVSL, WVWL and NIVNIL. Fairness for England in other words.

      Once these two issues are sorted, the country, in my opinion, will have a far better opportunity to sort out the other issues which are blogged about here by our kind host.

      In answer to your question, I put opinions and things here because Mr Redwood seems to be one of the few MPs who has similar opinions as well as the knowledge, seniority, and will to carry issues forward and present logical and workable ideas. Even if one tiny suggestion of mine can help him to formulate an argument then I’ve achieved something. I can’t strike, I can’t join a political party, and at present there is no credible populist movement to join, so this is as good a forum as any to vent frustrations and add anecdotes and suggestions.

      It’s also quite fun arguing with PvL from time to time!

      1. DaveM
        September 7, 2015

        PS – many of the issues Mr R deals with here also provide a good education!

  2. ian wragg
    September 6, 2015

    Whilst we appreciate your diverse topics John, the good people of this blog (majority) realise we are being displaced at an alarming rate with the blessing of the ruling class of which you are one.
    Today Peter Hitchens hits the jackpot, a story which you have probably read.
    Your leader is wilfully destroying this green and pleasant land as he did in coalition and now he has nowhere to hide.
    I do believe in mine and your lifetime ( I’m 70) there will be some serious civil strife as a direct result of government immigration non policy.

    1. Chris
      September 7, 2015

      I think you are absolutely right, Ian.

  3. Boudicca
    September 6, 2015

    It’s your blog, so of course you should write what you want to write.

    And if we think it’s irrelevant to the issues of the day, we won’t bother reading or responding to it. That’s our prerogative.

    Poll out today showing that a majority now want to leave the EU. I’m not in the least bit surprised by that; I think the polls that show a majority want to stay are (like the polls before the General Election) a little suspect.

    With Merkel and the British media stoking the migrant crisis for all it’s worth, I’m only surprised that the percentage wanting OUT isn’t higher.

  4. Mark
    September 6, 2015

    The issue of immigration and asylum has just recorded a record breaking 71% level of concern in the YouGov poll on key issues facing Britain. A well publicised petition has secured over 400,000 signatures on the issue, and a rather less well publicised (and somewhat extreme) one calling for a complete halt to all immigration and asylum issued in response is now attracting the fastest rise is support, and will likely breach the 100,000 barrier soon. Until the political issues are decided and put to bed, it is inevitable that people wish to have a say.

    I have found it interesting that the general public are showing few signs of trust in the media narratives, perhaps creating another reason for wanting to be sure that politicians don’t simply buckle to the views offered by Sky and the BBC, Merkel and the EU, etc.

    Aside from the refugee crisis, there are also very real foreign policy issues and events that are perhaps at least as important yet which are not garnering the attention they should. Obama’s rather weak handling of King Salman’s visit to Washington, and Russian reinforcement of Assad’s army being among those relevant to Syria.

  5. Old Albion
    September 6, 2015

    You make valid points JR and I for one would like to reiterate how much I appreciate having this blog to comment on.
    However, you do seem to spend a lot of time picking at mutterings from ther Labour party. Do not forget they are in opposition for another four and a half years and seem incapable of electing a worthwhile leader. In short, they are virtually irrelevent.

    Reply Very few of those – I have written much more about migration, the EU and the state of the economy.

  6. Lifelogic
    September 6, 2015

    I am sure Cameron will live up to his “no ifs no buts, tens of thousands promise”. Surely he will won’t he?

  7. Bert Young
    September 6, 2015

    The range of the blogs is , frankly , amazing ; I am always interested in them . Each day I admire the fact that you spend so much time creating them and introducing so many items the media neglect . There are very few individuals capable of this and I urge you to keep them coming ; well done !

    1. Hefner
      September 6, 2015


      1. Know-Dice
        September 7, 2015

        Thirded !!!

        Your Blog your rules.

    2. oldtimer
      September 7, 2015

      Agreed! JR should continue to plough the furrow of his choice – it is his blog. I appreciate the opportunity to comment from time to time.

    3. libertarian
      September 7, 2015

      Absolutely agree.

      JR does a fabulous job with this very informative blog.

  8. margaret
    September 6, 2015

    I often go back and look at previous blogs to see if there is any freshness in the comments. I mean fresh in the better sense ( and I presume we all think the written word is better when there are no sexual overtones) Cheesiness is as bad as persistent anger, although I do enjoy a bit of British cheese now and again .Now where was I; oh yes ;I go back and look at old blogs ; that is not old and decrepit, but past blogs, only to find the comments closed for additions disabling me from reading any past blurb.

    Reply All past blogs can be read. I have to close older articles for comments, as otherwise I am inundated with adverts/non comments from computer generated sources I am told.

    1. Iain Gill
      September 7, 2015

      If the only reason the comments on old blog entries are not available is trying to stop “inundated with adverts/non comments from computer generated sources” it would be better to ask your webmaster to make the comments on those old blog entries “read-only”. This would mean anyone could still read the comments against old blog entries but no new comments could be added. I for one would appreciate being able to lookup some of the old debates in the comments sections.
      Another simple improvement would be when you add a reply to a comment don’t use the word “Reply”, use something else, maybe your initials or an unusual word or “JR-Reply”. The problem at the moment is that if someone wants to do a simple text search for your replies the word “reply” is shown in the bottom right hand corner of all the boxes and that stops a quick search from being possible.

  9. Richard1
    September 6, 2015

    That will be because there are a few voluble UKIPers blogging on this site and UKIP is now a single issue, anti-immigration party. Gone are the calls for flat taxes, gone is the scepticism to green crap. There’s even an anti business tone to many UKIP pronouncements today – Corbynesque railing against ‘corporate welfare’ whatever that is.

    1. Anonymous
      September 6, 2015

      Richard 1

      There is no greater issue facing this country today than mass immigration.

      Immigration (population numbers) is integral to virtually every single political issue so I make mention of it where it should have been mentioned but wasn’t. Housing, transport, jobs, hospitals, schools, welfare, crime… military deployments abroad to ‘prevent terror on our streets’, you name it. If immigration isn’t mentioned then the subject matter is not complete.

      I am amazed that Dr Redwood publishes my comments but am grateful to him that he does. I do not level this at him but I am in no doubt that I am easy to identify and will somehow be made to pay for this. Even if I am being a tad paranoid I do not post without a personal cost.

      I do this because I believe my country to be in grave peril and see it as my duty to defend it. And in ‘my country’ I include many ethnic minorities with whom I share worries, a cultural commonality and identical values.

      This is not, in particular, a UKIP issue but they are the only party prepared to talk about it in a society where it has been deemed impolite and uncouth to do so – unless, of course, it is in the supportive sense in which case the Left are allowed to bang on about it as incessantly as they like, as they have been in recent weeks.

      UKIP know that the surest way to get an Out result is on grave worries about mass immigration – the rest of the arguments are totally and utterly futile as the masses are not at all interested in the minutae of EU issues – boredom the EU’s stealth fighter.

      There has to be something to counter the Europhile’s unfounded and hysterical claim that “THREE MILLION JOBS WILL BE LOST !” and there is. And the evidence for the UKIP counterpoint is in abundance and growing by the day, nay, the hour.

      So let the EU referendum be based on immigration and ‘jobs lost’. If we stay in then mass immigration it is.

      Germany has just opened the EU borders to at least 800,000 new migrants without consultation to her EU partners and without (one hopes) consultation with our own PM.

      The BBC news bulletin I am watching now shows that the flood will soon become a tsunami of humanity – most of it economic migration – through the dementedness of our EU elite.

      Germany will pass on her refugees once they have their papers and we will have no choice in how many we take. (Why were the refugees chanting ‘Germany’ in English and waving placcards in English if their intention is to stay in Germany ?)

      This will (and is) impacting virtually every single issue that Mr Redwood touches on. Believe me, it doesn’t take much effort to ‘work it around’ to immigration when it ought to have been mentioned in the first place.

  10. Anonymous
    September 6, 2015

    But immigration deserves to be mentioned every time it is relevent to a post. And on Manchester it certainly is. I’d say on transport as well. The country was not designed to contain the numbers of people that it is.

    In actuality the immigration debate is being dominated by the Left. They are the ones having all the say on it.

    We can see a false consensus being created by actors, actresses and pop stars as well as politicians that were rejected at the last election.

    Mr Cameron may or may not agree with this ‘consensus’ but at the very least it gets him off the hook and enables him to continue failing on immigration because “you all wanted us to continue with it.”

    It has to be difficult for him. Especially if he is getting ear’ole at home.

    An emotive (and harrowing for everyone – including me) picture must not be allowed to dicate national policy. The Express could have published pictures of dead British tots in support of its anti mass immigration agenda but would not be allowed to – and nor should it.

    Why is only the Left gifted with such power ?

    If (as is the case) we are going to have no idea of who or how many are going to be here then none of your postings bear any semblance to reality. They are simply made up of denial and fantasy.

    1. Anonymous
      September 6, 2015

      PS, It would make things a lot easier for ordinary people if those exhorting them to make sacrifices did so in realistic proportion to themselves. Geldoff must suffer going to the back of the health queue, the housing queue and the jobs queue before he can begin to lecture.

      It would also be easier if those stupendously rich people in poverty stricken countries did more to redistribute their wealth.

    2. forthurst
      September 6, 2015

      The tragic deaths of the family of Abdullah Kurdi are the responsibility of Kurdi himself and the neocon (people ed) that believe that regime change under whatever pretext is justified in terms of their vile geopolitical ambitions. Furthermore, it is very obvious that they are paying lipservice to calls for the destruction of Da’ish only because all right thinking people regard them as just as equally vile.

      Whenever some slimey politician demands the removal of Assad together with the destruction of Da’ish, you know for certain that they are far more interested in the former and half-hearted at best about the latter. It is the neocon (people ed)with their attacks on Iraq, Syria and Libya who are the cause of the massive migrant flows which now beset Europe and so much misery, death and destruction in the Middle East and North Africa.

  11. agricola
    September 6, 2015

    While I appreciate what you say and will try to comply with it. There are times when what is happening off your daily piste is so compelling that it is difficult not to express an opinion. One solution might be to write about your subject of the day as normal, but then to add a second headline with an invitation to comment. You would not need to write about the second subject yourself, but it might serve as a worthwhile opinion gatherer, helping you to form ideas for a future diary entry.

  12. Sean
    September 6, 2015

    Maybe we can talk about the BBC funding again. I want to see that coropartation funded by Per per view. I hate being forced to pay for something I can live without or at least have a choice to buy or not. No way do I want to see a tax to fund the BBC WE HAVE THAT ALREADY! Other companies earn their money so who I’ll the BBC. IM FED UP Subsidising others to watch when I don’t.

    1. Know-Dice
      September 7, 2015

      I don’t mind the BBC tax even if it’s just for advert free television.

      But, those that wish to only watch commercial channels should be able to do so without paying a licence fee. The technology is available to do it -now- so why not?

      Turn in to a subscription service or is it still a propaganda outlet for the UK Government?

  13. fedupsoutherner
    September 6, 2015

    Whilst I agree there are many topics to discuss John, I can’t help feeling that many people have immigration at the top of their lists. If they are like me, I feel helpless with what is going on and wonder where it will all end. Will we end up as a Muslim let country? Maybe I am being dramatic but I worry that all the thousands of immigrants pouring into Austria and Germany won’t stay there. On top of all those Cameron is letting in, we will get those who are given papers in other countries who will also come to the UK not only for the generous benefits but also because we speak English, a language many understand. They won’t want to stay in Germany or anywhere where they cannot speak the language. When you fear for the future of your country and your children it is very hard to think about much else.

    1. Tim L
      September 6, 2015

      And of course Germany has calculated that issuing passports and a bit of cash will bypass Cameron’s resistance

    2. Anonymous
      September 6, 2015

      And, of course, Germany has a voluble and violent anti immigrant minority, growing by the day.

      Many East Germans have just had a relatively short experience of western style prosperity and are now being asked to share it with masses of newcomers. From my sources there it is not going down well.

      This is all going to end very badly.

  14. ChrisS
    September 6, 2015

    I think you get the topics about right. We have had spells where even I’ve got fed up with my favourite subject, Europe, but in general you enable us to discuss the important topics of the day. Most of us are extremely grateful for the opportunity.

    If there is an opportunity to nominate topics ( why should there be, it’s your diary ), you could never satisfy everyone so I wouldn’t try.

    What I would really like to have is some real insider info on the background to decisions.
    None of us understands the inner workings of the Conservative party and especially the real thinking of Government Ministers.

    Could you not include in your topics some background info ?
    One thing I would really appreciate knowing is the real relative strength of the Pro and Anti EU wings of the party.

    Just how much support would there be on your side of the house for a renegotiation that brought back, as seems likely, almost nothing of substance ? In other words the real Europhiles.

    How many MPs in the party will vote and campaign to leave irrespective of the outcome ?

    No names, of course but numbers would be interesting.

    Then there are issues we simply don’t understand such as the forcing through of Gay Marriage. Why did Cameron go to all that trouble to get through a measure most of his party and supporters never wanted to see.

    Finally, there are the issues of HS2 and foreign aid. I and many other Conservative supporters have no idea why the PM and chancellor are so wedded to these very expensive measures. How many in Government other than those two are actively supportive of these policies ? I suspect there are few.

  15. James Winfield
    September 6, 2015

    I’m always far more interested in what you have to say about economic matters. I tend to switch off when I see EU/immigration.

  16. alan jutson
    September 6, 2015

    Probably like many who read and blog on this site, I always attempt to keep to the topic you generate.

    Problem is, Immigration cuts across so many topics.

    Housing Provision, Welfare provision, NHS provision, School places, National security at home and abroad, etc, etc.

    A rising (fast rising) Population puts a stain on all of the above, and with the present numbers who are arriving here, with more to follow, it makes future budgeting and planning in all of the above areas almost impossible, especially when they have unknown skills, and can just seemingly simply walk in from any EU Country.

    I have to say that I became very angry last week at other Countries criticising the UK, saying we were just sitting on the sidelines and not pulling our weight, ignoring the facts, and indeed our record over past generations.
    Our government certainly did not defend our position anywhere strongly enough with facts and figures.

    I am pleased you at least made clear your views and feelings in your posting under “local issues” a couple of days ago.

    The fact that our Media, and some opposition Mp’s joined in with this criticism (for perhaps short term political gain) I though nauseating.

    Sorry for the mild rant, but certain Countries should look back at their own record in recorded history over rather more than just one year.

    There’re many things wrong with this Country, but lack of compassion is certainly not one of them.

    September 6, 2015

    It would be a great relief to the vast majority of people in this country if the media were to operate a blanket ban on further reporting of the migrant crisis of EUROPE.

    If pop stars and and others earnestly wishing to jump on the bandwagon pulled by the four horses of the apocalypse driven by a well-dressed and shod dead baby then they should pay their taxes in the UK, sell their overseas properties..oh yes we know about them, and transfer the money to any Syrian group of Syrian young men willing to fight for their country by automatically enlisting in return for asylum in a Free Syrian Army Unit with trainers from the British and French armies.
    They must know that Germany is not allowed since WW2 to engage in armed conflicts and send troops to fight in their homeland.
    Of course they, the Syrian fleers, want to fight for their country don’t they?

    September 6, 2015

    Forgive me please JR but this is so close to my heart sometimes it is too much.

    In Sheffield where my father, for he was in ill-health, worked supervising the building of Churchill tanks by day, teaching welding by night, also on fire watch where he saw the burnings of human beings in the streets…16 year old girls were on the flak guns. 18 year old “women”.. were in the regular army and fighting abroad. I have talked to just one. Operated the flak guns shooting down bombers.
    Any of them, at any time could have scarpered to Scotland then island by island gone to Northern Ireland and claimed sanctuary in the Republic of Ireland. It never crossed their mind and my very typed words…I have never seen before.
    To a man, those girls manned the guns. Every man did his duty.
    Etc ed

  19. Iain Gill
    September 6, 2015

    Good luck John

    An old mate used to call me “DWAI” don’t worry about it, and in this case you can have that title

    I’d like to see your thoughts on the research on the “association of British drivers* website, and fathers4justice, both of which defy the lefty PC media and approach things from a different angle

    But you cover what you want

  20. sm
    September 6, 2015

    Choice what choice are the general public given on specific issues?
    – swiss type referenda?
    -direct democracy?

  21. Bill
    September 6, 2015

    I appreciate this blog and your analysis, often using publicly verifiable figures, of complex financial and economic matters which are only dealt with piecemeal in news bulletins or interviews. I find what you say helps me understand things I have never had time to think properly about before or which appear to me to be represented in a simplistic manner elsewhere.

    So, thank you.

  22. Javelin
    September 6, 2015

    Migration is the major issue of our times. It’s like being in WW2 and not mentioning the war.

    There is a major disconnect between politicians and the people. Just look at the new outsiders breaking into political leadership on both sides of the pond.

    History tells us that political classes are swept away when nothing seems to be happening. It’s just straws on camels backs.

    1. Javelin
      September 6, 2015

      It will only take one charasmatic leader in Europe to (trigger a different view ed )with immigrants.

      I really think Westminster doesn’t get what is about to happen.

      A European Union with undemocratic mechanisms.

      The dead child on the beach has flipped the so called leaders position. Why have the so called leaders changed their view on immigration over night. It just does not sit right. A handfull of people at the top of Europe changing the future of the continent without consultation.

      The TV screens show doe eyed children whilst thousands of young men from all over the Middle East and Africa walk by in the back ground. Do you honestly think the public are not feeling extremely angry.

      I’ll repeat – one charasmatic leader in Europe is all that is needed to start a(trouble ed)in Europe.

  23. turbo terrier
    September 6, 2015


    Your time and effort involved in producing your entries is very much appreciated by us that visit your site on a daily basis.

    I along with a lot of people really fear that it is only you and a few like minded collegues are actually listening to what we are saying and concerned about.

    The vast majority of your topics are, can and will be affected by the influx of more refugees and migrants and for those of us still working and paying taxes whatever the number that come in it will be the same number of UK residents that will be pushed back further down the queue.

    This madness and capitulation by the government on numbers being forced upon us and like a lot of us we feel that the PM is being forced to give in for the price of being heard in the quest for a change in Europe. It ain’t going to happen. The public will be told that a deal has been agreed but in reality it will mean nothing.

    Only fools dismiss the worries of a lot of the population over immigration even more so when we are carrying a £1.5 trillion national debt and more pressure on the finances with the announced 15000 will have an impact. As a percentage not a lot but in real terms a massive difference.

    If we have to buy this deal then the PM had better come up with some response to the areas that are effecting a lot of your readers now. Waste, greencrap, NHS and defence to mention a few. Peter Hitchens in a brilliant article in the Sunday Mail is right that the UK will end up as a Muslim controlled country in part due to the apathy of the “English” population but I believe that the same threat is facing the whole of Europe over the next few decades.

    I have always found your entries both thought provoking and informative especially in the areas of Finance, Energy, NHS and industry.

    Along with a lot of others please keep up the good work.

    Your blog your subjects NO PROBLEM

  24. Ken Moore
    September 6, 2015

    JR Some of you write in protest any day I chose to write about something other than migration.

    I see this as the dawning recognition that we have been sold down the river by successive government’s of all colours. The issue is treated strictly as ‘not in front of the children’ politics. The race relations act having served is now just a tool used by the left wing lobby to stifle debate.

    The public are not stupid – they can spot that un-sustainable levels of migration of people with a culture quite different from our own isn’t in our best interests. We can barely school, house and medically treat the numbers already settled here….

    To be fair nearly everything discussed by Dr Redwood is impacted by immigration – often in a negative way. Does John Redwood have a view on what the impact of a population of 75 or 100 million (if his wish to see numbers reduced is ignored) would be on our quality of life ?. Can all of these people be comfortably accommodated given the size of resources available to us ?.
    My view is a firm no and that living standards would go backwards.
    Problems with Railtrack or the banks seem miniscule in comparison to the hardships we face if your government doesn’t find an answer to these problems.

    The left may believe wealth should be evenly distributed globally and that any inequality is an outrage – but shouldn’t we have a choice on the matter ?. David Cameron seems to agree with the leftists..but who speaks for those that don’t ?

    I have looked in vain to find a serious answer to this question by the government and found none. I suspect this is because the answer would be too uncomfortable so heads are just buried in the sand for another 5 years until the next government comes along…

  25. bluedog
    September 7, 2015

    Follow your own instincts, Dr JR, don’t be swayed by outside voices. You’re ‘In the thick of it’, you can read the debate and know what needs to be said to turn the argument at a critical point. Go on doing what you do so well.

    One thing your blog proves is that an experienced, erudite and articulate operator can have immense influence through the medium of the web. If bound by the Chatham House rules of the Cabinet, your ability to offer free debate on a very wide range of topics would be severely curtailed. In both the Scottish independence debate and the continuing matter of EU membership your contribution has been of the highest importance. The recent opinion poll giving a notional 51% ‘out’ vote on EU membership should be a matter for quiet pride. And there’s two years still to go before the only vote that matters!

    Reply. Thanks. Support is welcome and helpful.

    1. libertarian
      September 7, 2015

      Totally endorse what you say blue dog.

      JR is one of the few politician that I will take seriously when he explains complex issues. ( I’m not a Tory or kipper either )

  26. David
    September 7, 2015

    “One of the main things I do on this site is to release stories and commentaries that are different from those running from the main spin machines in the main media. ”
    Please keep doing so although migration is important. If the BBC were not biased we would see your stories on their website first not here.

  27. William Long
    September 7, 2015

    I greatly value the diversity of your blog and would find it most disappointing if you confined yourself to a single subject. The thing I find most surprising about the migration issue is that it is now over 47 since Enoch Powell made his speech in Birmingham and it has taken all that time to become something that really worries people, to the extent they are prepared to talk about it.
    There are many other topics to interest us though, and as far as I am concerned the more of them you illuminate, the better.
    With many thanks for the time you spend and I only hope the replies give you some enlightenment for compensation!

  28. botogol
    September 7, 2015

    I read your blog precisely *because* you manage to write about interesting topics that are not otherwise on the news agenda. And because you restrict your posts to topics where you feel you have something to say.

  29. Chris
    September 7, 2015

    There is no need for you to justify what you choose to write about. It is your blog, as others have said. We have the choice to read your contribution or not. I find I learn a lot from what you say, and from the comments people make, and it is instructive to have a wide range of topics to read your thoughts about. As others have said, thank you for all your efforts and the time spent, and for your willingness to work with the electorate in order to appreciate their views and also to inform them.

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