Government fails to explain EU statement that all member states will remove Turkish visa rights

I asked an Urgent Question in the Commons yesterday  just after Prime Minister’s Questions. I pointed out that the government’s statement that we will not be part of the agreement to waive all Turkish visas is not what the EU Statement of Heads of State and Government says. The government was unable to deny the text from the Heads of State and government, or to explain it. I proposed that they either get it amended or negotiate a UK opt out. The government after all wishes the UK to rely on just an agreement between member states for its new deal with the EU, so these EU documents are meant to be accurate and important. See yesterday’s blog for the detail.


  1. Bert Young
    March 10, 2016

    Yours was a very valid question . A visa control over Turkish travellers is essential if we are to establish any control over our borders . Turkey is trying to blackmail itself into an “ever closer union”. Merkel has made a most stupid blunder by trying to cement a deal and bring to a halt the migrant crisis she created . I would like to know what the answer is to your question .

    1. Anonymous
      March 10, 2016

      Bert Young – She didn’t create the crisis, she just made an existing crisis worse.

      The British have played a bigger part in the destablisation of the Middle East, and the mass movements across the EU motivated by our lax security and jobs and benefits free-for-all.

      1. ChrisS
        March 10, 2016

        I don’t agree, Anonymous :

        Initially the number of migrants making it into Europe was manageable.
        The “problem” only became a full-blown crisis when Merkel stupidly announced she would welcome everyone.

        As for the last part : it was Hollande and Cameron who were jointly responsible for egging on the Libyans but it’s certainly the case that Schengen acts as a magnet attracting all sorts of economic migrants to chance their luck to get across the easiest external border.

        1. Anonymous
          March 11, 2016

          Chris – It hasn’t been manageable for a long while.

          It is quite clear that there is no limit on immigration and never has been.

          For years – decades, in fact – many of us have been predicting that the flood would turn into a tsunami.

          We have been proven right. The images from the Med are as biblical as we said they would be.

          Further predictions:

          – this does not stop until we are (poorer ed) and (subject to ed) corruption too

          – within 100 years this country will be (more ed) sectarianised, unsettled and in struggle with itself

          A mere generation of politicians has thrown away 1000 years of nation building and hard won stability. Nothing can be done about it. Not even leaving the EU will put this right.

        2. stred
          March 11, 2016

          This is unfair on Hollande. It was Sarkozi and Eural who provided the bombers and sent Gaddafi up the drainpipe and then went over to congratulate them personally on their new democracy, as planned by the Transformational Diplomacy experts in the US. Barrack is now trying to blame his bro’ for realising that there was a nasty feeling in the air, and not bothering to hang around and sort out the differences of opinion.

      2. stred
        March 11, 2016

        The link to the DM on Daniel Korski, the no 10 advisor, who was unfriendly to the BCC boss who was sacked, threw up some interesting history and articles written by him. re wiki- refs.

        He was seconded to help Condoleeza Rice in Washington during her spell working to help Bush II and Blair get us back into Iraq using the dodgy dossier and develop her Transformational Diplomacy. Today, it is reported that some Republicans are trying to get her to run as president against Trump. Even more scary!

        While Eural’s bro’ in deception, Barrack, is tryng to blame him for the shambles in Libya and not paying attention. Interestingly, Korki wrote an article on one of his International Relations sites (on wiki refs) in which he praises the liberation of Libya and names the US generals and others who were planning the overthrow of Ghadaffi and ignoring his warnings that the other side were even worse.

        Other articles praising the Arab spring and on the Egyptian revolution are interesting. The Daily Mail also claimed that Korki’s bird, the ex- ambassador of Albania, is now working for the EU Commissioner for Expansion.

        No wonder Eural liked to get in there and bring democracy to all those lucky people who now want to come and live here instead.

    2. Hope
      March 10, 2016

      Why do you persist in believing Cameron? How many more cast iron, no ifs or buts rock solid statements do you need before you conclude that you cannot believe a word this man says. No 10 denied calls to Mr longforth, it now emerges that an aid did make a call. At the moment he changes his view on a daily and weekly basis to defend th EU over the nation, even if this means making threats towards us with his own incompetence and that of other foreign leaders. He is an utter disgrace and should not be in any public office. Cameron had run away before when asked to defend his position on Europe with Farage, debate Salmond, debate Miliband- even though he copied his ideas! Why are you surprised he ran off before being questioned about Turkish migrants and the EU! It might crystallise that he negotiated nothing to prevent immigration despite all his bluster.

      1. Denis Cooper
        March 11, 2016

        All that is true, but against that HE CAN GIVE A SPEECH WITHOUT NOTES and so was the best choice as Tory leader and now Prime Minister.

        Reply I don’t think that was why he became leader. Several of us can speak without notes!

        1. Hope
          March 11, 2016

          He also claimed to be a Eurosceptic. Is anyone stupid enough in the Tory party to believe him any longer? It strikes me that even without notes he lies and will say anything. He got elected on a false ticket. Look at those he placed around him to offer advice over the last six years. Clarke, Heseltine and Major not very far away.

        2. Lifelogic
          March 11, 2016

          Indeed, he became PM because half of the Tory party are wet, over tax, over borrow, endless wasters, greencrap believing, EU loving, Libdims just like Cameron himself.

  2. alan jutson
    March 10, 2016

    I see from Press comments today, that Mr Cameron made a swift exit from the commons so he did not have to answer your question himself.

    Whilst I do not expect you to make comment on Mr Cameron’s actions of late, indeed since his return from the so called negotiations (some may say surrender) you must feel very, very disappointed that the leader of your Party is behaving in such a shoddy and undemocratic manner in trying to stifle proper debate over all things EU.

    Let us hope he WILL be defeated, and we vote out in June.

    He can then be discharged of his duties and also voted out, under a no confidence motion.

  3. Antisthenes
    March 10, 2016

    One thing David Cameron’s deal highlights is that the UK has no influence at all inside the EU as he achieved nothing of significance. So negotiating and opt out on Turkish visas may be given lip service to but will not be honoured. We have other opt outs but the EU always finds ways around them. Those that they have not yet circumvented such as joining the euro they will eventually. We opted out of propping up the euro but they have found a way around that and of course we are contributing to the administration costs of it as well. It is not an administration that is separate from that which governs all of EU matters.

    The UK has no influence and those who say we must stay in to exercise that non existent influence are either deluding themselves or more likely us. As for opting out of taking the immigrant quoter that is a farce. Immigrants will just receive the right of free movement and come here in as many numbers as they want. The EU will have bypassed yet another opt out. In the UK has to do what the EU dictates and the UK can do nothing at all about it as there is no credible mechanism to counter EU tyranny.

  4. Denis Cooper
    March 10, 2016

    “to accelerate the implementation of the visa liberalization roadmap with all Member States with a view to lifting the visa requirements for Turkish citizens at the latest by the end of June 2016”

    It has always been my understanding that “all” means “all”, not “all except one or two”.

  5. bluedog
    March 10, 2016

    If the EU text is completely different to the British government’s press release it is probably safer to believe the EU text, Dr JR.

    But as you allude, what does this mean for the Cameron Renegotiation? Is it just a press release, a scrap of paper that can be discarded once the masses are suitably distracted? It really does seem that this is the case. After all, the EU treaties remain sacrosanct and undefiled by any change. Cameron’s reputation as a gentleman of unimpeachable integrity appears to be under terminal threat.

    Indeed, impeachment may be the operative word. It seems that Mr Cameron has mislead the House on two matters.

  6. Lifelogic
    March 10, 2016


    Cameron is doubtless too busy with his pathetic project fear, the latest being that he is threatening voters with higher mortgage rates should they have the temerity to leave.

    In fact if when we Brexit, we stop paying the huge fees, accept only higher quality self financing immigration and get out of the EURO risks, we will surely be a far better credit risk so rates should go down other things being equal.

    Even more so if we get rid of tax borrow and piss down the drain and greencrap, expensive energy Osborne and Cameron and get a sensible, low and simple taxes, chancellor who cuts bloated state down to size.

    Grayling is probably right in saying Cameron pathetic deal may even have put the UK in a worse not a better position.

  7. Iain Moore
    March 10, 2016

    Cameron was always poor on detail, so no surprise to find we are not sure what he has signed us up to here.

  8. Ian Wragg
    March 10, 2016

    This was probably the quid pro quo for Murky agreeing to his non reform package. Cameron is a Common Purpose Bilderburger who is happy to dilute our identity and Islamise Europe.
    There is no other explanation.

  9. stred
    March 10, 2016

    My comment about the Turkish deal was moderated before. A point has not been mage here that it is now not in the interest of Turkey to stop the boats sailing to Lesbos. If they stop, they will not be able to sent the equivalent number to the EU from the refugee camps. They may therefore allow safe trips,to go across, on the assumption that they will all be sent back, in order to maintain the numbers. A sort of day trip voyage, perhaps by paid volunteers.

  10. graham1946
    March 10, 2016

    Well done for asking. Good job someone is awake and doing his job. Maybe they’ll think on, but I doubt it. Did Liddington indicate that he would do either of the things you suggested? I think I know the answer to that. More waffle? Did he even know what you were talking about?

    The incompetence of Cameron’s government is astounding. No wonder that when he knew you were going to ask the question, according to Quentin Letts, he was out of the Chamber ‘quicker than a rabbit on a greyhound track’.

    What an appalling PM we have. Much too busy to stay and answer a serious question or see that his underling did it properly. They say we get the government we deserve. I never have agreed with that old saw. We simply get to choose from what appalling alternatives we are offered by the parties.

  11. oldtimer
    March 10, 2016

    It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the government speaks with a forked tongue on all matters to do with the EU.

    It did so when the UK first joined the then Common Market, failing to disclose the then secret Treasury paper setting out the intent of political and monetary union.
    It did so again at the time of the referendum during the Wilson government when, once again, it told voters that it was all about the Common Market and nothing to do with transfer of sovereignty. The recent “deal” claims to protect UK sovereignty when, in fact, is does nothing of the sort. Mr Cameron claims that the EU is reformed. It is not, except to the extent that has been further erosion of UK control over its own affairs. The reality is that the direction of travel of the EU is clear. It is set out in the Five Presidents’ Report – that is the “reform” that will occur. This latest explanation of Turkish visas is yet another case of smoke and mirrors, an attempt to deceive and mislead the British public. One day, perhaps, more of them will wake up to what has happened to their country and do something about it by voring Leave.

  12. Old Albion
    March 10, 2016

    JR, sorry this is off topic. Why wasn’t yesterdays bill Re. Sunday trading designated E(and Welsh)VEL.

    Reply It was

    1. matthu
      March 10, 2016

      What that means is that laws affecting only England can be vetoed by English MPs, but they cannot force through new laws affecting only England without the support of the majority of the entire parliament.

      This vote nicely highlights the paucity of the deal that the government got England in terms of EVEL because English MPs were effectively blocked from passing this legislation by the SNP.

      Just as everyone warned would happen.

      I trust that the William Hagues of this world reflect on what a good deal they have got for England now that they are being reined in by Scotland.

    2. DaveM
      March 10, 2016

      As I said yesterday, this EVEL thing’s working really well. Scottish votes for English laws. Thanks again, PM.

    3. Bob
      March 10, 2016

      @Mr Redwood

      “Reply It was”

      So why did Scottish MPs vote on it then?

    4. James Matthews
      March 10, 2016

      So is there any reason why we should not conclude that EVEL is as meaningless as its critics always believed? Much has been made of the Tory rebels, but without Scottish voted the government would still have prevailed.

    5. fedupsoutherner
      March 10, 2016

      You wouldn’t think so. As per usual, the SNP managed to stop it going through. That is all they are there for – to make themselves a nuisance to Westminster. It is about time we had true English laws for the English to vote on only.

    6. Old Albion
      March 10, 2016

      So how did the SNP get to vote on it?

    7. agricola
      March 10, 2016

      Well if it was designated EVEL and the SNP, who enjoy unfettered Sunday trading in Scotland. voted it down, it proves two things. The SNP are a bunch of political opportunists with an eye on the next lot of Scottish elections, and the so called EVEL Bill is a totally useless affront to democracy in England.

      Reply The government drafted a measure which amended a UK wide piece of legislation, so they lost the vote. They could have designed a measure which was England only to a greater extent than their drafting allowed.

      1. Old albion
        March 10, 2016

        So in conclusion. EVEL is another total sham from Cameron………….

    8. ChrisS
      March 10, 2016

      It only goes to prove that the extra committee stage put in by Cameron as a sop to supporters of English devolution is a complete waste of time. As big a con as his EU renegotiation.

      English MPs can only stop legislation they don’t like but if the SNP don’t approve of an English measure, they can stop it if anytime they wish.

      If the SNP can destroy any English legislation with Labour connivance and there is nothing that can be done about it, that is not fair or equitably

    9. Jon
      March 10, 2016

      What a travesty and sell out when EVEL was meant to prevent this.

      I hear that Cameron’s EU negotiations may have sold away our Veto. Getting stitched up like a haggis!

  13. hefner
    March 10, 2016

    Turkey has been an associate member of EEC/EU since 1963. It has actively been a candidate for full membership since 1995. The UK, whatever its government has always been supporting such a candidature and membership of the EU, maybe to please its US Big Brother.
    Germany, which has had a large population of Turkish origin for years, was long the main opponent to this candidature. Only since mid-October 2015, has Chancellor Merkel said she would now support Turkey’s candidature.

    1. Rose
      March 10, 2016

      But why does Turkey want to be in the EU when she is doing so well outside it? And in stark contrast to her old enemy Greece.

  14. Anonymous
    March 10, 2016

    The government is beneath you, John.

    You and your fellow rebels have only one opportunity to resign from it in effective protest.

    After the referendum it will be too late.

  15. Margaret
    March 10, 2016

    As Hefner has pointed out. European expansion seems to be on the creative side again with special treatment for its associate states in the hope Europe may gain greater control. However there may be a lot of bloodshed if we don’t distance ourselves .Giving aid is OK , but taking our share of Syrians is not. We have done enough and proportionately we do not have the room to take any more.

  16. NickW
    March 10, 2016

    The EU is now a German dictatorship.

    We cannot and must not accept effectively unlimited Turkish migration into the EU, nor can we accept the incorporation of Turkey into the EU by dictat.

    Turkey is a Muslim country with values entirely different to Europe, etc ed

    The Turkish President is establishing a dictatorship, ignoring human rights, closing down political opposition and persecuting journalists who speak against him.

    Turkey is sympathetic to ISIS and is providing them with financial and logistic aid.

    Turkey is at loggerheads with Russia and Erdogan is dead set on dragging the West into a war between Russia and Turkey.

    Somebody needs to say “No” to Merkel and mean it.

    Deranged lunacy is the only way to describe the policies coming out of Brussels, and there is no way anyone can do anything to stop error compounding error until it all goes up in smoke.

    The problem with EU governance is that once a lunatic has grabbed the steering wheel, it is almost impossible to avert disaster. “Technocratic Government” is just dressed up Dictatorship.

    We need out and FAST.

  17. James Matthews
    March 10, 2016

    Thank you for your efforts Mr Redwood. Speaking for England again when almost no one else in the Commons does.

    Is it really conceivable that the Prime Minister made this concession without knowing it? His renegotiation seems to have involved ceding more power to the EU,. not taking it back. This is beginning to look more like outright treachery than poor negotiation or mere incompetence.

  18. miami.mode
    March 10, 2016

    Loved the bit in the Daily Mail today where Quentin Letts said the PM scooted off like the hare at a dog track after PMQs, presumably to avoid our host’s question.

    This also prompts the question of why any MP would vote to remain in the EU. They delegate these important policies to another authority yet the Remains only really bang on about trade and jobs. Government cannot particularly create jobs (except perhaps the so-called non-jobs beloved by Socialists) but, if independent, they can create the conditions that will produce jobs and remunerative employment. Similarly they can create the conditions for international trade by adopting relevant policies. While ever they are shackled by the EU they are relying on someone else to do the work and make decisions for them.

  19. JoolsB
    March 10, 2016

    Totally off topic John, but are you going to be making any comments in the near future on the disgraceful shenanigans of the SNP yesterday. I am appalled at the total silence from your colleagues on the matter. Thankfully for once, some of the tabloids have done their jobs for them today in pointing out the enormous democratic deficit which exists in England and proving us all right in the utter uselessness of Cameron’ insulting sop of all sops EVEL.
    The silence from your colleagues has been truly deafening and those who formed the unholy alliance with the SNP should not only be thoroughly ashamed of themselves but should worry about their seats because England is finally sitting up and taking notice of the utter contempt it is shown by the main parties, Tories included.

    1. stred
      March 11, 2016

      In this case, some of us English are quite grateful that Scottish hypocracy has spared us having to go shopping early and late on Sunday and that our relations in retail will stand a chance of having some family life one day a week.

      Why the Downing St boys thought this measure, which was not in the manifesto, was necessary is a good question. Perhaps it is another sign of their deluded disconnection from us plebs.

      1. JoolsB
        March 11, 2016

        Good or bad, it was a decision for England (& Wales) to take and England (& Wales) alone. Anyone who cares about the rotten deal England gets from this Government and the previous one should be outraged. Those hypocrite SNP MPs should not have had the right to interfere, whatever your views, and overturn the majority of MPs with English seats whose votes would have seen the bill pass if the SNP had not poked their unwanted noses in.
        Besides it wasn’t compulsory, it was for different areas to decide what they felt was best for them but as usual these Tory rebels and typically Labour politicians know what’s best for us. We children can’t be trusted to make our own decisions.

      2. stred
        March 11, 2016

        It was not for ‘us children’ to be trusted but the children’s councillors, who are often capable of equal hypocrisy. The system would have been a shambles with even big supermarkets not wanting one area opening at 8am and another not. Who needs to go shopping before 10 on Sunday? Are we a nation of shopaholics?

        1. JoosB
          March 11, 2016

          Personally stred, I don’t care about the bill one way or another but what I do care about and anyone who cares about England should care about, is the fact it was the meddling SNP whose votes made the difference to whether this bill went through or not and the fact none of our self serving supine MPs squatting in English seats have uttered one word in protest as usual.

          1. stred
            March 12, 2016

            Agree about the EVEL farce. Eural McCameron has Scottish blood in his veins and is keen to maintain the history of his aristocratic forbears, who did so much to re-organise the Highlands. He has also joined Gordon to offer the pledge bung and employed Laird Smith of Strathclyde University and before of SSE to ensure that the bung is paid in full, without strings.

            I was left wondering whether Haig is not a Yorkie but related to the Scotch distillers. They are everywhere, even on the Leave side, though the IDS brand can probably be trusted.

  20. PaulDirac
    March 10, 2016

    Merkel is now trying to repair her unilateral invitation of the eastern hoards to flood Europe and as usual the cover-up creates more damage than the initial failure.
    Instead of the 1-4 million refugees a year she will now forced Europe to accept Turkey as a full member of the EU.
    The “funny” side is that Cameron among all EU leaders is happy to accept another 75 million Muslims (average annual wage ~2,000 pounds) into the EU.
    The Romanian / Bulgarian /Polish move to the UK will seem like a trickle compared to the Turkish flood.

  21. Leslie Singleton
    March 10, 2016

    Not terribly hopeful, but earlier I sent the following to the Torygraph, viz

    Quote The Prime Minister should understand that higher mortgage and presumably other interest rates, so far from being a problem, are clearly what is needed. House prices are out of control and pensioners who are seeing their savings income demolished would get a much needed break. Unquote

    I have to confess this weakness I have in disagreeing most of the time with anything to do with interest rates. Best I understand, the low/negative rates are supposed to encourage people to spend (and banks to lend) but I cannot agree with that. All the low rates do is make it clear that the authorities have lost control and with the Indians coming people are going to put their money under the bed rather than spend it.

  22. Jon
    March 10, 2016

    What is the difference between a trade deal and a Global Company being allowed to not pay tax as happens in Eur0land?

    They are trying to scare us with these Trade deals.

    Leaving aside that if we stay they have made it clear they want to decimate our financial services industry , what’s that, 20% of our revenue?

    These Global Companies are going to base where the expertise is. You want to build a hydro electric damn in Peru then the financing, insurance, legal and much more can be sorted in London. Unfortunately they tend not to want to pay much tax in any country.

    In the new world of Global firms either not paying tax or negotiating a pocket money payment, where do these closed EU trade deals sit? Maybe you know Jon?

    As I under stand it, the EU countries and Euroland states already accommodate these Global companies that pay less that others.

    I am struggling Jon to understand the relationship between a trade deal and a company not paying tax and the relevance of a trade deal?

    I think its all a false argument.

    This fancy US and EU trade deal, is it going to help the UK manufacturer paying taxes or allow (others ed) to clean up?

  23. Original Richard
    March 10, 2016

    Mr. Cameron is concentrating on economics because in reality no-one knows the short term effect of Brexit although saving £11 billion net each year in membership fees and getting back our fishing grounds gives a good clue.

    What is absolutely certain though is that only by leaving the unreformed EU will be able to make our own laws and control our borders to prevent the massive and uncontrollable immigration which will occur when Turkey is given visa free travel (= residence), if not actual EU membership, plus the admittance into the unreformed EU of Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and the Ukraine.

    Followed by the immigration of Middle Eastern and African migrants who will be given EU citizenship by nations desperate to get them moving out of their countries.

  24. sm
    March 10, 2016

    Websearch this article

    Some graphs of numbers and solid rational arguments why mass immigration will continue based on economic pull factors. Large in work benefits and by inference out of work benefits .These show the irrational claims for economic benefits for what they are.

    UK Out of Control Immigration Crisis Continues, Tax Credits, EU Referendum and BrExit

  25. Lindsay McDougall
    March 11, 2016


    The nonsense from Mr Carney and the proposed EU deal with Turkey are yet more evidence that we need to leave the EU sooner rather than later. Here is a suitable fast track schedule:

    Month 1
    Install a new Prime Minister and get Her Majesty to appoint 500 Euroceptic peers. We should be getting the list ready now. These measures are necessary to prevent malevolent obstruction.

    Month 2
    Repeal unilaterally our Act of Accession to the Lisbon Treaty. At a stroke this releases us from the Clause 50 / 2 year wait restraint.

    Month 3
    Carry on repealing: the part of the original treaty that commits us to ever closer union, the part of the Single European Act that commits us to integration at a later date, and the Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon Treaties in their entirety. These measures would automatically reduce the competences and joint competences of the EU in UK affairs; simultaneously, the powers of the European Court would be drastically reduced.

    Month 4
    Announce that the following will apply from 1st April 2017 unless the other EU Member States approach the UK to propose something that is mutually better:
    – All contributions from the UK Exchequer to the EU will cease.
    – Freedom of movement across UK borders will cease.
    – The UK will take control of its fishing waters.
    – The UK will take control of its own social, employment and safety law.
    – We will maintain tariff free entry of goods from EU member states, on the assumption that we get a deal at least as good as the EU-Canada deal of 2014. Tariffs on UK goods would be low and be phased out over 7 years.

    Months 5 to 9
    Negotiate with the EU and present enabling legislation to parliament.

  26. The Active Citizen
    March 11, 2016

    It’s the job of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition to hold the Government to account. During the continuing failure of the Labour Party in Parliament to do its job, thank you JR for doing it for them.

    For the record, Hansard shows the Minister for Europe’s reply to you thus: “The legal measure that would be used for any liberalisation of visa arrangements for Turkey would be a Schengen measure that would be brought forward under the appropriate treaty base, so it would not apply to the United Kingdom, Denmark or Ireland. I made it clear in my initial response to my right hon. Friend that the Government do not intend to liberalise our visa arrangements with Turkey.”

    Note the “do not intend” qualification.

    Hate to say it, but I almost hope the PM agrees next week that the UK be included in visa waiver for Turkish citizens. The massive influx of people from a 99% islamic nation starting in June would do wonders for the chances of a Brexit vote. (c.f. My past comments about the Leave side having to rely on forces majeures to win.)

    Reply He failed to explain why the Heads of State and government agreed all member states will waive Turkish visas, or why the text the EU put out was wrong. That was why I asked him either to get the text amended to reflect what the UK thought they had agreed, or to get us an opt out from the policy. The last time I highlighted a problem like this we ended up in the Greek loan but they did get round to negotiating a promise that we would be reimbursed for any losses on pour portion of the loan. We had previously been told we were opted out of all Euro bail outs.

    1. stred
      March 11, 2016

      Yes. I promised myself that I did not intend to pay my fine for going back to Lidls car park 15 mins before I could be caught out, but will probably have to pay in the end.

      Talking of justice, The ECB was accused by the EU Ombudsperson, Emily O’ Really of letting out sensitive information about money printing on 28.5.15 under a Chat Ham House type conference. How is that peice of jurisprudence going?

      1. stred
        March 11, 2016


  27. The Active Citizen
    March 11, 2016

    On the same subject of Mr Cameron making claims which aren’t borne out by EU statements or independent analysis, there is news on the ‘legally-binding reforms’ which the PM claims.

    Mr Cameron: “The reforms that we have secured will be legally binding in international law, and will be deposited as a treaty at the United Nations. They cannot be unpicked without the agreement of Britain and every other EU country.” (Hansard, 22 Feb, PM’s statement on EU Council Meeting.)

    However the respected House of Commons Library has now produced its Briefing which states: “It is not a binding EU treaty or EU law in itself…. even if the Decision binds the parties under international law, it does not bind the EU institutions, and is not necessarily legally enforceable under either EU or domestic law. It could be very problematic if either the Court of Justice of the EU or a domestic court found an inconsistency between the Decision and the EU Treaties…. it cannot guarantee all of the outcomes envisaged in it.”

    It’s clear that Mr Cameron deliberately misled the House in his statement – one of the most important this year. He knew that his claim that the reforms “cannot be unpicked” is a lie. JR, is there a very public way you could get this into the open for the general public to know about? Or get Vote Leave to do it?

    Reply We have explained the difference between the Agreement and Treaty change, and of course we are promised subsequent treaty change for part of it. The point I made in the Commons this week is that the government itself does not take seriously agreements between all the Heads of government when it does not suit, as we saw with the text of the EU/Turkey Agreement talks.

  28. Original Richard
    March 13, 2016

    If it is the case that Turkish citizens will no longer require a visa to come to the UK after end June 2016, then we need to know whether this was agreed by the UK government or whether it was an EU decision over which the UK had no control.

    Also, we need to know whether it is possible to insist upon each Turkish traveller having comprehensive medical insurance for the whole period they are in the EU.

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