Visit of Floods Minister

On Friday night Therese Coffey, the Parliamentary Undersecretary of State at the Environment Department responsible for flood protection, was the guest at the Wokingham annual Conservative dinner. Whilst it was mainly an enjoyable occasion, I was able to remind her that there is outstanding business for the Environment Agency to help improve Wokingham’s flood resilience. She agreed to a meeting to follow up, and also heard from local Councillors of how they see the problem.


  1. The Great Ear
    December 4, 2016

    Theresa Coffey likes the rock band Muse. It is to be hoped the opening bars of Muse – “Uprising” were composed by the same person as composed the old Theme music of Doctor Who.

  2. alan jutson
    December 4, 2016

    If you want to avoid floods then for goodness sake dredge and clear the rivers of obstructions, clear the ditches, clear the drains, and refuse planning permission to build where there are flood plains.

    Its not really rocket science is it !

    Does Therese Coffey agree with the above, or does she have a different masterplan, it would certainly be nice to know, because the physics of water movement has not changed in thousands of years, because it finds its own level through least resistance.

  3. Hope
    December 4, 2016

    How many times do we pay for flood prevention? Increased community charge, flood defence, Environment Agency£1.6 billion, insurance premium increase, now insurance premium tax increase! When will we actually be what we are payed no our taxes For? Why do we need to pay for a ridiculous minister to oversee it! We already have a local govt minister and in charge of the useless EA. Where is the austerity in govt ministers or quangos. As promised?

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