Why young people should embrace Brexit

There is no greater gift that we can pass on to our children than the gift of living in freedom.

I was born into a free country. I valued the democratic traditions, the rule of domestic law, the ability to fire the government through the ballot box, the right to voice a view and debate what was wrong.

I watched with growing apprehension as the decision to join a common market morphed into the wholesale loss of our freedoms.

We surrendered the right to make our own decisions about what taxes to impose,  what laws to pass,  what tariffs if any we should impose on our imports and how the government should spend the money it has raised. The European Court struck down our duly enacted legislation, made us repay corporation tax to large companies, and often found our country in violation of their wishes.

The decision to leave the EU changes all that.

Today, in the EU we are not allowed to remove VAT from female hygeine products as Parliament would like to do. We have to place taxes on a wide range of green products from insulation to boiler controls, that Parliament would like to abolish. We have to impose high tariffs on a range of foodstuffs coming to us from the Commonwealth and the wider non EU world, making food dearer and punishing developing countries. We see our fishing grounds run down under an EU policy that manages to be harmful both to the fish and to our fishermen. We have gone from being a large exporter of fish prior to joining, to being  a net importer.

Leaving the EU gives us all the chance to change things for the better.

Where we like an EU law or regulation we can keep it. Where an EU law or tax is unjust or damaging we can amend or remove it.

Young people will be particular beneficiaries of the change leaving generates. It will create great opportunities for enterprise, for creativity, for better government. It will strengthen the voices of the young and give more power to their votes. They will inherit a political system which allows them to shape or dismiss the governments that rule. We are not turning our backs on Europe. There will still be plenty of joint working, cultural exchanges, movement of people to visit, learn,  shop and invest in each other’s countries.

Just look at the opportunities it will offer us for more and better jobs. There will be big scope to replace imports with domestic food and industrial products. This will provide opportunities for well paid jobs and for establishing new businesses. If the EU opts for tariffs and other barriers as they seem to want, our farmers will supply us with more of our own food, and our car factories will produce more of the cars we chose to drive.

Just look at the opportunities it will offer to improve our laws and make our government bend more to the popular will. We will be able to spend the £12bn a year we currently send to the EU and do not get back will help in many ways. We need to debate more how we should spend this Brexit windfall, whilst reminding our government we do not want to go on sending money to rich countries in the EU once we have left. Education and health are priorities which we can spend more on once we have left.

Above all where young people see an injustice or want to follow a cause for a better country they will be able to do so safe in the knowledge that we have the powers here at home to adopt the remedy. Where today the answer is so often Brussels will not allow us to do that, tomorrow once out we will be able to do as we wish.

Freedom is heady. It teems with opportunity. Let us unite in confidence that when the UK is a free country again, it can also be a better country as  a result.





  1. Lifelogic
    October 5, 2017

    Indeed the young should embrace Brexit and the restoration of real UK democracy – but it not being sold very well by this wet, rudderless government.

    Theresa May’s speech can surely be summed up thus:- I believe in free markets so here is a long list of my anti-free market policies that will not work.

    My view of the speech is the same as Allister Heath’s in the Telegraph today. This was an incarnation of wet, statist Tory thinking: it must stop.


    I agree with her on “opt out” organ donation – though almost nothing else! She is just Corbyn light in essence – totally wrong headed and zero uplifting real Tory vision.

    1. Lifelogic
      October 5, 2017

      Allister Heath is spot on today:- May’s speech was blatantly contradictory. One part was an almost uplifting endorsement of free-market economics, rightly explaining that is the greatest agent of human progress; but the actual policies amounted to an historic repudiation of these very principles.

      1. acorn
        October 5, 2017

        Didn’t you say the same 63 minutes before this post? Short term memory goes first.

        1. getahead
          October 5, 2017

          acorn unnecessary.

    2. NickC
      October 5, 2017

      Unlike Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn has been very clever in highlighting Water, Rail, and Energy for nationalisation. The Conservative government has to counter that cleverness by genuine reasoning.

      Labour can portray Water as a community resource; Rail is already about 80% nationalised (Network Rail is on the PSBR) – though most are unaware of this; Energy is owned privately but run by government via the Climate Change Act 2008, and such things as strike price auctions, Carbon tax, “unreliables” subsidies, and all the other CO2 religion rubbish (making government energy price caps bizarre).

      I agree with others that May appears to think she can head off Corbyn’s appeal by reneging on Leave, and adopting Corbyn-lite policies. Wrong. Tories should not (in general) copy Labour, not least because you won’t be believed and hence will be seen as untrustworthy. You can’t expect the Young to believe in Brexit if the Tories don’t believe in us or Brexit.

  2. Nerwmania
    October 5, 2017

    Old people should embrace remain .They should recognise that it is selfish of them to dump problem s they will not be here to solve on the young
    Stupid unemployed and illeduactrd people should embrace remain .They will all continue to rely on us to pay for them ,and they might at least not make doing so much more difficult.
    I do live in a free country. The 18 Nations taken within the EU from military dictatorships were not free , a benign development the volk roun’ere no doubt deplore judging for the sucking up to Putin.
    The net figure paid in peak year to the EU is under 1% of the annual government spend in the UK which is a true guide to the relative power of these two institutions to order you around .
    The reason we got Brexit was anti-immigrant feeling stoked up by lying populists and their allies at the Daily Mail Telegraph and Express. It was a coalition of the unemployed and retired and has already thrown debts forward into the laps of the young who did not vote for this .
    It was very clear at the time and you are not going to re- write history now .
    If I hear the joyful news about the tampax one more time I am going to slip into a catatonic trance , is that really it , can`t we have Hairdressers getting high powered dryers, bendy carrots and non standard condoms …
    Young people did not ask for the country to be remade in the image of the daily Mail with the prospect of long term poverty isolation and the elevation of ethnic purity over prosperity . Young people like the working population the educated the business community the City and exporters of anything have been politically subjugated their country has been taken away by the old

    It can never be forgiven

    1. getahead
      October 5, 2017

      May God help you Nerwmania.

    2. Anonymous
      October 5, 2017

      The average Brexit voter was 45 years of age with possibly another 55 years ahead of him.

      That age group also includes the parents of the young and care for them more than anything in the world.

      Conflating casual racism with anti mass immigration again – lies ! We are so tolerant that millions cross the other nations of Europe to live among us.

      It is working class Leavers who have made the mass immigration of working class people work – not the middle class Remainers who ship their families out to Lewes to live away from it.

      Stop talking utter (nonsense ed)

      1. Anonymous
        October 5, 2017

        “It was a coalition of the unemployed and retired and has already thrown debts forward into the laps of the young who did not vote for this .”

        Blatant lies and fomentation of hatred against the old. Most old people I know are debt averse. They eschew credit and do not spend money they do not have.

        The generation that bankrupted this country is yours and you well know it.

    3. James Matthews
      October 5, 2017

      The only person re-writing history here is you.

      ” The 18 Nations taken within the EU from military dictatorships were not free”.

      Thirteen nations which were previously not free have joined the EU. Of those only four (Croatia, Greece, Spain and Portugal) could be described as under military dictatorships. There is some justification for attributing their liberation to the success of the EU.

      The remaining nine were part of the Soviet empire. Their liberation was due to the long term success of the North Atlantic Treaty organisation and in particular the determination of the United States which, with Britain and Canada, provided the backbone and majority of the forces which made NATO policy viable. They are not free because of the EU. That legacy is something you have inherited because of the efforts of the generations which are the subject of you rage and contempt and, in particular, the “stupid and ill-educated” who joined the armed forces and demonstrated the backbone that you so clearly lack.

      The remaining fifteen countries were either never subject to military dictatorship or saved from it before the existence of the EU, once again by the people you so despise.

      Your hysteria and inaccuracy increase with every post.

    4. DaveM
      October 5, 2017

      I have never before witnessed – in written form – such utter prejudice, ignorance, and complete stupidity. As a civilised Englishman I would normally refrain from such judgmental abuse, but your rudeness is breathtaking. And your grammar is an insult to my language.

      Go and rant on a street corner, Newmania, because that’s about the limit of your acumen and would be the highest platform worthy of your pathetic and repetitive rhetoric.

      1. Commonsense
        October 6, 2017

        I also try not to be judgemental but I agree DaveM. Some people are so ignorant that they don’t know just how ignorant they are.

  3. James Doran
    October 5, 2017

    Sorry John but after yesterday’s debacle I’m done with the Conservative party; no more voting for it, no more posters in the window, no more donations. Finished.

    1. Eerie
      October 5, 2017

      C’mon spit out what you mean! 😉

      1. Anonymous
        October 5, 2017

        I’ve never seen anything so inept and embarassing.

        It can’t go on.

  4. Dave A
    October 5, 2017

    I cannot believe that lefty remainers are comfortable to hand over £1000 million nett every month of our taxpayer’s hard earned, as if it was like paying a £50 gym membership every month. And for what?

    1. NickC
      October 5, 2017

      Dave, It’s not their money, so they truly don’t care. For some, there is also the Parkinson principle whereby people cannot comprehend really large sums of money.

      Then again most Remains seem to value emotion over rationality. Hence why the socialists’ “I feel your pain” is so appreciated, yet regarded as insincere by conservatives.

  5. Peter Wood
    October 5, 2017

    Dr. Redwood,
    May I suggest you offer your services to Mrs May to write her speeches, if there are to be any more…

    1. Peter Wood
      October 5, 2017

      PS, the only way to make any progress with the EU negotiations is to get the attention of the empress in Berlin to give the EU clerks new instructions. To do this you need to make a ruckus by walking out of the present demeaning talks.

      1. ChrisShalford
        October 5, 2017

        Until this week Peter, I would have argued for talking some more, but the turning point was the European Parliament debate. Theresa May offered the EU way too much in her Florence speech, only to have it spat back in her face. Here’s a chance for the Conservative Government to stand up and regain the initiative. Please take it.

        By the way, did anyone else notice the EU’s dirty political trick? The European Parliament held their debate during the Conservative conference, hence Conservative MEPs couldn’t attend to defend the UK. UKIP tried, but we needed the conservatives there as well.

    2. Prigger
      October 5, 2017

      Mrs May uses typical politico-speak…crescendo, repetition, for example “Which party produces jobs? which party creates wealth?,which party defends our country? The Tory Party! “( applause) . “We need more jobs, we need more wealth, we need our armed forces fully equipped. Only the Tory party…” blah blah blah. Most non-politicos cannot be bothered listening and switch off after the first repetition of “Which party ” and “We need…”
      Trump’s impromtu repetitions except when he is blatantly leading a 10,000 audience chant are natural to his way of speaking and to many others who have to say things several times to their wife or husband or children because they just don’t listen!But Mrs May nor her speech writers have ever listened to what Trump actually says, you can tell. Their ears are as pre-program-ed as a nightmare sci-fi robot.

    3. forthurst
      October 5, 2017

      Don’t you want to live the British Dream™? There are more women working today than ever, so fewer women staying at home and raising families. There are more people of the same sex getting married and more people changing gender; there are fewer policemen, so few crimes investigated and reported (What’s the point?). There are more people from ordinary backgrounds wasting money on poimtless degrees and getting into unnecessary debt. Drax power station now burns nothing but imported wood chips: this will savetheplanet without a doubt. More Freedom but less freedom of speech; there must be a crackdown on tweets of mass destruction.

      1. Prigger
        October 7, 2017

        “…tweets of mass destruction…” If I were you I’d copyright that phrase 🙂
        I’ve never before witnessed such stapled together thoughts as those of Rudd and May. They live in DiscWorld.

  6. Duncan
    October 5, 2017

    The vast majority of young people care little for the ideas of freedom, independence and sovereignty. They care far more for the price of the things they buy and the cost they incur of living their particular lives. This explains why a significant number of them chose to vote for a party that is overtly Marxist in nature.

    Corbyn promised to write-off their student debts and they dutifully queued up to endorse him and his policies. What does that say? Youth, naivety and gullibility are so easily exploited by a ruthless, immoral political machine such is Labour today.

    The Tories need to wake up from their gormless slumber and be absolutely ruthless in response. Expose the lies pumped out by Corbyn and his team of hard left allies. Such a response will involve conflict. We need Tory leaders who fear no one and are aggressive in style

    May and Hammond are being laughed at by Corbyn and his ilk.

    1. Hope
      October 5, 2017

      Our young are blasted to bits by five atrocious crimes this year alone that May and Rudd have done sweet FA to stop. Introduced new powers and not implemented because of lack of will to stigmatize those responsible, lack of staff, no border controls, not preventing those who wish to harm us in enetering the country.

      But is happy to give billions and billions of our taxes in give always to foreigners! Shame on her and shame on her left wing socialist party going under the guise of conservatism.

    2. Chris
      October 5, 2017

      Corbyn cannot believe his luck.

    3. Bob
      October 5, 2017

      Youngsters absorb a non stop diet of culturally Marxist ideology throughout their time in the education system and through the MSM, especially the BBC. Their pop and stage idols in the arts and entertainment bubble perpetuate the meme.

      Unless govt is prepared to take on the long marchers within these establishments the kids will continue to flock to the purveyors of socialist snake oil.

      1. getahead
        October 5, 2017

        Indeed, my children and grand-children howled in anguish when the referendum vote was to leave the EU. “What have you done?” they cried.
        What I have done is voted to save this country from the European Soviet Socialist Republic.
        As you say Bob, in other words, our children have been truly got at.

  7. Dave Andrews
    October 5, 2017

    Another “gift” we give to our children is a national debt that costs four times our net EU contributions to service.

    The result of spend now, let the children pay, successive red and blue government policy.

  8. Peter VAN LEEUWEN
    October 5, 2017

    The ECJ, of which the UK is an equal part, rules on the treaties, ratified by the UK, instead of ECJ “wishes”. Only recently it ruled in favour of the UK government and against the ECB in the matter of euro clearing houses.

    1. NickC
      October 5, 2017

      PvL, Not ratified any longer. Or at least any longer after March 2019. Then we will enjoy the rulings from our own courts. And you can be happy under the CJEU. So we’ll both be happy. How nice.

    2. a-tracy
      October 5, 2017

      We’ve seen what sort of an equal part we are PvL when votes go against us and even our own none UK supporting UK MEPs vote against.

      1. Peter VAN LEEUWEN
        October 5, 2017

        A court is not parliament, I doubt that voting is customary. 28 judges, including one from the UK (until March 2019)

        1. a-tracy
          October 6, 2017

          You think each Country deserves one equal sized judge? You think the five Countries supporting the rest of the block should be outvoted by the other 22? Do each judge’s decisions carry the weight of the size of their nation?

    3. David Price
      October 6, 2017

      ” Only recently it ruled in favour of the UK government”

      Table scraps

  9. margaret
    October 5, 2017

    Sometimes I think that some are bound to a sort of dictatorship either in the form of religious rules, work rules , family rules , benefit provisions etc and are to scared too venture out into the unknown

  10. margaret
    October 5, 2017

    There are still some aspects of the speech which I found entrenched in perceptions which may not be helpful to the UK, however I might be alone in these views. Firstly there is the inbuilt perception that professorial status and money is a far better , superior way of life rather than another who excels at reducing bacteria and cross infection by cleaning. There is the inbuilt perception that the Universities hold all prestige with behind the times texts which by necessity are required to be passed on with outworn information before any status is accredited to them. The hierarchy is out of date . The patter goes ” she was only this and look how far I have come” This doesn’t solely apply to Mrs May ( who I thought was excellent); it is more of a blanket mind set where people bend to an implicit perception which may be wrong.

    1. Prigger
      October 7, 2017

      She has got the uncommon touch.

  11. alan jutson
    October 5, 2017

    Let us hope the Government spends the extra money wisely, or can reduce taxation in some way for the many by raising the Annual personal tax allowance.

    At least now once we are able to make our own rules and laws we can hold the Government to account, and vote accordingly.

  12. Old Albion
    October 5, 2017

    Why didn’t Mrs May say (cough) that?

  13. Ian Wragg
    October 5, 2017

    Why didn’t the party conference make these points instead of following the socialist interventionist policies of Corbyn.
    Despite Mrs Mays problems speaking she had nothing worthwhile to say.
    Cap on energy and help to buy
    Just more of the same. I don’t see the EU rushing to protect the Catalans. Are they singing the wrong tune. Another chink in the Brussels armour.

    1. Chris
      October 5, 2017

      “Why didn’t the conference make these points…? Simply because they are still obsessed by adopting the mythical centre ground which they think wins elections (it doesn’t). Worse still they have moved further left of centre in order to emulate Corbyn/chase his votes. What nonsense that strategy is. It leads to policies on the hoof, demonstrates complete lack of core ideology and principles, and it indicates great weakness on the part of the person/government trying to sell those policies. Weak governments are viewed with contempt, and this one quite rightly so.

  14. WingsOverTheWorld
    October 5, 2017

    Would that your optimistic vision become reality, Dr. Redwood. Unfortunately, you have a leader who patently does not believe that conservative values of self-responsibility, smaller state and lower taxes, are the answer for years of governmental neglect to its own people. Her consistent answer to the world’s ills appears to be more government intervention. Why vote Conservative when even the Tories have lost faith in conservatism?

  15. Ed Mahony
    October 5, 2017

    The middle class young want to be freed from crippling debt and the inability to own their own home. The working class young want to be freed from mass immigration into the UK.

    Every other kind of freedom is a luxury for those who can afford it. And unless more Tories get this, the socialists are going to get into power and wreck our economy, and with it, Brexit.

    ‘It’s about the economy, stupid,’ – someone once said to Bill Clinton. Even if Brexit did work out better, economically, it wouldn’t make much difference—not enough, and not quick enough, to justify 20 years of further decline in our economy before things began to get better. 2 years is too long for the young, to wait, let alone 20.

    Let’s remain in the EU and put together a team to reform it. And once our country has paid off our national debt and built up our economy, again, and we have a strong leader in place unite the country around it, and implement it, then we can think again about Brexit, if satisfactory reform of the EU hasn’t worked.

    This approach is just good, old British Conservative, pragmatic common sense, isn’t it?

  16. Iain Moore
    October 5, 2017

    People always find it difficult to take responsibility, it’s stressful , but when they do they usually find it liberating and from which confidence grows. The EU is this con trick that has enfeebled us and sucked the confidence out of people and nations , all the while claiming their actions are done out of a sense duty and benevolence, but in reality they have been guilty of enacting a sort of Stockholm syndrome on the continent .

    Hopefully Brexit will enable us to grow up again and people will find it a liberating experience as they engage in determining the future of our country.

  17. Ed Mahony
    October 5, 2017

    A lot of young also feel safer in a prosperous, peaceful and secure Europe and that the UK pulling out, would threaten this (including the UK’s own geopolitical situation in this part of the world).

    The young are also a lot more comfortable, as well, perhaps, European culture in general as well, as a result of digital media, spending more time with Europeans at university and work, and well as spending more time in Europe on holiday, in education and work.

    Lots of young are realistic about the problems of the EU. But don’t want the baby thrown out with the bathwater.

    And end of day, their concerns are economic. ‘It’s about the economy, stupid,’ (as someone said to Bill Clinton). And you cannot succeed in a controversial, long-term project if it doesn’t have strong enough support for people in general (for most people in the UK, Europe isn’t that important, but will be if it starts impacting on their incomes and jobs).

    1. Anonymous
      October 5, 2017

      God. You’ve really got into the minds of the young.

      How do you know this ?

      I have two lads. One supported Remain and the other Brexit. The Brexit supporter is the philosopher/historian the Remainer is the STEM student (well both are but one is doing a dual honours)

  18. Bert Young
    October 5, 2017

    Opportunity is a sign post for the young . If it is there with diversity then all the background the young receive will challenge them to make the most of it . Competition is rife and there is no room for slagging off ; we have leading companies and research that keep us in the forefront of developments and it is up to the young to aspire to keep things going .

    The home enviroment is another important key for the young to respond to the world around them ; parents know what they have experienced and they should be motivated to feed and develop their offspring to grow with confidence . Behind all this is the role of Government ; it should always maintain a safe country and an economy that provides diversity and opportunity . The lion should ” roar ” this out in no uncertain terms all the time .

  19. formula57
    October 5, 2017

    Between now and the day of our liberation from the Evil Empire every government mnister should recite the words of your final paragraph during every appearance on infotainment industry media. (I know that is rather New Labour, but needs must as the devil drives.)

    We really do need some upbeat messages of confidence and hope (such as you relay often) rather than the noise we do receive about problems, obstacles, lack of progress etc.. I realize these may be being kept in reserve to be released by T. May’s successor to give such person a boost but is not the danger recognized that without some soon such person may well be Mr. Corbyn?

  20. Iain Moore
    October 5, 2017

    Its a shame that some British MEPs refuse to embrace Brexit and have voted against the EU starting post Brexit trade negotiations.

    The list of shame

    Lucy Anderson, Mary Honeyball, Theresa Griffin, Neena Gill, John Howarth, Wajid Khan, Jude Kirton-darling, David Martin, Alex Mayer, Linda McAvan, Claude Moraes, Siôn Simon, Catherine Stihler, Derek Vaughan, Seb Dance, Julie Ward, Richard Corbett, Paul Brannen

    Richard Ashworth, Julie Girling

    Lib Dem
    Catherine Bearder

    Keith Taylor

    Plaid Cymru
    Jill Evans

    Sinn Féin
    Martina Anderson

    It would be interesting to hear what these two Conservative MEPs think they were doing, and what action the Conservative party is going to take against them, for they have voted against the interests of our country.

    1. Mick
      October 5, 2017

      All these Mep’s should be told that if you love the eu over Great Britain then stay over there because your not wanted here, as for the young they really don’t know what a lucky escape they’ve had but one day they will and they will thank the 17.5 million who voted to leave the dreaded eu, you are always going to get the die hard remoaners but if they carn’t except the fact we are leaving then tough pack your bags and go live in your beloved eu simple’s

  21. Brian Tomkinson
    October 5, 2017

    JR: “Young people will be particular beneficiaries of the change leaving generates”
    I endorse that sentiment completely. However, many in that group, perhaps because they have known nothing other than EU membership, have a very pessimistic view of their futures. It strikes me, also, that to some people membership of the EU is like a religion to them. They will brook no criticism of the EU. These attitudes are propagated daily by the broadcast media which pump out their anti-Brexit negativity on a daily basis.
    More needs to be done to project the positive future as Boris Johnson has recently tried to do. The reaction from some in your party and the media demanding his sacking goes to underline my earlier comments.

  22. Ed Mahony
    October 5, 2017

    Lastly, the young are well informed. They know what UK businesses are saying: that they have serious concerns about Brexit, including ‘Cliff Edge’. And the young know that this would impact them first as they are the ones with the least savings to battle the impact of Brexit in what could take up to 20 years for things to settle down, normally, in an economic sense.

    1. Anonymous
      October 5, 2017

      Our kids have already gone off a ‘cliff edge’ and that’s why I voted Leave.

      Because there is so much extra competition for their jobs and their housing their prospects are far less than my own were at their age.

      Thanks to the EU.

      1. Anonymous
        October 5, 2017

        I infer that the old are less well informed than the young, from your comment.

        An age ban is just about to be placed on acid products.

        As a responsible adult I use acid to unblock my drains – not throw it in people’s faces.

        Do I get no credit for having raised a family successfully, paying all my bills on time in a responsible and demanding job, sacrificing what I wanted for what my offspring needed … ?

        And am I not worried about their future as well as my own (quite possibly another 50 years) ?

    2. Denis Cooper
      October 5, 2017

      Very few people are well informed about the EU, and nor are the mass of people really meant to be well informed about it because that could just cause problems.

      1. a-tracy
        October 6, 2017

        I agree, you ask these “well informed, intelligent” youngsters what are the functions and what is our say at:

        The European Commision – are decisions of our commissioner weighted to the contributions and size of our Country? Who is our commissioner?

        Who are the Council of Ministers? How many members do we have and can you name two of them?

        Who are the European Council?

        Who are the Council of Europe – not to be confused with the European Council?

        The European Parliament? Can you name your local head MEP? Can you name two MEP’s (Nigel Farage not allowed)

    3. NickC
      October 5, 2017

      Ed, My understanding is the reverse: the young are very badly informed. That is not entirely their fault; but they seem to have in general little appreciation of personal liberty, responsibility or democracy, never mind the Common Law or the history of our nation.

      As for UK businesses, the vast majority do not export to the EU, or import from them, so don’t say what you claim. Some businesses are very positive at the prospects of Brexit. The few which do have “serious concerns” are usually multinational corporates which have benefited from cheap and easy movement of labour, capital and even entire businesses within the EU, usually to the detriment of smaller businesses here.

    4. Mitchel
      October 6, 2017

      “The young are well informed”…in your opinion…if so,why are they voting for the socialism you are so afraid of then?

  23. robert lewy
    October 5, 2017

    If Catalonia leaves Spain and is ejected from the EU, does this present an opportunity.
    A new free trade area, together with the UK,
    we have a genuine CatalonUK State……….

    1. Denis Cooper
      October 5, 2017

      If the regional government of Catalonia carries out its threat and makes a unilateral declaration of independence then the first question for the UK government will be whether to officially recognise Catalonia as an independent state. I am just guessing but I suspect that it would get very little recognition from governments round the world, apart perhaps from a few which are pariah states like North Korea, or are themselves unrecognised as sovereign states.

    2. acorn
      October 5, 2017

      I wonder which currency Catalonia will use if it declares UDI? The Spanish Central Bank I assume, will shutdown currency clearing and settlement for Catalonia’s Banks. Having left Spain, Catalonia will automatically leave the Eurosystem and the protection of the Euro currency issuer, the ECB.

      (The ECB is the de facto currency issuer for the EU. The EU does not have a proper “fiscal” treasury, so the ECB has to break a lot of Treaty Articles to make the system work.)

      There again, throughout WW2, the global central banking network ignored which countries were on which side and carried on as normal. The Swiss Bank did particularly well out of Germany in WW2. The Catalonians may have made prior arrangements; any guesses? 😉

  24. Brian Tomkinson
    October 5, 2017

    I attende the Bruges Group meeting in the Great Hall in Manchester Town Hall on Monday. I was surprised that there was an absence of any overt security. No bags were searched or bodies scanned as I experience every time I go to a football match nowadays. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the meeting was about to start when it was disrupted by demonstrators wearing “Tories Out” tee-shirts and bellowing the same slogan. It was many minutes before any security personnel appeared to remove them and allow the meeting to start.
    Yesterday an idiot ‘comedian’ managed to walk up to the Prime Minister during her speech and, rather than stab or shoot her, he handed her a dummy P45. He then walked over to where the cabinet were sitting and tried to talk to them. The security lapse was appalling. There was clearly inadequate security prior to his action, during and afterwards.
    Whoever was in charge of security arrangements failed.

    1. Anonymous
      October 5, 2017

      Simple manners should have caused restraint among these protesters.

      Alas they are rude and anti-democratic.

      Too late.

      The PM has been made to look a chump aided and abetted by the BBC who are ignoring that the PM actually performed quite well.

    2. Prigger
      October 7, 2017

      Amazing after that breach of security that the Defence Minister and the Home Secretary did not consider an immediate quiet retirement from public life somewhere abroad in a country more to their liking and interestedness.

  25. JJE
    October 5, 2017

    It’s a bit late to start thinking about appealing to the young people.
    After the fiasco of Mrs. May’s speech yesterday the most the Conservative Party can hope for from the young is pity. Has everyone with any ability already jumped ship?
    Still, it could have been worse if some different letters had fallen off the sign so there’s that I suppose.

  26. A.Sedgwick
    October 5, 2017

    Why don’t we tell the Commission, Council, EU Parliament and the rest we are walking away from the “negotiation” until they get their house in order and put their offer on the table. The situation in Catalonia highlights the EU’s dangerous ineptitude in areas that really matter. It is nearly 16 months since we voted to Leave and their position has hardened and no deal is increasingly inevitable. Talk of a transition period is falling for their game of delay and division, abetted of course by our leading Remoaners.

    By ignoring the EU for say six months the Government can get on with running the country, which is desperately needed.

  27. Franz
    October 5, 2017

    In your experience John, do “young people” like being told what they should think? Especially by someone who has robbed them of their right to work in Europe?

    1. Denis Cooper
      October 5, 2017

      Very few actually make use of that right now, and no doubt many of those who wish to work in another EU country in the future will be allowed to do so. That should after all be a matter for the citizens of each of those other EU countries to decide, the decision should not rest with young UK citizens of this country as now.

    2. Bob
      October 5, 2017


      “who has robbed them of their right to work in Europe?”

      when you say Europe, I presume you mean the EU? and if so, then why would they not be able to work there? are the EU planning to erect an iron curtain?

      Even if that were so, there is a whole world of opportunity outside of the EU, I should know, I’ve lived and worked their and enjoyed it very much, but I’ve never worked in any other EU country apart from Britain where I currently live.

  28. acorn
    October 5, 2017

    “In a fast-developing second trade spat [after Bombardier], Washington has teamed up with Brazil, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand, Uruguay and Thailand to reject Britain’s proposed import arrangements for crucial agricultural goods such as meat, sugar and grains after Brexit.”

    “Since August, Britain and the EU have repeatedly insisted that they had reached an agreement on the terms under which Britain would buy in food from around the world after Brexit.” [The EU tariff quota splits for Brexit.] (Politico.)

  29. Excalibur
    October 5, 2017

    Splendid stuff, JR. This is the speech Theresa May should have given yesterday.

    1. Prigger
      October 7, 2017

      She would have done well (cough)

  30. Denis Cooper
    October 5, 2017

    If a majority of UK citizens genuinely and clearly wanted their country to cease to be a sovereign state and instead become legally subordinated within a pan-European federation then I suppose I would have to accept that as being the will of the British people. But that is not the case; opinion polls show again and again that it is only a small minority, in low single figures in percentage terms, who do want that. And that is why politicians and others who are that way inclined must always work to get what they want by underhand and deceitful methods, unfortunately with a history of considerable success.

    1. acorn
      October 5, 2017

      It is the duty of the experienced and knowledgable parent (Remainers), to educate the inexperienced unknowledgeable callow child (Leavers), in the ways of the world and the evil that seeks to predate them (Brexiters); who mean only to exploit that child for their own selfish, deviant and perverted purposes.

      1. Anonymous
        October 5, 2017

        The young had the chance to partake in the referendum but didn’t bother to take it.

        1. acorn
          October 6, 2017

          They won’t be allowed to make that mistake again.

          There is much nonsense talk about leaving a legacy of public debt to our children. Our children will pay the taxes they want to pay and run the deficit they want to, the same as as we have done.

          The real legacy will be a crumbling public infrastructure because we didn’t spend the money to enhance the capacity of transport and health etc. And now the legacy of Brexit that they have demonstrated they do not want.

          In poll conducted by Lord Ashcroft in the days before the referendum and on the day itself, 73% of 18-24 year olds said they voted to remain in the EU.

          And two academics have found that “of the 20 ‘youngest’ [populated local] authorities 16 voted to Remain. By contrast the Leave vote was much stronger in older areas. Of the 20 oldest local authorities 19 voted to Leave”. (Fullfact)

        2. Tabulazero
          October 6, 2017

          I think they learnt that lesson well given the upset at the General Election that followed.

          A second referundum could well yield a very different result.

      2. Denis Cooper
        October 5, 2017

        There’s a reason why support for the EU tends to go down with the age of the voters, it’s because as people gain real life experience they learn to be more sceptical about the false claims made by the likes of you.

      3. Oggy
        October 6, 2017


  31. Kenneth
    October 5, 2017

    On a long journey yesterday morning I listened to a BBC Radio 5 show broadcast from the Conservative conference.

    Most of the programme mocked the conference through catty and spiteful comments and a concerted effort to build up a campaign against the Foreign Secretary.

    On the subject of attracting the “youth vote”, the BBC pointed to a new Conservative Instagram account supposedly targeted at the young and mocked it.

    The only news that was taken seriously was the anticipated announcement to build more council houses which was broadly welcomed with a “too little too late spin”.

    I don’t know if the BBC covered the Labour conference in a similarly negative way as I didn’t listen to it.

    However, if politicians are treated with such contempt by the BBC it is hardly surprising that public opinion – and youth opinion – of politicians is so low.

    1. Chris
      October 5, 2017

      The campaign against the Foreign Secretary is, I believe, being orchestrated by Conservative MPs, apparently including those within Cabinet. As one journalist put it, there is not room for both Hammond and Johnston in Cabinet, and it will be a fight to the end. Those who hope for quiet are hoping in vain. The Remainers will not give up easily, and so far I believe that they have had an easy run with Theresa May.

      1. Mitchel
        October 6, 2017

        Having had all the stuffing knocked out of her,May is an empty vessel-a receptacle for the views of the advisers that have been appointed around her-you know the assorted remainers and crypto(and some not-so-crypto) socialists.

        Time for a total clearout.

  32. miami.mode
    October 5, 2017

    It’s a pity that Theresa May didn’t include all these points in her speech.

  33. jack Snell
    October 5, 2017

    The argument and vision you are putting out there is pathetic..you are, with others of the Tory political class, UKIP and Labour because populism and infighting, largely responsible for bringing this country to the brink of disaster with your decades long bleating about taking back control, taking back the fisheries, having control of our own laws etc etc.

    In your opening line you talk about the gift of living in freedom for our young people- well we’ll see soon enough when the young people are queueing outside of european consulates in the hope of getting a visa so that they can go spend some time, study or visit family in some continental country- that’s the freedom you’ll be giving them.

    Just where do you get all of this stuff from? I suppose you’ve been dreaming it up for years, well the truth is about to show through, yesterdays performance by the unfortunate Mrs May is only the start- in the next fortnight the EU will tell DD to go take a hike, Boris will still be talking about whistling and clearing away dead bodies and Liam fox will be looking even more desperate than he did recently when interviewed on BBC. Between you all, you have brought this country to the cliff edge.

    1. James Matthews
      October 5, 2017

      ” when the young people are queueing outside of european consulates in the hope of getting a visa so that they can go spend some time, study or visit family in some continental country”.

      Honestly what nonsense”

      Do you think people, young and old, didn’t go to other European countries before we joined the EU?

      Do you think (subsidised) study outside your own country is some sort of basic human right?

      Do you think having relatives in mainland Europe is normal for British Children, other than those born of recent European migrants who will no doubt have either EU or dual nationality?

      Your cliff edge is about two feet above the ground, except for the over-privileged few.

    2. Oggy
      October 6, 2017

      I don’t know why you Remoaners continue to bleat and howl unendingly.
      A vote was taken via a democratically held referendum , a decision was made and now the decision is to be carried out.
      If you don’t like democracy then go live in North Korea.

      Incidentally my 20 yr old stepson lived the first half of his life in Viet Nam and he is ‘gobsmacked’ everyday by people who can’t accept democracy – he says the remoaners should try living in Viet Nam for a while and learn a thing or two.
      He is now studying for a Masters in Mathematics and is more anti EU than I am, the only thing that scares him more than the EU is Jeremy Corbyn !

      1. Oggy
        October 6, 2017

        PS Even though he is ethnically Viet Namese he is to all intents and purposes a British lad, with British values and a British passport (with a Viet Namese Visa) so he can visit his family , not such a great hardship !

        It always makes me smile when people say we Brexiteers are racists !

  34. Duncan
    October 5, 2017

    ‘You may have missed that during the Tory conference over in Brussels the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to postpone the next phase of Brexit talks:

    Is of the opinion that in the fourth round of negotiations sufficient progress has not yet been made on citizens’ rights, Ireland and Northern Ireland, and the settlement of the United Kingdom’s financial obligations; calls on the European Council, unless there is a major breakthrough in line with this resolution in all three areas during the fifth negotiation round, to decide at its October meeting to postpone its assessment on whether sufficient progress has been made;

    Brexiteers and fellow Tory MEPs are contemptuous of the two that voted with the majority – Julie Girling, MEP for South West England and Gibraltar, Richard Ashworth MEP for the South-East of England. New UKIP leader Henry Bolton is scathing: “Such behaviour might be expected by the Lib Dems but Labour and in particular Richard Ashcroft and Julie Girling, the former Leader and Chief Whip of the Tories in Brussels to have voted against the national interest. This little short of a disgrace.” It is one thing to be a Remoaner, it is of another order altogether for a Tory MEP to vote against Britain’s national interest…’

    And this Mr Redwood is what we are up against. Even Tories voting against their own country’s national interests.

    To all Tory MP’s – have some decency and guts and get on with getting us out of this sham arrangement

  35. wab
    October 5, 2017

    “I watched with growing apprehension as the decision to join a common market morphed into the wholesale loss of our freedoms.”

    Typical Redwood nonsense. My town cannot do many things it would like to do because of idiotic laws from Westminster. So is this a “loss of our freedoms”? There is nothing (inherently) wrong with having different levels of government. The real problem is that the little Englanders are so arrogant that they think they should answer to no one, and so perpetuate this ridiculous myth that the EU is anti-democratic. (Funnily enough, these same little Englanders are happy to continue with the House of Lords, at least if they can pack it with their own stooges.)

    Mr Redwood needs to talk to young people (other than the few who show up at Tory party events). Most of them don’t see why the country should jump over a cliff just because a bunch of old fossils are deluded about the UK’s role in the world.

  36. Liam Hillman
    October 5, 2017

    Well said, Mr Redwood!

  37. Dave , Shinfield
    October 5, 2017

    Your article didn’t mention two of the biggest issues affecting young people – student debt and the cost of housing. Keep “banging on” about Europe if you like, but I don’t think you are going to rejuvenate the membership lists if you keep on that tack.

    1. Prigger
      October 5, 2017

      “two of the biggest issues affecting young people – student debt.” No it isn’t. It may be an issue for those young people who wish the majority of young people to pay for their training through their own meagre but honest productive activity and taxes. Why should anyone foot a student’s bill? If they were sensible at that age they would not engage in an activity which places them in debt. Only thickos do that.

  38. Denis Cooper
    October 5, 2017

    On the Northern Remoaner website today, about Theresa May’s tactics:

    “Effectively, she is turning the tables on the “colleagues” and making them do the running. She’s setting herself up with an alibi in the blame game, positioning the “colleagues” as the bad guys.”

    If only that was the case.

    Then she would not be persisting with all the lovey-dovey “deep and special partnership” smooching, instead she and other UK ministers and UK diplomats and agents around the world would be saying:

    “We offered them a deep and special relationship for our mutual benefit, and in fact the benefit of the whole world economy, and what’s more fully in line with the requirements of their own EU treaties – I can give you a list of the treaty provisions they are ignoring – and they just flung it back in our faces and carried on issuing blackmail demands.”

    Because that is the reality; if these talks do fail it will be their fault, and we should make sure that the whole world recognises that it is their fault not ours.

    1. Tabulazero
      October 5, 2017

      Please, man up Denis. The EU is doing exactly what it told you it would do under the circumstances. You went ahead, called its bluff and lost.


      1. Denis Cooper
        October 5, 2017

        It’s our government which needs to man up and stop trying to conciliate these people who are doing what you say they are doing and evidently doing it with your full approval.

        1. Tabulazero
          October 5, 2017

          I fully approve them making sure you are not having your cake and eating it at my expense.

          1. Denis Cooper
            October 5, 2017

            Ah yes, at your expense, you suppose.

          2. David Price
            October 6, 2017

            We are leaving because you have been eating our cake at our expense.

  39. Andrew
    October 5, 2017

    Can’t see young people taking to being lectured on why they’re wrong. But since we’re here, why do you think young people are majority against Brexit? Are they mistaken?

    Same with the economic argument for Brexit. If it’s so self evidently beneficial, why are the majority of companies and business people against it? For the record, I co-own a manufacturing company which creates premium branded products and does lots of R&D to create and develop those products. All I can see Brexit bringing me is lots of problems on the horizon and a likelihood we’ll end up doing the manufacturing in Poland.

    If you have to explain to people why they are wrong, you have lost the argument.

    1. Anonymous
      October 5, 2017

      We won the Brexit vote.

      We already won the argument.

    2. Pierre
      October 5, 2017

      Quite. Redwood, like Cash and Gove, seem unable to grasp that not everyone thinks like them

    3. Prigger
      October 5, 2017

      “If you have to explain to people why they are wrong, you have lost the argument.” Please tell the Labour/LibDems and SNP this great piece of wisdom.
      “we’ll end up…in Poland” Oh dear not another who says “if Brexit happens we’ll leave the country.” Wouldn’t it have been wise to build your manufacturing in Poland in the first place? Low rates of wages and taxes. L0ads of unemployed workers. Perfect. Off you go!! Do not remoan here any longer. Poland needs backward companies that mistakenly build in the wrong place with more warning than Noah had when he built the ark.

      1. Anonymous
        October 5, 2017

        If it relies on the welfare system to be profitable we don’t need it.

    4. Bob
      October 5, 2017

      “If you have to explain to people why they are wrong, you have lost the argument.”

      I suppose there’s no point in me trying to explain to you why that statement in wrong?

    5. Handbags
      October 5, 2017

      Are you in favour of democracy or not?

  40. Geoffrey Bennetts
    October 5, 2017

    Exactly. Why are the Blairs, Cleggs and, indeed, Heseltines of this world so blinkered and bigoted that they cannot also see the light?

    1. Jason Wells
      October 5, 2017

      Geoffrey, 48% of the population don’t see the light like you see it. For clarification, I suggest we won’t have too much longer to wait before we realize the huge mistake we have made. Because for the old people it won’t matter much anyway, their collective time is nearly up, but for the young people and the generations to come this will prove to be a very low point in our history indeed. JR talks here about young people and that they should be talking it up, looking at the glass half full, but in fact he hasn’t a clue because he is so blinkered himself and bigoted- and has been for decades, so much so that he along with others, UKIP and Tory right wing, dreamers all, hoping for the empire back, that have led us to this place, the cliff edge- and you Geoffrey cannot see it? but you will soon.

  41. Epikouros
    October 5, 2017

    Progressives over the decades have produced many young people who are filled with socialist idealism, believe the state not themselves should provide and that freedom should only be given to those who accept socialist and progressive dogma. That anyone that does not are racist capitalist fascists. Therefore they believe that institutions like the EU and hard left politicians like Corbyn should be admired and supported so will not respond to your appeal to embrace Brexit with any enthusiasm and some will in fact labour to remain in the EU.

    There is of course another section of society that your words will not be appreciated. Immigrants for some of the same reasons and because the ease of which they can manipulate the EU access to mainland Europe into becoming access to the UK. Brexit will shut that back door entry point.

  42. agricola
    October 5, 2017

    The point is it is not freedom. It is getting rid of one yolk, but acquiring another. The another being UK government. I have never known a time where the rules against doing anything and the army of those employed to enforce them has not been stronger.

    An example, in the late fifties I had the privilege to have been an instructor at an Outward Bound Mountain School. We ran a competition to get twelve boys over a firm plank wall twelve feet high. From memory the record was 22 seconds floor to floor. Some fifteen years ago I returned to the school on a nostalgia visit only to find that the wall had been emasculated. On the start side of the wall were two A4 sheets in plastic folders with instructions for instructors and instructions for participants. I then found that on the backside of the wall was a gallery from which participants could descend via stairs to the ground. Originally you dropped of the top into a sandpit. Health and Safety had destroyed it. The purpose had been to test speed, fitness and the ability to solve a problem as a team. Sadly this no longer pertained.

    The insidious idea that government and all the quangos they spawn knows best is in need of a fundamental overhaul. Then our youth can feel free to extend their potential to the full.

    Captcha gone Ape again.

  43. Simon
    October 5, 2017

    How are the negotiations on splitting the WTO quotas going John ? So simple you say. We doubters are all idiots. Well how is it going now ?

  44. Prigger
    October 5, 2017

    Young people will not embrace Brexit. It is not painted as revolutionary, even counter-revolutionary. Literally the reverse of newness. A reversion to “In the old days a packet of cigs cost one and tenpence…in old money…which was alot better! ”
    Brexiteer ministers are very intelligent. But they sound stuffy as a dinner you were forced to eat as a child. ” The Remoaners have increased the stuffiness of it all by repetitions of meat and two veg questions and Brexiteers fall into the trap by giving over-full answers instead of “Ditto”

  45. Prigger
    October 5, 2017

    You’re going to have a leadership election too close to the next General Election. Hearing the poison Cabinet Ministers will feed one another will do Corbyn’s work for him and convince young people Better No Brexit than Any Brexit a chant Labour may steal from me as they are into dishonesty big-style

    1. a-tracy
      October 5, 2017

      Look you know what happens if a new leader gets crowned not elected. The Labour group start banging on about unelected leaders without a mandate blah blah blah, at least Theresa was elected by the people as well as her own cabinet support. Stabbing her in the back and setting her up for a fall isn’t going to work out well, what should be done is a more interesting helpful leave team put into place to work with her to get the job done efficiently and well. A Chairman that will check his appointed contractors are up to the job be it security or signage or who gets passes to sit that close to the PM!

      1. Prigger
        October 5, 2017

        “Stabbing her (Mrs May) in the back and setting her up for a fall isn’t going to work ” Have you been out of the country? Have you not seen Mrs May’s behaviour? Mrs May must have very long arms enabling herself to stab herself in the back. She does not require assistance! She went for another election. Failed! She decided to talk at Conference and continue talking through a box of gravel.She is a liability.Take a look on You Tube “Norman Wisdom | Council Meeting Chaos” The screen writer was making an OTT funny sketch which is mild by comparison to Mrs May’s Conference speech. She is not funny! She is an absolute disaster!

        1. a-tracy
          October 6, 2017

          Prigger, I watch her, she wasn’t my choice for leader but we are where we are and she WON the majority. Mrs May our Prime Minister is either being called a “Maybot” or it gets even nastier with female journalists who I used to respect calling her empty; broken; disconnected; not empathetic and another female journalist calling her a “flailing authoritarian”, yet when she shows her humanity or empathetic side she is whipped.

          At the moment “funny” is seen as an utter no-no for Boris so perhaps she is being wise not showing her “funny” side. I personally don’t find JC funny – but his cult-like it and find it hilarious to act like the kkk hanging up effigies of Tories from bridges, then we have a Mayor of our great City who left the banner up for long enough for visitors to notice and get it into the newspapers, yes that shows real grown-up leader capabilities.

  46. Atlas
    October 5, 2017

    It’s a shame you were not giving the Speech yesterday John.

  47. Peter Parsons
    October 5, 2017

    It was a Conservative government who agreed that once VAT had been applied to a product that it could not subsequently be removed. They had the choice not to agree to this, but didn’t. After that decision had been taken, it was also a Conservative government who then applied VAT on domestic fuel for the first time, knowing full well the consequences of that decision. Blaming the EU for the decisions of domestic, elected, Conservative politicians is somewhat misplacing the real responsibility for those decisions.

    It’s also worth pointing out that female sanitary products are zero rated for VAT in the Republic of Ireland. The fact that this is not the case in the UK is, again, a consequence of domestic decisions taken by domestic politicians.

  48. Tabulazero
    October 5, 2017

    The average Tory member is 72 years old. It is this public that Mr Redwood and the rest of his peers represent and defend. Their jobs depend on it.

    Brexit will ultimately hit the young people the hardest in terms of diminished rights, lost opportunities and lower economic growth. The factories will not simply re-open up. Production will rather move to the Continent where economies of scale and the single-market are. EU law will continue to affect the UK either directly (transition period) or indirectly except that the UK will have lost its seat at the table. Well done !

    The young people (if you can still be called young at 45) have finally realised that the Conservatives have nothing to offer them other than crass nationalism and petty squabbles.

    Are you really going to entrust your and your family’s future to a party which is not capable of properly bolting a sign to a wall ?

    1. David Price
      October 6, 2017

      Mr Redwood’s position as MP depends on the people who vote for him, I would expect very few are members of the Conservative Party. It is those in favour of Brexit that he represents and defends.

      I am responsible for my family and I will not entrust my or my families future to the likes of Macron and Merkel who presided over the catastrophic unemployment in Spain, the wilful destruction of the Greek economy and the importing of disruptive migrants.

      You equate those premeditated acts against the interests of thousands, millions of citizens of the EU with some plastic falling off a wall?

      Like the EU elite with their expense claims and dreams of empire you have no sense of proportion.

    2. a-tracy
      October 6, 2017

      The Telegraph today writes “Blueway, the company that organised the conference, told The Times the lettering mishap was linked to the P45 prank earlier in the address. A spokesman said: “The security incident understandably lead to a surge of activity and a significant increase in personnel backstage. It was during this time that the backdrop was knocked.”

      I wouldn’t engage Blueway to run the Country no, and if we don’t hear soon how the heck these letters fell off they shouldn’t be getting anymore Conference scenery bookings either! Do they have a fitter that is a member of another party or a Remain protestor? Did the fitter just use Double sided tape?

      I’d also love to know who bought her the bracelet and who gave the prankster his pass and allowed him to walk unimpeded right up to our Prime Minister. We should know how this plot transpired that’s how I’d expect our journalists to behave rather than the likes of C4 KGM showing his obvious political bias.

  49. hans christian ivers
    October 5, 2017


    £ 12 billion in savings it is more like £ 9 billion net, which is about 1% of theUK government budget, there is not going to be much to go around, it is less than 4 weeks spend in the NHS, so let us not get carried away and this is assuming that our finances remain, as they are, which neither of us know

    How come your text leaves the impression that the rest of the remaining members are not free when they remain in the EU?

    The majority of the UK who voted were remainer’s, so they do not seem to share you vision of bigger freedom and entrepreneurship can you please explain that?

    Please, do kindly explain, how domestic food production and other UK domestic production makes us richer, is that a forgone conclusion as you have presented it?

    thank you

    1. John
      October 5, 2017

      These things have been explained to you time and time again.

      You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

      By the way the majority of voters voted to leave.

      ‘The majority of the UK who voted were remainer’s’

  50. Original Richard
    October 5, 2017

    If the young are to embrace Brexit then the truth needs to be told.

    For instance, they already know that housing is expensive and in short supply. But it is not explained that it is because we cannot build accommodation at a fast enough rate to keep up with the massive inward net migration, half of it coming from the EU.

    It needs to be explained that membership of the EU means opening up our country to the whole of the EU (and beyond if Mrs. Merkel and the EU Commission have their way) and will inevitably mean the collapse of our non-contributory health and welfare systems.

    Or that EU membership will mean they will be competing for jobs with people from all over the EU who are prepared to work for short periods at much lower rates of pay.

    This is in addition listing all the obvious benefits of becoming a sovereign nation and describing what is likely to be in store for EU members in the future.

    1. hans christian ivers
      October 5, 2017

      Original Richard,

      We have not been building enough homes for 30 years, blaming Eu citizens for htis sort of lack of progress is rather a high order

      Lots of the migrants have to here to stay and not for short term work, including myself form Denmark 20 years ago paying millions in tax over the period, including national health.

      The sovereign argument is rather weak considering we have now implemented or abaut to implement most EU law form the past 40 years.

      The majority f young British people have no problem findig jobs here and in Europe and that has been the case to the past few years in particular as Europe is growing at twice the speed of the British economy.

      I am sorry I cannot identify with the problems and issues you have raised due to the arguments raised above.

      Or do you have information you would like to share that the rest of us do not have access to ?

      1. graham1946
        October 6, 2017

        The question EU fans never think about is why do they want to come here? They only logical reason must be that they see this country has opportunities not available in the EU to earn a living, otherwise why would they up sticks and travel hundreds of miles, be away from their families and friends and their own environment? There are reckoned to be 4 million EU workers here as against 1 million Brits in the EU, most of whom are pensioners who mostly just retire to the sun. We can only conclude that the EU is actually a hell hole for workers and that it cannot support its populations and they see us not as the losers you seem to do but as their future.

        And you think we will lose out by leaving this dying edifice? What a laugh you give us.

      2. stred
        October 7, 2017

        Hans. Coming from Denmark 20 years ago should have allowed you long enough to follow the pressure on the housing market while the population increased. As far as I know the Danes have taken a much less relaxed view of mass immigration. Please study the graphs in this educational site, especially the fourth down.

  51. ian
    October 5, 2017

    I am not worried about the young people, they know what they want and, it not what you have for sale.

  52. John
    October 5, 2017

    Patriotism and being proud of our country and our good deeds is what will return.

    the EU brought us leaders who wanted to hide Britain and patriotism because they favoured Brussels. With the EU out the way we can return to what I remember being proud of when I was young.

    In leaving the EU we need to return to being proud of Britain and our values. That’s what will return the young vote.

  53. ian
    October 5, 2017

    The young vote is already returning john. They will sit in parliament before long, They are organizing at the grassroots in their areas and will be picking their own PMs to take their vote to parliament and if that person messes up they will be out within the month. You will be sitting in parliament wondering who that person is and if they should be there. Their decisions about the country will be made at local area level with manifesto a thing of the pasted. To them it the vote that counts on the day of the vote. Gel is teaching them well in the act of taking power, it not about communism or anything else, it about the vote and what they want. As for the EU, UN, IMF and the rest, you can forget them, they will be blank out completely. The mire signs of authority from outside of the UK interfering in their democracy, they will throw a complete wobble. As for the labour party, it just a vehicle to them to take them to there destination, parliament. As have said in the pasted party politics is coming to an end. Liberals party, gone, labour party, gone, ukip, gone, troy party next on the list.

  54. am
    October 6, 2017

    The current young have been the longest subject to group and p.c. think. Their Independence of mind has been hammered away at from nursery school to university for a whole generation. They deserve our sympathy. They also need help to see the controlling of their mind and the sources of it so that they can be free from it.

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