St George’s Day

A happy St George’s day to all.

Today England should be celebrating our freedom out of the EU. England voted by 53.4% in favour of Leave, with a large 1.921 million vote margin of Leave over Remain. English voters expected us to be out by now. Once again England has been let down by UK and EU politics.

The negotiations with the EU have reminded us of the way England’s wishes are so often ignored or sidelined. There has been no Ministerial or representative voice of England in the negotiations at a time when the Scottish government has been most vocal setting out their views on the topic. The EU itself has always tried to split England up into artificial regions, and has not wished to hear an independent England view.

I have judged trying to reach a rapid and successful conclusion to the UK’s exit from the EU is the most important constitutional task confronting us. Once we are out we do need to revisit the issue of England’s representation. The Coalition reforms gave us the right to avoid Union legislation placed upon us against our will. We need next to turn to acquiring the ability to initiate measures for England without needing a majority in the Union Parliament, where those issues are devolved to Scotland.


  1. Cheshire Girl
    April 23, 2019

    Happy St. Georges Day to you too, Sir John.

    I hear that Jeremy Corbyn has promised a Bank Holiday on all four of the Patron Saints days in the UK. We know that it is just an election ploy, but no doubt it will go down well with some prospective Labour voters.

    1. Anonymous
      April 23, 2019

      “Make the most of St George’s Day before the Marxists get in and ban it.” The Sun today.


      May is so awful that the Marxists are going to get in – well, in truth, it seems the Marxists are already in. The police forgot that they weren’t meant to let people know they are Marxists when they joined in skateboarding and dancing at the recent illegal protests.


      Is Gary Lineker the face of BBC sport or is he a freelance political pundit – someone at the BBC needs to decide this for him. If not then WHY not ?

      1. Tad Davison
        April 24, 2019

        I can’t see the BBC bringing the over-paid Linekar to heel whilst he’s spouting pro-EU BS. I see another of his ilk, Gavin Esler, who used to present the heavily biased Dateline Europe is standing for the TIGS or whatever they want to call themselves today. Why does this not surprise me?

    2. Monty
      April 23, 2019

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fond of our patron saints. Thoroughly nice lads.

      I’m just looking at the calendar here.

      Our existing bank holidays are already front-loaded in the springtime. Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day and Whit Monday, all strike within a short time frame. March, April and May. Do we really want to add three more? (St Patrick- March 17, St David – March 1, St George- April 23. (St Andrew is celebrated on November 30- Clever old Andrew, at least we could make use of his day for Christmas shopping.)

      But what of the three in the spring? What is that liable to do to the academic year? And what happens when one of the saints days falls on Good Friday, Easter Monday? Easter varies from late March to late April. Clashes would be bound to happen eventually.

      Maybe some folk are thinking we could restrict it to one bank holiday to celebrate the local patron saint. For example only one for St Davids in Wales. How do they expect the Liverpool Irish, the London Scottish, to welcome that news? There’d be ructions and accusations of racism.
      And then, what of the other religions waiting impatiently to pile in on the back of this to demand national holidays of their own ?

      Nope. Leave it alone. Don’t go stoking up grievances where none ever existed before.

    3. Tad Davison
      April 24, 2019

      Maybe if Corbyn had promised an English parliament, it might have appealed to Labour supporters more.

      It’s surprising how many Labour voters are true patriots, yet the party itself seems only ever to want to cater for the Notting Hill neo-liberal set. Disgusting how their core supporters are continually betrayed that way.

  2. JoolsB
    April 23, 2019

    Happy St. George’s Day.
    John, England voted Brexit and England has been totally ignored yet again. I know you don’t agree but the only way England is going to get treated fairly in this so called union and be allowed a voice that is listened to is for us to have an English Parliament which puts the interests of England first for a change unlike now and where we English are not treated like fourth class citizens and ignored by UK Governments of all colours who see us as nothing more than a ca$hcow for the benefit of everywhere else except England, this Tory Government included. In fact especially this Tory Government who would not exist without English votes and who has let England down badly.

    The reason 650 UK MPs resist an English Parliament is because to do so would make most of them redundant and as we have seen over Brexit, their own self interests are paramount. UKIP under Farage supported an EP, hopefully he will continue to support one under the Brexit party. If so, the Tory party will hopefully get a double roasting at forthcoming elections for not only their betrayal over Brexit but their betrayal of England.

    UK politicians in English seats have ignored the English Question for far too long and have refused to stand up and demand an end to the blatant discrimination of our young, our sick and our elderly. They deserve our contempt.

  3. The Prangwizard
    April 23, 2019

    England needs a true parliament, not some cobbled compromise to satisfy Unionists who are too afraid of giving the English what everyone else has.

  4. ian
    April 23, 2019

    The first sensible thing i have heard.

  5. 'None of the above'.
    April 23, 2019

    Well said, Sir John. I have never understood why it was thought unnecessary for England to have it’s own Assembly.

  6. Sharon Jagger
    April 23, 2019

    Yes, we should have left the EU, again. At last though, it seems as though something is a actually being DONE!

    The motion from Crispin Blunt with regards to the partiality of John Bercow is very welcome – let’s hope he is successfully removed. His behaviour has been very unprofessional, to say the least.

    As for Mrs May, it’s no good asking for her to name a date for her to step down, she’s just as likely to either refuse or lie about a date.

    I’m very concerned that cabinet apparently want the withdrawal agreement passed through parliament as soon as possible! ( Christopher Hope for the Telegraph). This is really worrying.

    Do they not understand how toxic that agreement is! Have they even read it one wonders, or have they relied on word of mouth from the PM?

  7. Peter Wood
    April 23, 2019

    Sir John, With regret I must correct you, we have been let down by …UK politicians ONLY.

    Following the issue of the Art. 50 notice, we should have left on 29th March, COME WHAT MAY. We could have, if Mrs May had not requested a delay, which she did NOT have to do.

    The EU bureaucrats have just been fighting to keep our money, it’s a shame we have not been doing the same.

  8. Doug Powell
    April 23, 2019

    Thank you SJR, and a happy St George’s Day to you too. Also, let us not forget someone who has made a much greater contribution to our lives and to our standing in the world than St George. Let us wish many happy returns to Will Shakespeare – A National Treasure – a colossus in our national psyche! Someone who’s genius would have been suffocated at birth in the EU, where conformity and PC reign – as would the genius of Goethe, Mozart, Pasteur, and countless others.

  9. Hope
    April 23, 2019

    Last paragraph inaccurate and rubbish. Other nations still debate English only topics etc. Taxed more, give away more to other home nations more and no voice or representation. In fact your party thinks England and English are dirty words to be avoided. Cameron promised EVIL, he did not deliver, he also promised right to recall never delivered. Perhaps this was the precursor to May saying one thing and doing the opposite or failing even to try. Although it appears your leaders are good at lying simply to get votes. I can’t see your party being in a position to be trusted ever again.

  10. A.Sedgwick
    April 23, 2019

    The harsh truth could be that the construct of the UK is as fallible as the EU. Devolution brushed under the carpet the anomalies heavily biased against England. The SNP have made a mockery of the Commons and the Lords is worse than the EU Parliament. The WA with the so called backstop could very well be irrelevant in a decade as the Referendum result has shown Irish unification is a distinct possibility.

    If there was an England Independence referendum my money would be on Leave again.

  11. margaret howard
    April 23, 2019

    ” a large 1.921 million vote margin of Leave over Remain.”

    Really? Large? Out of a population of 53m?

    Furthermore it seems to me that you are quite happy with Britain being broken up and England becoming a rump nation with about as much influence in the world as Liechtenstein.
    Centuries of sacrifice to unite this country all to count for nothing.

    I don’t call that patriotism. But then St George wasn’t an Englishman and we share him with many other countries, like Portugal, Spain, Ethiopia etc – a multi culturalist born in modern day Palestine.

    1. Anonymous
      April 23, 2019

      If the Scots were serious about independence then they would have allowed the English to join in their referendum !

    2. Edward2
      April 23, 2019

      You do not understand voting and the democratic process Margaret.
      There are standard rules as to to who is entitled to vote.
      It has been the same in every election.
      The one with the most votes wins.
      Wales got its own Parliament and devolved government with a tiny majority.
      I’ve not heard any complaint from you about that.

      Hilarious your repeated claims of am eventual seperated “rump” England.
      Bring it on.
      England would haveover 85% of the population and become one of the worlds biggest and most powerful economies.
      Let’s see how well the devolved nations would get on without England subsidising them.

      1. margaret howard
        April 24, 2019

        “England would haveover 85% of the population and become one of the worlds biggest and most powerful economies.”

        Like we were before we begged to join the EU? I remember us being known as the ‘sick man of Europe’ then. How short memories are.

        1. Edward2
          April 24, 2019

          I fail to see what relevance your reply has to your original ridiculous claim the leaving the EU would result in Northern Ireland and Scotland leaving the UK, but not Wales I presume and that would result in England becoming “a rump with as much influence as Lichtenstein ”
          But glad to see you actually realising just how big and powerful England (and Wales) would be if independent.

        2. John Hatfield
          April 24, 2019

          We were still the ‘sick man of Europe’ after we joined the EEC (not the EU you’ll note).
          It was Margaret Thatcher that healed the country, not the EEC whose tariffs were biased against the UK.

          1. margaret howard
            April 24, 2019

            Margaret Thatcher? Alone? Why then was she such an enthusiastic EU supporter even wearing a jumper patterned with the EU member states flags during her 1975 Referendum campaign?

            Yes I remember it well – do you?

          2. Tad Davison
            April 24, 2019

            John, this woman’s judgement is clouded and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Her views are at odds with the ‘green’ protesters on the streets of London.

          3. Edward2
            April 24, 2019

            In 1975 it was the Common Market, a trading group of a few independent nations.
            Its been hijacked by the new rich EU elite and turned into the United States of Europe.

          4. Edward2
            April 25, 2019

            Many of us supported the ideals of the Common Market and its handful of original member..
            Sadly like Lady Thatcher we realised how it was being hijacked and turned into the United States of Europe by a wealthy new global elite.

    3. Lifelogic
      April 24, 2019

      Yes it is indeed large and would surely be larger still now given the appalling behaviour of the EU in the negotiations. It was the EU (together with all of their UK collaborators and quislings) intent on breaking up England into regions against the will of UK voters.

    4. jane4brexit
      April 24, 2019

      An extra 7.9% of people put an ‘X’ beside Leave than Remain. For some reason this is seldom stated and we are told the difference counting both sides of the vote together, 7.9% is quite a difference.

      1. Edward2
        April 24, 2019

        In a general election it would result in one party gaining a majority of over 100 seats.

      2. PeterM
        April 25, 2019

        17410742 votes for Leave,
        16141241 votes for Remain,
        33551983 valid votes,
        33577342 votes.
        And that’s a 3.78% difference for Leave, not 7.9%. How do you get that number?

  12. rose
    April 23, 2019

    There is still time: as it is Easter Week, the Church has moved St George’s Day to next Monday!

  13. Iain Gill
    April 23, 2019

    I am coming to believe we need an English parliament, lets call it say parliament.

  14. agricola
    April 23, 2019

    St George and his day are not PC. In the minds of the liberal appologists England has nothing to be proud of in our past. We should be humble in our crawl to Santiago de Compostella asking for forgiveness. Wheras our US cousins are proud to fly their flag in every front garden, it is so anathema to the chattering classes that they have been known to send in the thought police to ban it.

    I am delighted that you have taken to praise St George. His day cannot be be left a symbol of the knuckle draggers in our society. Thanks for the greeting and feel it reciprocated.

  15. Fred H
    April 23, 2019

    Few celebrate St. George’s Day with the fervour of the other UK nations celebrating theirs. Such is our level of indifference that extreme political parties appear to have stolen the day. What a tragedy. My mother, decades ago, used to get quite upset in the face of officialdom demanding she state what nationality she had, English never deemed acceptable. Although I know plenty of Scots and regard them dearly, there are times the SNP upset me so much I find myself saying ‘Go then, but once gone don’t expect me to visit, to buy goods, to support you, and I INSIST our military forces, bases and protection will be removed, just as SNP appear to want. Financial support should be totally withdrawn, and borders erected. The whole 9 yards, and nothing but.

  16. Fred H
    April 23, 2019

    The BBC reports ‘As the saint’s day falls in Easter week this year, churches have put celebrations on hold. Anglicans will mark the patron saint’s day on Monday 29 April, while Catholics will transfer the day to 30 April’.

    Am I alone in thinking this absurd?

  17. agricola
    April 23, 2019

    The next real challenge to the UK is how we handle the visit of Donald Trump. The Queen will ensure that within her powers it will be memorable for him and his family. No doubt our joint security services will ensure it is a safe visit.

    Noting the left leanings of our government and the disdain with which the establishment would wish to treat him, the great unwashed must not be allowed to intrude upon it. They need to be kept at least 5 miles away beyond a cordon sanitaire. At present they are being allowed to interfere with the lives of Londons’s working population. Learn from it and keep them well away.

    It is fashionable to deride Donald Trump. Big mistake, he and his country are our greatest allies when push comes to shove. Just mske sure he is treated as an honoured guest. Like Marmite, some of us like him.

  18. Lifelogic
    April 23, 2019

    Let down my May and Hammond ‘s appalling visionless and socialist government and the very many MPs (& the speaker) clearly behaving as blatant traitors. Thus undermining the negotiations and ensuring that nothing better than May’s putrid £39 billion handcuff treaty was offered by the EU.

    Not a very cheerful St Georges day alas. Why on earth did Gove stab Boris in the back and why did Boris not continue anyway he would surely have won against the appalling May. Not even a bank holiday for England (unlike St Andrew’s or St David’s days).

    I assume the English are just expected to work in order to pay the extra tax needed to cross subsidise Scotland, Wales and NI. Also in England they need to earn more to pay their university fees, higher property costs, higher tax contributions and their prescription charges.

    Also for private dentists as the NHS dentistry system fails so abjectly.

  19. Chris S
    April 23, 2019

    Recent press coverage of rival SNP proposals over the continual use of the Pound by an independent Scotland make interesting reading.

    Neither proposal is remotely practical and clearly demonstrate the fairytail economic policies that Westminster has been allowing the Scottish government to follow at the expensive of English Taxpayers.

    Why are Westminster MPs so frightened of bringing the Scottish economy back to reality ?

    We are subsidising Sturgeon’s largess to the tune of £10bn a year. The SNP wouldn’t have a hope of rejoining the EU with such a huge deficit and any independent currency would rapidly fall victim to hyper- inflation.

    Whatever the future for Scotland, the Barnett formula has to go with a ten year programme of deficit reduction.

    If they foolishly choose independence instead, so be it.

    That would be the simplest way of correcting the democratic deficit for England.

  20. Adam
    April 23, 2019

    Once we have shaken off the EU shackles, we can live and breathe freedom as a proper independent country. Paying the EU a fee to boss & restrict us for decades was a crazy position to allow ourselves to tolerate. Let’s get out soon & get better fast!

    1. Lifelogic
      April 24, 2019

      Many MPs and the PM are not “tolerating” it but actively trying to sign up for it. Against the expressed will of the people and the will of Parliament. May’s putrid £39 Billion Treaty is not Brexit, it is clearly even worse than remain.

      1. Adam
        April 25, 2019

        ‘Putrid’ is an apt description, Lifelogic. The attempted Treaty reeks with the stench of stagnant incompetence, yet some of the worst MPs in the house wallow in expecting voters to swallow it.

  21. Bardirect
    April 23, 2019

    But if we are not to be able to be obtain a successful exit for the UK, surely, it is time for English independence from the UK as the only means of unshackling ourselves from the EU.

  22. acorn
    April 23, 2019

    Er … who? There is supposed to have been a Roman Tribune, a Tribunus Militum; or, a Tribunus Plebis (an MP in current Westminster terminology). He appears to have been adopted by several Kingdoms in Europe.

    BTW. The EU still has a Concilium Plebis (European Council plus the Council of the European Union), but it dropped the “plebis” bit early on.

  23. Kees
    April 23, 2019

    Here again the emphasis is solely on England to the exclusion of the other parts of the UK..if we keep on like this we will surely end up on our own with our own little parliament in our own little world.. we gotta realize that in these withdrawl discussions the EU deals only with the UK government.. for the moment.. but who knows how it will be in the future? Maybe an Independent Scotland? Or a United Ireland? and then Wales all part of the EU with little olde England sitting like piggy in the middle. .navel gazing wondering where did it all go wrong? Some think that maybe Trump on his great white charger might come riding in to save us- but I doubt it- don’t think he can even save himself at this stage

  24. Steve
    April 23, 2019

    A superb article Mr Redwood.

    I share your sentiments.

    I take opportunity to mention that as far as the average punter is concerned, we’ve had it forced upon us at every turn that anything English is neo nazi like and racist. In fact some local authorities have previously banned the George Cross claiming it represents racism.

    Complete rubbish of course, but then we live in a country where it’s minority rule. Thanks to Blair and the Labour party.

    We’re always amongst the first to send Marines to help other countries in times of disaster, and always providing foreign aid.

    We pay prescription charges, and university fees while generously giving them free to other nations of the UK.

    Europe would have been entirely axis or soviet were it not for England, yet those of the EU disrespect us. We owe them nothing, they owe us !

    In my opinion we’re victims of our own hospitality, or put another way; too bloody soft.

    Typical how no one cites the saltire as a racist flag, despite it representing a nationalist government.

    It’s time we stood up to all these England haters and show we are proud of who we are.

    A good start would be to bar the SNP from the Parliament. We don’t have our MP’s in Hollyrood, so why should they have theirs in Westminster ? Seems only fair to me.

    As regards the EU, we should simply walk away on WTO and call their bluff. The EU is in trouble and the commission knows it.

    1. Julie Dyson
      April 23, 2019

      Well said, Steve. I was leaning towards venting my own frustrations about what England has been reduced to… You’ve said it all and more so I’ll just give this a hearty thumbs up! Too bloody soft indeed.

  25. Martyn G
    April 23, 2019

    “We need next to turn to acquiring the ability to initiate measures for England without needing a majority in the Union Parliament, where those issues are devolved to Scotland”. And Wales and Northern Ireland. Indeed so, England has long been effectively disenfranchised and unrecognized (the only country whose name was removed from the map of the EU with the supine agreement of our government) and always seen as a potential threat to the government of the UK and EU – a potential threat, as in slow to anger but very dangerous when pushed too far by events alien to its population.

  26. Alan Jutson
    April 23, 2019

    Agreed JR.

    What is regarded as fair to the other Nations/Countries within the UK, should be fair to England as well.

  27. Brigham
    April 23, 2019

    If we ever get out, I think it would be wise to offer the scots a refendum on staying in the UK. I personally would like to see them go. The whining in the HOC is aweful, and I would like us to keep the barnett formula for ourselves.

    1. Steve
      April 24, 2019


      “……wise to offer the scots a refendum on staying in the UK. I personally would like to see them go. ”

      So would most English people. The next time the SNP kicks off I think the vote should also include the rest of the UK, the SNP would be shocked at the result.

      Of course, their independence would mean they have no unit of currency, no defence, no more subsidies from England…nothing, it all goes.

      The effect of brexit will be most interesting where the SNP is concerned. I wonder if they have considered border issues, trade etc. What goes around comes around, as they say.

  28. Lynn Atkinson
    April 23, 2019

    Quite right. Thank you for speaking for England. We could not have a stronger voice. England accepts Socialist Governments in Westminster returned by the collective U.K. in spite of never voting socialist itself. There has been no reciprocal acceptance of the Brexit vote by the Celtic Fringe.
    Once we are free, there is a lot that needs attention. We will need you more than ever.

  29. GilesB
    April 23, 2019

    I agree that the priority is Brexit. Without that the UK ceases to exist.

    Next after that is restoring representative democracy. In particular, politicians being held to the spirit of the manifesto on which they are elected. Acting against the manifesto but lead to immediate loss of position. If we can’t trust politicians to be kept to their manifesto, we have no basis for choosing between them. And cannot trust them to represent us. No trust no vote.

  30. GilesB
    April 23, 2019

    must lead to immediate loss of position

  31. Beecee
    April 23, 2019

    Viewing and reading the media one would be excused for not knowing that it was indeed St Georges Day.

    Contrast this with the media excitement for the Patron Saint Days of Wales, Scotland and Ireland!


  32. Gareth Warren
    April 23, 2019

    And a happy St Georges day to you

    I hear the tory chairmen have voted to begin a vote of no confidence and the wretched withdrawal agreement is being brought back again. While I know your thoughts on it I hope and expect the rump of the party treat it as a vote of confidence in Theresa.

    While a heavy defeat will not cause her to resign it may wake the 1922 committee up.

  33. Anonymous
    April 23, 2019

    I see the establishment is lining up to hit us with heavy restrictions and taxation on the back of the climate protests. Communism/Marxism by the back door.

    Emma Thompson will still be living it up though.

  34. Simon
    April 23, 2019

    A kamikaze No Deal exit might be rapid but it most certainly would not be successful. For all of Sir John’s gravitas he is commending an absolutely suicidal course and one furthermore bereft of a shred of evidence as to the consequences.

    1. Edward2
      April 24, 2019

      Amusingly, no “shred of evidence” from you Simon.
      Just the usual Project Fear clichés.

  35. Lindsay McDougall
    April 23, 2019

    Your line of argument has set me wondering what the question should be in a Second Referendum if there is one? How about:

    “Do you wish the four nations comprising the United Kingdom to become provinces in a Federal European SuperState.”

    It’s just possible that the “Yes” vote would reach 30%, certainly no more.

  36. Lindsay McDougall
    April 23, 2019

    Does anyone remember Enoch Powell’s celebration of St George’s day in 1962? In his speech he urged Englishmen to forget the Victorians, the Stuarts and the Tudors, and reach back in our folk memory to the Anglo-Saxon kings, to our ‘true’ roots.

    It had echoes of a poem he wrote during WW2:

    “From Guilsborough to Northampton, all the way,
    Under a full red August moon
    I wandered down.

    ….. the night air
    Seemed thronged and teeming, as if hosts
    Of living presences were everywhere;
    And I imagined they were ghosts
    Of the old English, who by tower and spire,
    Wherever priest and sexton’s spade
    In church or graveyard round about the shire
    Their unremembered bones had laid,
    Now in the warm still night arising, filled
    The broad air with their company,
    And hovering in the fields that once they tilled,
    Brooded on England’s destiny.”

    1. margaret howard
      April 24, 2019


      “reach back in our folk memory to the Anglo-Saxon kings, to our ‘true’ roots2

      In other words – Germany?

    2. Simon Coleman
      April 25, 2019

      The Anglo-Saxons created a great civilisation and it should be celebrated, but this stuff must be kept out of politics. Mr Redwood seems to be testing the waters to see if there’s any mileage in trying to stoke up English nationalism. Responses like yours are just what he’s looking for. And keep Enoch Powell out of politics as well!

  37. Norman
    April 23, 2019

    St Georges day for the English is a given, like the monarch’s head on our stamps and coinage. We do not need to pander to petty nationalism! Intemperate fervour threatens to accelerate the downfall of this beloved United Kingdom, and all who hate us will rejoice. Even amidst calamity, there’s a place for quiet dignity and wise counsel. The Prophet Daniel saw and survived it all. He spoke to our time, too.

  38. Rod Marsh
    April 24, 2019

    A nasty attempt to sow discord in our United Kingdom. You are showing your true colours. Petty nationalism is your agenda

    1. agricola
      April 24, 2019

      Silly boy, go save Africa from itself.

    2. Steve
      April 24, 2019

      Rod Marsh

      Petty nationalism indeed !

      Nationalism isn’t something to be joked about. Perhaps you should make sure you have a change of underpants with you at all times, you’ll need them if nationalists grab power in this country.

  39. Martin Pope
    April 24, 2019

    This sums up why I would vote remain when we get a 2nd referendum (I voted leave first time). I love our Union more than I dislike the EU. Reading this bilious anti-British diatribe by John Redwood I now clearly see how his blinkered “England for the English” attitude is going to destroy the work of centuries nurturing our precious union. You have no sense of history, sir

    1. Bryan Harris
      April 24, 2019

      EU tinted glasses Martin?
      You are missing the whole point.
      Devolution created an unfairness against the English in several ways – including non-English MP’s voting on English concerns … Or perhaps you have heard that EU students can get free university places in Scotland while English students have to pay a hefty sum?
      Rectifying this unfairness would make the UK union stronger.

    2. sm
      April 24, 2019

      You obviously haven’t read much history, Martin. The Scots, the Irish and the Welsh have been fighting back against the domination of the English for centuries (while still holding out their begging bowls).

      Please tell us why, in your opinion, Scottish MPs can vote on measures affecting England alone, but not vice versa?

  40. Everhopeful
    April 24, 2019

    Well “they” worked for a long time on stripping England of its culture.
    Thatcher destroyed our football…was it too good a political base? Too nationalistic?
    We have long been told by ghastly TV chefs that we have no traditional cuisine which is utter rot.
    Scotland and Wales are allowed to celebrate their own music and dance on TV…with great solemnity. Ours have been ridiculed and buried and shared out by those who do not own it.
    One can only conclude that the English were more feared than the other nationals. Or maybe we are the scapegoats for the imperialism ( like we were alone in Empire building??) of the very types who are now denying us Brexit?
    The English were pretty useful to them when they wanted their Empire run weren’t they?

    1. Everhopeful
      April 24, 2019

      Oh BUT…don’t the EU actually WANT us split up into smaller and smaller regions?
      Or maybe they DID until they realised that nationalism..once forced on people ( to make them fight wars) is pretty difficult to eradicate.
      Ha ha!!

    2. margaret howard
      April 25, 2019


      “Well “they” worked for a long time on stripping England of its culture.
      Thatcher destroyed our football…was it too good a political base? Too nationalistic?”

      No, it was the behaviour of their so-called fans which had disgraced out good name across the globe.

  41. Everhopeful
    April 24, 2019

    In Germany a Spa Break is actually prescribed by doctors.
    Not here though..our spas were laid waste by the usual formula.
    Taken over by the state ( often in guise of NHS) neglected…shrug of shoulders…sold off ( swift pocketing of dosh) just like they have done with the army and the mental hospitals and the public lavatories and local government offices etc etc.
    England …the asset stripped milch cow

  42. Bryan Harris
    April 24, 2019

    Yes, it does seem like the English have been getting the short straw for far too long – but wasn’t this down to devolution as much as anything. Yes we know the EU wanted us broken down into more manageable regions to suit their destruction of nation states, and the EU has never treated England fairly.
    Devolution gave powers away to Scotland and Wales, some would say far too many powers, and it may be time to reign them back in – In any case, it would still leave England without a comparitive voice.
    Perhaps we should make things fairer, but not FGS more expensive – WE could establish Westminster as English Parliament, but would then need a home and realigned purpose for the Government with new election procedures…. Or What about this – A brand new British Parliament and seat of government that included wings for England, Wales, NI, and Scotland…………….. Or perhaps we should just reduce the devolved houses to representative debating chambers, with England having one in central England.
    The EUP is a fine example of something that finds a purpose for itself where little existed, and I’m not sure we want a large convoluted bureaucratic form of government, especially when people are demanding that they want more power returned to them.
    This is something we need to deliberate over, and get it right – Simply creating another tier of government for England will not do it for me.

  43. eleanor justice
    April 24, 2019

    This Earth, This Realm, This ENGLAND!

  44. canon the west o em
    April 24, 2019

    “The EU itself has always tried to split England up into artificial regions,…”
    Yes, so have all individual European countries and those ganging up one time or another in order to attack England.
    Even more, to have a political, cultural, and military base to the West of our shores.
    They rather liked one to the north of us too and flattered the worthiness of its wannabe leaders who they could buy, trick, or provide a refuge rather than honest gaol

  45. Simon Coleman
    April 25, 2019

    Yes, I believe in a politically empowered England as well. But our quarrel is not with the EU or the Scots, but with the Westminster Government which hopes that nobody notices that England actually exists. You only speak for Tory voters who voted Brexit and live in England. You haven’t got a clue how anybody else in this Union feels about any major issue, as you’ve proved time and again. You’re an English nationalist – the last thing we need. And you have no business linking St George’s Day with a fraud like Brexit. England can do much better than that.

    Reply I am arguing for fair devolution for all parts of the UK which is my country

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