Lib Dems would let Corbyn in

Jo Swinson this morning on Radio 4 confirmed her preference to just cancel Brexit by a vote in Parliament, but conceded she did not think there would be enough MPs in the next Parliament who would do that. She no longer believes there will be a Lib Dem majority government by Friday.

This is an interesting development. Every time I see her on tv in various constituencies around the country she is flanked by Lib Dem posters setting out their catch phrase, “Winning here”. It’s an odd and self serving slogan. Normally parties and candidates have slogans about what they want to do for the voters.

This Lib Dem slogan asserts that they  uniquely know what voters are going to do in each place as if they have some special prescience the rest of us do not share about how people will vote. It now appears that in many of these places the Lib Dem leader thinks they are not winning after all. The slogan was apparently misleading or simply a lie.  It would have been more modest and sensible if their posters said “Trying to win here” or “Keen to win  here”. “Unlikely to win here” would be a bit of a turn off even where it was an honest assessment.

What was more bizarre was what she said about their fall back position, the wish to hold a second referendum on the EU issue. She vacillated about supporting a Labour government offering one and  appeared to want to move straight to a second General election.

She would be under great pressure to accept a Labour minority government offering a second referendum.  Her message of vote Lib Dem to get a hung Parliament, so we can then have a second General election to try for a different Parliament again  is absurd. Why would anyone vote for a result which required another election immediately? It also looks like an attempt to cover up a likely deal with Labour were they to get their hung Parliament.  No wonder her slogan is not “Vote for a hung Parliament so you can have a second General election”

She has consistently said there are no circumstances in which she would support a Conservative government seeking to implement the result of the referendum, so that only leaves one realistic option in a hung Parliament, a Labour led government.


  1. Shirley
    December 9, 2019

    She has also said that she would reject a Leave result in a 2nd referendum (assuming that a genuine Leave option was on the ballot paper in the first place, which it wouldn’t be).

    They should be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act, and all the mainstream parties should be prosecuted for fraud, as businesses would be if they made false claims and promises, as made in their manifestos and numerous adverts and speeches.

    1. The Prangwizard
      December 9, 2019

      And look at the Tory manifesto and the Wa2 which Boris promotes. Is there not a gross deceit going on there?

  2. Doug Powell
    December 9, 2019

    Be fair to the Illiberal Nondems, they have come out in favour of improved mental health for the Nation. One waits with interest to see if their recommendations include fast tracking for treatment anyone harbouring the delusion of becoming Prime Minister!

    1. Hope
      December 9, 2019

      Or detrimental mental health by smoking illegal drugs.

  3. Doug Powell
    December 9, 2019

    It is more than somewhat obvious that Ms P M Swinson, formerly known as Jo, doesn’t know her backside from her elbow!
    In fact, the more we see of her, the more she appears to be auditioning for a job as a stand up comic. – And not very well at that!

  4. Ian @Barkham
    December 9, 2019

    Confusing and contradictory. The Un-Democratic Liberals have a track record of saying one thing in one constituency and another in another.

    Early in the campaign Jo Swinson was asked what would happen if a second referendum still said leave, as quick as a flash she came back with ‘ignore it’ and remain..

    If you show you don’t respect referendums’ by default you don’t respect Democracy. If you cant respect Democracy does standing in a Democratic election mean you want power to remove all democracy?

    While they might use the name Liberal, lets not forget the proper Liberal party faded away back in history. This current crowd have their routes and thinking in Labour as that is what they are a break away faction of Labour.

    Just as with the use of Momentum and Advance Together, the main front groups of the left, Labour and Liberals are also working in unison to achieve a socialist’s order in the UK.

    A winning formula? Given we are still trying to pay down the debts 0f these people from the last time they got in lets just hope not.

  5. rose
    December 9, 2019

    She is worried that openly going for a second referendum won’t go down well in Unionist Scotland on whom she is depending for her seat.

  6. Ian Wragg
    December 9, 2019

    The problem is John there is a substantial number of Tories standing for election that agree with her and would support a second referendum if there is a small majority.
    They don’t need a second referendum if the WA gets passed and the PD becomes law.

  7. Lifelogic
    December 9, 2019

    A labour led SNP, Plaid, Libdim (+ the one green dope) government would be a disaster. The nuclear deterrent gone, defence a joke, open door immigration (regardless of merit), a second EU referendum with a gerrymandered electorate and a question (between remain and remain but pretend not to), economic lunacies ever where you look, a run on the pound, inward investment killed deal, money and good people flooding out of the country, exchange controls perhaps, more endless insane green crap subsidies, over powerful state sector unions, Venezuela II, inflation and rapidly going bankrupt ……

    John Mc Donnall today said something like “as you give back money to the people you give them power”. Well government take money off people (not give it back to them) it is the people who earn it not governments. Labours policies are actually to tax people to death and leave them no power (or assets) at all. So what is he on about.

  8. NigelE
    December 9, 2019

    Perhaps your party’s slogan needs modifying too: Get Brexit Done Properly.

    1. Dave Andrews
      December 9, 2019

      Rather than “Get Brexit Done”, shouldn’t the Tory slogan be “Get BrINO Started”?
      That would seem to be more accurate.

  9. Martin in Cardiff
    December 9, 2019

    Since only twenty-six percent of the UK people voted Leave, your piece arguably makes a hung Parliament more likely, if readers generally take you at your word, John.

    1. rose
      December 9, 2019

      People like you usually say 37%. What they don’t say, and you don’t say, is that people who don’t vote at all are content to accept the final result. Only a tiny minority of the small minority who voted to remain want to overthrow the democratic result. As the Illiberal Antidemocrats’ and Ungreens’ ratings are showing.

      1. Edward2
        December 9, 2019

        Martin uses dodgy statistics.
        If 26% voted voted leave then less than 26% voted remain.
        So Martin, being a true believer in democracy, who won?

        1. Martin in Cardiff
          December 10, 2019

          Leave won the referendum. That has no bearing on the facts that I quote nor on the point that I make.

          Thirty-seven percent of the restricted franchise, or twenty-six percent of the general population voted Leave.

          1. Edward2
            December 10, 2019

            Your usual misuse of statistics.
            We have rules on voting.
            You have to be a citizen and be above 18 years old.
            Like nearly every other country in tje world
            Remain lost.
            The margin was over a million people.
            By constituency it would have given leave a parliamentary majority of over 150.

          2. Graham Wheatley
            December 10, 2019

            Well, if we want to usurp the undeclared votes, then the best you can say is that an even larger number of people DIDN’T vote to REMAIN.

      2. Anonymous
        December 9, 2019

        My feelings exactly, Rose.

        More recently it got even worse for Remain. The vast majority of voters didn’t turn out to vote for an MEP when they had their chance in the EU elections and of those voters that did turn out the majority voted for anti EU MEPs !

        This over two years after the referendum in which time we got to learn so much about our original decision.

  10. Lifelogic
    December 9, 2019

    Their catch phrase, “Winning here”

    I though their catch phrase was Bo***** to Brexit and to the 17.4 million Brexit voters and those many sensible remain voters who think the vote should be respected.

    It should be:- Vote LIBDEM we are wrong on every issue just like (just like John Major and the BBC).

    Wrong on the EU, climate alarmism, energy, fracking, HS2, airports, energy, the size of the state, immigration levels, law and order, the gig economy, housing.

    1. Lifelogic
      December 9, 2019

      Plus on transport, taxation levels, levels of red tape, all the PC twaddle, countering terrorists and on the misguided regulation of almost everything. Even worse than the dire Major, Cameron and Theresa May. Let us hope Boris wins and will not morph into another dire Libdem fake Conservative.

  11. rose
    December 9, 2019

    Having Handel’s Zadok the Priest on the youtube advertisement is a stroke of genius. Very uplifting.

  12. Everhopeful
    December 9, 2019

    Encouraging a hung parliament result seems most unsporting. Almost like cheating.

    Really good article from lovely Lord T in The Telegraph, not over optimistic but his utter common sense always cheers me up!

  13. GilesB
    December 9, 2019

    She is way out of her depth.

    I don’t doubt the sincerity of her view about what is best for Britain, although I disagree.

    But her naivety about how such a result could be achieved disqualifies her for leading a political party in the UK.

    I think she realises that. She is the party leader most likely to resign on Friday

  14. agricola
    December 9, 2019

    A blessing indeed, no Lib/Dumb support for a Conservative government. I suspect Swinton has read the signs of her diminishing support and is casting around for further opportunities for mischief making. I smell the end of her reign. I would like to say the same for the Marxist faction of Labour but there is a lack of bottle in Labour so it could take a while..

    Not that Conservatives should be complacent, the distrust continues. We have yet to see whether they will have backbone or are they still infected with remain. Time will tell. Failure to execute a clean ,swift, unencumbered departure from the EU will open the door to Nigel Farage who is well aware of the opportunity it will present. Do not say you have not been warned. Electoral disengagement from the established political parties will run to the power of ten, as it did at the last EU election.

  15. Alan Jutson
    December 9, 2019

    Keep it simple John.

    “Vote LibDem, and support Corbyn”.

  16. Know-Dice
    December 9, 2019

    We are now up to 13 communications from the libdems…

    They are having a real go at you Sir Jr.

    Of course they all go straight into the recycling bin here.

    And the good news… You will get 3 votes from us on Thursday…

  17. Fred H
    December 9, 2019

    Jo Swansong has been a let down for honest Libdems. From the get-go she asserted she was to be the next PM, they are ( not would be) winning everywhere. Nonsense and the whole electorate knew it. Instead of sticking to realistic, honest ideas with integrity – she has backed vicious lying slogans and personal attacks. Targetting a small number of seats she has hoped to turn previous majorities in order to collect some measure of victory in a campaign and result that is almost certain to mean her party will be fifth at best in the revised H of C.

    What will her majority be on Friday, down? from over 5,000. With SNP, Labour and Conservatives all wishing to depose the party leader. Could it be her Swansong?

  18. The Prangwizard
    December 9, 2019

    Just where do the LD’s get the money from? I’ve had 10 deliveries from them directly either in newspaper style, candidate leaflet style, or as letters from two public individuals urging me to vote for them?

    I have thrown all of them away immediately

  19. BillM
    December 9, 2019

    and this after all their new and old Party leaders had declared on Referendum night? And they still have the audacity to call themselves Liberal Democrats.
    LOL. That is a prime example of an oxymoron for a Party Name.

  20. Ian @Barkham
    December 9, 2019

    From todays MsM – Jo Swinson today admitted the Liberal Democrats have changed their Brexit policy while conceding the party is unlikely to win a majority on Thursday.

    So a vote for Jo Swinon’s Gang is a vote for Whom

    Still people don’t see it. No wonder Jeremy looks happy

  21. Mark B
    December 9, 2019

    It’s an odd and self serving slogan. Normally parties and candidates have slogans about what they want to do for the voters.

    Have a care Sir John. They could not well use, ‘Strong and Stable’, after what happened to the last party that used it. And when it comes to slogans and fibs, I think BREXIT will be far from done after January.

    Those who live in greenhouses shouldn’t throw stones 😉

    Reply My slogans are Prosperity first and tax cuts for the many which I expect to make progress with.

    1. Hope
      December 9, 2019

      After your Tory govt has presided over forty High in taxation! How about the 80/20 cuts against tax rise promise in 2010? IHT promises never fulfilled, 2,000 more HMRC employees while cutting police by 20,000! Dear oh dear.

    2. Martin in Cardiff
      December 9, 2019

      If your party had not triggered the property bubble in the 1980s, then many people would not be spending every last brass farthing on keeping a roof over their heads, John.

      In turn they would have far more disposable income, and claimed tax cuts would perhaps not have the appeal for which you hope.

      Rather, people would ask themselves what is necessary to make this a civilised country, and be prepared for what that might cost them, as happens in a number of modern democracies.

      But desperate people are more easily controlled, on the other hand.

      1. Edward2
        December 10, 2019

        Recently you claimed the housing price rises have made people unfairly rich.
        Now you are claiming they have been made poor by owning their own homes.
        You have to live somewhere.
        You either rent or you pay off a mortgage.
        In many cases the rent is the higher cost.

    3. Simeon
      December 9, 2019

      Reply to reply

      Yours, but not your party’s. I suspect you will receive more ‘personal’ votes than most MPs, but still the overwhelming majority of votes you receive will be purely because you are one of BJ’s foot soldiers. That’s the reality of our political system, as you of course know.

  22. GetBrexitDoneBoris
    December 9, 2019

    A Lib Dem canvasser made the mistake of engaging with me on the doorstep on Friday.

    Letting rip at the Lib Dems…or rather the “Illiberal Non-Democrats”…over their policy to STOP BREXIT, was quite cathartic.

    I told them their policy is a real danger to our hard-won UK Democracy…and gives us genuine cause for concern over the future political landscape, that our children will inherit. I said their policy is “immoral” and cannot be justified…just because their Party does not like Brexit… it shall not be allowed to override the Will of 17.4 million people.

    I truly hope the “British sense of Fair Play” shows itself again…the way it did for Tiny Tim Farron…and that the Brexit Destroying Lib Dems get absoluely hammered in the Election.
    Jo Swinson losing her seat, would be the “Icing on the Cake.”..

    1. Fred H
      December 9, 2019

      I’m hoping my name for her – Swansong comes true.

    2. Jasper
      December 9, 2019

      I understand that there is a bit of self interest for her wanting to remain. Apparently her husband’s company receives funding from the EU to the tune of a few million. There is uproar on the daily telegraph that no media outlet mentions this or deems it newsworthy!! Make your own judgement!!

  23. Roy Grainger
    December 9, 2019

    The LibDems are liars, they pushed a leaflet through my door stating that only they can beat Labour in my constituency despite the fact they only got 5% of the vote in the last general election. And yet they are the people who bleat on about “evidence based policy making”.

  24. JoolsB
    December 9, 2019

    When she’s talking about her plans for health, education, social care, mental health, policing etc. not one of the media pick her up on the fact she is a Scottish constituency MPs and when talking about these things, she’s only talking about England. This is the hypocrite who voted for the tripling of tuition fees for England’s kids knowing they would affect neither her own kids or her constituents.

    And as usual our supine UK’s squatting in English seats have nothing to say on the matter just as they would say diddly squat if England ended up being governed by the SNP. England deserves better than this bunch of self serving muppets who can’t even say the word England let alone stand up for it.

  25. graham1946
    December 9, 2019

    Asked about her silly position of revoking Brexit and whether it was a mistake, costing her votes, she said ‘no’ and of the 17.4 million Brexit voters she claimed that she was not going to change her mind because of the way some ‘focus group’ had voted. 17.4 million voters – some focus group! What a silly woman – no wonder the LibDems are tanking in the polls. The more the public see of her, the more she shows her inexperience and unsuitability for high office. She’ll be lucky to hold her own seat at this rate and it won’t only be Labour looking for a new leader by Friday.

  26. Lynn Atkinson
    December 9, 2019

    Lib Dem’s losing where I canvass, Hexham, North West Durham, Sunderland. But they have the most posters – I think all their supporters have a poster at their premises.
    The Tories and Labour need to ruminate on the fact that those who will support them do so unwillingly – there is not enough enthusiasm to put up a poster and it is only the Leave Tory candidates who are attracting canvassing teams.
    My gardener told me Labour canvassed his house. They asked how he would vote and he just said ‘I want Brexit’ in his strong Scottish accent. The Labour man turned tail and walked. They acknowledge they are not offering Brexit!
    This is a Hobson’s Choice election. But Boris could have had us dancing down to the polls to get our country back, even in the rain, snow and ice. That he did NOT is unforgivable. I am a furious Conservative Voter, one of millions.

    1. L Jones
      December 9, 2019

      I think you’re right, Ms Atkinson. We don’t see many Con posters around here either, even though we’re supposed to be a strong Con constituency. I think it’s because many people feel (as I do) a lack of enthusiasm for those to whom we feel we must give our vote, without being convinced that we should really be doing so. We are voting AGAINST a Marxist cabal. All our acquaintances, bar none, feel that they want ”Brexit to be FAIRLY done” without actually believing that the Cons will deliver – and I include many businessmen and women who initially voted ”remain”.
      We have no Brexit Party candidate.

  27. turboterrier
    December 9, 2019

    Sir John
    Sadly for the nation Ms Swinson highlights exactly what is wrong with the elected politicians we have had to endure over the last three years. Doesn’t have a xxxxxx clue about the real world, let alone business and industry.

  28. acorn
    December 9, 2019

    Continentals are telling me that “Ukraine Plus” will be the model offered by the EU for a future UK – EU relationship. Of all the alternatives, it does tick the most number of boxes that go with the twelve red lines in Mrs May’s White Paper. It took five years of gestation for the EU – Ukraine Association Agreement to get enacted. So, will the UK become a “third country” in EU terms at the end of 2020?

  29. Nig l
    December 9, 2019

    The Lib Dem’s have always been the most successful on the ground in constituencies and, allegedly, indulge in sharp practice where they can get away with it.

    Certainly when this is over the ‘useless/toothless’ electoral commission needs reform and given real teeth of instant sanctions, disbarment of candidate, unlimited fines and prison sentences etc.

    The pathetic post election, therefore too late, sanctions currently applied are but a slap on the wrist and zero deterrent.

    1. Martin in Cardiff
      December 9, 2019

      Yes, it’s a pity that they didn’t have all those powers before that silly little vote in June 2016, isn’t it?

      1. Edward2
        December 10, 2019

        Yes Martin, then the lies of Project Fear 1.0 could have been stopped.

        1. bill brown
          December 10, 2019


          there were lies everywhere , remember the one about the Turks and also the NHS

          1. Edward2
            December 11, 2019

            Turkey is in the EU Commission’s plans to become a member
            Turkey wants to be a member.
            It will happen one day.
            The bus claim has be proven in court not to be wrong.
            In fact the EU costs more than £350 million a week claimed.
            How is the EU armed forces project you all refused to accept coming along bill?

      2. acorn
        December 10, 2019

        “Democracy is a living system of government that can only prosper by being reinvented again and again. It can be strengthened by a referendum if a question can be answered by a simple yes or no. However, democracy is undermined when people are made to believe that a complicated question that involves the interests of different countries can be satisfactorily answered by a referendum in one of these countries. Neither the future of the relation between the EU and Ukraine, nor the future relation between the United Kingdom and the EU can be based on a simplistic yes or no.” (Barend Ter Haar Netherlands Institute of International Relations)

        1. Edward2
          December 10, 2019

          Leave or remain is a simple question.
          But the establishment remain figures have deliberately made that simple process difficult.
          The rebellion by them started the day after the referendum result was known.

    2. L Jones
      December 9, 2019

      ”…. when this is over….”
      and we must hope that it is over in a way that will enable our country and its laws and constitution (small ‘c’) to continue without influence from the EU.
      Not what Mr BJ’s ”friends in the EU” would prefer – but what most of us here would like to see.

  30. Fate
    December 9, 2019

    I may not vote at all.
    I have humoured the Electoral System hoping against hope. We made our X three years ago. Nothing happened.Then we had another vote in 2017, nothing happened. Now we are asked to make our cross for the third time . Third time lucky?
    For most of us, this will be the last X if it is not honoured.
    What happens then?

    1. IanT
      December 9, 2019

      Well if enough people don’t vote – they well might end up with Jeremy Corbyn as their PM. I don’t think they will find that very funny either…

    2. Shirley
      December 10, 2019

      People who do not vote are passively allowing democracy to die. The politicians will take this as a sign that you trust all of them to have better judgement than your own self.

    3. APL
      December 10, 2019

      Fate: “I may not vote at all.”

      Fine, but please don’t be one of the group that subsequently complain that you never had the chance to vote.

      And make sure you stand up whenever possible, and shout out loud and clear, ‘I didn’t vote because I didn’t care. Adversity, one setback, discouraged me, so I ran away’.

  31. steve
    December 9, 2019


    “What was more bizarre was what she said about their fall back position, the wish to hold a second referendum on the EU issue.”

    Yes it’s bizarre. Revoke A50….but have a second referendum. There’s reasons why they’re known as the party of the indecisive ditherer.

    Chancers like them and the SNP know they’ll never win, so they just make a nuisance of themselves in the hope of a hung parliament, when they can feel all big and important.

  32. ukretired123
    December 9, 2019

    The lib dems have lost their way like a few other parties and come across as “wishy-washy” and cannot be trusted to honour democracy or their promises especially after free university fees. Folks see them as trying to hold the balance of power exploiting the system to unfair advantage.
    Negative campaigning should be Amber yellow warning for Lib-Dems
    And Red Danger warnings for Labour!

  33. APL
    December 9, 2019

    General election 2019: Johnson ‘could look at’ abolishing BBC licence fee.

    That would be bad if it means the BBC becomes a government department. But might be good if the BBC is required to survive on a subscription basis.

    You might even get my vote for that.

    1. Anonymous
      December 9, 2019

      BBC text news today.

      “Johnson’s border plans cannot be done, say experts”


      “Corbyn’s spending promises larger than Tories.” No mention of what the experts say.

      1. APL
        December 10, 2019

        Anon: “No mention of what the experts say.”

        An ‘expert’ according to the BBC is anyone in any NGO that happens to agree with the BBC house line. That is more public spending, larger government etc etc.

    2. Lifelogic
      December 10, 2019

      Indeed why only “might” abolish the BBC license?

      It is an unfairly funded propaganda outfit for left wing lunacy, ever more government, anti-scientific climate alarmism, desperately pro the anti-democratic EU and for insane magic money tree economics. It sets much of the tone of the political debate, it is unfair competition in the media market, criminalises thousands of mainly poor people and above all is wrong on almost every stance the take. Staffed as it is mainly by vastly overpaid, left wing, second rate, tedious, invariably wrong, insufferably PC art graduates.

      1. Mitchel
        December 10, 2019

        Only “might” because they have no intention of doing it-it’s just a piece of desperate,last minute button-pressing for the gullible Tory vote.

  34. Gareth Warren
    December 9, 2019

    The liberal democrats will be tainted by their pro-EU position for at least a decade, I suspect all of the MPs who betrayed their constituencies will be out of politics after this election.

    You have written much about what the establishment call the populist movement in “we don’t believe you”, but one movement that is intensely disliked is the modern liberal politician. Someone who always knows whats best for their voters, yet doesn’t do that themselves. They signal their virtue at every opportunity, yet the only “virtuous” actions they indulge in is allocating tax payers money. All they seem to do is increase the size of the bureaucracy, and then profit from it.

    The last parliament was packed with them, many will not return and lets hope their replacements are better.

  35. Anonymous
    December 9, 2019

    I bought my first London house in 1994 when they were quite affordable. The present bubble started around 1997. The borders were thrown open and a BTL fetish was born.

    1. Anonymous
      December 9, 2019

      Double posted by mistake, sorry.

  36. Jasper
    December 9, 2019

    Watched her on bbcqt tonight – I have to say she was dreadful as was Angela raynor! Humza came over as mr angry. Why the conservatives or Nigel put themselves into this position tonight I do not understand. What a sad state of affairs this all is! We should have just left the eu 3.5 years ago!!

  37. John Partington
    December 10, 2019

    The people voted to leave the EU in 2016. The Liberal Democrats wish to ignore that vote and the wishes of 17.4 million people. My prediction is that will not do well in this election when people realize that they are betraying the UK. They are an anti-democratic party.

  38. Graham Wheatley
    December 10, 2019


    A more appropriate sub-text to their posters and banners would be ” Whingeing Here “.

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