General election day

May you all vote wisely. It’s your decision.

I have said all I wish to say about this election  and now look forward to the results tomorrow morning.


  1. Oh Good
    December 12, 2019

    Bercow will be on SkyNews Election Coverage and he has said he kept order in The House and now he will keep order outside it (Oh my, citizens need pistols, rifles, ground to air missiles).
    I shall defect to the BBC. It truth their coverage has been the best, more LIVE coverage at counts up and down the country. Worth the £150 licence for the one night. The only day they give factual reporting.

    1. IanT
      December 12, 2019

      Yes, their viewing numbers will drop by at least another two this evening. I’ve no desire to help that little Weasel further line his pockets and boycotting Sky is the only way I can protest.

      Good Luck Sir John – we are off to vote for you later and hopefully send that other turncoat Dr Lee packing too – but it may be very close I suspect….

      1. IanT
        December 13, 2019

        Worth staying up for (2.45am)- very happy to see you returned as our MP Sir John! – Well Done & Congratulations

    2. Hope
      December 12, 2019

      What is clear today is that the liberal left Tories would prefer a small majority to continue Brino than a large pro Brexit majority in alliance with the Brexit party to act on the will f the people. There would be no excuses to remain ties under the dishonest akitkat policy of the story govt.

      Tory party members like Hannan ask us to hold our noses. How many times should we do this? Better to get rid of them and get a real Conservative party in its place.

      Timothy Bradshaw writes and excellent article in Con Woman today, suggest everyone reads it.

      Sorry, JR we have thought carefully. Your Tory govt deliberately failed to act on the will of the people, it was deliberately dishonest under Mayhab and the is no reason to believe it will not continue. You might be an exception to your party but you remain of no influence in it whatsoever.

      1. Hope
        December 12, 2019

        Johnson says today every vote for Brexit Party likely to put Corbyn on govt! If it is so terrifying as he says why not do a deal with them rather than lose! What a shyster. He wants Brino without opposition.

      2. Peter
        December 12, 2019

        Correct. Conservative Party interests trump delivering a genuine Brexit.
        As described today on Conservative Woman site:-

        “The overriding impression of the last six weeks is that the Tories, despite their pre-election blandishments, would prefer a small pro-Tory metro-‘liberal’ majority in Parliament to a larger pro-Brexit but not exclusively Tory one, with the former even at the expense of the latter, and the Brexit Party killed off. ”

        One aspect rarely mentioned is the number of voters with plans to punish the Tories for Mrs. May and all her works. They prefer to believe that all is completely forgiven now Boris has been Prime Minister for a few months.

        1. Lester Beedell
          December 13, 2019

          Congratulations Sir John!
          How about that all you doubters?
          Brexit party… no seats, same as ukip before them, but without Nigel Farage we wouldn’t have had the Referendum
          I’m a happy man!

          1. Lifelogic
            December 15, 2019

            I too am happy Corbyn would have been a disaster. But will Boris be a great PM and a real tax cutting small government Conservative or just another fake socialist or Libdem like Major, Cameron, Blair and May?

  2. Ian Wragg
    December 12, 2019

    If your party had carried out Brexit with the majority you had after 2015 you wouldn’t be having an election now until May 2020.
    Now you’ve potentially given us a Marxist government.

    1. Mark B
      December 12, 2019


      They needed an election because there is a recession coming. Another can kicked down the road.

    2. Caterpillar
      December 12, 2019

      I am.not confident of the future in either option. A marxist – SNP alliance or a Tory 5 year majority sticking with the WA, negotiating a not -Brexit next stage, cementing in first past the post (as England loses its proportional European election), playing off the North and the Midlands, delaying HS2. I cannot see positives in either outcome. The Tory party could have had policies to do Brexit properly and to modernise democracy (no Lords and more proportionality), the financial and tax systems – it hasn’t.

    3. Martin in Cardiff
      December 12, 2019

      Well, Ian, two outcomes are possible.

      a) The Tories will have sufficient seats to press ahead, and to own fully, the whole lamentable fiasco that they initiated with Cameron’s General Election gimmick referendum.

      b) They will not, and the country will have a brighter future.

      The first is perhaps the worst for John’s party in the end.

      1. Martin in Cardiff
        December 13, 2019

        So it’s a) then.

        Well, that means that the ERG and the DUP now longer control UK politics.

        I wonder if Al Johnson will now revive his amnesty for clandestine immigrants idea with his new found freedom?

    4. Shirley
      December 12, 2019


    5. Hope
      December 12, 2019

      Spot on Ian.

      Tory govt failed to deliver and deliberately defied the will of the people. They deserve to be kicked out. Hope Brexit Party make a breakthrough, they deserve it against Tory opposition who do not want to be forced to deliver leaving the EU.

    6. a-tracy
      December 12, 2019

      I agree Ian W the 20 rebels have a lot to answer for.

    7. miami.mode
      December 12, 2019

      But Ian, if Mrs May had retained her majority and not called her General Election, then possibly she would have got her version of the WA through despite the opposition of MPs such as our host. Perhaps, on reflection, she did us a favour by losing her majority.

    8. Bob
      December 12, 2019

      “If your party had carried out Brexit with the majority you had after 2015 you wouldn’t be having an election now until May 2020.
      Now you’ve potentially given us a Marxist government.”

      That is the plain and simple truth.

  3. Fedupsoutherner
    December 12, 2019

    Good luck John. You deserve to keep your seat as you must be one of the hardest working mps in parliament.

    1. eeyore
      December 12, 2019

      Seconded. A great public servant and a wise statesman.

    2. Tweeter_L
      December 12, 2019

      Hear hear. Good luck Sir John.

    3. Simeon
      December 12, 2019

      I’m torn between wishing you good luck or bad. If you lose out to the appalling Lee, might you not have more time to moderate my comments? 😉

    4. Lifelogic
      December 12, 2019

      Working in the right direction with a working compass more to the point.

      Lots of MPs are hard working. Major, Cameron, Corbyn, Mc Donnall and Theresa May were probably all hard working – but working in totally the wrong direction against the interest of the country and voters.

      The main thing the UK needs from its current (hugely over taxed and regulated) position is a clean Brexit, far smaller government, far lower simpler taxes, far cheaper on demand energy, easy hire and fire and far less suffocating regulation & red tape.

      1. Lifelogic
        December 12, 2019

        Thanks goodness for Boris/Cummings and his team rescuing the party from the dire traitors, Libdems and appallingly inept Theresa May (with her 9% and fifth place). Thanks goodness too for Corbyn/Mc Donnall and his dire shadow ministers making themselves unelectable. A shame the mere threat of them did such damage already.

        Above all thank goodness for the sensible voters for not being taken in by the absurd fake promises from magic money tree Corbyn. The younger voters are, thank goodness, not as gullible as Corbyn took them for.

        All we need now is to make Boris into a real Conservative and to ammend his dire leaving deal for a real one and to go for smaller government, kill the green crap and cut taxes. The sooner this is the the sooner the economy will respond.

        1. Martin in Cardiff
          December 13, 2019

          How is this “we” to whom you refer, that is, a minority of voters of the far Right, to do that?

  4. Mark B
    December 12, 2019

    Good morning.

    And good luck, Sir John.

    December 12, 2019

    Yes, the day of reckoning here. It is one of those rare days that all politicians despise. The day when politicians face the wrath of those they resent, the voter. When democracy rears its ugly head and politicians feel the wrath of our resentment

    British democracy is tainted. The Tory party has allowed this to happen. Ignoring fraud at the ballot box is abhorrent behaviour. Ignoring the partial actions of the EC and their refusal to intervene in fraud is appalling

    Good luck. I am certain John will be returned to Parliament.

    And if we do get a Tory majority we demand you start by unpicking Labour from all parts of our nation including their purging from the British political state starting with the BBC

    1. Martin in Cardiff
      December 12, 2019

      Seems that you want this country to become a one-party state, resembling Putin’s Russia or Erdogan’s Turkey.

      Thanks for such a graphic insight into a Tory mind.

      1. Al
        December 13, 2019

        “Seems that you want this country to become a one-party state, resembling Putin’s Russia or Erdogan’s Turkey.”

        I don’t quite understand how removing political influence from spheres including the media is supposed to lead to a one-party state. As Corbyn’s policies including nationalisation designed to bring the state and party back into many industries it had been removed, you may be complaining about the wrong party.

        1. Martin in Cardiff
          December 13, 2019

          Where are these thousands of highly qualified people but with no political opinions supposed to be found?

          A healthy democracy allows a plurality of views, and so its institutions welcome those amongst their staff.

  6. BeebTax
    December 12, 2019

    Good luck, we need more like you in parliament.

  7. Nig l
    December 12, 2019

    Best wishes in your constituency

  8. Everhopeful
    December 12, 2019

    Seriously though.
    Surely if the GE delivers a result we do not like.
    We just have a re-run.
    Why not?
    We can wear T Shirts emblazoned with “ Not My PM”.
    The pro Boris/Brexit lobby can just misbehave.
    After all we know what to do…we’ve had getting on for a 4 year tutorial on blatant anti-democratic misbehaviour.
    But remain will expect the decision THEY want (if they get it) to be respected….

  9. Paul Calvert
    December 12, 2019

    The words that only a true believer in Democracy would write. Postal vote sent off the day it arrived through the letter-box.

  10. George Brooks
    December 12, 2019

    Thank you Sir John, for all your ‘posts’ during a very long 5 weeks and let’s hope we get a decent majority and Boris can set this country on course for a prosperous future outside the EU.

    It will have to be large enough to silence the ardent remainers who I am sure engineered Barnier’s intervention yesterday.

    The counter argument to there not being enough time to agree a trade deal is to hand back the WA with the suggestion that they can be put it where ‘the monkey puts its nuts’ and leave the EU on 31st January 2020

    1. Martin in Cardiff
      December 12, 2019

      With polls consistently showing about a 54% to 46% divide in favour of the UK’s membership the European Union – and growing – no one will ever silence those millions.

      Nay, their words, reasoning, and actions, will become ever more indefeasible.

  11. Everhopeful
    December 12, 2019

    Just had a cheering thought.
    Even if Corbyn gets in he won’t have time for any parliamentary business ( for momentum led laws).
    He will have to have another EU ref and a Scottish Indy ref too….
    Then if he were to only get in with a hung parliament/tiny majority or whatever there would be another GE very soon.
    And I think a coalition with Lib-Dems has been ruled out?
    He will inherit a whirlwind.
    (But hopefully Boris will get in with about a 30 seat majority).

    1. Martin in Cardiff
      December 12, 2019

      Yes, he wouldn’t need the ERG or DUP then, so it would be as soft an exit as anyone liked.

  12. Johnny Dubb
    December 12, 2019

    Good luck to you Sir John. May your presence continue to irritate Boris and his fellow Non-Cons.

  13. Kevin
    December 12, 2019

    Good luck with your future. You have your bets well hedged. If the Conservatives win a majority, I assume you will be happy. If not, there may be scope for you to add another chapter to your book, We don’t believe you.

  14. Denis Cooper
    December 12, 2019

    I have been to vote, I made it very clear that I do not want any of the candidates on offer, and instead I “wrote in” the lady who was going to be the Brexit Party candidate.

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      December 12, 2019

      Why did you bother going out in the rain and snow? You achieved nothing!

      1. Caterpillar
        December 12, 2019

        I think Denis’s comment fully captures the lack of democracy in this country. The Conservative manifesto has promised to maintain the lack.of democracy in the country. It is a sad day whatever happens.

  15. Lifelogic
    December 12, 2019

    The dire Theresa May and all those “we know best so let’s ignore the referendum” dire fake Conservatives who (hopefully only very nearly) gave us Maxism and a trip to Venezuala.

    Let us hope that Boris (and the appalling prospect of Corbyn/SNP can save the day) despite all her appalling efforts.

    Loads more Climate alarmist drivel and duff science from the from the BBC on Climate Change to day on the Today programme. The BBC is absurdly biased on this issue and totally wrong with it. Watch “Converstations that matter” with Freeman Dyson and William Happer for some balance and sense on this issue. But the BBC prefer the deluded, ignorant drivel for St. Greta of Thunberg!

    The climate changes all the time and always will, higher CO2 has rather more positive effects in greening the planet and giving better crop yields than negative ones. We cannot predict the weather or climate for much more than a week or two however big & shiny our computers are. It is far too complex, chaotic, far too many variable many like volcanic activity and sun activity not even knowable. We have had far higher CO2 concentrations in the past.

    1. Lifelogic
      December 12, 2019

      Given the result, let us hope we will finally hear no more from the many dire, fake, no nation, Libdem types pretending to be Conservatives (John Major/Theresa May/Greg Clark/Cameron/tax to death Hammond & Osborne and the likes) – saying the Conservatives “win elections by moving to the centre”. It was always drivel. They are still way to the left of where they should be. We should be aiming for public spending of 25% of GDP – not pushing nearly 50%.

      1. Lifelogic
        December 12, 2019

        The other good thing is that Labour have not a single person who is even remotely competent to take over when Corbyn/Mc Donnall retire to the dustbin of history.

  16. Mike Stallard
    December 12, 2019

    Very good luck to you, Sir John. And thank you for your excellent commentary on current politics. Much appreciated.
    Me? I shall be voting for Steve Barclay!

  17. Lifelogic
    December 12, 2019

    Fingers crossed that the fake Conservatives led by Cameron and fifth place 9% Theresa May have not led us to an anti-semitic, confiscatory Corbyn/Mc Donnall/SNP trip to Venezuela.

  18. Glenn Vaughan
    December 12, 2019


    I sincerely hope you retain your seat after the count later tonight.

  19. a-tracy
    December 12, 2019

    Remember the ABC of voting today
    Anyone but Corbyn

  20. Jack Falstaff
    December 12, 2019

    I hope that the Conservatives manage to obtain a majority so we can “do Brexit”.
    This would allow us to see BoJo-nomics unleashed to exploit the UK’s full growth potential, which has been the subject of much interesting discussion in this blog.
    I don’t believe anybody wants a hung parliament and the political stagnation which that would bring in its wake.
    Very best of luck to Sir John in particular, since, if the media and polls are to be believed, I understand it’s quite a tight contest in Wokingham.

  21. glen cullen
    December 12, 2019

    Thank you for providing this open forum and hope you are successfully returned as an MP today… of the few with honour and integrity

  22. Brian Tomkinson
    December 12, 2019

    I sincerely hope you are re-elected and that we have a Conservative government with a working majority tomorrow. The alternative is too dreadful to contemplate.

  23. ukretired123
    December 12, 2019

    The Best of British to you Sir John!
    And thanks for your tireless efforts in behalf of us all.

  24. agricola
    December 12, 2019

    Your glass must be 2/3rds empty. Can’t beat a bit of optimism.

    1. agricola
      December 12, 2019

      Directed at Ian Wragg.

  25. Anonymous
    December 12, 2019

    Marxists shouldn’t be anywhere near the keys to office but here we are.

    I blame Andy and Newmania types. They really have managed to put off the Tory working class by turning the Tory Party into the Liberal Party and then insulting us and blaming us when we objected to things.

    There is no ‘far right’ in the Tory Party. Not even the Brexit Party is ‘far right’.

    This election has become about the NHS. How on earth did that happen ? Played right into Labour’s hands.

    1. Lifelogic
      December 12, 2019

      An NHS that would be decimated by Labour as they would destroy the economy in short order.

      Not that the NHS can every work efficiently as currently financed and organised.

    2. Martin in Cardiff
      December 12, 2019

      Maybe it’s simply that people have realised, that no one but Labour will lift the standing of the ordinary man or woman against the privileged, privately-educated elite, who hitherto have presumed a right to govern them? Or to own their livelihoods, and to subject them to ever more onerous terms and insecurity?

      1. Anonymous
        December 12, 2019

        It appears that The People think differently going by exit polls.

        1. Anonymous
          December 12, 2019

          I voted for my ERG member MP. I wanted to vote Brexit Party.

          Doubtless a Boris win will be seen by you as a vote to Remain combined with a fear of Corbyn.

          1. Anonymous
            December 12, 2019

            I was going to abstain in disgust at my BXP candidate being withdrawn but Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan’s smug lefty faces compelled me to get out and vote.

    December 12, 2019

    FTSE-100 currently at +45. The market is very rarely wrong. It seems it’s pricing in a Tory majority

    1. Lifelogic
      December 12, 2019

      They bookies were wrong on Brexit. I went to bed early assuming I had lost my bet 4 to 1 best given the way the odds were moving that evening – only to wake up rather richer. I have not bet this time but I think the Tories will get about 345 seats and a workable majority. I hope Brexit will win at least one seat – but I do not expect it. Had Boris accepted the generous Farage offer he would have done rather better.

      We just have to stop him stitching the country up like an over ready Turkey now!

      1. Lifelogic
        December 12, 2019

        4 to 1 bet!

  27. Edwardm
    December 12, 2019

    The Labour party under Corbyn and his cabal is now a front for all that is extremely bad, harmful and anti-British.
    Never before have so many recent former MPs of a party warned the electorate against voting for that party.
    How anyone can vote Labour is beyond comprehension. They shall have to answer to their conscience which hopefully one day they will have.

    It is more important than ever that the Conservative get a good majority and under Boris show their detractors the benefits of good economic and other policies.

    1. Edwardm
      December 12, 2019

      And Good Luck to Sir John Redwood.
      We very much need you in the HoC.

  28. John Partington
    December 12, 2019

    Good luck to you and all the other Conservative candidates around the country. Here’s hoping for a working majority to get Brexit done and move on.

    1. Martin in Cardiff
      December 12, 2019

      Move on? To the difficult and long negotiations over a trading arrangement with the European Union, you mean? And to bitter domestic arguments, over how to address the damage that will ensue?

      Yes, by all means.

  29. Robert Eve
    December 12, 2019

    Best of luck John – I very much hope you keep your seat and continue your blog.

  30. Christine Marland
    December 12, 2019

    Good luck for tomorrow’s results. We need you back at Westminster.

  31. The Prangwizard
    December 12, 2019

    Just back from the polling station. Voting booths as quadrants round a central pillar. Sides open to view. Facilitates observation and thus intimidation. I paused at the door on my way out and looking back could easily see where a cross was placed. We must go back to the three sided boxes with a curtain.

    Then I heard a woman report she was there to vote for her daughter. Does that mean she can fill in a paper for her? If so how can anyone know it is done honestly?

    With these and widespread fears over postal votes we must urgently restore the old more rigid controls to our system

    1. Al
      December 13, 2019

      A centralised Electoral roll would help, by removing the ability of those with split residency (work or study in one constituency, live in another) to vote twice.

      The other issue is the list of voter’s names being visible on the table when you check in. Without requesting ID it is very hard to prove someone is who they say they are, if they just choose a name that has not already been crossed through. This was suggested to have happened in Peterborough.

  32. formula57
    December 12, 2019

    Best wishes to you for re-election.

    There must be gratitude within the Party to the people’s Blue Boris for his prowess in making it seem the three years of waste and betrayal represented by the May regime never happened.

    Let us hope the Prime Minister does not have to spend next week in Scotland giving evidence to persuade the Court of Session to overturn the election result.

  33. Timaction
    December 12, 2019

    What a state we’re in with having to vote for the least “worst” option to keep the communists non liberals out. Never again. There has to be change to rid our nation of the despicable legacies for good!

  34. John W from Suffolk
    December 12, 2019

    Good luck Sir John. You are welcome voice of sanity in any increasingly mad world. Your daily blog is one of the very first things I read every morning before turning to the Telegraph website for up-to-date factual news and then the BBC website to see their lefty spin on it.

    1. L Jones
      December 12, 2019

      Yes, indeed, Mr W from Suffolk. Many of us feel this way.

  35. Man of Kent
    December 12, 2019

    With all best wishes for a good result in Wokingham for your self.
    You have been a beacon of common sense for so long now that your constituents would be crazy to choose any one else .

  36. Lear's Fool
    December 12, 2019

    good luck nuncle, tomorrow is the day…. a day unlike any other

  37. Jack Falstaff
    December 12, 2019

    On the elections, I don’t think it was just the threat of a split Brexiteer vote that has harmed the Brexit Party.
    Suppose for a moment that the Brexit Party obtained a majority.
    Until the Fixed Term Parliaments Act were repealed, you could assume that Brexit might be achieved very quickly.
    But then there would be several years of wondering what that party’s politics might be on all the issues under the sun other than Brexit.
    In short, while the Brexit Party does indeed have a broader manifesto, voters of all persuasions simply would not be convinced enough to vote for it given the perception of the party as a one-trick pony..

  38. Iain Gill
    December 12, 2019

    My one reflection is that we need pressure to get the history of extreme left wing regimes onto the schools curriculum. It is extremely sad that many youngsters have never heard of the gulags, or the millions killed by Stalin, or know what “animal farm” warns about. We allow our people to have such gaps in their knowledge at our peril.

    1. steve
      December 13, 2019

      Iain Gill

      Yes absolutely right.

      I also think that when you get racists lobbing insults and missiles at players in football matches it tells you that sportsmanship and fair play are not taken seriously by the education system.

      We are seeing the outcome of failure and politically correct interference in education…….it needs reversing.

  39. Emma Jay
    December 12, 2019

    Sir John,

    Que sera. Sadly, your sensible observations have not been mirrored by the abysmal performance of your party from the hubris of Cameron who seriously miscalculated the Public’s mood and his promise to honour the outcome of their decision (only to flee the Battlefield) and the shenanigans of the past three years particularly the so-called ‘negotiations’ with Brussels and the efforts of prominent Members of your Party to ignore and overrule the outcome of the Referendum.

    Rather than negotiate as the second-largest net contributor to the EU Budget, May and her team grovelled and have been out-witted and out-manoeuvred from the ‘get-go’ by the EU negotiating Team. It was always the case that rhe U.K. was to be permanently ensnared in the EU’s Spider’s Web. I for one feel that Lady Hale’s choice of a Spider Brooch was a highly symbolic choice.

    Frankly, the unfolding venomous polarisation of public and Parliament discourse has been profoundly dispiriting.

    Today for many it boils down to a choice between a Europhile Party and one resentful of wealth-creators with a declared intent to clobber them naively believing that this won’t damage their Tax base to fund their largesse. So, like many of your commentators, it has been a question of ‘holding one’s nose’ as the alternatives are unedifying.

    This morning I had an enlightening and amiable conversation with two assistants at a major Outdoor Equipment Retailer in their 20s (whom I had overheard ‘were going to vote’).

    In discussing an apparent emergence of age differences with polarisation of Political views between supporting your Party and the ‘get Boris out’ at all cost and ‘stop Brexit-remain in the EU’ alternative choices, I asked if they had heard of Dennis Healey with his “squeeze the rich until the pips squeak” actions(echoing the Corbin/MCDonald position) : they had not, and were horrified when I related the Mortgage Interest and Inflation Rates we experienced in the early 70s. I also asked if they knew who the President of the EU Commission and the EU’s Foreign and Defence Secretary is: they did not. I suspect that this lack of awareness is not uncommon amongst many of the younger electorate today.

    It is disturbing that lack of Historical perspective and resentment of what is perceived as ‘Tory failure’ may shade this election. As a sane voice in your Party, I hope you survive.

  40. Chris S
    December 12, 2019

    I wish you well in your own constituency and hope that Boris gets a working majority.

    All the alternatives are unthinkable.

  41. Iain Gill
    December 12, 2019

    Is one of the parties handing out food vouchers as an inducement to vote even legal, as parliamentary candidates are openly tweeting that’s their approach.

  42. rose
    December 12, 2019

    May the Best Man Win.

  43. Lynn Atkinson
    December 12, 2019

    Been canvassing for the wonderful Christopher Howarth in Houghton and South Sunderland. Of course it’s solid red but he is charming, clever and has been getting a remarkable reception (for a Tory). If he had had more time to organize he would have done unbelievably well, as it is I think he has done miracles in 4 weeks and all I can say is that we all need him in Parliament ASAP. If he does not win tonight – he needs to be top of the list for by-elections because he could handle the media spotlight and do us all proud by presenting our politics as we would like it presented.
    Reminds me of you Sir John.

  44. Fred H
    December 12, 2019

    I have voted for Sir John, mostly to deny the nasty piece of work on the ballot paper. If Sir John wasn’t our MP I would not be able to vote for party (except Brexit as was). The vote for the least worse is a shocking situation to be in for millions of people today.
    Our politics and those who can determine our future must be the lowest standard I can remember. Can Boris bring us to a crossroads – meaning possible routes forward – or is it further down the cul-de-sac?

  45. Everhopeful
    December 12, 2019

    Exit polls looking good.

  46. The Prangwizard
    December 12, 2019

    I hope tomorrow morning Mr Johnson starts on the serious task of cleaning the stables. Many, many changes are needed, many people need removing, and quickly before entrenched opponents get their breath back.

  47. Jasper
    December 12, 2019

    God I hope this exit poll is correct!! Remainers and Parliament should accept now that the people want Brexit. Need to push for no deal now!!

    December 12, 2019

    Johnson has his majority in the bag. Now let’s see proper reform and not some half-hearted, spineless, One-nation pandering

    Johnson now needs to create the conditions and structures that purge Labour from our world and pass laws to prevent them taking control ever again

    1. DOMINIC
      December 12, 2019

      Revenge against the Labour’s media arm, the BBC and the Electoral Comm should be swift and brutal without apology.

      Then next onto the Supreme Court and undermine judicial activism

      Boris has his permission from the ultimate authority, the British people

      1. rose
        December 13, 2019

        Lord Sumption:
        “52% of the electorate simply cannot have 100% of the spoils…”

        Well, the 52% have answered him.

  49. Gareth Warren
    December 12, 2019

    Well I wish you well and hope you once again become the MP for Wokingham, I suspect all hope for liberal democrats was dashed when the brexit party pulled out and therefore did not split the vote.

    However this does raise the issue of split votes, I want a system like AV+ wherethe majorities wishes are more often delivered.

    I did vote conservative despite the MP being a bit of a remainer, since I judge the current deal to at worst still be better than being in the EU. I hope you can continue to push for a clean break so we can spend our taxes in the UK, develop our fishing resources and get on with developing better trade links with the rest of the world.

    I suspect the big event we need to prepare for though is possible war in the pacific in the next 10 years, while it is not our war we must stand by the USA and Australia as they stood by us if China does choose war.

  50. GilesB
    December 13, 2019

    Let’s hope the result reflects the exit poll.

    Need for careful, deep thought about not only Brexit, but also how to meet the expectations of all the new Conservative voters.

  51. steve
    December 13, 2019

    Well the exit polls look good for Boris.

    I’d suggest the following strategy;

    1) Get brexit done, but with adjustments now he has a big majority.
    2) Tell the EU we’re calling the shots – no EU fishing in our waters.
    3) Give the SNP another independence referendum, on condition that it must include the whole UK vote, or if not then the SNP must disband if they lose.
    4) Repatriate HMRC offices and all other utilities.
    5) Scrap the Barnett formula and other culturally biased arrangements.
    6) Any businesses that threaten to go abroad should be asset stripped and kicked out.
    7) Abolish green crap.
    8) Make domestic trading in metric weights & measures illegal. Let’s return to imperial on our own turf.
    9) Fast track removal of EU laws, declare no ECJ jurisdiction.
    10) Abolish the Supreme court.
    11) Abolish political correctness.
    12) Purge the BBC of political ideology. And if it can’t be cleaned up get rid of it.
    13) Custodial sentences for sedition.
    14) Bring back the treason laws.
    15) Zero tolerance of racism at sporting events. Harsh prison sentences are needed.

  52. Me
    December 13, 2019

    30,734 Congratulations

  53. Ian@Barkham
    December 13, 2019

    Congratulations Sir John

    Just frightening how socialist Wokingham has become

    1. Fred H
      December 13, 2019

      I doubt it. Most was a Remain protest, with the Dr portrayed as close to a saint. The big influx of new homes people will have an effect in the next GE – but in which direction?

      1. Ian @Barkham
        December 13, 2019

        Amazing how someone that isn’t local, has a reputation for un-truths did so well. But given the large congregation of these Socialists now on the local council, all is probably lost.

        Clearly it is also the desperation shown by the need to increase the incomers year on year without respect to the infrastructure.

        That said the DR claimed we have got longer trains and platforms only because of him. Presumably to get his voters in and out.

        Bracknell is now more Conservative than Wokingham, go figure!

  54. Yorkie
    December 13, 2019

    There’s trouble Up North. Been looking at the election results. Even where Labour won, forces opposing them were in the much higher number. Wakefield? History of voting(!)

  55. DaveK
    December 13, 2019


  56. sm
    December 13, 2019


    Very best wishes, SM.

  57. agricola
    December 13, 2019

    Well now we have it. The traiterous and self indulgent who once claimed to be conservative have been rejected. The Lib/Dems have lost mother knows best and have been rejected. Marxism in the form of Labour has been shown the door. It is said that Corbyn will not lead them in the next GE, but watch out for the minefield and booby traps he leaves in his wake. The vociferous SNP have done well in Scotland, but remember they represent a mere 5.4 million Scots or sround 2% of the electorate. They to accept reality.

    The victorious Conservatives now have one clear task, to remove us cleanly and unencumbered from the EU. Preferably quickly while the EU is coming to terms with democracy. The WA2 was a construct under duress. In a new Parliament it’s only relevance is a lesson in what not to do. We the UK electorate have spoken, handed Boris the tools of power and we await decisive leadership.

  58. Iain Gill
    December 13, 2019

    Well done John

    Although labour lost it by going full on Stalinist.

    And the party promising least immigration always wins, whether they are lying about it or not.

    I worry about the things Dom Cummings has got wrong, and all that nonsense will happen.

    Still Dom has invited the contributors to his blog to a party at number ten, can’t you get us in? Lol

    1. Anonymous
      December 13, 2019

      Labour also lost it because Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan insulted conservative/Brexit people on polling day.

      I for one had to vote Tory after that even though I didn’t want to before.

      Both here and in the US actors and actresses repeatedly deliver the opposite of what they want for the simple reason that they believe they really are their screen images and because they are too bottomlessly dim to realise they are only average intelligence.

      We The People resent being lectured by them.

      No actor/actress should broadcast political messages without being prepared to take the trouble and pressures of standing for office. Huge Grunt is too lazy to even stand for the local council. He wants elder statesmanship on the back of a few tweets and a role as PM in Love Actually.

      It is greatly significant that the only successful actor/politicians have been conservatives. Arnold Schwarzenegger (twice Governor of the seventh largest global economy – California) and Ronald Reagan (leader of the largest economy under whose leadership the Berlin Wall fell.)

      1. RichardM
        December 13, 2019

        Granted you quote the 2 most successful, but disproves the nonsense that only right wingers make politicians.

      2. Iain Gill
        December 14, 2019

        On the other hand Roger Daltrey and Ringo Starr speaking out, without fear, in support of the democratic will of the people voting for Brexit I think was listened to by a lot of people. They both deserve thanks, and an invite to the inevitable party when Brexit actually happens.

  59. margaret
    December 13, 2019


  60. BlokeInBrum
    December 13, 2019

    May I congratulate you on holding on to your seat, albeit with a reduced majority.
    I hope you continue to hold the party leadership’s feet to the fire in regards to coming good on their promises on Brexit.

  61. Jonathan Tee
    December 13, 2019

    Congratulations on being returned to Parliament. All that shoe leather paid off.

  62. RichardM
    December 13, 2019

    Interesting point – Votes for remain parties 52% Votes for leave parties 48%.

    Reply Votes for the party wanting to cancel Brexit 11%

    1. Anonymous
      December 13, 2019

      The Brexit Party was prevented from standing in many constituencies.

  63. Fred H
    December 13, 2019

    I forecast it would be Swansong – goodbye to her and good riddance.

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