Coronavirus powers and the Brady amendment

Tomorrow I will vote for the Brady amendment which requires the government to provide time for a debate and a vote on further extensions and changes to Coronavirus powers.

I expect the Speaker to allow this debate and vote, though the government does not think it should happen. I trust the government will meet Sir Graham Brady and agree to accept the terms of the proposal, to avoid the defeat which is otherwise likely on this matter.

I will also post today my speech yesterday in the CV 19 debate.


  1. Sir Patrick Vaccine
    September 29, 2020

    A clear demonstration showing how the lockdown saved no lives in Britain, using Ferguson’s predictions for deaths in Britain and Sweden and what actually happened in both countries.

    If you take Ferguson’s prediction for no lockdown Sweden with the official death rate it was 12 times lower.

    SWEDEN Prediction 70,000 official deaths 5,880

    Divide Ferguson’s prediction for the UK with no lockdown, UK 500,000 by 12 you reach a figure of 41,666.

    Currently the official figure for the UK is 41,988

    SEARCH YOUTUBE “Andrew Neil: “Boris Johnson panicked – hard to say Sweden was wrong” (and what it means for the UK)”

    Please share – send to your MP, whatever

    1. Martin in Cardiff
      September 29, 2020

      Yes, and earthquake-proofing buildings saves no lives either by your “reckoning”.

      Japan, billions spent 0n it, thousands of deaths.

      UK, nothing spent, no deaths.


      1. Edward2
        September 29, 2020

        There is no QED in your reply to Sir Patrick who raised an interesting point which you failed to answer.

        1. Fred H
          September 29, 2020

          as usual goes off on a tangent.

      2. No Longer Anonymous
        September 29, 2020

        A false analogy.

        CV-19 in Sweden is the same tectonic rift as it is in Britain.

    2. Narrow Shoulders
      September 29, 2020

      This was posted yesterday. It is complete b*!!*$£s and supposition in the manner for which you criticise Ferguson.

      Sweden’s approach is best vindicated by the absence of rising cases at present. Long may it continue.

      1. Know-Dice
        September 29, 2020

        Sweden is certainly interesting, as we know they didn’t ruin their economy with a formal lockdown and on the surface appear to have the same death rate per million as the UK.

        Worldometer shows that they have had a consistent infection rate of around 300 per day since mid June vs. the UK with a rate of around 1000 since mid June to mid August, now peaking at just under 6000 on a seven day average.

        But with no sign of the death rate tracking this [even with a lag] but would be interesting to also plot hospital admissions over the same period.

      2. Lynn Atkinson
        September 29, 2020

        The Ferguson prediction subject to the Swedish actuality and ours, is proof that the lockdown did not save a single CV19 life. However we know it has and will cost many other lives that would otherwise be saved.

    3. acorn
      September 29, 2020

      With cases increasing, Poland has now entered the “red zone” of the system used by the UK alongside Sweden to see if a country will be removed from its quarantine exemption list.

      Countries where the number of infections exceeds 20 per 100,000 citizens within seven days are at risk of losing their status as air corridors under the guidance of the FCDO. Poland hit 20.1 today, while Sweden doubled the case rate to 26.3 last week. (HT: AmpGoo)

    4. Lifelogic
      September 29, 2020

      Wrong the lockdown certainly delayed some infections and helped to stop the NHS being overloaded and as deaths per infection rates are now less than 1/10 of what they were (back at the peak in March/April) then it has certainly saved many lives.

      The UK should have locked down about 10 days earlier as I said at the time. The policy of transferring infected patients (or untested patient) into unsuitable care homes was clearly moronic and criminally negligent to my mind.

      There is however no justification for anything but voluntary actions now. Covid death are only about 2% of current deaths with little sign of anything other than a second ripple. Far more from smoking, over eating, alcohol, heart disease, cancer and other causes many of which can be prevented far more easily. The NHS is not overloaded and needs to get back to a full service.

      1. Lifelogic
        September 29, 2020

        Having said that the lock down could have been done far more intelligently.

        We have the idiotic Mayor of London telling us the very crowded tubes, trains and buses we perfectly safe and being cleaned with hospital grade cleaners for example. Good to see the sensible UBER court ruling. The judges do very occasionally get some things right.

    5. Stred
      September 30, 2020

      Sweden did not and has not a ‘no lockdown’. The Imperial report called for measures such as distancing, closing schools and universities and quarantining cases. Sweden did some of these. It was only after a week of some British ignoring the distancing in parks, shops and pubs that the government put everyone into quarantine in order to allow the NHS to have enough beds. In the event, only London came near to not coping but if most people had not self quarantined and distanced in early March, there would have been more cases.

      At present the universities and schools are open and using the same methods as Sweden in them to keep older staff safe, but there are already cases spreading and , because of the tenfold increase in testing and the large proportion of false positives, the numbers are growing fast. But this does not mean that deaths will increase as before if families and employers isolate the small proportion of vulnerable.

      Hopefully, MPs will get the government to admit that they have been laying on the scare using misleading graphs and enforcing ridiculous rules in pubs and restaurants, such as wearing a mask standing up and taking it off when sitting down.

  2. Everhopeful
    September 29, 2020

    I thought that the Speaker had vetoed as not to be like Bercow?
    Hope it all goes against the govt.
    Must be stopped.

    1. Simeon
      September 29, 2020

      I hope the amendment is disallowed. Brady et al. will then be forced to show the true colour of their money. You would think they would have to vote against the extension of the emergency powers. Would they? Hmmm.

      1. Everhopeful
        September 29, 2020

        Ah ok.
        Yes you are right.
        Will watch with great interest!

      2. acorn
        September 29, 2020

        The oh so sovereign HoC gave away its sovereignty to Downing Street (DS) when it nodded through the Coronavirus Bill. Thus allowing DS to do exactly what it is now doing with secondary legislation.

        Now the ERG 62 wants to reverse its recent decision with an amendment to the Act, which has a six month recurring renewal clause in it. If I were the Speaker, I would say stick your amendment where the sun don’t shine.

        The concept of “taking back control” doesn’t seem to be well understood in the HoC.

        1. Edward2
          September 30, 2020

          Bit different to your response when Gina Miller was doing her Court case.

          1. acorn
            September 30, 2020

            Miller was about proroging parliament inorder to prevent parliamentary scrutiny of Art 50 notice of withdrawal, using an Order in Council (Government by Decree).

            The present case is the opposite of Miller. Parliament has created a statute that it now doesn’t like having failed to do due diligence on the Bill first time around.

          2. Edward2
            September 30, 2020

            One minute you want Parliament to be powerful and take control.
            The next you want the Government to act independently.

  3. Sir Patrick Vaccine
    September 29, 2020

    You can’t micromanage a virus

    1. Everhopeful
      September 29, 2020

      No but they want to micromanage our lives through Global Compacts.
      All fits in with Covid restrictions.

    2. Sir Joe Soap
      September 29, 2020

      No, but you can use it as an excuse to micromanage us.

      1. Fred H
        September 29, 2020

        feels more like dictatorship than managing to me.

        1. Anonymous
          September 30, 2020

          more TV less socializing, few people realize almost everything was faked, 911, all terror attacks, Jo Cox, moon landing, even space is faked. The TV is how we are controlled, socializing is dangerous.

    3. Lynn Atkinson
      September 29, 2020

      You can’t sign a contract with a virus either – ‘don’t infect before 10pm in bars’ ‘don’t infect at work’ then we give you free rein at family gatherings …

  4. Everhopeful
    September 29, 2020

    It seems to me that Covid is being used to implement…and this does NOT appear to be a conspiracy theory…Agenda 21 or 30.
    It is widely aired on the internet and seeks to micromanage our lives in the name of “Sustainable Development”.It is there for all to read. And “World Leaders” are following it to the letter.
    Abolition of ALCOHOL is definitely on the list…look at MHIN.
    And I reckon that singing and dancing ( banned in some places under Covid law) comes under the CULTURE umbrella as spoken of in UCLG and CULTURE 21. Museums, theatres etc all involved.
    There is a huge network of these summits and agendas and their aims are recognisable in all the weird things that have been going on.
    Every single Covid restriction seems to be linked to this concept of “Sustainable Development”.
    Reading up on all this it seems absolutely essential that the Tory rebels succeed. Boris must be stopped!

    From MHIN
    “2 out of 17 SDGs impacted

    Evidence shows that alcohol is a cross-cutting, harmful factor in many areas of the Agenda 2030, such as:“

    1. Everhopeful
      September 29, 2020

      I do wish someone could soothe my fears by declaring all this to be nonsense and explaining why.
      It all terrifies me.
      And for years I dismissed it as conspiracy but it seems to be coming true!

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        September 29, 2020

        South Africa banned alcohol during their vicious lockdown. I’m afraid it’s all true. Our Parliament has to fight for the power it so casually gave to the ‘experts’ via the useless Govt. when they effectively abdicated. Let this be a lesson to them. You NEVER give anyone unaccountable power, it’s ALWAYS abused.

      2. M Davis
        September 29, 2020

        The Socialists have been allowed to take over every institution you can think of. In other words, we are ******! Thank you, Politicians!

    2. Bryan Harris
      September 29, 2020

      @Everhopeful Yes — The UN have clearly stated that they intend to push their agenda as a result of this created disaster.

      The political establishment – the power behind government – have been taking us in this direction for decades. We’ve been softened up with marxist ideas to think in particular ways… Right from the days when the good cowboy always wore white, we have been brainwashed.

      With innovative options for dealing with CV ignored, it is simply a question of how much the government is in league with the establishment that want UN agenda 2130.
      Or is it a case of the establishment being so strong now, and tired of playing second fiddle, openly imposing their view to force government to act in certain ways?

    3. James Bertram
      September 29, 2020

      Conspiracy, or not, I believe in Free Speech.

      It seems that the police intervention at Trafalgar Square came just as Dr Heiko Schoning was about to speak. When the protest moved to Speakers Corner Hyde Park, Dr Schoning was arrested before he could speak. He was held in custody for 22 hours. On his release he gave a statement to the press. This footage was initially taken down by youtube. Too, he gave a short interview to Anna Brees at Trafalgar Square; at first, his initial comments were removed (?). Now both videos are back up in full. It is clear that someone in authority does not want Dr Schoning’s views well known.
      Therefore it is the duty of all of us who believe in free speech to publicise his views so that they are not suppressed: hence Dr Schoning’s views can be found on the website and scroll down to: Transcript-The-Big-Bluff- (1) .pdf. Roughly, his view is that recovery from the 2008 banking crisis has not been fully achieved, and therefore the globalists are using the Covid-scare and crash as an excuse to reset the global economy in 2021 (he predicted this would happen back in September 2019).

      Too, if you believe in free speech, then all support should be given to Sir John and others in subjecting government legislation to robust debate and scrutiny.

  5. Peter
    September 29, 2020

    A dictatorial approach to managing covid is not working.

    1. Bryan Harris
      September 29, 2020


    2. Adam
      September 29, 2020

      The man steering controls only one wheel.
      His single-handed way and loose grip lack traction.
      The collective wisdom of MPs drives the path ahead.
      Former followers knowing better ways solve Leaderslip contests.

  6. Ian Wragg
    September 29, 2020

    It’s outrageous that with so few deaths and empty hospitals that the government continues destroying peoples livelihood.
    We are living in a virtual dictatorship.
    It’s amazing how tough you are on the general public but ignore the Marxist BLM and ER.
    Get a grip John and stop hiding behind pseudo science.

    1. Ian Wragg
      September 29, 2020

      Where’s Gina Miller when we need her.

      1. Narrow Shoulders
        September 29, 2020

        She only campaigns against issues she disagrees with. She uses the veil of democracy to advance her own agenda.

        She is your typical authoritarian.

      2. Fred H
        September 29, 2020

        we never needed her!

    2. Peter Wood
      September 29, 2020

      I agree 100%, a kindly observer may call us a ‘Nanny State’ , I think more accurate would be a ‘Totalitarian Dystopia’.

      Another set of restrictions on freedom WILL NOT be accepted.

      BJ, wake-up, sack the inexperienced Hancock, get someone in with at least some medical and life experience.

    3. Lynn Atkinson
      September 29, 2020

      It’s an ‘actual’ dictatorship as Parliament abdicated.

  7. Sir Patrick Vaccine
    September 29, 2020

    Whatever it takes, whatever it costs is just about the worst policy ever announced.

    1. glen cullen
      September 29, 2020

      Thought you were talking about not being allowed to sing, dance or smile any more by law……alas you’re talking about the Brady amendment

    2. Lynn Atkinson
      September 29, 2020

      Boris is a slave to ‘sunk costs’. That’s why he is continuing with HS2 and why he is continuing with CV19. He HAS to believe ‘it’s a great project’ and ‘a desperate Killer disease’ to justify the costs to date.
      He can’t face the truth and write off the sunk costs, so he MUST BE REPLACED.

    3. Fred H
      September 29, 2020

      possibly ‘trumped’ by Shock and Awe, joining ‘weapons of mass destruction’?

  8. Sea Warrior
    September 29, 2020

    I’m in favour of the Brady amendment – not because of constitutional principle but because government decision-making has been so poor throughout this crisis. The government has quite happily imposed ‘stress testing’ on arrogant bankers; COVID-19 is ‘stress testing’ for arrogant ministers – and they’ve failed it. There are, on both sides of the Commons, a goodly number of MPs blessed with the art of interrogation. Allowing them to do their bit will only improve the quality of decisions. But in the same way that every MP should know the price of a pint of milk, I hope that they will all have the good sense to equip themselves with the latest COVID infection rate for their constituency, know its trajectory and know what’s driving it.

    1. Narrow Shoulders
      September 29, 2020

      know what’s driving it

      And here is the crux of the matter. Decision making is being driven by “feelings” and what is “believed” rather than what has been proven.

      It is felt that face masks must provide a barrier, so why was an Essex councillor on the London news last night asking people not to commute? They are either effective or they are not. If not then abandon the policy. If effective then open up with face masks.

      I want to see MPs using the track and trace patterns to justify whatever approach they are recommending but only where that evidence is unequivocal (i.e. the person has only had contact with very limited people).

    2. Anonymous
      September 29, 2020

      Infection or death rate ?

      Because it changes to suit the most stringent approach.

  9. Mark B
    September 29, 2020

    Good morning, and thanks you, Sir John and Sir Graham Brady MP.

    Like many here, I would be happier if this law was scrapped altogether. The government has been given carte blanche powers for the last six months and, has totally failed in my view. If anything, it has done more damage than the virus itself. It is high time that wise and more sainer heads got involved and gently nudged the government in the right direction. I therefore see this amendment as a step in that direction.

    The government only get out clause has been to dump responsibility upon the science. This so called science has been little better than Voodoo Magic and these Shamen need kicking into touch. I hope that parliament can start question both them and the government as has our kind host and that we can find a way out of the mess we have been led into.

    Here’s hoping.

    1. Simeon
      September 29, 2020

      Scrapping the law altogether would be the absolute bare minimum necessary. Not one MP has achieved honourable standing. Even Desmond Swayne, as critical as he has been, has not resigned the whip.

      The government has no get out clause. They have followed one ‘scientific’ view, but ignored others. And there is good reason to believe that ‘the science’ has bended to the demands of the politicians. Not that I have an iota of sympathy for Vallance and Whitty. They take the state’s coin. They know what they’re doing.

      There might be a way out of this mess, but it will be miserable and painful and tedious and longwinded. And it is inevitable that the way out of this mess will lead into another mess, and another. Ultimately, the problem is structural.

      There is no reasonable hope.

      1. No Longer Anonymous
        September 29, 2020

        Quite clearly a viable vaccine for CV-19 will not be with us for some while, if ever.

        The most likely way out of this is if it mutates softer (as if it could be any softer ! Bad though it is, it is not the Black Death.)

        We have chucked the baby out with the bathwater and sacrificed freedoms and wealth which have been fought for over centuries at the cost of much blood.

        And many otherwise healthy and treatable people are going to die because of what Johnson, Vallance, Whitty and others have done. The rest of us condemned to poverty.

        There was NOTHING scientific about acting on worst forecasts and ignoring other advice and (most importantly) making no assessment and comparison with death and suffering caused because of lockdown measures.

        1. Simeon
          September 30, 2020

          Even the virus becomingly less lethal isn’t necessarily a way out. In that event, case numbers rise, justifying state controls. Alot of capital – both political and actual – is invested in vaccines. This is clearly the preferred option. But a (credible) vaccine is along way off. So either untested vaccines will be rolled out, or the controls will persist.

    2. Caterpillar
      September 29, 2020

      +1 Sentence two

      1. Lynn Atkinson
        September 29, 2020


    3. Sharon
      September 29, 2020

      Mark B


    4. BeebTax
      September 29, 2020

      +1. Also if this government thinks I’m going to download their track & trace App so they can keep me on a leash and fine me for breathing, they are kidding themselves.

  10. Simeon
    September 29, 2020

    Assuming the Speaker does allow the amendment, what difference does it actually make? My view is that, like everything this joke government is involved with, this amendment business is a nonsense. An amendment being forwarded by the senior backbencher reeks of a put-up job. The real question is, Why aren’t you and other supposedly sane MPs voting against the extension of these powers?

    Though the virus itself (very minor though it may be) is not a nonsense, your government’s response has been and continues to be. That you, and the rest of them, are not calling out this sinister BS tells anyone paying attention everything they need to know. Mild, indirect or implied criticism is not remotely good enough.

    As it happens, the economic damage has already been done. There is no coming back from this (though keeping on digging the hole obviously makes things worse, and certainly is evidence of staggering stupidity (or an awful conspiracy)). But a failure to say enough is enough is foolish and cowardly.

    Blowers’ new clothes were always invisible, but none of his subjects is either brave or decent enough to observe that he is naked, lest they are accused of ogling his dangly bits. It is pathetically ridiculous, and yet it is people’s lives that are being trashed. Anyone lending credibility to this incredible government is culpable.

    1. Salvador
      September 30, 2020

      Well said Sir..

      It’s not about a very unremarkable and relatively
      mild VIRUS is it?

      We all know it, along with the so called Climate Change
      BS are just stepping stones to oblivion aka Agenda 21/30 and the
      NWO Technocacy!!!

  11. Roy Grainger
    September 29, 2020

    I read he wasn’t going to allow it because of precedent, which is fair enough if true. We can’t complain Bercow ignored precedent and then support it being ignored. I’m sure there are other ways for the Commons to get their way on this.

    1. Andy
      September 29, 2020

      I am sure you can. After all Brexiteers exist to complain.

      1. Mike Wilson
        September 29, 2020

        The pot and kettle I think. RemOaners have done nothing but complain about the result of the biggest example of actual democracy for many decades.

      2. glen cullen
        September 29, 2020

        Correct – and as soon as we’re out of the EU we’ll stop complaining

      3. No Longer Anonymous
        September 29, 2020

        Says he who moans here every day.

        I’m off out to break my personal best hill sprinting. What fitness are you doing to-day ? You only need to dedicate 3 hrs per week.

        I mention this because you stereotype us Brexit voters as being old and past it and negative. Most of my circle do long distance cycling, Iron Man competitions and such like – as well as holding down full-time jobs.

      4. Fred H
        September 29, 2020

        I thought you were against what this Government stands for and is doing? U-turn Andy, eh?

    2. 'None of the above'.
      September 29, 2020

      He might allow it on the basis that it has the support of members of the opposition.

  12. Leslie Singleton
    September 29, 2020

    Dear Sir John–I would be happier if I could understand what the average MP knows about the complex issues involved. I increasimgly doubt the whole basis of so-called representative democracy. Having lost faith long ago I have asked many people over the years why we engage in it (there was once no other way but not any more) the main answer being along lines of, That’s the way we do it, so it is a historical thing–modern Science scarcely gets a look in.

    1. Sir Joe Soap
      September 29, 2020

      It’s certainly the case that the majority of MPs cannot weigh up the complex issues involved here. It takes a kind of judgement which comes with age and experience, and many MPs have neither. This is where the beauty contest which is candidate selection these days comes home to roost.

  13. Roy Grainger
    September 29, 2020

    If the amendment passes then whatever lockdown powers the government wants will be approved by Labour anyway as they couldn’t care less about economic damage. However, at least having them vote in favour of the measures makes them complicit if they don’t work and it spike’s Captain Hindsight’s guns.

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      September 29, 2020

      Labour will vote against.

  14. Narrow Shoulders
    September 29, 2020

    The government should accept this amendment as, apart from scrutinising the draconian powers it has given itself, it will force Labour to state their position. What would they do differently?

    I suspect, lockdown once more and chuck money at everyone.

    Seeing the government arguing against locking down and chucking money will hearten me. Open up and let us get on with our lives. It is risky, but life is full of risk.

  15. Sakara Gold
    September 29, 2020

    The original total lockdown was unpleasant, but worked in that it did reduce the transmission and death rate.

    However a lot of mistakes in the management of the crisis were made at the time, and subsequently. A proper enquiry would have provided a report for parliament to debate.

    Brady is no more medically qualified than the other buffoons who have managed to kill about 65,000 citizens so what’s the point?

    1. Sharon
      September 29, 2020

      Sakara Gold

      The cases and deaths reached their peak just before we went into lockdown.

      I agreed with the three week lockdown for the hospitals to get prepared, but since then , as we all know, there have been nearly empty Nightingale Hospitals ( and they are out to tender to be dismantled!)

      The cases and deaths dropped and even though we’ve now got an autumn rise in cases…the number of deaths is still 24th on the government list of things that cause death.

      Government have taken advantage of the public’s initial compliance and seen it as a sign of weakness and milked it for all they can. We’ve been used and abused by the government and blamed for ‘misbehaving’. It’s felt like we were being lead by a cult leader.

      So yes, I hope the Brady amendment goes through…I’d really like the Cv 19 bill to be repealed. As the saying goes, they’ve been taking liberties!

    2. Caterpillar
      September 29, 2020

      A point is to interrogate the reasoning from medical, scientific, statistical, economic, operational, moral, communicable etc considerations through to the decisions taken and implemented.

      At the most basic level the Govt needs to be demonstrating that the breadth of evidence is considered and its (time constrained) reasoning is rational.

    3. Bill B.
      September 29, 2020

      Sakara Gold: ‘reduced the transmission and death rate’… from what?

      From the ridiculously exaggerated predictions of Neil Ferguson? Look at what ‘Sir Pat Vaccine’ has pointed out in his comment on this blog. Ferguson’s prediction for Sweden if it did not lock down was wrong by a factor of 12. By the same calculation, if we had not locked down, instead of Ferguson’s 510,000 deaths, we’d have had 42, 000. But that’s the number we have had. So how many lives did the lockdown save? Looks like the answer isn’t all that many.

    4. a-tracy
      September 29, 2020

      By ‘other buffoons’ do you mean the expert medical professionals that recommended sending elderly patients out of hospitals into the care home community? These elderly patients have been called ‘bed blockers’!

      Or do you mean the people/business our government paid to provide ppe stocks and the millions of pieces of ppe that ‘went missing’ the investigation to this one we’re still waiting for an answer on – someone was misappropriating it or understating stocks? Or the suppliers in Europe that blocked our import orders to save the ppe stocks for themselves.

      How did the private care homes do in comparison to the state run care homes? We should congratulate all those small private care homes that protected patients and staff and contained the virus and looked after their residents.

      For me the biggest mistake was not putting people returning from holiday in Italy/France/Spain into forced quarantine as NZ and IOM did.

    5. villaking
      September 29, 2020

      Sakara Gold: You do not have a shed of evidence for the assertion that the lockdown worked. There is much evidence to suggest that it made no difference. For example, deaths peaked on April 8th and given the average times from infection to death, it is impossible that the lockdown caused a decline in the death rate. You might also look at other countries and see if there is a correlation between hard and early lockdowns (Peru, Belgium) and lower death rates. There is not. It is the ignorant and untested assumption that the most destructive government policy of a generation has somehow worked that has led to its continuation with all the devastating consequences for health and the economy. Brady may not be medically qualified but he is an elected representative. Policies that destroy liberty, ruin lives and trash economies need to be agreed by elected representatives based on a range of medical opinion. They should not be decided by a despotic little minister like Matt Hancock listening only to a very narrow range of medical advisers

    6. No Longer Anonymous
      September 29, 2020

      You make no scientific argument.

      Where is the graph indicating death by lockdown to compare to the one indicating death by CV-19 ?

    7. Simon Coleman
      September 29, 2020

      The only lockdown that could work is a permanent one – never leave our homes. What Brady is saying is that the gov’t should start listening to the many scientific experts who don’t agree with lockdowns and the Whitty strategy in general. A government has a duty to listen to a range of experts.

  16. Ian @Barkham
    September 29, 2020

    Sir John

    This Government needs to be reminded the People want to live in a free Democracy and not a Dictatorship

    1. BeebTax
      September 29, 2020


    2. glen cullen
      September 29, 2020


  17. Everhopeful
    September 29, 2020

    Surely the real question is whose orders Boris is following?
    And why are many other countries doing exactly the same?
    Why have the Tory rebels waited this long to question what is obviously an extremely bizarre situation?
    Is it a kind of “Softly, softly catchee” type thing? “Oh they are getting restless…we’d better appear to pull back a bit?”
    This “rebellion” will fizzle out in a puff of unreality. Then compliance will be renewed with vigour.
    We lost Bercow who allowed EVERY possible amendment only to find a bloke who does not apparently believe in democracy.
    Bells on the other one!

    1. Caterpillar
      September 29, 2020

      An equally depressing interpretation as your penultimate sentence is that under Bercow the House of Commons chose to ignore the people. Under Hoyle this concentration has gone further with the Government ignoring the Commons.

      The rapid erosion of both democracy and individual freedom needs to be turned around immediately otherwise it will become the norm.

    2. Lynn Atkinson
      September 29, 2020

      They had to wait for the six months they gave him for the issue to be discussed again. The entire Act must be repealed. Else there will be serious civil disorder.

  18. Ian @Barkham
    September 29, 2020

    In reality we expect advice and direction from our Government, not abusive draconian laws and fines. The greater majority will follow the advice. Those that don’t are the same ones that will break the laws and don’t have the means to pay the fines. So this power grab is defeated before it gets off the ground.

    Punishing everyone else for their own stupidity is not what is expected from a Government that want us to believe it is in control. This Government is running the country based on their own personal ego, which is despicable. We wanted out of the EU because their controllers are only in it for them selves, we needed to return to some form of Democracy, what was not expected is the UK to bread its own version of total dictatorship

  19. Brian Tomkinson
    September 29, 2020

    The premature deaths from other illnesses because of action against CV19, all the delayed treatments & diagnoses, the increases in mental health problems, increases in suicides, disruption of education, job losses, economy wrecked & personal liberty and freedom removed? How concerned have most MPs been? Very little it would seem as they willingly were happy to sit back, collect their paay and allow our democracy to be usurped by power mad ministers and advisers.

  20. Nivek
    September 29, 2020

    If and when you have these debates, I hope that you will not merely let the Conservative Party leadership call on expert witnesses “for the prosecution”. I hope you will be prepared to cross-examine their evidence and, if available, to call expert witnesses “for the defence”, all the while placing the burden of proof on those who wish to rebut the presumption of freedom.

  21. JoolsB
    September 29, 2020

    Good luck tomorrow John, I hope there are enough MPs to support the Brady Amendment. It will be tight as I doubt there will be many Labour votes in support. They must think all their Christmases have come at once watching Johnson and this clueless Government needlessly wreck the economy and destroy the lives of so many. Johnson has handed the next election to them on a plate.
    One thing John. As the UK Government’s covid measures only extend to England, Scotland, Wales & NI allowed to make their own decisions on covid, could you please confirm if 117 Scots, Welsh & NI MPs will be excluded from the vote John and if not, why not? And if they do vote and their vote makes the difference to the Brady amendment failing, will you or your colleagues speak out against this affront to democracy or keep quiet as usual?

    1. Lynn Atkinson
      September 29, 2020

      Labour is voting en mass for the Amendment.

  22. Andy
    September 29, 2020

    I admit I almost wet myself with laughter watching Steve Baker in the Commons. He genuinely does consider himself something of a modern day Thomas Jefferson.
    A comparison with Thomas The Tank Engine would be more appropriate.

    Do you notice how it is the extreme Brexiteers – who have stolen more of our rights and freedoms than any politicians in centuries – who think they are standing up for our rights? They really are delusional.

    These two bit politicians and the incompetent party they represent were rejected by the majority of voters in this country less than a year ago. The 58% who rejected Johnson and his cabal of failures were right. The rest of you were not. You put a useless government in place and it has proven useless.

    Still, there is an opportunity. I saw on Twitter a combined solution to both the Coronavirus and the Tory Brexit mess. All the government needs to do is to make it illegal for anyone to leave the house without all the paperwork and passes they require to drive a lorry load of beef to France. There you go. Sorted. No Kent Access Permits (Kermits) required to get into your Farage Garage.

    1. Edward2
      September 30, 2020

      You get more silly with every post as we get closer towards leaving the EU.
      Try to keep calm.

  23. Alan Jutson
    September 29, 2020

    Better to have a debate than not one at all, but the key point is the original lockdown was too late, because politicians waited for the death rates to increase before enacting it, and that is the problem with so many people who comment on here and elsewhere.
    We all know the virus kills a percentage of people, but hospitalisation and eventual death only follows a few weeks after infection.
    Thus the infection rate is the important figure which should be the trigger for any action, and it looks like the Government have learn’t that lesson by using it now, to try and contain the spread of the virus, and thus reduce/contain deaths in a few weeks time.

    All very easy to criticise with hindsight from your armchair, but remember this Countries testing ability in the very early stages, as it was in most of the World, was almost non existent.

  24. Philip P.
    September 29, 2020

    Sir John, the government’s existing emergency powers are enough for the lockdown disaster to continue and drive the country even further into the ground.

    Please vote against an extension of those powers. Voters will remember.

  25. Butties
    September 29, 2020

    What will you do if the Speaker follows protocol and disallows the amendment. Will you vote against the government (small g)? Both you and Sir Graham must know that such an amendment is not ‘normally’ permitted in this type of case. Which raises the quesstion why such an amenment was brought forward at all?

  26. Sharon
    September 29, 2020

    If the government were honest brokers, there should be no problem with Parliament voting for amendments to anything CV 19 related.

    If there is a fight back from government- then I think some really loud alarm bells should ring as to why! This would suggest they trashed the economy with eyes wide open. Why?

  27. Mary M.
    September 29, 2020

    Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020.

    Go to and click on ‘Sign this petition’ if you want the Coronavirus Act 2020 to be properly debated in Parliament tomorrow.

    As I write, “Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020” has 66,380 signatures, still not enough.

    It is all down to the Speaker to allow the debate.

    100,000 signatures are needed for it to be considered for debate. Tell all who value democracy.


  28. Norman
    September 29, 2020

    Thank you, Sir John. Whatever happens, Government need to know there are many enlightened people who are very deeply concerned at the way this crisis has been handled, both here and across the world. It’s not that we don’t have sympathy with ministers regarding all the challenging dilemmas presented to them, but there must be a return to sanity, before it’s too late. Sadly, I believe they are blinded, and will not take heed.

    1. na
      September 30, 2020

      Thank you, Sir John. Whatever happens, Government need to know there are many enlightened people who are very deeply concerned at the way this crisis has been handled

      are we being set up to be laughing stock of world?

  29. Bryan Harris
    September 29, 2020

    The government needs to realize that they are overstepping the mark.
    I’ve asked my MP to vote with you.

    We, the people, will not support an authoritarian regime that imposes it’s will out of a misplaced belief that they are 100% right.

  30. Mike Stallard
    September 29, 2020

    Lord Acton: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely”.
    Go for it Sir John!

  31. Ian Wragg
    September 29, 2020

    11 deaths Sunday, 13 deaths Monday. Norway pm apologies for lockdown and back to normal.
    We have 2 raging idiots creating mayhem in the country.

  32. Original Chris
    September 29, 2020

    I saw in the Press that Lindsay Hoyle was not going to call for that amendment to be voted on. Is there any truth in that?

  33. glen cullen
    September 29, 2020

    Car crash interview on Sky news 9:05am today with Gillian Keegan MP on Kay Burley show – this government policy is in a complete mess

  34. chris hook
    September 29, 2020

    At last.

  35. Steven
    September 29, 2020

    The Coronavirus powers are an outrageous assault on liberty and completely unjustified. The figures become clearer every single day and show the gross over reaction and abject cowardice of the political class. I hope you are all brought to account for the disaster and deaths you have jointly caused.

  36. glen cullen
    September 29, 2020

    Stay your course Sir John you’re doing important work for the people – its about democracy

  37. Richard1
    September 29, 2020

    Time to dial down the Covid panic, the cure is now doing more harm than the disease. the govt can rightly be criticised for some things – although I think there was no choice over the initial lock-down. But let’s remember the left – Starmer and Labour, the separatists the unions the greens etc etc have all been demanding far more – endless lock-down. they seem to love economy destroying measures. This is especially true in the US where its absolutely essential for the Democrats that there is no sign of an end to the Covid crisis and recovery before the election.

  38. Iain Gill
    September 29, 2020

    We need proper scrutiny, not just of this but a whole lot of other stuff like the open borders on the beaches of the South Coast.

    We need more individual freedom for British citizens, and far more power in the individuals hands (and not the states) in all aspects of our life from healthcare to housing to schools etc. We do not want a centralised state which allocates and rations ever more aspects of our life, even down to when we can dance or go to bed with someone.

    If the back bench Conservatives dont make the case for all this (Labour clearly dont want to be an opposition) the reality is the bubble will burst in the country and on the streets. When people like me actively start disobeying the government then really all bets are off, chaos will be next.

  39. A.Sedgwick
    September 29, 2020

    Fake news – the “rebels” will agree to be put back in their bottle.

    This situation of utter chaos “based on the science” has probably wrecked the economy and in any business organisation the shareholders would demand boardroom changes and from the top. MPs will concoct some more mumbo jumbo, but too many from all quarters, medics and academics included, from the start have been against these extreme measures.

  40. Iago
    September 29, 2020

    Our remarkable prime minister is giving huge amounts of money to the World Health Organization. We may be the biggest donor to it in the world now. Why is this and will someone ask him?

  41. Original Chris
    September 29, 2020

    For all of those posting here who support democracy and are hugely concerned by the swift grab of powers by this government, removing our rights and freedoms, please see this 5 minute videoclip by candidate Trump, just before the 2016 election. It is the most powerful speech I have ever seen, and the most prescient, stating exactly what President Trump is fighting for, and what he is up against. It is no surprise that the enemies of America are our enemies too, and of all those who want a free world need to stand up to this power grab by the Left, which is part of the agenda of establishing global government (UNAgenda 21 and 2030), the WHO global health governance, the WEF demanding “The Great Reset” of the global economy, and so on.

    I believe that there are genuine Tory MPs who want to ensure freedom and democracy in this country, but they have not mounted a credible defence of it. That would indicate to me that they do not realise the nature of the globalist one world government onslaught. To put it bluntly, they seem to be ignorant, ill informed and complacent.

    President Trump is fighting for our freedom and the right for countries to be freed from the “globalist power structure” (cabal), and determine their own futures. In the video he states:
    “This is not a normal election…. This is a struggle for the survival of our nation, and this will be our last chance to save it…” He is right.

    What happens in America on November 3rd will have a huge impact here, but our MPs should not be waiting for a Trump victory. They must act now, and fast, to try to loosen the grip of the Left on all our key institutions. It is significant that the CCP seems to be working with the Left globalists to effect their agenda. They are not wasting time, and neither should we.
    This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected Oct 24, 2016

  42. Jacqui
    September 29, 2020

    These emergency powers were granted on the basis of the initial prediction of 510,000 deaths.
    These extra powers should never have been allowed to continue for 6 months especially when it became clear that the pandemic was over by May and that Professor Fergusons computer modeling was incorrect.
    The real data proves that fatalities were very close to a normal flu year and I believe any additional deaths were inflated hugely by;

    1. The movement of infected hospital patients into care homes.
    2. The suppression of normal flu/pneumonia figures.
    3. Blatant guesswork and incorrect causes of death being recorded on death certificates..

    Now we see the same predictions and huge overestimate with (cases) being ascribed as a justification for the continuation of lockdown and other draconian measures on our lives.
    I note that tests are pushed towards the young and children (the people in the population most likely to mingle) these “cases” with no symptoms are irrelevant, the test is not designed to detect only covid 19, it detects remnants of old coronavirus’s that are no longer infectious, so are in fact false positives, anyone then in contact with a person, who may or may not be infectious is expected to isolate, so many healthy people are having their freedoms removed and how many of these people with no symptoms, but have been tested anyway actually have a live virus.
    Why does the PM not want to relinquish these emergency powers? It is adding fuel to the conspiracy theories or maybe they would like to kick the can down the road until the technology is in place to ensure that before the “all clear” is given we’re all tracked traced, assigned health passports and vaccinated.
    The treatment of the peaceful protesters in Trafalgar Square this weekend was a disgrace, people have legitimate cause for concern, they’re worried about losing their jobs, freedom and some their lives over this terrible continuing situation.

  43. Lifelogic
    September 29, 2020

    Good keep up the pressure for some resumption of a sense proportion and balance.

  44. Iago
    September 29, 2020

    We are more or less serfs and serfs, who had better keep quiet or we will be bashed up by Mrs May’s police like last Saturday or sent to jail, and so it is quite in keeping that when we die 40% of our assets are confiscated. Inheritance Tax, now insanely complicated, must be abolished.

  45. BJC
    September 29, 2020

    Yesterday, I was amazed to receive an email from the NHS Test and Trace service. I haven’t signed up to TT and only disclosed my email adddress to the NHS a few months ago for an entirely different purpose (as a result of CV19 restrictions). In doing so, I didn’t expect my details to be used for a form of “cold calling” promoting an unrelated service/activity.

    I’m not questioning the TT service where contact details are provided voluntarily for a specific purpose, or the permissible use of the research data it will produce. However, I’m not convinced that mining personal data from GPs, for the sole purpose of constructing a pathway to a lawful position, is supported by the GDPR/Data Protection “public interest” clauses they have used. It’s, therefore, questionable that the NHS are acting lawfully by authorising the release/use of the personal information they hold on their database. They’ve set a dangerous precedent.

  46. RichardP
    September 29, 2020

    It seems the ‘Hancockian’ decrees now come so thick and fast that even the Prime Minister can’t keep up with them.
    I’m sure if we returned to the system where legislation was debated and voted on in Parliament we would all have a clearer understanding of the law, including government ministers.

    1. rose
      September 30, 2020

      The 1984 Public Health Act decrees are like the EU directives – unscrutinised, undebated, unamended, unvoted on…and what is it about the EU directives? Far too many to know, often contradictory, and often dangerous in outcome.

  47. Simon Coleman
    September 29, 2020

    Mr Redwood – well done for supporting the Brady amendment. This move is important and a sign that parliament is not totally moribund in the face of the gov’t’s authoritarian legislative onslaught. 50 new laws without a vote or meaningful debate. Some passed at midnight and announced later. Ridiculous fines. How did we get into this appalling situation?

    I heard that the Speaker is expected to reject the Brady amendment?

  48. ian
    September 29, 2020

    Last night MPs were pushing for vaccination certificates if you want to lead a normal life in the UK, no certificate then the need for you to social distant in the UK and no travelling overseas without one. Of cos, if your MPs or something like a privileged person of some sort there will no need for them to conform, here they come to remove your right as a citizen.

    1. Original Chris
      September 30, 2020

      Re your first line, Ian, about vaccination would be the access to life passport: quite shocking, and Orwellian. Who was pushing for it? Don’t tell me, Tory MPs? They should be thrown out.

    2. a bad dream
      September 30, 2020

      Last night MPs were pushing for vaccination certificates if you want to lead a normal life in the UK, no certificate then the need for you to social distant in the UK and no travelling overseas without one. Of cos, if your MPs or something like a privileged person of some sort there will no need for them to conform, here they come to remove your right as a citizen.

      Certificates Of Vaccine ID = Covid
      All pre planned.

  49. Richard
    September 29, 2020

    Thank you Sir John and Good Luck tomorrow.

    The quick way to end this ’emergency’ is to vote down all the Lockdown-Curfew & other measures.

    Then the 91-93% false positive rate – and the fact that there is no 2nd wave – will be shown up for what it is.
    ( )

  50. rose
    September 30, 2020

    This is the first time I have ever known you to make a wrong prediction. (I expect the Speaker to allow this debate and vote…) And yet it had been predicted.

    Reply Yes, a fair comment. There have been developments since I wrote that that meant there was to be no amendment to vote on.

    1. Caterpillar
      September 30, 2020

      It appears that Sir Lindsay’s reasoning is that even if a law is passed for dictatorship it cannot be undermined. The dictators simply need to build a bit of trust. This is Frightening. Whatever developments there have been, there should not be a compromise that leaves the situation in which the Act is renewed and Johnson, Hancock and Sunak continue to destroy the U.K.

      If it is incompetence that is real then Johnson, Hancock and Sunak need to be removed immediately. If the incompetence is merely a smoke-screen for dictatorship then the same people need to be removed immediately. Whether it is incompetence or dictatorship, no compromise can be quick enough and effective enough to rectify what is going on.

  51. rose
    September 30, 2020

    The poisonous fake news media are having a field day, telling us every 15 minutes that we have no faith in the Government and can’t believe it, that we don’t know what the guidelines are, etc. How can they be so brazen? They could reinforce the Government messages any time they liked, rather than deliberately muddling and undermining them – or as the PM says, sniping from the sidelines. The PM’s quickly corrected slip in the West Country, when they should have been asking him about education and training instead of trying to catch him out on something else, will become the new Cummings obsession and just run and run.

    Trouble is, it isn’t the sidelines with the media. They are training people to expect every minister to know every detail of every district regulation the moment it comes out, when they are up to their necks in other business elsewhere. This is yet more frightening and irrational demand for totalitarian government, for government to be all knowing, all powerful.

    Students, even, are being interviewed, angrily demanding the Government take responsibility for what they, the students, and their universities have done.

  52. Zorro
    September 30, 2020

    So well done for voting AYE to the extension of the Coronavirus Bill monstrosity. My God, even Johnson and Raab didn’t vote for it! Couldn’t you bring yourself to at least abstain!

    Unfortunately, you have chosen your side and are now part of the problem. I will never vote for you again even if we get another election.


    Reply Our aim is to get debates and votes on the individual restrictions of our liberties, which the government promised yesterday. The Coronavirus Act contains necessary powers to make compensation payments and organise health and welfare which Meant it was always going to pass with a large majority.Many of the controls and powers you and I dislike have been taken under older legislation on the Statute book. repeal of the CA does not free us.

  53. Graham Wheatley
    October 7, 2020

    Has Margaret Ferrier been fined £10,000 yet?

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