The death of the Duke of Edinburgh

Our thoughts today are with the Queen and members of the royal family on the sad news of the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. He dedicated his life to serving the public and supporting the Queen as she carried out her duties. I send my condolences from the Wokingham constituency as the nation mourns his loss.


  1. Lifelogic
    April 9, 2021

    Indeed a great man. Boris says he was an environmentalist and indeed he he was, but he was certainly a climate realist not some deluded climate alarmist. I remember at some industrial event he requested a gin and was brought a G&T, politely he said no just gin. Then he was brought gin with ice, politely again no just gin, this was eventually supplied.

    Perhaps this is the secret to a long life, avoid the tonic and the ice?

    1. Nig l
      April 10, 2021

      I love the quote ‘please get me a beer. Any beer will do but just a beer’

    2. DOM
      April 10, 2021

      Johnson should simply remain silent if he feels the need to politicise this sad death for climate politics purposes. What a fetid clot Johnson is turning into.

    3. Ed M
      April 10, 2021

      The Duke of Edinburgh was first and foremost a (tradional) Christian man. With his sense of public duty and patriotism and humour and other virtues coming from his (traditional) Christian faith.
      May he rest in peace

  2. Andy
    April 9, 2021

    It is sad that he died – but he had a good innings. Sympathy to the Queen and her family.

    With the Queen now well into her 90s we really need to consider what comes next. And it should not be a King Charles or even a King William. It should be an elected president – an end to the monarchy. A new republic, a new constitution, a new electoral system and an end to Parliament as we know it. Finish the Elizabethan era and move to something more suitable.

    I suspect Tony Blair would win our first presidential election seeing that he is the only elder statesman we actually have of any note. Maybe Ken Clarke would have a shot. It would be good to see Farage stand. Just so we can see him resoundingly beaten.

    1. a-tracy
      April 9, 2021

      Go away Andy.

    2. Narrow Shoulders
      April 9, 2021

      Much better someone born to be our figurehead than another position to be elected.

      Difficult to corrupt a birthright

    3. Peter2
      April 9, 2021

      You are just trolling andy.
      Very sad.

      1. steve
        April 9, 2021

        Peter 2

        Agree. The man has passed away and leaves a widow just as happens with anyone, time for respect.

    4. Wonky Moral Compass
      April 9, 2021

      Sorry to break it to you, but Blair has as much chance of becoming our President as you have of getting a birthday card from the rest of the contributors here.

      1. Chris S
        April 9, 2021


    5. agricola
      April 9, 2021

      Not an appropriate time for such speculation. It is the height of bad taste and a void of good manners.

    6. No Longer Anonymous
      April 9, 2021

      You lack class, experience and charm, Andy.

      Why any ‘but’ ? Why be political in this post ?

    7. Martyn G
      April 9, 2021

      Congratulations Andy, you have now exposed us to your obvious dislike of the undemocratic EU system of governance. Might I suggest that you carry forward your ideas by applying to join the supporters of the somewhat currently dysfunctional USA system of governance?

      1. No Longer Anonymous
        April 9, 2021

        Andy purports to be a Conservative. He never has been and never will be… no, second thoughts… maybe the modern Conservatives he fits in.

        1. Lifelogic
          April 10, 2021

          Well so did Cameron, Osborne, May, Hammond, Major, Heath and hundreds of other pro EU, big state, climate alarmists dopes. Dire Libdims at best.

    8. Glenn Vaughan
      April 9, 2021


    9. Fedupsoutherner
      April 9, 2021

      Attention seeking again Andy and just as pathetic with it. Everyone can see through your shallow personality.

      1. jerry
        April 10, 2021

        @FUS; “Attention seeking again Andy”

        As are most, if not everyone, who posts a comment is doing, why else post a public comment?!

        Andy raised legitimate issues, that is his right, his error was to raise then at this time.

        Condolences to the Queen, her family and to all those who knew the Duke of Edinburgh, professionally and as friend, through his own work and interests beyond his public duties. I suspect many feel they had a connection to him via such interests, I know his award scheme taught many, otherwise perhaps sjy children, to be more self-assured and reliant.

        1. Fedupsoutherner
          April 10, 2021

          Exactly. Wring time for his rant and trolling. Let’s have a bit of decency. There will be plenty of time to discuss what the future will hold. I don’t think a few hours after his death is appropriate.

        2. No Longer Anonymous
          April 10, 2021

          Yup. “Don’t wait. Attack ’em while they are down.”

          As we have seen throughout the CV-19 crisis too.

          1. jerry
            April 10, 2021

            @NLA & @FUS; As I said, there is a time and place, the both of you might (plus others) might wish to reflect on that as well… At times like these, less is so often more.

    10. jerry
      April 10, 2021

      @Andy; Post in haste, repent at leisure…

    11. Sea_Warrior
      April 10, 2021

      Who would get the most votes in a run-off between HMTQ and Tony Blair? There wouldn’t need to be a recount.
      The principal advantage of our system is that it places a non-politician in a position to exercise some measure of leadership and to be seen as the embodiment on the national character.

    12. Richard II
      April 10, 2021

      A true gentleman who was our monarch’s lifelong loyal companion has just passed away, and someone jumps in to suggest war criminal Anthony Blair as our next head of state. How utterly revolting.

      I’m not a fanatical royalist, but I don’t want a politician in Buckingham Palace, thank you very much.

      Over recent decades we’ve learned that the royal family is not the image of perfection, but personally I can respect them for their humanity.

      Much of the work of bringing royalty closer to the people was originally done by Prince Philip, I gather. May he rest in peace.

    13. Ed M
      April 10, 2021

      Lastly, as the Queen and Prince Philip would support that the Monarchy only makes ultimate sense in the context of traditional Christianity (the Queen, like the Duke of Edinburgh, being a strong traditional Christian).

    14. MiC
      April 10, 2021

      Ideally yes, Andy, but the chances of that in the foreseeable future are, I think, practically zero.

  3. Ian Wragg
    April 9, 2021

    A fine man of sharp wit
    BZ sir from one naval man to another.

  4. Mark B
    April 9, 2021

    And so say we all.

  5. Sakara Gold
    April 9, 2021

    Indeed. For a Greek sailor with a lot of German relatives, he did learn to speak English very well. A shame that Her Majesty won’t now be able to send him a congratulatory telegram on his 100th.

    1. forthurst
      April 10, 2021

      HRH Prince Philip had, almost exclusively, German ancestry. He was educated in this country. His grandfather was Prince Louis of Battenburg, First Sea Lord, his uncle was Prince Louis of Battenburg, First Sea Lord. Had he not married Her Majesty but remained in the Royal Navy, having the attributes for leadership at a high level, he might also have become First Sea Lord.

  6. No Longer Anonymous
    April 9, 2021

    Rip Prince Philip.

    I met him once and he poked fun at me, which I didn’t mind at all because it was in good spirit.

    He will be sorely missed.

    1. agricola
      April 9, 2021

      Yes I too met him in 1957 while in the Royal Air Force. He was opening the national gliding championships. Had a lot of good sense to impart. I and the UK will miss him. My condolences to our Queen and his family.

  7. Peter Soakell
    April 9, 2021

    He served well. My condolences to Her Majesty.

  8. glen cullen
    April 9, 2021

    I salute you Sir for standing in harms way to protect our way of life, and living your life without fear – not old school just decent

    1. Peter2
      April 9, 2021

      Very well said Glen

  9. Buttons
    April 9, 2021

    Born with the silver spoon- and I suppise they will bury him with it

    It might be ok for the middle ages but time for change now

    1. Peter2
      April 9, 2021

      He could have just sat on a sunbed.
      Yet he dedicated his life to others.
      Would you have done all the positive things he did?

  10. steve
    April 9, 2021

    My condolences to Her Majesty, may he rest in peace.

  11. Chris S
    April 9, 2021

    His Royal Highness Prince Philip was the greatest contributor to the success of Her Majesty’s reign and was a man whom I greatly admired.

    One should celebrate such a successful and fulfilled life, the only sorrow can be for his family and in particular Her Majesty who now has a void in her own life that will be impossible to fill.
    Prince Philip is simply irreplaceable.

  12. Chris S
    April 9, 2021

    Probably the best tribute to HRH Prince Philip I have read today came from an unexpected source :
    Donald Trump.

    The statement by former US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania reads:

    “The world mourns the passing of Prince Philip, a man who embodied the noble soul and proud spirit of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

    “Melania and I send our deepest and most profound condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and to the entire Royal Family. We send our most heartfelt sympathies to the British people. This is an irreplaceable loss for Great Britain, and for all who hold dear our civilization.

    “Prince Philip defined British dignity and grace. He personified the quiet reserve, stern fortitude, and unbending integrity of the United Kingdom.

    “As a young man, he served Britain honorably and courageously as a naval officer in the Second World War. Aboard battleships in the Mediterranean, he saw combat at sea. He then participated in the pivotal Allied invasion of Sicily in 1943. Like so many of his generation, in Britain’s darkest hour, he put his life on the line for God, country, and the values of freedom and self-government that forever unite America and the United Kingdom.

    “For seven decades, Prince Philip brought the same sense of duty and purpose to his role as consort and husband to the Queen. He was admired by his fellow citizens, and respected by everyone around the world. His exceptional example of service, constancy, and patriotism will be his greatest legacy.

    “Over the past few years, Melania and I were honored to have the opportunity to visit the United Kingdom. We saw firsthand how the Monarchy epitomizes and carries on the virtues of the British People—and no one did so more than Prince Philip.

    “As we grieve his loss, we celebrate his memory and rededicate ourselves to the values to which he devoted his extraordinary life. He will be greatly missed.”

    1. Alan Jutson
      April 10, 2021


      Cannot add much to that, other than he did it his way, used his sensible influence when he could, and was inevitably proved correct most of the time.

    2. Cheshire Girl
      April 11, 2021

      That is a very moving tribute, both to Prince Philip and to the United Kingdom. Well Said, Donald Trump!

  13. Fedupsoutherner
    April 9, 2021

    This country has lost a true patriot and a great man. Condolences to our Queen and the family.

  14. Mark
    April 9, 2021

    I hope there will be a memorial service at which his contribution to public life and the monarchy can be properly celebrated.

  15. oldtimer
    April 9, 2021

    His life was a remarkable example of public service as well as of support to HM the Queen. My condolences to the Queen and her family.

  16. Mike Wilson
    April 10, 2021

    I offer my condolences to everyone who lost a loved one yesterday.

  17. DOM
    April 10, 2021

    I didn’t know the man personally but from what I saw of him in public I warmed to him. I am sure the Queen must be tormented at this moment. Her life partner passed on. Nothing can be more heart rending than that.

    I am not a ardent monarchist myself but the idea of a Sadiq Khan or Bercow as the president of the UK would be horrific so I am content

    I got the distinct impression he was more like ‘us’ than he was ‘them’. He appeared to despise PC fascism, speech control and loathed intervention from political sources.

    I’d expect this odious PM will try and politicise his passing in some shape or form making reference to climate or some other lefty bullshit nonsense that appears to have taken hold of Johnson

    I am sure that like most of us he would have had TV remote in hand to be used sparingly when adverts intervene for our daily dose of racial indoctrination and CRT infused propaganda

    We need more like Phillip, not less. Straight talker, no bullshit, no attempt to curry favour which is why I loved Thatcher. Take no prisoners attitude. Less of the warm words

    1. DOM
      April 10, 2021

      ‘an ardent’

  18. Ed M
    April 10, 2021

    Btw, let’s not forget either how the Duke of Edinbugh’s mother was awarded Righteous Amongst Nations for risking her life in saving Jews during WW2.

  19. dixie
    April 10, 2021

    I met him once in connection with a voluntary project I was leading for a local school. His interest in the youngsters and concern for their opportunities were very clear and inspirational.
    The partnership of the Queen and Prince Phillip set much of the positive tone for my lifetime, he will be sorely missed.
    Fair wind and following seas.

  20. Jena
    April 14, 2021

    Duke is a very nice and soft spoken on my knowledge. Deepest condolence to the royal family and all of us (people) in deep grieve. May his soul rest in peace.

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