My Interview on GB News about Brexit and Covid lockdowns

Readers of this blog may be interested to see my recent interview on GB News:



  1. Nig l
    August 16, 2021

    Excellent but you have been saying this for months but nothing seems to be happening. When are you going to be honest and say that the government doesn’t agree with you and that we will continue to get BS from them for ever more.

    Frankly we are being played.

    And talking of being played, migrants continue to pour across the channel unchecked and guess what, we will now accept a blizzard of people from Afghanistan without passports. Get ready for more 25 year old ‘children’

    1. bigneil - newer comp
      August 16, 2021

      The EU wanted the UK to have Open Borders – now our govt has given it. Get ready for “guests” being put in your spare room. govt orders – any complaints and your house will be took from you for a family of replacements.

    2. glen cullen
      August 16, 2021

      I agree, SirJ has been too loyal for far to long

    3. Iain Gill
      August 16, 2021


  2. X-Tory
    August 16, 2021

    A good interview, putting forward many great points and ideas, but as usual you are far too reluctant to criticise the government! It is obvious that there is NOT the will at number 10 to “grasp the opportunities of Brexit”, and that the government will NOT scrap the Protocol, or improve the fishing rules, or ‘go for growth’, or do ANY of the other great things you suggested and want. And still you refuse to condemn them …

    1. Lifelogic
      August 16, 2021

      +1 and the government will get away with it as the only realistic alternative of Labour/SNP is even worse.

    2. Iain Gill
      August 16, 2021

      got to play tribal politics to win anything you want

      sadly part of our system

  3. Lifelogic
    August 16, 2021

    All good sensible stuff but Boris and the current Tories are marching in the other direction.

    Chris Skidmore today in the Telegraph – We need our universities more than ever. People who say we have too many graduates ignore the world-beating value of a British higher education.

    Well only about 25% are worth it. For the rest they would probably learn far more by getting a job plus some day release, night school or on line courses. Plus not have £50k of debt plus 6% interest PA for years.

    So we pay a BBC poll tax and they then then give £1.5 million of it to a charity of royals choice. Great plan? Which royals will choose? Just give it back as a discount to licence payers – it is their money.

    1. Lifelogic
      August 16, 2021

      About 100,000 licence fees extracted off people then to be given to a charity of the “royals” choosing. What right do they have to use licence fees in this way? If people want to give to charity let give them directly and choose the charities without the help of the “royals”. Not have the appalling propagand outfit the BBC ram it down their throats. Far more efficient this way too as no middle man, real freedom of choice and the charities would get gift aid too.

  4. Bryan Harris
    August 16, 2021

    Consistent views -not a lot to disagree with

    1. Timaction
      August 16, 2021

      I agree a good solid interview. It’s a shame that Sir John is in the wrong party. As more than one commenter noted that the present party is no longer conservative and are reluctant to get on and do the things they promised. The EU will NOT negotiate in good faith as Brexit cannot be seen as a success. Their very existence depends on that!

  5. Peter
    August 16, 2021

    Sir John looked very cheerful, relaxed and in good health. Over the decades, I have been used to seeing a more guarded man on TV, maybe anticipating a trick question from the interviewer and definitely not smiling and relaxed.

    The interviewer in this case allowed the subject to answer at length without interruption. There were some interesting, possibly coded, questions too. ‘Why are you a Conservative’ etc. The tougher questions were diplomatically fielded though.

    I will have another look later. It certainly helped me understand the MP behind this blog a lot more

    1. Andy
      August 16, 2021

      The interviewer failed to challenge the numerous falsehoods.

      When he used the phrase ‘remain forces’ I stopped watching on account of the fact that no proper journalist would ever be quite so dim.

      Who is he?

      1. Andy
        August 16, 2021

        Ah. His name is Mark Dolan and he’s a comedian. Figures. Perfect for a discussion on Brexit.

        Mr Redwood – try Emily Maitlis or Krishnan Guru-Murthy. See how that goes.

        reply They do not want to interview me for fear I would say something that conflicts with their narrow channel view of the world

        1. Peter
          August 16, 2021


          Maitlis is thoroughly discredited and possibly on her way out. Viewing figures are collapsing.

          As for Mr. Murthy( spell checker tries to turn him into an Irishman), he used to frequent a cafe on the Grays Inn Road with his little gang of (channel) four. It amused when his attempts to ensure speedy service were promptly rebuffed. Not sure what his viewing figures are like now.

        2. Micky Taking
          August 16, 2021

          Well the reality of Brexit ie BRINO is a comedy when we can deal with the hopeless reality.

        3. Mike Wilson
          August 16, 2021

          Reply to reply. Spot on. I did see you once on with Maitless – she interrupted you every time you spoke. I was urging you to lose your temper , a bit, and tell her to shut up and listen to your replies. And to inform her that it was not the BBC’s job to have a view on anything- they are there to impartially report on current affairs.

      2. Peter
        August 16, 2021

        ‘Remain forces’. That means Continuity Remain – nitwits like the laughably titled Lord Adonis.

        1. MFD
          August 16, 2021


      3. NickC
        August 17, 2021

        Andy, What “falsehoods”? Not even mistakes, but lies? Any evidence?

    2. BJC
      August 16, 2021

      Wasn’t it great to have an interviewer allow the discussion to develop naturally, with our kind host clearly relaxed and enjoying the opportunity to expand his views without the worry of being set up. Sadly, his inspirational vision for UK plc is little more than an illusion, because the current government has neither the will nor the ability to deliver it.

      1. Peter
        August 16, 2021


        Indeed it was. A breath of fresh air. I don’t have a TV licence so I don’t normally see this new channel.

    3. Mike Wilson
      August 16, 2021

      Let’s be honest. He looks in good health because he has had a long stint being well paid for a cushy job with a giant pension to come. Probably does yoga every day and drinks camomile tea before a session of meditation. Like the royals , will live to a hundred. Will the queen send herself a telegram?

  6. Peter
    August 16, 2021

    I loved the use of the term ‘repatriating’ with regards to fish.

    It reminded me of the foot and mouth crisis. Some Northern Irish farmers then liked to state ‘ I’m British, but my cattle are Irish!’

  7. NickC
    August 16, 2021

    Brandon Lewis and Boris Johnson begged the EU for mercy.

    And the EU said: “Pfftt. Get lost”.

    The EU has no motivation to provide a “workable” solution to the disaster of the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP). None. The EU has the UK just where it wants us – over a barrel. And whilst invoking NIP Article 16 is better than the current shambles, it is not a long term solution to the NIP’s flaws.

    I can see only three ultimate outcomes from what amounts to an EU invasion of UK territory:
    1. The UK abrogates the NIP – in which case both the WA and the T&CA are gone;
    2. The UK knuckles under EU pressure and we align with EU law again – which is effectively Remain;
    3. The UK loses Northern Ireland entirely to Eire and the EU – in which case the UK is gone.

    Boris Johnson’s government was warned that the NIP was a Trojan horse and unworkable for a sovereign country. But ignored such sense. In the meantime the government will attempt to manage the disintegration of the UK by making periodic pleas for mercy to the EU – disguised as “ultimatums” for home consumption. Hoping we won’t notice. Just like the government keeps announcing “crackdowns” on illegal migration, but never actually does anything.

    1. Peter
      August 16, 2021


      Sadly that is a likely outcome. Hoping people will get tired of the issue too.

  8. David Burke
    August 16, 2021

    Further to your comments about Local Authority parking why do we have to guess how long we will be shopping or visiting a place when buying a car parking ticket? Why do we have to estimate how long we will be before returning to the car?
    It would be much better for us, as the customer, to pay when we leave. This gives a much fairer charge for using the car park and is much better for the peace of mind of the user who can be worried about when to return to the car.

    1. SM
      August 16, 2021


  9. Nota#
    August 16, 2021

    From the comments section –
    Billy Bigbonce
    9 hours ago
    “Technically out of the EU”. Remember that when you all realise we have not got what we voted for. Don’t want poll tax? Have council tax! Don’t want EU? Have a “technical” withdrawal.

    11 hours ago
    Good man at the start proclaiming to actually make strong change rather than just being the custodian of Labour’s changes until they lose Parliament the next time, where they’ll just pause change until they lose again. THE CONSERVATIVES. Please repeal all of Blair’s nonsense.

    Sim UK
    10 hours ago
    These open, honest & frank conversations should be coming directly from #10 further highlighting the reasons why we don’t trust the EU and wanted OUT 🇬🇧

    3 hours ago
    This mp is sounding great and talking lots of sense, but people like this do not fit with the global agenda, and would never be allowed to run a country in this way………take a look at Boris and his downfall

    Walter King
    58 minutes ago
    And you must remember we didn’t want any deal no Deal would’ve been the right way to go

    1. John Hatfield
      August 16, 2021

      Regarding the last comment from Walter King. It is my impression, as I remember it, that the negotiations under David Frost were indeed heading towards no-deal when Boris stepped in at the last moment to agree with EU’s absurd demands.
      Am I incorrect?

  10. Peter
    August 16, 2021

    I just googled ‘Desert Island discs’ to see if the host had been a guest.

    Sometimes politicians on that programme select a pop record, hoping to curry favour with a segment of the electorate, and it backfires spectacularly when the chosen artist then vehemently disassociates themselves from the politician.

    Keir Starmer chose Stormzy a ‘grime’ artist. No focus groups were involved apparently.

  11. Mactheknife
    August 16, 2021

    An excellent interview Sir John. It seemed eminently sensible and forward looking in all area’s. Sadly it will probably fall on deaf ears within the government and civil service.

    I’m part of the old ‘Red Wall’ which has now turned blue, and I can tell you that the 2030 abolition of petrol and diesel cars, home heating boiler replacement, high cost energy from renewables is not playing well and Labour have made gains in popularity again in recent months according to local surveys.

    I would urge you to talk to your colleagues, ministers and the PM to ensure they are fully aware of te consequences of their actions. It will end badly if they persist.

  12. ChrisS
    August 16, 2021

    Biden has to bear the full responsibility for the unfolding debacle that is Afghanistan. The Trump administration initiated discussions with the Taliban and both were right that in the long run there is no point in supporting a regime that its own people are indifferent about. However, it was Biden alone who made the decision to pull out at very short notice, no doubt, against the united advice of all of the US military.

    At least our government instigated talks with other allies in the hope of putting together a coalition without the US to continue to prop up the regime in order to protect Western countries against another 911-type attack planned and put together in Afghanistan.

    This was doomed to failure because whenever security issues are at stake, only the UK and the US usually step up to the plate and others join very reluctantly. In this case it appears that no Western country was prepared to stand by us, not even Australia, and certainly not any of the countries in the EU who are worse than useless when it comes to even defending themselves.

    The Chinese, North Koreans and Russia will draw their own conclusions after this. Like Obama over Syria, Biden has proved completely ineffective at conducting foreign affairs with no backbone whatsoever.

    This is hardly the West’s finest hour.

    Sooner or later as a direct result of Biden’s actions there will be another 911.
    I hope the old boy lives long enough to see and answer for it.

  13. agricola
    August 16, 2021

    Refreshing that you were allowed to express yourself clearly and comprehensibly. Not being over shouted or interrupted was infinitely more informative than previous years on the principal news channels and discussion programmes run by the BBC et al.

    I hope GB news continue to invite you back, how about a pint with Nigel. Not too far a stretch I hope.

    1. Peter
      August 16, 2021


      “how about a pint with Nigel. Not too far a stretch I hope.” an excellent suggestion.

      If Nigel can host the pound shop Rod Stewart that is Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers (a lager drinker unsurprisingly) then Sir John Redwood should certainly merit an appearance.

    2. Fedupsoutherner
      August 16, 2021

      Agricola. I for one would very much like to see an interview between Nigel and John. I think they would have alot in common. Nigel is more Conservative and has more sense than the whole of Boris’s cabinet.

  14. Andy
    August 16, 2021

    There are benefits to Brexit? Gosh.

    Perhaps we’ll eventually discover what these mythical benefits are – presumably after we’ve finished all the pointless Brexit paperwork the Brexitists have imposed on us.

    1. Richard1
      August 16, 2021

      The jury is out on Brexit but here are a few to be getting on with:-

      1. Save £12bn pa, rising for ever, minus the £39bn ‘divorce bill’ foolishly conceded by mrs may and mr robbins in their ‘negotiation’
      2. An independent trade policy – all the EU deals have been rolled over or equivalent (you said this would never happen), and new ones are being signed
      3. An independent immigration policy which does not discriminate against non EU citizens
      4. Freedom from mandatory EU regulation – we’ve yet to see the benefits of this but there’s a chance we can ditch at least the worst aspects of, inter alia: MIFID II, Solvency 2, GDPR and much else
      5. Out of the CAP and CFP
      6. Out of liability for the costs of euro bailouts (note even the non-eurozone EU states are on the hook for the latest one).

      There are some negatives of course like a restriction of 90 days in 180 residency in the EU, the EHIC cards etc I’d agree, but they are minor irritants.

      We will have to see. The onus is on Brexit advocates in the Conservative Party like Sir John to make sure we realise the benefits – as he rightly said in the interview, if you listened to it.

    2. Micky Taking
      August 16, 2021

      I haven’t had to do any – what have you had to do?

    3. NickC
      August 17, 2021

      Not being ruled by Queen von der Leyen is a definite benefit, Andy.

  15. Kenneth
    August 16, 2021

    It’s refreshing and very rare to hear an elected politician being allowed to make points on television.

    I believe it also makes for better viewing

  16. X-Tory
    August 16, 2021

    By the way, Sir John, I have learnt today that the DfT has created the eCargo Bike Grant Fund 2021/22. The government will give away £400,000 to encourage the purchasing of e-cargo bikes by businesses looking to switch to a “sustainable transport solution”, by funding up to 40% of the total cost of the bike. However, there seems to be NO requirement for the bikes to be made in the UK. So how does this government spending of UK taxpayers’ money help the ‘going for growth’ agenda or support UK manufacturing or employment? Once again we have our British government spending BRITISH money to help FOREIGN businesses, workers and governments. Treason! No patriot can support a government that does this sort of thing.

  17. X-Tory
    August 16, 2021

    I see that, according to the Helsinki-based Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (whose veracity I have no reason to doubt) in just the FIRST HALF of 2021 alone, China has approved 18 new steel blast furnaces and 43 new coal-fired power plants which will produce around half as much CO2 as the whole of the UK produces in a year! Will somebody PLEASE tell that lunatic Boris Johnson that the UK’s CO2 emissions are NOT a problem and we should NOT impose ANY new costs on our country until China dramatically CUTS its actual emissions (not just makes some vague promises to cut the rate of increase at sometime in the future).

    1. Fedupsoutherner
      August 16, 2021

      X TORY. Absolutely agree.

  18. Philip P.
    August 16, 2021

    I enjoyed the interview, on the whole, Sir John. Just the kind of informative interview we don’t get on the BBC any more. I have just a couple of concerns. You said: “There is an option for those who don’t want the vaccine, but who are afraid of the virus still.” Those who don’t want a Covid vaccine and are afraid of viruses, you say, can just shield, live online, and get their shopping delivered, etc. Wouldn’t the best option be for your government to once and for all stop frightening the public so that they don’t need to consider either of these options? It should not be spending taxpayers’ money on Covid PR contracts well into next year.

    Towards the end of the interview you could have been a lot more robust in your critique of the SAGE advisors. It’s no longer a matter of ‘balancing’, nor has it been for many months now. They, or many of them, are obsessive, have failed this country badly, and need to be sacked.

    1. rose
      August 17, 2021

      It should also be pointed out that many of the scientific experts are actually left wing activists who want to bring the government down. Naturally, the broadcasters never declare their political interests.

  19. Iain Gill
    August 16, 2021

    so anyone in Calais can claim to be from Afghanistan, dont need any documentation or proof, and all entry requirements to the UK are waived

    oh I put the governments survival down to hours once the public find out

    this must be sorted out asap

    1. glen cullen
      August 16, 2021

      Tell them in Calais that you’re an Afghan translator and the Royal Navy will probably come and collect you

      1. Fedupsoutherner
        August 16, 2021

        Glen. Failing that, the RNLI.

      2. Mike Wilson
        August 16, 2021

        Extra trains for the channel tunnel crossing are being laid on. From St. Pancras people will be transferred to luxury London hotels for one month so they can do some sightseeing. During this month their National Insurance number will be created and contributions shown as paid since the age of 18 – to make sure they qualify for the extravagant state pension in due course. Women in London are encouraged to cover up to avoid offending cultural and religious sensibilities.

  20. Sarah
    August 16, 2021

    Excellent interview…great non ‘gotcha’ questions,and time to answer the questions!!

    What a change from BBC or Sky.

  21. Everhopeful
    August 16, 2021

    Now JR needs a regular spot on GB News!
    Brilliant interview …actually let the interviewee talk and explain things.
    Very kind to and supportive of this ghastly government. But could scarcely do otherwise I guess.

  22. zorro
    August 16, 2021

    A refreshing change – you were able to get across your views effectively instead of the usual ‘gotcha’ questions from the BBC. Mark Dolan is far more intuitive and prepared to listen rather than interrupt constantly when soliciting views.


  23. The PrangWizard of England
    August 16, 2021

    All that waffle means the Tory government is doing nothing to free us from EU betrayals and doing nothing to increase our independence. Sir John still talks about talking, there’s no unequivocal demand for action of course. He’s a big fan of limp wristed action. Sir John will remain loyal to the party no matter what it does in government or out, or doesn’t do. He would probably be loyal whoever was the leader and whatever name he adopted.

    We are, as is obvious, being invaded across the Channel, possibly including Taliban sympathisers or members, Islamists – who knows – and helped over by ‘Boris’ and the rest, and of course by the RNLI. Our security is so weak and our government is run by even weaker individuals that the Taliban fanatics who have taken over Afghan could easily walk all over us too. So obsessed by the policy of inclusiveness that ‘Boris’ pays more attention to our enemies than our security as he overseas the increasing proportion of our country given over to foreign values and cultures.

  24. Alan Jutson
    August 16, 2021

    What a change that that the interviewer allowed a full answer to questions, without constant interruptions.

    Let’s hope you get more air time for your sensible thoughts and ideas.

  25. bill brown
    August 16, 2021

    Dear Sir JR,

    In your letter to the Archbishop you talk about the agressive Eu stand on Northern Ireland. An interesting but not surprising conclusion, considering your former emotional outbursts on the EU and NI. Where they are still trying to negotiate a solution to a programme suggested by the UK government. So I woudl recommend for the sake of your own credibility to leave the emotions at home and stick to the facts, as they are currently known.

    thank you

    1. NickC
      August 17, 2021

      Bill Brown, The NIP is a consequence of demands made by the EU that the UK should protect the EU’s single market. Boris Johnson was indeed foolish to fall for that, but foolishness (and perhaps a belief in fairness and moderation) is all he was guilty of. The EU empire must take the blame for the imposition the NIP.

  26. William Long
    August 16, 2021

    Thank you for the opportunity to watch that which I had missed. Why am I not surprised it was on GG News and not on the BBC?
    The two big questions for me are: is anything actually being done to resolve the NI nonsense, and what chance have we of moving on from commitment to Maastricht?

  27. Mark
    August 17, 2021

    I’ve a feeling that Mark Dolan would have liked to cover more ground. Perhaps you will get further chances to cover a wider range of topics.

  28. Pauline Baxter
    August 17, 2021

    Mandatory Vaccines are unethical, illegal and quite simply WRONG. Your Government is imposing them on CARE WORKERS.
    DOMESTIC VACCINE PASSPORTS are also WRONG. Allowing private enterprise to decide, is a COP OUT.
    With ALL THE TOTALITARIAN POWERS your government have given themselves, you could have made them illegal.

  29. Lesley
    August 17, 2021

    If only that were on Newsnight. I am so far unable to watch that channel, the interviewer at least gave you an opportunity to speak and not interupt when they did not ‘agree’ with your answer!

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